Chance Encounter: Lindsay Lohan
With: Lidsay Lohan
Written by: T.D. Harley
Disclaimer: This FICTIONAL story WRITTEN FOR ENTERTANMENT ONLY, it contains graphic sexual situations, if you are under age or easily offended STOP READING!

I've never really minded airports even the bigger busy ones since for the most part I’ve always been early and so far have never lost anything. Add to it that it was a bright warm day in San Francisco and the crowd was full of shorts skirts and low cut tops just gave me something to watch as i waited to hear about the delay with my flight. I was happy to be going home I was sick of the cost, i know it sounds odd but at heart I was a country boy and as nice and surf and sand could be and my time in L.A. and San Francisco had been great I just wanted to get out for a while.

My set of skills meant in the long run i could do much of my work from anywhere and though easier closer to the set I didn't need to be there. My contract was up and though I had been offered an extension of another 6 months I had declined tell Mr. Felps that if he needed work done or assistance with concepts that he could always call but for the next 4 months i was taking a break and heading home. I had made more in the last three years then I had ever believed when some of my online work had captured the attention of a rising action star who wanted one of my pieces to be part of his armor for a mid budget post apocalypse action shooter.

See I’m an Armorer I make Medieval armor and weapons as well as more modern takes on classical pieces. My main work is chainmaille the flexible armor made from interlocking rings of metal, it had been a Maille sleeve and shoulder guard that had got me a job as a prop armorer. The company I had worked for on that first movie had begrudgingly added me to the payroll, but it was another company that really gave me a break into the biz. Mr. Felps ran a very experienced very well established prop company and after seeing my work asked me to come work on a much larger movie. One turned into two turned into five.

It was in 2008 working on my second movie for Mr. Felps when i met John a L.A. local who had grown up in the club scene and took me out a number of times to opening knowing a lot of DJ’s and club promoters we got into parties and after parties I never would have gotten close to. I wasn’t super into a lot of it but like my fascination with watching people in airports and malls I loved watching all the young starlet's an hangers on. This was when i first met Lindsay Lohan.

I’ll admit I as a little star struck at first but this wasn’t exactly her best time coming off the somewhat lackluster reviews of the psych-thriller “I Know Who Killed Me” she was dating a DJ that was a good friend of John’s. I found her surprisingly easy to talk to when she was mostly sober which wasn’t a lot of the time, her love of fashions prompted an interest in my work since I also did clothing pieces and jewelry. Despite the issues she was having at the time, and her dyed blond hair that I just never liked that much, I was still very drawn to her. But nothing ever came of my attraction other than a number of glimps up or down her sometimes pantbustlingly skimpy wardrobe.

Fastforward to 2014 and who should I see as I sit in the San Francisco airport after having my flight make an emergency landing none other than Lindsay Lohan her hair red once more and looking great in a pair of running shoes, cut off jeans, a white tshirt that showed her black bra, and a pair of oversized sunglasses. I watched her walk towards where i was sitting a small backpack like bag held by both straps held to one shoulder. Her legs looked great and her full bust moved with each step the low cupped bra seeming to hold by sheer force of will more then by what it covered.

She waved from about 30 feet back and I looked over my shoulder into the crowd closer to the gates. Turning back I found here nearly in front of me. “What too good to wave to an old friend?” she asked hips cocked and a bright smile on her pretty face. I stood and blushing slightly “I didn’t think you were waving at me.” flustered I was surprised to find myself once more a little star struck I had worked with much bigger names than Lindsay but that had always been professional this was different. “I didn’t think you’d remember me it was a long time ago.”

“How could I forget.” Lindsay said with a almost shy smile. “Well come here.” she said pulling me in for a hug. I had to fight not to melt into the feeling of her warm body pressed to mine the feeling of her full breasts pressed to my chest. At 5’5” in her flat running shoes I was only about 3” taller making our bodies line up nicely if not exactly perfect. “What are you doing here?”

I reluctantly pulled back and moved to offer her the seat beside mine, she slumped into the chair stretched in front of her, legs crossed at the ankle. Sitting beside her half turned in te chair I told her how I was heading home for a while. How it had been 3 years since I had seen my house about the messy breakup I had just been through. We must have talked for 30 minutes before the announcement that my flight would not be leaving today and that the luggage would be unloaded from the plain. I had already checked and knew there was no other flight heading home today. Feeling bold I turned to Lindsay “What are you doing for supper?”

“I don’t have any plans so far.”

I smiled “I have to get my bags and find a hotel for the night but that shouldn’t take too long.” i said standing and picking up my carry on bag. “I can grab your number and call you when I get it all sorted out?”

“I’ve got a better idea,” she said taking my offered hand up “we grab your bags and go grab a bite at my hotel I’ve got a sweet it has two bedrooms. Save a buck.”

“How could a I say no to that?”

“Good lets go get your bags mine are already in the car.”

We headed to the clam check getting my bag and left for her hotel, she was still an awful driver and no less then 3 times I was in fear for my life but we made it to the high rise downtown hotel in one peace. Lindsay quickly moved to check in while i waited beside the cart of her luggage and my two bags. It was clear that she had stayed here before since the staff seemed familiar with her and she knew exactly where she was going as we exited the elevator. Her rooms where on the 15th floor and had an amazing view of the late afternoon city scape looking towards the bay. It was by far the nicest hotel room I had ever been in.

“Do you want to go out or order up?” Lindsay asked moving into the lowered seating area in the center of the large main room. “There is a menu on the table there.” she said pointing at the kitchenette off the left side.

I dropped my stuff off to the side tipping the bellhop as he closed the door and walked over to look through the thick menu and watching Lindsay walk. “I’m good either way.”

“I want a shower order up a few things and make yourself at home i’m not picky.”

“Okay.” I said my mind flashing to images of her pale freckled skin beaded with water. Personally I hate when people say they aren’t picky and want you to order food for them, but i wasn’t going to argue the point. Hell I didn’t even know if she was a vegetarian or not, she had been half kicking it around back when i knew her before but even then she’d eat meat when she was high or drunk.

Since she had said order a few things and it was late afternoon not really a proper supper time I went with something lighter a fruit tray with cream cheese dip, an order of flatbreads with oil and hummus, a tray of crackers meats and cheese and two large milk shakes. The food arrived before Lindsay came out of the shower and I had them set it up on the low table between the two couches in the sunken sitting area. I clicked on the TV and started to pick at the food the flatbreads were excellent and the meat tray had slices of fresh roast beef as well as sliced roast chicken and wine sausage and prosciutto.

I was happily snacking when she walked out of the bedroom the sunlight streaming in the large windows shining off her damp hair turned a dark copper gold from the water. I swallowed hard watching her walk towards me in just a loosely belted fluffy white robe, getting flashes of leg as she stepped down to sit across from me. “Looks great.” she said taking a pitted cherry so dark it was almost black and popping it in her mouth.

Sitting with her legs crosses at the knee the robe slipped down exposing her legs to mid thigh, belted loose it showed a good amount of her upper chest and the valley between her full breasts every time she leaned in for more food. We chatted and laughed picking at the food, i loved watching her lips move to wrap around her straw as she drank her milkshake watching her neck as she swallowed.

The sun was starting to set when Lindsay suddenly stood and walk around the short table to stand before me. “So are you going to make a move or what?” she asked hands on hips. Her robe gaped open nearly to her navel "You've been looking at my tits all afternoon I've practically pulled them out and still you just sit there looking."

To say I was dumbfounded was an understatement but to my credit I didn't stay that way for long. Looking up at her I reached out and took hold of the edges of her robe pulling her the last few inches parting my legs so she could stand between them I leaned in and kissed a long slow kiss just above the knot of her robe. I slipped the tie loose as i licked up the center of her chest my tongue leaving a long wet patch ending between her breasts. Pushing the robe to the sides revealing her pale flat stomach taking the red jewel of her belly ring between my teeth and pulling softly.

She let out a startled moan and I looked up just in time to watch her light pink areola tighten and her nipples harden. She put her hands to my chest pulling at my loose t shirt and I quickly help pull it over my head moving to rest her hands on my shoulders as i kissed and bit along her hips and stomach. My hands rested high on her waist as I bit just below her navel making her moan and her legs almost give out. I kissed lower dragging my teeth along her flesh just above her sex, my hands sliding up to cup her breasts as she leaned into the feeling. She was so newly shaven that I could still smell the faint scent of the moisture bar on the razor she used. I brushed my late afternoon stubble over her mound making her shudder.

Suddenly she was on her knees between my legs as I sat on the edge of the couch, and her tongue was in my mouth tasting of salt and caramel from her milkshake. My hands were behind her one at the small of her back the other tangled in her hair at the back of her neck. She kissed me hard and I kissed her back holding her as she rubbed her stomach against my obvious erection her full breasts pressed to my chest. I took in the clean scent of her shampoo and under that the scent of her flesh I balled my fingers in her still damp hair pulling slightly making her moan into my mouth.

Lindsay pulled back slightly putting a little space between us and slid her hands down my chest until she reached the waist of my shorts. Now I admit that I wasn't the best example of fashion that day, having planned on being on a plane for hours I had on oversized basketball shorts, boxer briefs,a long tshirt currently beside me on the couch, and the sandals that now sat by the door. With me lifting my lower body she quickly slid both down my legs and off. Lindsay kissed her way down my chest and took the tip of my cock into her hot little mouth twisting her head to the side as she moved up and down taking more in with each stroke. It was obvious that she was very good at giving head as she had 3/4 of my dick down her throat with the first 7 strokes.

I marveled at the feeling of her tongue as she rubbed it along the underside of my cock as she sucked me. I reached one hand under her taking hold of her breast pulling and squeezing her breasts where so soft nipples tight and hard under my touch. I pulled her nipple till she moaned around my dick as I pulled down and towards me she would take me deeper holding till I let up or till her nipple slipped between my fingers. I took hold of both her nippples and pulled till she was taking my dick all the way down her throat moaning around it twisting her head slightly from side to side her fingers dug slightly into my thighs till I let her go. Lindsay came up gasping drool running down her chin to drip between her full breasts her nipples hard and a much darker pink after being pulled so hard.

Her eyes were wide as she panted from between my legs her tits glistening with her drool, "Do it again." She panted looking into my eyes. Her hands resting on my thighs as she leaned in taking my dick into her mouth once again. I once more took hold of her tits this time getting a better grip grabbing more of her areola I pulled her half way down then letting her back up pulling her tits to build the rhythm of her sucking me. Making her moan as I used her tits pulling twisting slightly, her body started to tremble and i pulled her all the way down till she took me all the way. I held her there pulling her tits feeling her drool run over my balls I could feel her throat working as she tried to breath around my dick. Her hands first clenched my tights as she worked my cock in her throat then she spread her fingers wide tapping her palms on my thighs with one last pull and twist i let go of her tits. She pulled back grabbing her tits and pressing them to herself her body shaking her tits wet with her drool she gave a shuddering moan and kneeled forward resting her head on my leg.

I stroked her hair “Are you okay?”

She rolled her eyes to look at me. “I fucking came so hard it’s running down my thighs.” Lindsay said reaching down to wet her fingers before licking them sucking her cum off. She moved a little closer and started to lick my balls and the base of my cock one hand moving to stroke it. I was slick with her spit as she stroked me her tongue working over my balls sucking one gently into her mouth I leaned back watching as Lindsay Lohan sucked my balls and stroked my dick. Her full breasts swung slightly as she leaned forward shifting to suck my balls better she started to stroke me with her left hand, her right cupping my balls and pressing the base of me as she licked and sucked my testicles into her hot mouth. She rolled her eyes to watch me watching her and the look in her eyes made my breath catch, it was lust pure and simple. "I want you to cum in my mouth" she moaned as she moved to take my dick once more into her mouth.

This time Lindsay used her hands mouth and tongue stroking my cock as she sucked it cupping my balls she would lick and suck at the tip stroking the base. Her soft tits rubbed my thighs as she kneeled between my legs I loved the way she cupped and stroked my balls as she sucked me. Taking my cock deep into her mouth a few quick times was all i needed to put me over the top. I moaned out “I’m goin cum.” and Lindsay moved till only the tip of my dick was in her mouth as i came filling her mouth.

After she had stroked and sucked the last of my orgasum into her mouth she leaned back opening her mouth to show me the load of cum some of it slipped over her full lip before swallowing the rest down. Lindsay opened her mouth wide and stuck out her tongue showing how she had swallowed it, laughing “Wow that was a big one.”

“Truth be told it's been awhile since anyone has down that.” I said smiling at her as she wiped her chin on the back of her hand licking the last smear of cum off. “Mind if I use your shower?”

“Not at all.” Lindsay said with a mischievous look in her eye. “Mind if I join you, I seem to have gotten all messy.” she said looking down at her drool covered tits and stomach. “And wet.” she added running her hand over her pussy and licking off her cum. “Mmmm yummy.”
She purred lapping at her fingers before sucking each one.

I put my hand behind her head like i was going to pull her in for a kiss but instead tangled my fingers in her hair and pulled back. She arched her back with a soft whimper as I reached my other hand down between her legs and pushed two fingers into her tight wet pussy. Lindsay let out a cry of surprise and pleasure as i plunged them deep into her body. I pulled them out and lifted them in front of her face she eagerly took them into her mouth sucking them then licking between them moaning at the taste of her cunt. To be perfectly honest Lindsay was much tighter than I had thought she would be and i plunged my fingers in again this time licking them myself, she had a light taste that made me hard once more and I pulled her to her feet.

We moved quickly through the the bedroom to the massive bathroom, it was larger than my living room and I was a little taken back. It’s strange the things that will hit you at the oddest times, like i had just gotten one of the best blowjobs of my life but it was a hotel bathroom that made me think how unlikely this day was going. We stepped into the shower and Lindsay moved to play with the wall panel setting the controls and a four foot square rain shower started in the far corner of the shower. The water seemed to gently fall more then stream like a shower and i looked up to see dozens of nozzles set into the ceiling and walls each randomly letting out a few drops at time making it seem like a rain cloud had opened up in the corner.

Lindsay slowly walked under the shower tilting her head back to take a mouthful of the warm water then turning to me as she let it run down her body. I watched her move her hands over her soft curves as she stood in the falling water tilting her head to let her mouth fill again her hair becoming dark as it soaked through. I stepped to her and pulled her close kissing her hard and deep my one hand at the small of her back the other at the back of her neck my erection pressed hard between us. She kissed me back holding me tight kissing me like I was a long lost lover it was almost like she was desperate for the feeling of another person.

We stayed like that for a long time kissing as the water fell softly over us, we slowly made our way to the wall and i pressed Lindsay to it kissing her neck then shoulder moving to cup her breast i took her nipple into my moan. I slowly closed my teeth over her flesh till she cried out tilting her head back holding my hair, holding my head to her breast. My other hand squeezed and pulled at her other nipple as i kissed licked and sucked at her left breast. I started to move lower again my hands on her hips as I kissed down her belly stopping to tug on her belly ring with my teeth. Then gently biting at the flesh between her bellybutton and her mound, I held her hips pressing her to the wall as I found her swollen clit.

I ran my tongue up along her soft outer lips flicking it against her clit, working her to a quick orgasum. She reached down and spread her pussy as I pushed my tongue inside of her body drinking at her cum and the water running down her body. Lindsay came quickly and easily as I ate her out soft shuttering orgasums racked her body over and over again. I moved to cup her round little ass brushing against her pussy and asshole from behind I pushed a finger slowly into each as I sucked her clit into my mouth. I pushed two knuckles deep into her tight holes pumping her ass and pussy as I licked and sucked her pussy. She moaned as I fingered her ass slipping my wet finger out of her pussy and slowly pushing it up her ass to join the first as I tongued her pussy. Lindsay moaned and ground herself against my probing fingers till I pushed two into her tight wet pussy filling both holes. I started to pump both at once squeezing the flesh between as I dragged my fingers out just to push them back in.

Lindsay came again savagely grabbing her tits and squeezing them as I looked up at her. She pulled me to my feet gasping as we kissed her cum still all over my mouth as I pushed my tongue deep into her open mouth letting her suck it. She broke the kiss and slowly turned to face the wall putting her hands up by her shoulders, palms pressed to the wall, her feet a little more than shoulder width apart. I moved up behind her kissing her neck and rubbing my dick against her butt.

I reached between her legs and brushed my fingers against her swollen outer lips and positioned the tip of my cock to enter her soft wet pussy. I’m the first to admit I’m not much more then average when it comes to my equipment, though that makes it easier when a woman wants to deepthroat me, I still had to work my way into her tight wet pussy. Lindsay rolled her hips helping to work me into her tight flesh moaning as I pushed slowly all the way into her body pinning her tight to the wall. I stayed deep inside her before starting to move in and out driving as deep as I could with each thrust, Lindsay went up on her toes hands pressed to the wall at shoulder height as I fucked her from behind.

I grabbed her hips and bending my knees started to really thrust up into her body bowing her back as she ground her ass into me every time I drove up into her. I was just starting to get into a rhythm that would bring us to orgasm when she reached back putting her hand on my stomach pushing back lightly "Wait wait." She panted. Not sure what was wrong I pulled out moving a half step back.

Lindsay cried out as I pulled out cumming again and nearly sliding down the wall as her knees threatened to give out. "God" she moaned softly pulling herself back up the wall and looking at me over her shoulder "I'm not on birth control, so you can come on my tits, in my mouth again or..." she slid her hands down her body and spread her cheeks "you can cum up my ass." She said with a shy sort of half smile.

It was clear that this was the option she was looking for and looking from her slightly downcast eyes and shy almost innocent smile to her round little ass and the way she was pulling her cheeks apart to show off her pink little asshole there was no way I could refuse. I stepped back into her kissing her over her shoulder and pressing two fingers into her tight but surprisingly yielding asshole, it was almost easier to press my fingers into her ass then her pussy, proving at least in my mind how much she loved anal. She moaned against my mouth as we kissed as i finger fucked her ass, my other hand went around her chest under her arm between her breasts to hold her neck just under her chin holding her head tilted towards me as we kissed.

I slipped my fingers out of Lindsey's ass and started to rub my hard wet dick against her asshole she pressed back against me whispering “Please” against my mouth. I pushed the tip into her body and she moaned into my mouth holding her cheeks wide digging her nails into her ass just a little not hard enough to leave marks. She rolled her hips helping to work my dick into her tight ass I slowly pressed deeper into her body about halfway in she reached back and put her hand against my stomach “Mmmm wait hold it there.” she purred/moaned as i held her neck with one hand, the other on her hip.

We kissed as she slowly pressed back against me till I pushed past the tightness inside her and was able to sink the rest of the way inside her. Lindsay moaned into my mouth as I pushed all the way in. “God yes!” she moaned into my mouth as started to slowly fuck her ass. She moved her hands from my stomach putting one back to the wall to steady herself the other hand she put over mine resting on her neck. I started to move faster thrusting deeper till my thighs were hitting her ass as I drove into her. My hand dropped from her hip to grab her thigh lifting her leg changing the angle and letting me get just a little bit deeper.

Lindsey pressed her hand over mine gently squeezing her neck “Cum in my ass, cum for me.” she breathed intertwining her fingers with mine squeezing a little harder. I held her throat pinning her to the wall as I drove my dick up her tight little asshole. "I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum. Cum for me I need you to cum." Lindsay moaned over and over her voice becoming more husky as her orgasum and our hands squeezing her throat made it harder to get the words out. “Harder.” she moaned as she dropped her leg down and drove her hips back against me tightening her hand over mine, I squeezed her neck as she shuttered her body racked by another orgasum.

I ground myself against Lindsey's ass as I pumped my cum deep inside her asshole her body tightening around my dick as she was ruled by her own orgasum. I held her slender neck with one hand the other moving to circle around her waist holding her up when her legs tried to give out. I slowly pulled out the sensation seeming to make Lindsay cum again her body shuttered again legs giving out I stepped back and watched as she slowly slid to the floor half turned to look at me.

I decided that I really did need to get cleaned up and reach for the hotel sized bottle of shampoo standing off to the side out from under the simulated rain shower to lather my hair then using the body wash. I could see Lindsay lick her lips as I ran my hands over my body first as I washed then as I stepped under the water to rinse. I'm getting a little older but I try to keep in shape and the work I do lends itself to strong arms and chest and seeing Lindsay watching me well let's just say it was flattering seeing her look at me that way. Her pale breasts dusted with freckles her shapely legs pulled up to the side she'd put on a little weight and it made her look healthy I watched her touching her breast with one hand playing over her hard nipple the other moving lower.

I felt like I had to run my fingers through my hair a lot more to get the soap out with the gently falling water and this meant Lindsay got a longer show then I had planned. By the time I was done her hand was fully between her now spread legs and she was pumping herself, telling me that she could feel my cum leaking out of her ass. After all the soap had been rinsed off my body Lindsay got to her knees and crawled to me wasting no time she took me into her mouth once again. Bobbing and twisting her head she quickly took all of me into her mouth working me as I grew harder. She pulled back gasping only to drive herself back onto it taking it all in one shot holding herself with my cock down her throat till she pulled back gasping again.

I could tell I wasn't going to be able to get all the way hard again so soon, but the way she was bobbing her head on my half hard cock was still amazing to see. After a few minutes of her amazing lips wrapped around my cock I gently pushed her back. "Lindsay darling as amazing as that feels I think it needs a bit of a rest." I said with a wink. "Maybe we should head to the bedroom?"

She took my offered hand and let me pull her to her feet. She leaned in and kissed me slow her slightly shorter body molding herself to the front of me her arms going around my neck my hands going to the small of her back pulling her close. My half erect body pressed to her belly ring I could feel the hard metal of it pressed to the underside of my dick. We kissed for a very long time, before making our way to the bed.