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Thread: Hollywood Wedding (chain story)

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    Chat Hollywood Wedding (chain story)

    (chain story)

    You attend Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss wedding reception party which is being held on a private yacht off the coast of California.

    Stories must be less than 1,500 words.
    All stories must exist in the same timeline as everyone else, previous stories.
    (all previous experiences during the night must be taken into consideration)

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    Hollywood Wedding (chain story)
    with Hailee Steinfeld
    Written by TPG

    "Err. Miss." I directed at the obviously drunk model/actress who I recognized as Cara Delevingne. "You can't place your drink on the hand rail like that. It's dangerous."

    "Huh." she slurred back. "—what are you going to do about it?"

    Fortunately for me Selena Gomez appeared out of nowhere and quickly defused the situation, apologizing for her friend before dragging Cara back to the dance floor.

    This wasn't my first rodeo. In fact I'd done this kind of work before, but unlike previous events this was promising to be one of the wildest parties I had ever attended.

    As luck would have it, I had been tasked with providing security for the evening and instructed with looking after Taylor's wedding party and all of her guests, including several dozen of the world's most rich and famous.

    "I wouldn't worry about her." I heard over my shoulder. "—she always acts like a total bitch!"

    When I turned to see who was speaking, I found myself face to face with one of Taylor's closest friends, Hailee Steinfeld.

    "You have to excuse my friends." she added. "They get kind of vicious when they haven't been laid in weeks."

    "I see." I chuckled. "Well that's okay. She's just drunk."

    As it turned out Hailee was just as charming as she was pretty, and we spent the next several minutes chatting and flirting before she claimed she had to go pee.

    "Can you stand outside while I pee." she urged. "I'm really paranoid about someone walking in on me."

    With that said I followed the dark-haired beauty back to the lower deck, to a more private area of the ship. It was there I stood watch, outside the lavish bathroom as she proceeded to do her business.

    But just a minute later I heard what sounded like moans emanating from inside.

    Feeling bold I then opened the door to check up on the actress, only to find Hailee sitting back with her legs spread wide, openly masturbating.

    "Well." she said in a seductive tone. "Are you just going to stand there and watch."


    "—get in here and lock the door."

    I didn't need to be asked twice.

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    "Jesus, Tara, it is not my first day on the job, relax!" I groaned with frustration at my supervisor, who stood next to me behind the bar, giving me 'live-saving advice, "It's just mixing cocktails. I've done that for years!"

    The short blonde smirked at my outburst, nodding her head. "Good! Then I will leave you on your own down here! If there are any problems, call me! This has to be perfect!"

    "I can handle it!" I assured my friend/boss, "Now relax a little and check on the others!"

    Tara nodded with a smile and turned to leave.

    "Just one more thing, Tara!" I called, stopping her in her tracks just as she was about to leave, "How many knock out pills do I put into the drinks to put a girl out, but not kill her?!"

    Groaning at my joke she rolled her eyes and stormed off without another word, leaving me alone in the almost empty lower bar. So far only few of the wedding guests had found their way down here.

    "Barkeeper!" I heard a female voice call from the end of the bar calling me. I turned around and found myself facing the first (certainly not the last given the occasion) celebrity of the evening. Jessica Alba, Hollywood sex symbol and entrepreneur sat at the far end of the bar, alone, giving me a smile, "Could you mix me a margarita?"

    Her order caused me to jump into action, quickly grabbing a fresh glass from behind me. "Sure thing, miss!"

    "Call me Jessica!" the Latina milf winked, "And go easy on the knock out pills, please, the day is still young!"

    We both chuckled as I got busy fixing her drink, taking the opportunity to inconspicuously check the beauty out as I mixed the ingredients. The actress was certainly dressed to the nines in a short, strapless pink and white summer dress that flowed nice and loosely around her shapely figure, showing off plenty of bronze cleavage and legs.

    "There you go, Jessica!" I smiled as I sat her drink down in front of her, "It's on the house!"

    The starlet cocked an eyebrow. "It's an open bar…"

    I shrugged. "Details…"

    Jessica laughed. "Are you flirting with me… Damian?!" she asked, reading my name of the tag on my shirt.

    "Would that be bad?"

    She sighed. "Everything but! So far this event has been surprisingly boring…" Taking a sip of her drink she nodded approvingly before setting it back down, "So, Damian," she sat, her voice suddenly huskier as she leaned in, causing my eyes to inadvertently drop down to her cleavage, "What does a bored girl have to do for a little quick fun around here?!"

    Her big, brown eyes looked at me challengingly, a smirk on those sexy, full lips, waiting for my reply. I quickly glanced around the almost deserted bar before opening my mouth to reply…

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    "These better be good," I warned as my eyes roamed over the list of a dozen or so phone numbers my mate had just pushed into my hand.

    "They are, trust me!" he insisted, unpacking a small camera. "Ring 'em up, give up a bit of the old sweet talk and they're all yours,"

    "I'll hold you to that, and don't forget about the cut as well,"

    It had been a massive risk sneaking him into this exclusive event; it could have been the end of my catering career just as it was taking off. But with the promise of contacts to hook up with some of Hollywood's finest and the hefty payday coming my way when the photos were sold, it was hard to resist.

    He gave me a reassuring nod before rushing off to join the party. Having escorted him safely past security he should be fine as long as he kept a relatively low profile.

    With fifteen minutes left on my break before having to return to the kitchen, I figured I might as well try the first number on the list. Initially I'd been frustrated at the lack of names to match the numbers but as I dialled, I actually found it quite thrilling not knowing who was going to be on the other end of the line.

    As it rang I started to wonder how many of the girls in attendance would even have their phones with them or answer an unknown number. My worries were dashed however when someone answered on the final ring.

    "Hello?" she was almost shouting over the loud music in the background.

    "Hi!" I replied, suddenly realising I had no idea what to say. "I heard you were up for a little fun?" I settled on, being as vague as possible.

    "Hmm, is that right?" she replied, moving to a quieter area to speak. I couldn't place the cute voice but I immediately noted the Australian accent.

    She seemed to ponder it for a moment before coming to a decision.

    "Well everyone else here is having 'fun' as you put it so why not? Where are you?"

    I couldn't believe it had actually worked so I quickly told her to come find me up on deck in the secluded section at the back of the boat.

    "I'll be right up," she said, I could almost sense the cheeky smile she was undoubtedly giving before hanging up.

    I was almost giddy with nervous excitement. We hadn't even seen each other or exchanged names yet she was homing in on my right now for who knows what kind of fun.

    A minute later she arrived, sneaking round the corner. She saw me waiting, checked I was alone before finally approaching and stepping into the light.

    Yet again, I couldn't believe my luck as I immediately recognised her as natural beauty Maia Mitchell, looking drop dead gorgeous dressed to the nines in a glamorous party dress.

    While I looked her up and down, she did the same to me. Thankfully I seemed to pass the test because she didn't make a run for it, instead fixing her eyes on mine, giving me a sly smile and taking a step closer.

    "Could do with letting off a little steam so I won't ask who gave you my number but I'm glad they did," she said before hitching her dress slightly and dropping to her knees...

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    'It's beautiful isn't it?' she asked, as we leant against the railing looking out at the California coast line.

    'Not as beautiful as you,' I said, wrapping my arm around her shoulders.

    Sarah Hyland, had been my girlfriend for a good year now, so I was one of the men lucky enough to actually be on Taylor & Karli's guest list. Unlike a lot of men though, I was unable to take full advantage of that, I was there with my girlfriend after all.

    'You're so cheesy,' Sarah said, turning toward me in my arms and getting on her tip toes to kiss me on the lips.

    'What can I say, you bring out the worst in me,' I joked as our lips parted.

    I didn't mind though, I was just lucky to be there, it would be selfish to want to be there and be single as well. Besides I was guaranteed fuck a gorgeous woman in Sarah that night, not like I was in need of physical contact.

    'You know… there's no one around…' Sarah whispered, twisting herself around so her perfect tight ass was pressed against my now hardening cock.

    She was right, everyone else at the part was pretty clearly occupied on the other side of the yacht. 'Are you sure?' I asked, as I kissed the back of her neck, placing each of my hands over hers on the railing. 'What if we get caught?'

    'Live a little,' Sarah breathed as I rubbed my crotch against her ass.

    I considered it for a moment, before quickly pulling down her tights to reveal her blue lace panties. 'Last moment to back out,' I said as I pulled her panties down, exposing her bare ass.

    'I'd rather back in,' Sarah joked, pressing her ass against my crotch.

    I unzipped my pants, pulling my hard cock out with haste. 'Whatever you say,' I whispered as I readied my cock at her pussy.

    'Just fuck me,' Sarah moaned, turning her head slightly to kiss me.

    I shoved my cock in her and gripped her waist, kissing her on the sides of her lips at the same time. She moaned, gripping her hands harder against the railing.

    'I've never seen this side of you,' I said as I pulled my cock out and rammed it in again.

    'Weddings make me horny,' she breathed as I fucked her, gripping her perfect ass cheeks as I increased the speed of my thrusting.

    I kissed her harder on the side of her mouth, pushing my cock deeper and deeper into her with every thrust. 'I should take you to weddings more often,' I said.

    'Just- ahh- keep- ahh- fucking me!' Sarah bellowed, now getting fucked so hard she was unable to complete sentences.

    I let my one of my hands glide up her waist, until it was pulling her blouse up. Soon I was confronted by her bra, which I quickly ripped away, gripping her pert tit with my left hand as I continued to pound her against the railing.

    'Uh yeah baby!' Sarah breathed as I gripped her tit, squeezing her nipples.

    'Be quiet or people are gonna hear us,' I whispered, now gripping her ass even tighter with my right hand, thrusting so hard that her stomach was hitting the railing.

    'Let them listen,' Sarah moaned.

    I pushed her even closer to the railing, so now her stomach was resting against it. I ripped her bra down so that it was wrapped around her waist, and gripped both tits in my hands, ramming into her in quicker and harder movements.

    I pushed her down by the back of her head, fucking her like a dog as our clothes slipped further and further down our legs, limiting our movements to strictly fucking. If someone were to walk up to us now, we wouldn't be able to do anything else but face the music.

    'I'm gonna cum baby,' Sarah moaned, as I pinched both of her nipples.

    'I'm close too,' I seethed, intent of fucking her even harder now that I knew we were close.

    'Ahh fuck me baby,' Sarah moaned, getting closer to climax.

    I could feel the pressure mounting in my cock already, something about public rough sex really made me lose my stamina. 'Take it baby,' I exclaimed, now right on the edge.

    And in an instant the two of us came together, cum shooting out of my cock deep into her pussy. 'Fuck!' Sarah screamed, making sure that everyone on the boat knew exactly what was going down.

    'So much for discretion,' I said, pulling my cock out of the love of my life.

    'How about we play a game today,' Sarah said, turning around and leaning her bare ass against the railing.

    'I'm interested,' I said, pulling my pants up.

    'One night only, we both get to fuck anyone we want,' Sarah said, readjusting her bra.

    'How do we decide a winner?' I asked, now zipping my pants.

    Sarah pulled her panties and tights up, looking almost like she hadn't just been fucked. 'The person with the most partners wins,' she said, kissing me one lips, before taking my hand and dragging me back to the party.

    It was going to be one hell of a night…

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    "Oh wow!" I grinned when my pants were quickly tugged down.

    There was something about a girl as pretty and innocent looking as Maia Mitchell being down on her knees. The sight of her taking my semi between her velvet lips was enough to give me instant wood, expanding over her wet tongue.

    "Mmm. I love feeling it grow in my mouth," she said, pulling back until just the tip rested on her tongue.

    I staggered back slightly to lean on the railing when she went back down, taking half of my length in one go. She tried her best but couldn't take much more down her throat but she made up for it by jacking off the base while she suckled on the head. Alternatively she'd come up for air and plant wet kisses and lick up and down my shaft like a lollipop until my entire rod was smeared with her red lipstick.

    "God I love sucking cock," she suddenly commented under her breath.

    I was already struggling not to blow too early and looking down at her made it all the more difficult, the way she looked up at me with her large doe eyes while she fucked her own mouth with my cock. If I could tear my eyes away and look lower, I had an incredible view of the cleavage she was sporting in her low cut dress, her two perfect globes struggling to burst out.

    "Jesus, Maia you're gunna make me cum soon," I groaned.

    "Yeah?" she smirked, "what if I do this?"

    I watched her pin my slimy cock up against my stomach before crouching lower and spearing her tongue out against my hanging balls. She was grinning up at me as she teased each one with the very tip of her tongue, lapping at them before she suddenly took one into her mouth, taking my breath away.

    As she swirled her tongue around my nut, she began pumping my cock in her wet hand again before she swapped to the other sac to give them both a sloppy tongue bath.

    "Fucckkk-" I growled.

    Maia sensed my impending climax and quickly took my tip back in her warm little mouth, sucking me hard.

    "Cum in my mouth, I wanna swallow it!" she hissed, her voice muffled by my fat cock.

    In all honesty I really wanted to be greedy and blow my wad all over her pretty face but there was no doubt she'd be pissed having to walk back through the party with a facial.

    Instead, I reached forward and ran my hands through her tussled hair, pulling her head down while I pumped into her face. The lustful look in her eyes told me she wanted it as much as I did so I finally popped, filling her sweet mouth with my seed.

    Her eyes rolled back as I pumped several long spurts of cum inside her. When I was done, her lips continued to milk me for every thick drop until she finally released me. I was panting when I met her eye again. Maia gave a mischievous smile and opened her mouth, showing me her prize pooled in her tongue. Watching her close her mouth and make a show of swallowing the lot almost made me hard again.

    "That was…awesome," I said, unsure of what to say while I helped Maia to her feet.

    I was glad to see her smile back at me, silently telling me she'd enjoyed it too but I was suddenly reminded where I was when my phone began buzzing violently, checking it, I realised I was already ten minutes late to my shift.

    I gave an apologetic look to Maia before excusing myself.

    "Well we've got each other's numbers, we can call to arrange round two," she winked before turning and confidentially striding back to the party while I composed myself and hurried back to work.

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    "You like?" That was the hottest and kind of dumbest question ever.

    It's the kind of combo that can only come from having Emma Stone's luscious voice whispering that question in your ear, after kissing it, and after kissing your lips for the last minute after that.

    Since she watched her buddy Taylor get married today, and came on this yacht without her supposed boyfriend Andrew around, I supposed only some of this had to do with our hour of talking, laughter, shared stories of heartbreak and spark of sexual tension. But whatever the winning combination was, it led to us sitting in this secluded part of the yacht, and her practically sucking my ear off and breathing passionately in it -- so questioning that was more dumb than hot.

    As much as I could ravage her, even in this semi-public part of the yacht, and as much as I should have moved or done something for her, I couldn't make myself do much. Not when doing something could make her stop kissing and groaning in my ear, stop pressing against my side, or stop me from looking at her clingy pink dress and those amazing, sexy legs of her sticking out from the slit -- now that I probably didn't have to hide my ogling of it all anymore. If I even had been before, which was doubtful.

    "I haven't done this in a while," I heard in my ear. Which really meant it was time to stop thinking, or listening to any voices other than hers.''

    "I don't mean this," she said, before emerging from my ear and briefly pecking my lips. I only had a second to glance at her lips, her piercing eyes and how her face was framed by her iconic red hair, before she dived back down to my neck.

    "I mean....teasing him like this, working him up like this...." she said quietly once she got back to my ear. "I didn't need to touch anywhere near his cock....or anyone else....I could just make him cum in his pants by doing this...." she punctuated by wrapping her lips around my earlobe.

    I believed her then more than I believed anyone about anything ever. Even if she said this 10 minutes ago, I'd have thought the same thing. This was just confirmation.

    Emma pulled away to put her face in front of mine again. Now I had time to see the sultry, hungry look in her big green eyes, the incredible curve and smirk of her tempting lips, and the raw sensuality on her beautiful face. It had been so goofy, silly and maybe a little intoxicated during much of the last hour, and now it had transformed into something out of my various wet dreams.

    "I missed doing that," Emma said, still seductive and low -- and now seeing her sultry features while hearing that voice, right in front of my lips, was indescribable. "I missed being eager and horny enough to do that. I missed going to these things with someone, knowing they just came so hard because of me, without even touching their hard wet cocks. Whether they walked around later with cum drying in their pants or not."

    I should have been doing that right after Emma said those words, then kissed me soft and slow anyway. But by some miracle, my pants were still only filled to the brim with my erection -- not with what it was surely barely containing.

    In any case, I needed to do something other than barely hold my cum down. Holding back every instinct to devour, grind, ravage and fuck hard, I went along with Emma's slower, more seductive methods. Not that I got the raw end of the deal rubbing my lips and tongue slowly against her soft, full, wet ones, while her hands stayed on my face and head and still came nowhere near my cock.

    After a few more sexy kisses, Emma went back over to my ear. "Your tongue moves pretty good....I was already wondering how it'd move around in soft, wet, dripping holes...and how other things would," she moaned as her tongue went back to moving around my ear hole.

    This at least gave me an idea of something else to do. Something I'd really wanted to do since long before I met her tonight.

    I looked down again at those perfect legs of her, and reached my hand down to finally touch one. It was as sleek, smooth, slender and sexy as it looked, which said something. It spoke even louder as my hand moved up her leg, and as she hissed a bit more while I did it.

    If I did this when we started, I could have caressed and massaged her leg while she kissed and groaned her approval in my ear much longer. But since time was obviously of the essence, I had to speed this up.

    As best I could in this position, I put my hand up Emma's dress, searching between those gorgeous legs for something even hotter and wetter. She pulled her head back in surprise, giving me the opening to slip my hand right on her opening, sliding my fingers into her soaked panties and into the soaked surface behind them.

    "I know this isn't my tongue, but...." I somehow managed to sound smooth. "I know this is more hands on than you. But I bet he wasn't always the only one walking around with cum stains in his pants....was he?"

    I didn't need her to use words to get the answer. Watching her face contort, and look almost like mine must have for the last several minutes, was clear enough.

    While Emma was away from my ear, it did help my cock calm down. As calm as it could be while feeling Emma Stone's wet pussy around my finger, and seeing her face flushed in the meantime.

    "Fuck me....fuck me, just fuck me," she groaned. Her hands grabbed my face -- perhaps so they didn't grab anything else. As much as she might have wanted to.

    Since I was fingering her and my cock was still untouched, it should have been no contest that she would cum first. But when she kissed my lips, thrust her tongue in my mouth and inspired me to tongue fuck her mouth like I was finger fucking her pussy, it was a close call.

    Emma broke off and held me while her mouth went back to my ear. My free hand went onto her hair, letting that silky, lovely surface fill it as my other hand was filled to the brim.

    "Cum for me....let's cum right here, right now...." Emma pleaded perfectly. Her pussy, hair, body and voice had been pushing my self-control all night -- with some parts having done so longer than that. I'd always been able to cum in my hand or tissues, in the privacy of my own room, back then.

    But that was when I imagined Emma's voice in the heat of orgasm, imagined her pussy going off, and imagined what her body, skin, hair and juices would feel like.

    Hearing and feeling all that in person showed how inadequate my imagination really was.

    At least that was my first coherent thought after we both finished soaking our underwear -- and my hand -- with cum.

    I pulled my hand out and licked some of Emma's cum off my fingers, but the rest was hidden in our crotches. I knew her dress would hide what had happened to her, but there'd probably be a stain showing in my pants before long. Judging by Emma's words -- now that I could think about them and not the sexy tone they were spoken in -- we would likely be walking around in public for a while anyway.

    I supposed my pants would give the appearance of being dry for a little while. I supposed with everyone else going on, few would bother to notice regardless -- and if no one had bothered to come here during this, it bode well.

    Worst case scenario, we'd have to go somewhere more secluded later to dry off and change. I was sure we could work around that.

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    I returned the playful starlet's look, a smile spreading across my lips. "I have a few ideas… depending on how much fun a bored girl would like to have!"

    Jessica smirked, those incredibly sensuous eyes smoldering. "As much fun as possible… A bored girl is here without her family and would love to get wild!"

    "Well, then," I said with a straight face, straightening and giving her a mock serious look, "I am sorry to inform you, but instructions are that fun is strictly for girls NOT wearing panties! Should you be wearing panties AND want to have fun, please hand your panties over to your closest barkeeper…"

    Jessica grinned naughtily, biting her lower lip, a sight that made me groan inwardly. I could see her think the situation through for a moment, her eyes fixated on me, assessing me, while her fingers absently played with the straw of her margarita.

    Then she seemed to make a decision, glancing back over her shoulder at the couple sitting in the back of the bar, making sure both of the romantic fuckers were as focused on their smartphones as they had been ever since they got here, then she quickly reached down. Because of the bar's counter I could not see much, just the actress shifting her weight from one side to the other, then leaning far forward, her stunning eyes fixed on me the whole time.

    I watched her with barely concealed interest as Jessica straightened again, that sensuous smirk wide as ever as she, with a flick of her wrist, tossed a pair of red, lacy panties over the counter. They fell against my stomach and I managed to catch them with one hand, glancing over at Mr. and Mrs. Smartphone before inspecting the underwear more closely. A maroon-colored silk thong, feeling incredibly light and cool in my hands and the thought that only moments before it had covered Jessica Alba's most intimate places made me bite back a groan. I also immediately noticed how absolutely soaked the crotch was.

    Clearing my throat I quickly stuffed the underwear into the pocket of my pants, looking back up into the actress' gorgeous face.

    "A girl is having more fun already…" she grinned, her face slightly flushed with excitement as she swiped a few loose strands of hair back behind her ear, "My pussy is fucking creaming!"

    I felt my dick twitch inside my slacks at the gorgeous woman's dirty words, but did my best not to show it as I leaned on top of the counter, my voice a deep growl. "Show me!"

    Jessica looked at me for a moment, pursing her lips, acting hesitant, but the expression in her eyes told me that she had made her decision already. Then she looked up at the ceiling, apparently finding the oak wood panels incredibly interesting all of a sudden while her left hand crept down to grip the hem of her dress. My eyes widened as she slowly hitched it upwards, revealing inch after inch of creamy, golden skin until she finally exposed her cunt! I stifled a groan as her clean shaven, perfect little cookie came into view, gleaming between her slightly spread thighs. Her labia protruded just barely, clamped between her outer lips, which didn't show the slightest hint of stubble, but instead were smeared with the beauty's honey.

    After three way-too-short seconds Alba lowered her dress again, hiding that perfect treasure away, much to my disappointment. She giggled in a mixture of excitement and embarrassment. "Now, this is fun!"

    I winked at her and quickly stood back as commotion arose in the back of the bar, but any fear of being caught proved unnecessary as the smartphone-couple was getting up from their table, their eyes not leaving the displays for a split-second as they made their exit. As the swing doors closed behind them Jessica and I were the only people in the room.

    "I'll be back in the moment!" I said, hurrying to grab a tablet. If Tara came in and there was a nearly empty bar with used glasses standing around it was likely that she'd make an unnecessary fuss. Quickly I made my way over to the table and collected the two half-empty champagne-flutes before I was on my way back.

    I hesitated for a second as I saw Alba sitting on her stool, her back facing me as she waited for my return. She leaned onto the bar, which caused her perfect Latina butt to be pushed out, perfectly presented to me.

    Unable to resist such a sight I came up behind her, putting the tablet down on the bar as I stood right behind her, gently grabbing her hip.

    Jessica moaned in appreciation as I rubbed my crotch against her bum, letting her feel my excitement. "Hmmm!" she purred, shimmying her hips a little, "That feels nice!"

    "Ready for some more fun?" I whispered, nibbling on her earlobe, holding on to her hip with one hand while reaching for the hem of her dress with the other. The actress gasped when I yanked the fabric out from underneath her, bunching her fine dress around her waist and exposing her naked ass.

    Eagerly Jessica pushed her butt into the palm of my hand, inviting me to feel her up, both of us knowing that we could be interrupted at any second now, the thrill an incredible turn-on.

    I let go of her hip to play with that incredible butt with both hands. I had seen I on countless pictures, had wanked many times over her famous pose, now her famous derriere was in my hands. I squeezed and fondled her cheeks, pushing them together before spreading them wide, taking the opportunity to get a good look of Jessica Alba's petite, puckered sphincter.

    The starlet looked back at me over her shoulder, a dirty grin on her face. "Having fun?"

    I moved to unzip my slacks, moving into position. "I will!" I cockily winked at her.
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    Walking around with cum and a cum stain in one's pants may be hot in theory, at least after cumming because of Emma Stone. When you actually wind up talking to someone else in the meantime, it's quite another matter.

    Especially when that someone happens to be Salma Hayek.

    Turned out she was here because her eight-year-old daughter was a Taylor fan. I thanked heaven for small favors that she made sure she met Taylor earlier and wasn't on the boat. So I only had to hide that I had cum stains in my underpants from maybe the hottest MILF in the world -- and hide being affected by said MILF from the hottest young star in the world, a half-hour after we made each other cum.

    No pressure.

    I must have been on autopilot to keep talking to her and Emma without making things weird. But somehow, we all talked for several minutes and none of them saw through me. And I stared at Salma without looking like I was trying to see right through her -- or making Emma think I was trying to.

    I didn't know if Emma's recent heartbreak made her more sensitive to the chance of another man's eyes straying from her. Since I'd been 'another man' in her life for just a few hours, maybe she wouldn't care -- or was trying harder not to care. Maybe since this was Salma Hayek, it would be easier to understand. Either way, now that I was somewhat thinking with more than my cock again, I knew enough not to need to find out.

    Eventually, Salma left without seeming to notice my uneasiness, my lust or any signs of my past lust. I saved exhaling in loud relief until she was far away.

    "Yeah, I see what you mean," Emma commented. I briefly wondered if it sounded like I exhaled in relief, or in lust at having seen Salma in the flesh for so long. Then "Yeah, I see what you mean," would mean something completely different....

    "Maybe we do need to change," Emma finished without clearing it up. When she brought up that there was a private pool on the yacht -- one of many -- and that she had a swimsuit for the occasion -- I was able to put everything else out of my mind.

    It took me a while to get back to my room, deal with everything that had happened in the last few hours in private, finally get out of my wet undergarments, and change into my cleaner swim trunks. Deciding I didn't really need to have a shirt on, I headed to the pool and tried not to think about what else we could do besides swimming.

    That got easier when I reached the pool. Mainly because I could only think about the face Emma wasn't alone when I got there.

    Once again, I was in the same room with Emma Stone and Salma Hayek. Only this time, when I brought myself to get in the pool with them, I could properly notice the black two pieces that both Emma and Salma were in. And how little they covered -- especially on Salma. And how the water covered and ran down Emma's creamy pale skin, Salma's incredible tanned skin -- and all the sexy shapes and curves that skin contained.

    When Salma walked out of the pool several minutes later to get water out of her eyes -- almost in slow motion, it seemed like -- I couldn't do anything but notice.

    If I had noticed anything else, I'd have noticed that Emma was the same way.

    "I really know what you mean," Emma said. But even Emma's turned on voice, speaking about Salma, wasn't enough to distract me from Salma's jaw-dropping, ageless, wet, dark, curvy, busty, sultry body -- and its cleavage, ass, legs, hourglass figure and overall seductive aura -- as it walked around after drying its face off. Not at first, anyway.

    By the time I registered what Emma said, Salma walked back into the pool -- again, seeming like it was in slow motion. Even when her body disappeared into the water and I could only see her deep brown eyes, full lips and lush smile, nothing could take my eyes off it.

    Until Emma turned my face away and brought it to her lips.

    I shifted gears just in time to kiss her back, even as guilt over kissing her after blatantly checking someone else out settled in. When I remembered it looked like she checked her out too, I got confused.

    Yet once again, my mind went blank soon enough -- after feeling a second pair of soft, juicy lips on my ear.

    "You were right," I heard Salma say after both of their lips left me. By the time I realized she was talking to Emma, both of them were backing me up to the nearest pool wall.

    "Emma talked a lot about you before you got here," Salma filled in. "She was right about your ear. She also had very nice things to say about your hands," Once I felt myself against the wall, I felt Salma's hands take mine underwater. "She made me wonder how right she was about them too..."

    Before I knew it, my hands were on her waist. Her amazing curved, bare, wet waist and her bare, wet, gorgeous skin. I looked into Salma's hypnotizing eyes, watching how soothed and pleased they were as I started caressing and massaging her waist. I could only imagine that most everyone who did this quickly went for her breasts or ass -- as I'd imagined more than once over the last two decades. However, I realized this amazing body and woman needed a fuller treatment than that.

    The corner of my eye registered Emma, looking a bit turned on herself as she watched me and Salma get closer. When that sank in -- and it sank it what else they must have talked about and agreed to before I got there -- any nerves I had, at least when it came to her approval, went out the window.

    Now it was just about me trying to please both a legendary, sexy siren 20 years older than me, and the sexy woman a few years younger than me who I already pleased. But for now, my eyes and arms were full of the older legend.

    "What else did she like about me?" I asked her. She answered by brushing her lips against mine. Once again, I let myself sink into a deep, slow, steamy make out session with a seductive woman of my dreams.

    "Right again," Salma's deep accent oozed sex -- more than usual -- now.

    "I know," said another voice that oozed sex even more than usual. The owner of that voice turned my face over to kiss her again -- and when she was done, she turned to kiss the other woman.

    It was one thing seeing the sexy, older, voluptuous Latina side-by-side with the sexy younger and paler redhead. Now seeing them kiss after they'd kissed me....and then kissing both of them after they kissed each other....

    Minutes -- or maybe hours or days or years -- of kisses went by, before the two started to guide me towards the pool steps.

    "There is one thing Emma couldn't vouch for," Salma said, as I sat down on the top step while Salma's bursting wet cleavage and bikini emerged from the water again. "Just that it didn't take much for it to work."

    "It's been a while, though," Emma stated as her own lovely upper body came out -- and her hand reached for my trunks. "It should last long enough for me to actually see it and taste it this time. Maybe long enough for you too."

    Once my once more throbbing cock came out and pointed at both their beautiful faces, I truly hoped she was right.

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    "Wait!" the starlet tensed at the sound of my zipper, causing the smile to freeze on my face. Did she get cold feet? I couldn't even begin to imagine what I would feel like if she decided to leave me blue-balled now. She looked at me with big eyes, her cheeks red with arousal.

    "Don't!" she whispered, making my heart stop, "Not here! I'm feeling adventurous, not suicidal! If someone were to walk in on us I would probably be destroyed!"

    I swallowed hard before she smiled and nodded towards a door behind the bar. "What's back there?"

    The grin came back, the shock left my system. "Storage room!" I whispered.

    "Well, then, stud…" With that dirty smirk the Latina reached back and grabbed my tie. Standing up from her stool she let her dress fall back into place before she dragged me after her around the bar. I didn't object the slightest bit as Jessica led me towards the door, slamming it open and pulling me inside.

    Once there I took control again, not even bothering to close the door, leaving it half-open as I turned the actress around, facing me. Her breath was husky as I mashed my lips against her, my tongue invading hers in a passionate kiss.

    As we swapped spit I slowly pushed her backwards, pushing her inch by inch towards the far end of the small room where her butt bumped against a stack of boxes. Gripping her tight ass I lifted her up, sitting her on top as Alba wrapped her legs around me, her ankles interlocking behind my back as we continued to make out.

    "I want you to fuck me!" Jessica hissed with urgency between kisses, her hands reaching down for my belt. While she fumbled I yanked the top of her dress down, freeing her ample tits and making them jiggle in the process. Grabbing them I roughly tweaked her hazel-colored, little nipples, making her gasp before I kneaded the big globes of flesh.

    Then Alba had managed to open my pants, impatiently shoving them down to my mid-thighs along with my boxers, freeing my bobbing erection. "Yesss!" she whispered with a smile as she saw my dick, giving me a good ego-boost. She grabbed me with one hand, jerking me a couple of times as she hitched her dress up with the other, once again exposing her soaked sex, "Fuck me good!"

    I didn't need to be asked twice as I shuffled closer, Jessica's hand lining me up with her wanton twat. We looked deep into each other's eyes as I pushed forward, her dark, soulful eyes fluttering and her mouth gaping as her slick folds spread open for me.

    "Shit!" I groaned, her slimy cockhole literally sucking me in, gripping me tight.

    "Ooooh!" Jessica whimpered as I penetrated her deeply in on the first thrust. Her hands gripped my shoulders as I pulled back and began to fuck her, quick and hard, watching her face contort with pleasure and her soft tits bounce, "C'mon, you bastard! Do me hard!"

    The woman was so excited her cunnie was absolutely creaming all over my cock, that perfect body tight as a drum. I pressed my mouth onto hers to muffle any squeals as I began to slam into her, my balls slapping against her tight butt.

    She moaned into my mouth, her fingernails raking into my shirt as I pounded the famous actress, eager to make her cum.

    "Hmm… Yesyesyes!" she gasped, one hand letting go of me to hold on to a nearby cupboard, each of my thrusts now lifting her slightly off the boxes. Her eyes closed in ecstasy as I mauled her jiggling tits while holding her hip with the other hand, "Oh… I… LOVE… WEDDINGS!" she cried out in ecstasy, cumming all over my cock barely two minutes into the fuck.

    I let out a strained groan as I held on, desperate not to spill my seed into the starlet's clenching cunt as her whole, lithe body shook with euphoria. I wanted more!

    While Jessica was still rocked by powerful shudders I pulled back, freeing myself out of the death-grip of her legs and stepping back. The poor dear was barely aware of what was going on as I pulled her up. She wasn't even able to stand on her own, shivering legs as I twisted her around and roughly pushed her forward, manhandling her into a bent-over position that pushed her ass out.

    I yanked her dress up, swiftly exposing her tight butt to me again and I grinned with pride as I saw the muscles of her buttocks convulse in the aftershocks of her orgasm. Unable to stop myself I lifted one hand and planted a harsh slap on her flushed behind, making the starlet yelp sexily.

    "You hot little slut!" I muttered, swiftly grabbing my member around the base and wasting no further time impaling the "Sin City"-star from behind.

    "Unghyess!" Jessica grunted with exhausted pleasure as her sensitive tunnel was once again stretched, her last orgasm not even completely worn off as I began to pound her again.

    "Fuck yeah! God! Take it, bitch!" I let myself get carried away as I hammered my cock into her cunt again and again, the tight, hot hole welcoming everything I gave her as the crates shook violently beneath her.

    Jessica screamed at the top of her lungs now, crying out with every thrust. If someone were to walk into the bar now there would be little doubt what was going on, but both of us were too far gone to care. All that mattered right now was emptying my balls inside this greedy fuckhole, fill Jessica Alba to the brim with my cum!

    "God!" I roared, slapping her ass hard again, doing so now with every other thrust, watching the firm cheeks jiggle and turn red.


    With my other hand I grabbed a fistful of Jessica's carefully styled hair, roughly yanking her head back as I absolutely punished her pussy.

    "AAAAAAAAAH!" Able to do little more than endure the onslaught Alba fell forward, her upper body lying on top of the shaking crates as she reached back with both hands and pried her cheeks apart, not only allowing me to spear her even deeper, but also shamelessly displaying her tiny asshole which clenched with every thrust, almost seeming to wink at me.

    "FUUUUCK!" I yelled, the slutty sight too much. Burying myself balls-deep inside her cooch I let loose, jet after jet of hot, sticky spunk shooting into Jessica Alba's womb.

    "AAIIIIIIEEEE!" The sensation of being filled with cum was enough to give the beauty a second orgasm, her poon gripping my spewing member tightly as we came together, my cock to the hilt inside her perfect cunt.

    After a few seconds I collapsed, falling on top of the breathless starlet's back and we both just lay there for a while, shaking and panting, my softening cock still stuffed up her twat.

    "We should do this again!" she gasped beneath me and we both chuckled.

    "Hello?! Somebody here?!" The voice from outside brought us both back to reality and I bolted upright, my dick slipping from Alba's sensitive folds, followed by a trail of cum.

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