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Thread: Hollywood Wedding (chain story)

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    "Try not to make me cum," I had the brilliant idea of telling Emma and Salma before their lips touched my cock. Trying not to sound too stupid, I added, "There's too much I gotta do for you first...."

    "That's sweet," Emma said, her breath hitting my cock just enough to make me think she was ignoring me anyway. "But you made me wanna taste this thing for the last few hours. And I sold Salma on it for the last half hour. So at this point, it's more on you than us."

    I wisely stopped trying to do the math when Emma's lips touched my tip. And especially when Salma's touched my shaft.

    I can't fully describe the feel of two luscious pairs of full, lush lips on my cock, while watching two pairs of gorgeous, deep eyes watch me, the contrast of their beautifully pale and tanned skin and faces, the contrast and wet silk of their amazing red and black hair, the muffles of their sultry voices on my cock, head, shaft and balls, and their approval when their voices weren't so muffled. Not in a way that completely does it all justice. You had to be there -- although I don't doubt what you'd give to have tried.

    Especially when Emma and Salma shared kisses with each other and my swollen head. I'm guessing a few first borns would be sold to see that one.

    At that point, I had to remind myself of all I needed to do to repay them. So with great self-control, I took their sweet, talented mouths and faces off my shaft.

    But when the two stood up and slipped out of their two pieces, it made my decision look better in context.

    They stood together on the pool steps, naked, water dripping down their alluring bodies, highlighting Emma's creamy figure, perky nipples, full hips and glistening legs -- and Salma's curvy, ample,....everything. I tried my best to look up and take it all in as I went back and forth eating them out, touching them, cupping them and feeling everything. There was only one so much one man could do, though.

    After fingering Emma's pussy so thoroughly, I tried to eat it the same way while holding onto her peachy ass. After kissing and savoring Salma's upper lips, I tried to tongue her lower lips with the same skill while holding her famous tits -- and then her equally, impossibly juicy backside. At that point, my lips needed to go higher, though.

    I finally let Salma sit down on my lap, getting her goddess body into my arms and my cock pressed against her heavenly pussy. I felt her pussy lips and juices coat my balls as she rocked against my lap and I suckled every inch of her breasts and skin within range. Emma sat next to us and put her hand into the water, brushing it against my cock and her pussy back and forth.

    "Fuck me....somebody fuck me...." Salma said when she managed to speak in English. Even so, I once again managed to have a coherent thought in the meantime.

    " really should be Emma first," I realized. Since I had a part of me in her first, since she made this encore happen, and since I needed to be completely in her at least once, I owed her.

    I gave Salma's tits a temporary kiss goodbye, and her ass a temporary squeeze goodbye. Emma then slipped into my lap, only turned around in the reverse cowgirl position. I watched that plump little rump of her press into my crotch as Emma lined my cock up in front.

    "Not too much, right? So she still gets her turn?" Emma thought ahead with me.

    "Try your best," was all I had, before my head finally entered one of the two girls of my dreams-come-true.

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    After successfully sneaking on board with a camera, I was now keeping a low profile in the main room while dozens of beautiful, mostly drunk, celebrities danced on the dance floor. As soon as I'd walked in I'd spotted Selena Gomez dealing with a drunken Cara Delevingne.

    After she dealt with the situation, I found it hard to look away from Selena as she dashed to and fro, it was no secret Taylor had chosen her as the maid of honour and it was clear the stress of the day was getting to her, in fact she looked ready to break.

    I watched her check in on a few guests, the waiters and a security guard, ensuring everyone was enjoying themselves before she suddenly slips away alone and undetected.

    I hurry to follow her down several corridors until I turn a corner just in time to see her sneak through a door. Rushing down, I discover it's a staff bathroom. There's no one around so I press my ear against the door. Silence.

    Pushing it open an inch, I'm faced with the sight of Selena Gomez bent over the counter doing a line of what she'd later call her stress reliever. In an instant I have my camera out and I'm snapping multiple career ruining pictures.

    I'm too distracted looking down at my camera screen to notice she'd straightened back up and spotted me in the mirror. Selena stormed over, pulling me into the room and pinning me against the door with surprising strength for a girl her size.

    "Give it to me!" she hissed, furious as she grabbed for my camera.

    Even in her heels, I had a significant height advantage so it wasn't difficult to play keep away as she lunged for it.

    "Hey, hey, calm down!" I said, although I couldn't help but admire the way her breasts bounced in her revealing dress. "Was Taylor pissed when you turned up looking like that?"

    "Uhh-what?" she paused at the question.

    "You practically stole the show!" I explained, nodding towards her skimpy little dress that did little to hide her incredible body.

    I was surprised to see her actually blush at the compliment before taking a step back.

    "Okay, maybe we could come to some...arrangement, to make sure those pictures don't get out there?"

    It was music to my ears.

    "Sounds good," I said, jumping on the opportunity before she could change her mind. "Let's see them then."

    "You're just lucky I need to unwind a bit anyway," she replied, throwing me an angry glare.

    Nonetheless, she did as I asked and pulled her low cut dress open, letting her bare, pear shaped breasts drop free. Pocketing my camera, I couldn't help myself and leaned down, grabbing her soft flesh in my hands and sucking on her brown nipples.

    "Mmm-fuck," she sighed. "We need to be quick; I need to get back up there,"

    "Works for me," I reply, tracing my lips up her chest, neck and ultimately onto her own lips.

    I groaned into her mouth when she returned the kiss with passionate ferocity. With my hands on her waist, I walked her backwards until she hit the counter.

    I was already hard and ready so I wasted no time spinning her on the spot and bending her over, getting her into position.

    I stepped back to briefly admire the sight. There was something incredibly hot about Selena Gomez, bent over in a bathroom, her expensive dress shoved up and her damp panties stretched between her spread knees. All while her tits were on full display and her smouldering eyes looked back at me in the mirror.

    Stepping forward, I aimed and promptly entered one of the most desirable women on the planet.

    We groaned out loud in unison, a wide smile lighting up her face as I fed her my length. As she said, time was of the essence so I grabbed her waist and started nailing her tight hole hard over the counter.

    "Oh, fuck yeah!" Gomez grunted, brushing her flying hair out of her face as I pounded her.

    "You like that?" I gasped back.

    "Uh-huh," she nodded, meeting my eye and giving me a wicked grin in the mirror.

    "Tell me!"

    "Grr, I like your cock inside me! Fucking me-ugghh-so good!"

    I couldn't resist giving her jiggling ass a firm slap while I hammered her. Spreading her cheeks I managed to plow her even deeper, filling her tight twat with my cock.

    I wasn't sure how much longer I was going to last but she surprised me by suddenly jerking her upper body upwards.

    "UGH-Ohmigod! Just like that!" she squealed, "I'm so close!"

    I held out, grabbing a fistful of thick hair and cocking her head back, pounding the panting girl just the way she liked it until she came hard over my cock. Selena forgot all about the days stress as she screamed in pure bliss.

    The sight of her cumming in the mirror and the sensation of her twitching cunt on my cock was all too much so I joined her a moment later, pulling out and spraying my hot seed all over her perfect, Latina ass.

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    Hollywood Wedding (chain story)
    with Natalie Portman
    Written by TPG

    The night had been pretty uneventful for the most part, until she showed up. In fact, the moment Natalie Portman had arrived to the wedding reception, she'd made my job an absolute nightmare.

    It began with her arriving to the event without an invitation, which quickly led to a scene. Having established who she was, I ultimately allowed her on board, only to have her chastise me for the rest of the evening.

    First, she wanted me to chase down several paparazzi as they had apparently snapped pictures of her having a cigarette out on the deck, then she had the audacity to shove her phone in my face a few minutes later, and insisted that I assure her friends that I'd let them onto the ship if they decided to drive out.

    "I'm sorry ma'am." I told her. "But I can't do that. That's way over my pay grade."

    "Ugh. You're just useless." she hissed. "Give me back my phone."

    "Never mind guys. Sorry about that." I heard her tell her friends. "This a-hole seems to have it out for me tonight. I know right. I should totally do that."

    At first I assumed that Portman had a grudge, and was trying to get me fired. But as the night wore on, I noticed the way she threw back her drinks, and looked over at me in a flirtatious manner.

    "Seriously though—" one of my colleagues remarked. "I think she's totally got the hot's for you."

    "Don't be ridiculous." I chuckled. "What makes you say that."

    "She's been scoping you out all night long." he claimed. "she's definitely interested."

    While my friend insisted that Portman was interested, I was sure that the opposite was true, and waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    But the real kicker was near the end of the evening, as various A-list celebrities began to leave, and Natalie casually marched over in my direction with Taylor Swift in toe.

    "Here we go," I said, as I braced myself for the inevitable confrontation, but instead was shocked when she told me point blank that she wanted me to drive her home.

    I actually chuckled at her over-inflated ego.

    "I have a very special assignment for you." Swift said. "I need you to make sure my friend gets home safely."

    Not wanting to cause any dramas, I then watched as the ladies said their goodbyes and was a little taken aback to see them share a brief peck on the lips.

    "—don't forget to call me later." Swift smiled. "And tell me how you went with what's-his-face."

    "Hopefully, I won't have time to call you."

    I couldn't Portman's arrogance, as she openly talked about me like I wasn't even there. The ladies both laughed before Natalie turned to face me and with the sexiest twinkle in her eyes and smiled seductively.

    "Are you ready to go."


    Minutes later, Natalie sat quietly in the back of the town car as I looked back occasionally to sneak glances at the Oscar winning actress. We were just approaching Malibu when Portman finally spoke, startling me after the serene silence.

    "Weddings are so lame." she slurred. "don't you agree."

    I glanced through the mirror to see Natalie sitting up, looking directly into my eyes.

    "I'm not married, ma'am." I replied.

    "Well, I am." she went on. "and married life sucks."

    "Oh, I dunno about that." I replied. "being married to an Oscar winner can't be all bad."

    There was a long pause before she asked me point blank.

    "Do you find me attractive."

    Her voice had a new quality to it that I couldn't interpret.

    "Yes ma'am." I answered bluntly. "Personally I think you're one of the sexiest actresses on the planet, if I'm honest."

    There was another long pause before she hit me with it.

    "Do you ever think about me."


    "I mean, sexually." she clarified. "—do you ever thinking about what it would be like to fuck me."

    I gulped hard, as I felt her raise her foot between the two seats and insist that I massage her foot. With one hand on the wheel, I used the other to knead her tender foot. She moaned softly from the backseat

    I continued to drive while watching her through the rear-view mirror, watching as she played with her breasts with one hand while her other arm moved back and forth, giving indication of a busy hand between her legs.

    "Mm. I bet you're rock hard right now." she smiled seductively. "I bet when you go home tonight you're going to beat off."

    "The thought had crossed my mind." I said under my breath.

    I then watched in surprise as she pressed her knees together and slowly wiggled out of her sexy cocktail dress, leaving her to sit in the backseat completely naked!

    The fact that had apparently attended the wedding without a stitch of underwear was a revelation.

    "Jesus," I moaned. "You're incredible."

    "I need a man tonight." she cooed. "think you can help me out."

    At this point the entire cabin filled with the scent of her overexcited cunt, as I watched her spread her knees and proceed to play.

    "I'm going to sit here and fuck myself until you stop this car and take me." she stated matter-of-factly.

    Not knowing what to do or say I heard myself tell her, "Ma'am. I could lose my job."

    "Screw your job!" she hissed back. "I'm so horny right now. I need a cock."

    Two fingers were now shoved up inside her pristine cunt, while the other was now at her breasts, teasing those bullet-like nipples.

    "I dare you." she purred from the backseat. "I dare you to pull over and fuck me."

    "Fuck." I hissed as I looked for a safe place to stop, while in the middle of the highway.

    "I dare you." she continued. "Pull over and watch me. I like being watched. Watch me get off."

    I finally found a safe area to stop, and pulled the vehicle over by the side of the highway. With the vehicle stationary, I turned to face her and was immediately struck in the face by her musky scent.

    "Watch me." she purred. "—take out your cock, and watch me."

    I did as she asked, and now stroked my cock as she lay naked in the backseat of the car masturbating furiously.

    "I swear to god—" she hissed. "If you don't come back here and fuck the shit out of me right now...I'm going to scream."

    I finally found the courage to get out of the car and joined her in the backseat. Only, inside of giving her what she wanted, I instead pushed her onto her back, spread her legs apart, and buried my face into her pussy.

    Natalie moaned as I feasted on her cunt, and dipped the tip of my finger into her ass.

    My mouth and chin were soon covered in her juices, as I scooted up and rubbed the head of my cock against her slimy taco. Her hot, wetness engulfed me as I sank down to the root, our kinky hairs mingling together for the very first time.

    To my delight, Portman began to rotate her hips as the first of my thrusts drove home.

    "Ugh. Yes." she grunted. "Fuck me!"

    The sight of her passion-filled eyes brought me closer to orgasm, but it was the tightening of her pussy that made me come. Natalie cried out loudly as I filled her womb with spunk, before her whole body shook wildly as her own orgasm took hold.

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    After palming the guard 5 bills I was on, and thank god I was, so many people and opportunity's! Out of the corner of my eye I spot Ariana Grande, the diva herself. I wanted to see if these rumors were true, If she was a bitch, I wanted to see firsthand that she was. I made my approach over and in the most smooth voice I could muster I said:

    "Hi Ariana, its very nice to meet you. I'm a bit of a fan" I said with a smile on my face, and by fan, I didn't mean her music, but she doesn't need to know that!

    "Hi! It is very nice to meet you, what is your name?" She said back, bubbly and kind as humanly possible. How could this be? From the stories you hear I was partially expecting to be thrown overboard by the tiny 5'0" superstar.

    "My name is Ivan," I said back "It is nice to meet you, you look absolutely stunning tonight."

    "Thank you very much," She said showing off beautiful smile, blushing slightly "You don't look to bad yourself" she said trying to steer the conversation away from her.

    "I hope so, I feel stuffy in this monkey suit" I quipped back.

    "Well hopefully you won't need to be in it the whole night," She winked, "Got your eye on anyone?" She interrogated.

    "Only one and she is way out of my league." I rattled back, feeling the arousal in the air.

    "I don't think she is," Ariana whispered back "come on, let's go get a drink, Taylor's treat.

    We started to walk over to the bar, she lead the way which gave me time to admire her swaying ass in her tight black mini dress.

    God, this is going to be a good night…

    Stay tuned for more!
    From The Desk Of Vanderbuilt

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    ... We made it over to the bar, suddenly halting my wonderful view of Ari's ass up to her beautiful face, no complaints here.

    "What are you drinking?" I asked.

    "Just a beer for me." She replied.
    The look of astonishment of my face seemed evident as she chuckled a bit while pursing her lips on the top of the bottle.

    "I didn't take you as a beer drinker." I said. She just flashed her million dollar smile. Honestly, I expected her to order something like a martini with one orange peel, 3 olives, perfectly skewered, and a splash of grenadine.

    Thank god she kept it simple. To me, simple is sexy, she is becoming more attractive by the second.

    "I'll have what she is having." I told the bartender.

    Over a few beers, Ariana and I made small talk for a little while until we started to get more and more flirtatious, and the discussion spiraled into a sexed-up game of truth or dare.

    "Most public place you've had sex?" I asked.

    "With or without a partner?"

    "Either?" I questioned.

    "With someone; on a bench in Central Park."

    Instantly my dick twitched at the idea of being involved in the fun that went down on that bench. This begged the question, what has she done by herself?

    "And by yourself?" I asked, she blushed instantly and was hesitant to answer.

    "Well there were a few...." She answered awkwardly.

    "Go on..." I led.

    "Well there are two experiences that stand out... The first time was on stage, I uh... Well... Had a vibrator in me while I was on stage." She said awkwardly laughing.

    Two things were probably very noticeable by Ariana, one, my jaw that was on the ground, and my rock hard dick bulging my pants. I willed myself to talk slightly:

    "How did you sing with a vibrator shoved in you?" I asked dumbfounded.

    "It just, happened, I was super horny and couldn't get off in time before the show... Show I just pulled up my panties over it and went out. Thank god the photographers didn't get a picture of my crotch with a big bulge in it right?" She rambled. Right then she put a hand on my thigh.

    "Oh..." I moaned "what was the other time?" I asked with extreme anticipation.

    With the drinks loosening her up she became more vocal:

    "Right now..." Ariana moaned "a dildo in my pussy, and a butt plug too!" She said just loud enough for me to hear. She started moving her hand up my thigh and her hand came to a halt on my dick. "How about we go and try to find someplace more quiet?" She whispered as she grabbed my hand and started leading me back to where the staterooms are. Please God, never let this dream end..
    From The Desk Of Vanderbuilt

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    Being close friends with Dave Franco certainly had its benefits. Firstly, it got me invitations to exclusive, star-studded events like this wedding and secondly, he'd be up there as the world's greatest wingman, especially since meeting his current fiancée Alison Brie. Even tonight, with Alison by his side, the guy had been forced to rebuff advantages from several hopeful women.

    I spent the first couple of hours of the party with the happy couple but eventually got the sense I was a bit of a third wheel so had the sense to excuse myself and headed off to mingle with the other celebrities, leaving them to their own devices.

    On my way to the bar, I spotted a young lady stood awkwardly and alone on one side of the room. I'd caught her looking our way several times during the evening so decided to head in her direction. As I got closer, I immediately wished I'd approached her hours ago.

    She was younger than expected, almost looking out of place in the sea of MILFs and stars in their late twenties but looked stunning and held her own regardless. Of course, it helped that she was wearing the tiniest dress I'd seen so far, a little black number that seemed to barely cover her ass.

    After introducing myself, I quickly discovered she was Disney star Olivia Holt and seemed highly thankful towards me for deciding to talk to her.

    "I really don't know anyone here," she revealed, lost being outside her Disney bubble.

    "How about I get you a drink then I can introduce to a few people?" I suggested.

    Olivia seemed highly excited by the idea and followed me to the open bar.

    "An orange juice I take it?" I smirked, referring to her obvious young age.

    "This'll do fine, thanks," she replied with a half-smile, taking a champagne flute off the bar.

    I had to laugh as she seemed eager to impress me and prove how mature she was as she took a sip of the drink and took an immediate dislike to it, doing her best to hide her grimace before quickly changing the subject.

    "So…you know Dave Franco?" she asked trying to sound casual but clearly hopeful.

    "Yep, we go way back," I nodded, not overly surprised she was interested. "That why you were staring earlier?"

    "I wasn't staring!" she snapped defensively.

    "Ah, sorry! I must have mistaken you for the other hot blonde teenager who definitely was staring across the room," I quipped.

    "Must have," she agreed. "Maybe you could apologise by introducing me?"

    I smiled at her determination as she fixed me with her large, doe like eyes. It was hard to resist such a pretty face so I shrugged and turned back to face the room and find my mate.

    It took a minute but I eventually spotted him. Unfortunately for my new friend, Dave had his hands full with Alison who was currently pulling him towards the exit to head further into the yacht.

    "Looks like he's a bit busy at the moment," I nodded in the couple's direction.

    Olivia spotted them slipping through the door and looked more than a little jealous. I turned back to the bar and my drink but before I knew it, Olivia was off, heading across the room towards the door they'd just left through.

    "Whoa wait, where are you going?" I called after her.

    After she ignored me I decided it was best to follow and keep her out of trouble. I caught up with her at the door where she quickly pulled her arm away when I tried to stop her.

    "I just wanna see!" she whispered, heading down the corridor.

    She seemed pretty adamant so I reluctantly followed her towards the small sleeping quarters where Dave and Alison had found an empty bedroom. They'd foolishly left the door ajar and I rolled my eyes when Olivia got down on all fours to have a peek.

    I positioned myself on the other side of the corridor acting as a lookout, refusing to join in and watch my mate and his fiancée screwing around. Hearing Alison's loud, wanton moans and occasional dirty talk made it harder and harder to resist temptation.

    Deciding it was now or never, I finally moved to stand behind Olivia and looked inside to see Alison Brie's famous rack, bouncing wildly as she vigorously rode her boyfriend. When I immediately began growing hard at the sight, I couldn't imagine how wet the young blonde below me must be right now, watching her celebrity crush in action.

    Looking down, her short dress had ridden up to reveal her cute little butt in her black cotton panties. It was only then I realised the little pervert already had a hand down there, eagerly rubbing away at her twat.

    With the revelation, I couldn't help myself and promptly knelt down behind her and whipped my cock out. I stroked myself briefly before alerting her by slapping my member against her firm, round cheeks.

    Olivia glanced over her shoulder at me, her eyes flicking from my face to the menacing erection in my hand. She bit her lip before nodding, giving me all the permission I required.

    I yanked her underwear down her smooth thighs and was immediately hit by the heady scent of her drenched cunt before I plugged her with my cock, ramming into her from behind.

    The teen let out a tiny squeak when she was roughly stretched before biting her fist to keep quiet. Fortunately the noise went unnoticed thanks to Alison making such a racket as she rode her cock like a pornstar.

    I couldn't remember the last time I'd felt such an incredible pussy and I eagerly began fucking it with reckless abandon, pounding Olivia hard and fast on the floor. Her juices were literally gushing down her legs as she struggled not to moan and scream out loud.

    When she put a hand up on the door frame to start pushing back to meet my thrusts, I knew the petite girl wanted and was more than capable at taking it harder still.

    I reached forward to wrap my hand in her pretty blonde hair before tugging it, pulling her back and ramming my cock deeper than ever into her slick hole.

    "UGHH! Yes!" she groaned, forgetting herself in the moment as she came, squirting even more of her juices over us.

    I tugged again, pulling her up until she was almost sat in my lap, her head resting against my shoulder. I released her hair and grabbed her round the waist, repeatedly lifting her light body and slamming it down on my rod.

    "Ohmigod-it feels so good!" she whined in my ear.

    "Yeah?" I grunted back.

    "Uh-huh. So good in my cunt!" she purred, taking pointers from Alison.

    Hearing her talk like that was enough to push me over the edge and I shoved deep and started spewing my load inside her.

    "Oh! Oh God! That feels amazing!" Olivia gasped and her body twitching as I filled her with cum for the first time.

    As I was finishing, she turned her face to mine and gave me a soft kiss until I finally slipped out and released her. I'd completely forgotten where we were until someone cleared their throat making us both jump and look up to see a topless Alison Brie stood smirking down at us in the doorway.

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