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Thread: Halloween! (chain story)

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    Chat Halloween! (chain story)

    (chain story)

    Write what your favorite celebrities are doing on Halloween, either at home or at a party.

    Story can't be longer than approx. 1,500 words.
    Celebrity must wear a Halloween COSTUME of some sort.

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    I'd never really been the type to celebrate Halloween. I never bothered decorating the house or bought candy to give away to the kids when they came knocking. Fortunately I'd never had any issues when I ignored the knocks on my door but it seemed this year I wasn't so lucky when, following a series of knocks, I heard the unmistakable sound of a window smashing.

    In an instant I stormed out of my house to see a couple of kids and an adult making a run for it down the street. It was only then I noticed the smashed windscreen of my new Jeep. I was just about to lose it and hunt the assholes down when a voice called out from behind me.

    "Oh my God, I'm so sorry about that!"

    I turned and briefly forgot all about my car when I see Jessica Alba approaching me dressed as Pochahontas. Her tiny dress seemed to barely cover her ass and her impressive tits risked spilling out of the top. It was quite a sight to behold but I managed to avoid getting star-struck and circled my mind back to my damaged car.

    "You know them?" I asked, trying but failing to restrain the anger in my voice.

    "My idiot husband I'm afraid," she rolled her eyes and sounded almost as pissed off as I did. "I don't have anything with me at the moment but I'll pay for the damage."

    "Hell yes you'll pay for it!" I replied, knowing full well how successful her business was.

    With that, I turned to head back inside, pulling my phone out of my pocket.

    "Wait, what are you doing?" she caught up with me when she saw my phone.

    "I'm calling the police," I reply plainly.

    "No wait, you can't!" she panicked and lunged for my phone.

    Jessica tried to snatch it off me but I was too quick. Suddenly we were face to face and I was breathing in her fruity perfume.

    "Please don't do that," she said in a much softer voice. "We'll pay and, I dunno...maybe we could work something else out?"

    I managed to look away from her large puppy dog eyes, refusing to let myself fall for the oldest trick in the book. I had dialled two numbers when Jessica boldly grabbed my cock through my shorts proving that she was completely serious about her implied offer.

    "If you promise not to get the police involved, maybe we could get in the car and have a little fun?"

    She had a hand on my cock and she was Jessica fucking Alba so I hardly needed to be asked twice. I reached behind me and opened the car door before sliding into the roomy backseat.

    I gulped when Jess followed, closing the door behind her and crawling on all fours towards me where she promptly unzipped my jeans and fished my cock out.

    I was frozen in breathless anticipation as my dick popped out, seeing it so close to her face, feeling her delicate hand at the base and her warm breath over the swollen head was enough to get my rock hard.

    When she took me between her thick, soft lips, I didn't know if it was more surreal seeing my cock enter Jessica Alba's mouth or Pocahontas'. Either way it felt incredible as I leaned back and she went to town in my lap, bobbing her head and loudly slurping on my pole.

    Her hair was mostly held back by a headband but I brushed some more aside to get a better view when she started taking me deep. I was surprised to hear her moaning whorishly as she blew me, smiling when she managed to take almost my entire length down her throat.

    "Fuck! That's so good," I grunted at one point, my hips jerking involuntarily.

    "Mmfft-yeah? You like it when I take it deep?" she teased, flicking her tongue on the tip.

    Before I could answer she went down to do it again. I needed to distract myself so settled on running my hand down her arched back before sliding further to cup her fine ass. Her skirt was so short it wasn't much further until my hand touched warm, bare skin.

    With no complaints from her, I finally just pushed her skirt up and touched her ass directly, marvelling at how soft she felt as I squeezed her firm flesh.

    I couldn't resist moving my hand even lower, sliding it further and immediately feeling the heat between her legs.

    "Jesus, you're so fucking wet," I exclaimed, feeling her underwear, completely soaked through.

    "Mmmm, I just love sucking cock," Jess smiled devilishly.

    After that I wasted no time pushing her useless panties to the side and sliding two fingers inside her sopping wet, MILF cunt.

    "Nggh-fucckkk!" she sighed, drooling over my cock for a moment while I pushed into her.

    I was shocked at how tight the wet mother of two was, her velvet walls giving a decent grip on my fingers as I pulled them out before slamming them back in, making her grunt and jerk forward. I added a third finger to her dripping hole and began rapidly sawing into her, her round ass jiggling on each motion.

    Despite the rough finger banging I was giving her, Jess held her own, gripping my cock and sucking me just as hard as we wordlessly began racing to make the other cum. Her hand pumped me at a vigorous pace as she moaned and suckled on the head, urging me to fill her mouth with spunk.

    "Aaah-shiiiiiit!" she suddenly gasped, unable to hold back any longer and abruptly climaxing on my fingers.

    Her body twitched as I held my digits deep inside her and felt her perfect cunt spasm and cream around them. Her hand never stopped pumping me for a second and I suddenly realised she was bringing me over the edge as well.

    With my spare hand I pushed her panting, cussing head down, forcing my cock back down her throat where I blew my wad, firing rope after rope of cum down the married woman's gullet. She gagged briefly but didn't pull back, allowing me to completely unload inside her talented mouth.

    When I was done, I slowly pulled my sticky fingers out of her with a wet pop. I couldn't exactly pass up on the opportunity so I quickly brought my fingers to my mouth to lick them clean, tasting Jessica Alba's deliciously sweet peach while she straightened up beside me.

    "So, we good?" she asked, wiping her dripping chin clean as she got straight back to business.

    "Uhh, sure, all good…" in truth I could barely remember what had happened.

    "Well here's my number, call me with the price and we'll get it sorted," she handed me a business card.

    The smashed window hardly seemed important any more, especially not in this post-climax high I was currently sitting in. I took the card regardless and noted how she seemed to refuse to look me in the eye.

    "It goes without saying but you can't tell anyone about this," she warned before opening the car door.

    "Feeling a little guilty already?" I teased.

    Jess didn't say another word, climbing out and heading down the street in the direction her family had gone. I watched her go, smirking at how she now struggled to walk straight in her heels.

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    Halloween Party (chain story)
    with Olivia Holt and Jillian Janson
    Written by TPG

    I was probably the luckiest man alive. I mean just seeing the two of them in the same room was enough of a trip, much less watching as Olivia Holt and porn star Jillian Janson mingled together at the Halloween party.

    A part of me actually wondered if Olivia knew who she was talking to, and how she would react once she found out who Jillian was. But for now, I was more concerned about staying in their good graces, particularly since Jillian and I seemed to be vying for Holt's affections.

    In all honestly I didn't mind. Not in the least, as I had quite the crush on both ladies.

    Thankfully, Jillian didn't see me as any kind of threat and actually appeared a little interested in me herself, as she alternated between flirting with me and then back to Olivia.

    At one point I excused myself to go get more drinks, only to return and find Holt missing.

    "What happened."

    "Relax. She's in the bathroom." Jillian grinned. "—and just for the record. I think she likes you."

    "She told you that?"

    "—but don't get any funny ideas." the x-rated starlet added. "Because she likes me more."

    "Well. I won't stand in the way of true love." I grinned. "But I wouldn't mind tagging along if that's alright with you."

    "No. By all means." Janson grinned. "I love an audience."

    "Yeah I bet." I laughed. "But how do you think she's going to react when she finds out your a porn star."

    "Well I'm certainly not going to tell her...are you?"

    "My lips a sealed."

    Jillian smiled seductively.

    "Who knows. Maybe if we help each other out, it may prove beneficial for everybody."

    I could tell from the look in her eyes as to what she was insinuating. She was promising to sleep with me, or in the very least suck my cock if I helped her hook up with Holt.

    Suddenly the night had turned into a win/win situation. I was either going to get lucky with Olivia, or in the very least score with one of the sexiest porn starts in the business.

    When Holt returned a minute later, it was Jillian who suggested that we take our little "party" upstairs and find a room. I could see Holt was a little hesitant, but Jillian quickly assured her that she was in safe hands.

    "—don't worry sweetie. It'll just be the three of us." she assured her. "I'll take care of you."

    "Err. okay."

    With that said, I watched Jillian take Olivia's hand, who in turn reached for mine, before the three of us moved through the packed party and headed for the stairs. be continued.

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    I normally didn't go to a lot of trouble to get dressed up for Halloween. But after I was invited to a prestigious Hollywood party, thanks to a friend of a friend, I figured I'd go all out this time around.

    A couple hundred dollars later, and I'd had my costume to hire for the night. I must say I was a bit surprised when the party store clerk told me that the "Dark Knight" outfit wasn't one of the more popular choices this year. Nevertheless, it was great knowing that I had chosen wisely, and hopefully no one at the party had the same costume.

    I arrived at the Hollywood mansion a bit late, texting my friend what I was wearing so he would be able to figure out who I was. He was wearing a Fred Flinstone outfit and was currently out near the pool, so I too should have been able to locate him easily.

    The whole ground floor was packed with people, mainly guys and girls in their teens to mid-twenties. I got some positive glances from a set of twins dressed as two different styled Barbies - one "Malibu", the other "Tour Guide" Barbie. And another older hot female was dressed as Princess Jasmine, the gorgeous woman running her hand across my rubber covered chest as we passed each other.

    Before I could get out of the house to make my way to the pool area, I felt someone's hand grab mine, pulling me back towards them.

    "There you are! I've been looking all over for you!"

    I salivated at the sight of the cute teen that had caught my attention, looking incredibly sexy all in leather, dressed as the one and only Catwoman.

    "But I...", I tried to say, but she cut me off before I could complete a sentence.

    "No no, say it in character.."

    Giving her my best Christian Bale impression, I still tried to be honest with her.

    "I'm not who you think I am miss", I said, my eyes looking serious and my voice quite deep, as hoarse as the latest actor to portray Batman on the big screen. The mask I was wearing was doing a good job of concealing my true identity.

    "Wow, that was pretty good Yves. And you look pretty damn sexy in that outfit", she said, running her hands up and down either side my body.

    It was then I figured out two things. This girl had mistaken me for her boyfriend, who no doubt was also wearing the same outfit. Secondly, the girl in question was "Modern Family" actress Ariel Winter!

    I got a great look at her delicious round backside when she turned to pour herself a glass of punch.

    Her outfit clung tight against her voluptuous young figure. Looking into her eyes, I could tell she'd had a few drinks already. Ariel couldn't keep her hands off of me, and despite the fact I knew it was wrong, I couldn't help but respond in kind and began running my hands up and down her back, and along the luscious curves of her ass.

    When she kissed me, I was feeling all giddy inside, the shock of a teen celebrity making out with me, a guy who wasn't even her boyfriend, taking me by surprise. But then I had that worrying suspicion that Ariel would figure out from our short lip lock, that I wasn't who she thought I was. Luckily, she was intoxicated enough to not notice.

    Ariel leaned into my ear, seductively whispering,

    "I just spoke to Bella, and she said there's a room upstairs we can use. Follow me...".

    Parting a way through the crowd, Ariel took my hand and led me up the stairs. It must have been a humorous sight to any onlookers, watching Catwoman escort Batman upstairs, making it obvious what we were up to when we entered one of the vacant rooms, whilst the party was in full swing..
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    Halloween Party (chain story)
    with Sasha Grey
    Written by TPG

    This was it. The highlight of my life! ...I was about to join Jillian Janson and Olivia Holt(!) upstairs for what I could only presume would be a 3-way, when Jillian stopped halfway up the stairs to look back at me.

    "Why don't you be a sweetheart and get us some drinks." Jillian suggested, before pecking me on the lips. "And don't take too long, or we might get started without you."

    I just about ran down the stairs and marched into the kitchen to look for whatever was lying around. But as I made my way into the other room someone immediately caught my eye. In fact she was literally undressing me with her eyes.

    Amusingly enough I actually mistook her for "Victorious" star Victoria Justice, before I found myself doing a double take and suddenly realized I was looking at XXX star Sasha Grey!

    She appeared to be dressed as some kind of sexed up Alice in Wonderland, clad in thigh-high stockings and just about the shortest skirt you ever saw.

    While I looked through the kitchen cabinets for something to drink, Sasha appeared to be talking to a couple when our eyes finally met, and she immediately turned away from them and began to converse with me.

    "Hey. How you doing."

    "Great costume by the way." I said, referring to the length of her dress.

    "Thanks. I borrowed it from a friend." she grinned before helping herself to a drink.

    I had to admit, I was kinda blown away by her natural beauty, but unfortunately for her I was currently caught up in more pressing matters, like finding alcohol for me and the girls.

    Nevertheless Sasha seemed to find my anxiety cute and proceeded to make conversation.

    Strangely enough, I'm almost positive that if I had initiated the conversation she wouldn't have been interested. But the more I showed a lack of interest, the more she seemed keen to talk to me.

    As we continued to flirt she was using her body language to get her points across. She was leaning into me the whole time, laughing at every stupid thing I said, and even touching me on the shoulder.

    She kept me engaged for several minutes as I patiently waited for the right moment to leave. But when I thought the opportunity finally presented itself, Sasha leaned close to my ear and asked if I'd want to join her for a quick smoke outside.

    "Actually I've got some friends who are waiting—" I began to explain before Sasha interrupted.

    "Trust me." she winked. "You're not going to want to miss this. It's some real strong shit."

    My mind was suddenly conflicted.

    "—and judging by how amped you are right now I think you need it more than I do."

    I stopped for a moment to consider what she was saying. She was right. WTF was I panicking about. The hard part was already behind me. All I had to do now was show up and enjoy myself.

    And now, for whatever reason. I seemed to be pulling another equally hot porn star.

    "You know what." I finally said. "You're right. Lead the way."

    Sasha took my hand and led me to the other side of the house, far away from the party.

    We entered a small tool shed, where she shut the door behind her while I switched on the light and cleared space of the work bench so we could sit down.

    But as the porn star closed the door, she turned to me, smiled, and moved toward me in a seductive way. In a flash I reached out and pulled her to me, kissing her hard on the lips.

    As Sasha pushed her tongue into my mouth, she took off my shirt, before she kissed her way down my neck and across my chest. I reached under her almost non-existent skirt and could feel her panties were already wet.

    The starlet stopped to take a step back, and then with a single zip, dropped her dress to the floor to leave her standing there in nothing but her panties and heels, and those remarkable stockings.

    I almost gasped when I found myself in arms reach of those perfect natural breasts. We kissed each other hotly again as I teased her nipples. She responded by undoing my belt, and pushed my pants to the floor.

    "Mm." she purred as she grasped my hard cock with her hand. "—you must be a fan of my work."

    But before I had time to even utter a single sentence, Sasha dropped to her knees and took me into her mouth!

    She was a great little cock-sucker. She knew just what I wanted. Mercifully she stopped before I came, which I was glad since I really wanted to feel that pussy.

    I'd never been with a girl who was so aggressive. And as it turned out, the bench was too small for us to lay on, so I picked her up and had her sit with her ass right at the edge.

    I then gave her a deep kiss as I nestled between her spread thighs, and rubbed the head of my cock against her sex.

    "Wait. Stop." she suddenly said. "I want you in my ass!"

    "huh." I almost stammered in disbelieve.

    "You heard me. Stick it in my ass right now."

    With that said, she reached down and pressed the head of my cock against her tight backdoor. She looked up at me and smiled, as I pushed forward.

    Sasha moaned as I entered her for the first time, and grunted erotically as I proceeded to slam into her tight Greek ass.

    The porn-goddess soon wrapped her legs around my butt, and thrust herself onto me as I fucked her. She was like a wild animal, slamming into me with great abandonment.

    Just as I was about to come, she laid back on the bench and begged me to shoot my load all over her body, which I was only too happy to do.

    "Fuck-Yeah. Come on." she cussed erotically. "Fuck my sweet ass and cum for me! ...I want your cum."

    I finally pulled out and sprayed my load all over her belly and breasts before I finally collapsed on top of her.

    "Mm. That was fun." she grinned while licking some spunk from her fingertips.

    "Shit." I suddenly replied as I looked at the time.

    In the time I had left Olivia and Jillian upstairs, at least twenty minutes had past. I now prayed to god that the girls were still in the mood upstairs as I rushed to dress.

    "You still wanna share this blunt." Sasha asked.

    "Would love to. But I don't have time."

    "Take it." she offered. "My boyfriend's got plenty."

    "Wait, boyfriend?"

    Despite this revelation, I didn't have time to reflect on it.

    Instead I thanked Sasha with a kiss before rushing back into the party. I couldn't believe I had been distracted from my mission. But hey, god it was worth it! I had just fucked Sasha Grey in the ass!! be continued.

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    I was a little more than nervous when the main door closed in the large, luxurious looking bedroom.
    Not because I was being brought here by this hot petite actress, but moreso the consequences if she were to find out my true identity.

    Standing in front of what looked like a king sized bed, I barely had the chance to think when Ariel leaned up to kiss me, her sultry lips mashing against mine, tasting the alcohol on her breath as her tongue mingled with mine.

    As her mouth left mine, I thought this time I was surely done for. Sooner or later she was going to find out that I wasn't this guy Yves she was dating. I didn't want to give her the opportunity to even ask, so I decided then and there to reach for my mask so I could reveal who I really was.

    "No no, leave it on. It'll be hotter like this.." she said as she stopped me.

    Ariel must have been more tipsy than I first presumed, not to mention horny as hell! Her kinkiness inspired me to continue on, despite my deception. We carried on making out, the teen feeling up my rubber encased body as I groped her leather covered one.

    "I have a surprise for you", she said. Stepping back, I was in complete shock as she sexily slid her hands up the side of her hips, over her large shaped breasts, and peeled away two round patches of leather to unveil her awesome tits.

    "Woah..." I murmured, seeing Ariel Winter's luscious jugs in all their glory.

    "I was going for that reaction".

    I thought she looked hot just dressed as Catwoman. But this Catwoman had her tits hanging out of her outfit, which made it all the better. They felt incredibly soft as I fondled her phenomenal chest, suckling on each stiff nub, the teen whimpering as I then licked and slobbered over each bosom. I was hard as a rock, the young actress rubbing at the hard rod in between my legs.

    "I want your cock.." she begged, biting her lip as she eyed my imprisoned beast.

    In tandem we worked to both undo my tight rubber pants, until eventually my sturdy cock was freed from its restraints. I took note of the astonished look she gave it when she gazed at my naked erection, falling to her knees and taking it in her soft palm.

    "Wow Yves, you must be more horny than I am, I don't remember it ever getting this big before", she said with genuine surprise.

    I had to stop myself from laughing, after the teen inadvertently made it known that I was more endowed than her current flame.
    Ariel's warm wet lips closed around my rigid tool, enthusiastically sucking on my thick girth.

    "Ohh geezus!!" I deeply groaned, the hot little minx bobbing her head faster and deeper along my grateful shaft, lathering it in her saliva.

    She jerked me from the base, swirling her tongue around the tip and occasionally lashing my sensitive tender balls. Standing her back up, we made out again, kissing each other with more force, the brunette using her fingers to jerk my slick cock.

    "Fuck me Yves! I need it bad", Ariel pleaded.

    I spun her around, bending her over so she could place her hands on the bed and I could set myself up to drill her from behind.
    Peeling down her leather pants, my eyes bulged as her incredible round bubble butt was presented to me.

    "Holy mother of god.." I whispered.

    If seeing her famous tits naked was a highlight, then getting a grand look at her Greek inspired derrière, bested her glorious chesty twins. Her firm plump cheeks were separated by a dark blue thong, and as she peeled them down her delicious legs, I decided there and then that I wanted more than just a quickie fuck.

    "Ohhh Yves!!", Ariel squealed, taking her by surprise as I buried my face in between those firm round cheeks, digging my tongue into sopping wet slit.

    I squeezed her perfect buns with my hands, moving my face about so I could motorboat Ariel's cracking derrière.

    "Ohhh stop teasing me Yves, unghh!!" Ariel cried as I lapped and tongue fucked her delicious cunt.

    She was fidgeting with her clit and grinding her butt against my intruding tongue. Not wanting to waste anymore time, and fearing her actual boyfriend might be looking for her, I decided now was the time to give her what she so sorely needed. Standing up, I took a hold of my cock, rubbing the head against her velvety slit.

    "By the way, I'm fixed, just like you asked", she said, looking over her shoulder, giving me a naughty wink.

    Taking a hold of her slim hips, I drove my cock inside Ariel's warm haven, completely bareback, thrusting forward five or six times until she was completely impaled upon me.

    My thighs pressed against her sweet round buttocks, my thighs slapping against them as I railed into her sweet young pussy. Ariel cried out as I fucked her like there was no tomorrow, wrapping my hands around her so I could cup her large hanging breasts. I tweaked her hard nipples which only made her gyrate her little body against me erotically.

    Given she had treated me to an exquisite blowjob, was dressed as Catwoman, and had allowed me to eat out her juicy peach with my face in between her sweet teen ass, I knew that I wasn't going to last long.

    "Ohhh fuck me Batman! Give it to me!"

    "Oh Ariel!! It’s so fucking good”, I replied, staying in character but not addressing her by her costumed persona.

    "Ohhhh you're so deep inside me Batman! And call me Catwoman!!"

    "Grrr I'm gonna cum Ariel… I mean Catwoman!!"

    "Cum with Batman! Cum deep inside me!!"

    Ariel took my hand to help her frig her burning slit, her inner cunt walls contracting and tightening around my pistoning shaft.

    "Unghhhh!!! I grunted, shooting my load deep into her womb, gripping her breast and hip tightly so her ass was pressed against my thighs, whilst I deposited every last drop I had inside of her.

    Ariel heaved and panted as she reached her much sought after orgasm, falling limp onto the bed before her.
    All that could be heard was the sound of our heavy breaths over the sounds coming from the party downstairs.

    Still paranoid that anyone could enter the room at anytime, I quickly pulled up my pants, the experience making me really sweaty under the heavy suit. I wasn’t sure exactly what I should say to Ariel, so lying was the simplest thing to do.

    “Look I’ll be back in a second”, I said, getting ready the exit the room and not return.

    “No you won’t. Because I know you’re not Yves”.

    I stopped dead in my tracks. Slowly turning around, I expected some extreme backlash for flat out lying about who I was.

    “Look I’m sorry. I tried to tell you and…” she cut me off saying,

    "Don’t be sorry. I was dying to fuck, and Yves said he was running late. You just happened to be wearing the same outfit he chose for tonight. Pretty inconsiderate of him to leave a girl hanging wouldn’t you say?”

    I nodded, still somewhat surprised how easy going she had been with the whole situation.

    “Look maybe you should get going, he’s probably due to show up at any second”, she said, hopping up off of the bed to approach me.

    “By the way thanks, I really needed that”, leaning up to kiss me deeply one last time.

    As I went to finally depart, she had one last thing to say to me.

    “By the way, Bella will probably host another Halloween party here again next year, as she has done the last two years. If you attend, come dressed as The Green Lantern”.

    “Why The Green Lantern”? I asked quizzically.

    “Because it’ll be all the more easy for me to know it’s you. Besides, nobody will wear that costume to a Halloween party, that movie sucked!”

    I chuckled as I left the semi-naked beauty. Making my way down to the ground floor, I heeded Ariel’s advice by not looking for my friend and heading toward the exit. As I went to leave out the front door, a young man was on his way in, also dressed as “The Dark Knight”.

    I hesitated, realising it was Ariel’s boyfriend Yves. Had I not been wearing a mask, the words “I just fucked your girlfriend” would have been plastered right across my forehead!

    “Cool suit man”, he mumbled.

    “Indeed it is man. Indeed it is…” I replied, walking past him, away from the party, with an extra spring in my step.

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    "You Stella?" I asked hopefully when a particularly striking teen approached my car window.

    "Yep, great!" she beamed before hurrying around the front of the car.

    As she passed the headlights I got a good look at her tiny Halloween costume. She'd gone for the sexy nurse route and there was no doubt she had the sexy part down to a tee. It was an outfit you'd expect to be limited to a kinky girl's wardrobe, not paraded about in downtown L.A.

    "Shouldn't be walking around alone dressed like that," I said as she climbed into the passenger seat.

    "No? And why's that?"

    I couldn't help myself and openly eyed up the flirty teen sat beside me. Her dress was so short she must have been sat on her bare ass and it made me wonder what kind of underwear she had under there.

    "Just saying, a girl like you could get into a lot of trouble down here," I eventually shrugged.

    Stella simply gave me a playful wink, something I was more than used to being an Uber driver and dealing with the local young ladies who assumed they could flirt their way out of anything.

    "So, this address, right?" I asked nodding at the SatNav for confirmation before setting off.

    Ten minutes later we were stuck in solid traffic which was to be expected on Halloween and Stella was getting noticeably restless, checking her phone every couple of minutes and sighing as time slowly wore on.

    "Ugh, this is so boring," she eventually whined, fiddling with her pink hair.

    "Not much I can do," I shrugged; worried she was moments away from kicking her toys out the pram.

    "We could play a game!" she exclaimed after a few more minutes of silence.

    "Err, a game?" It was only then I started to wonder if I'd vastly overestimated how old the teenager was.

    "Yeah, a little 'doctors and nurses' kind of game," she smiled, turning herself to face me as we pulled up to a traffic light.

    "Right, and how do you play?"

    "Don't pretend you don't know! I'm the nurse, you're my patient and I gotta get body fluid samples from you, etc etc," she explained, cutting to the chase and leaning over to make her intentions perfectly clear by placing her silk gloved hand on my inner thigh.

    I quickly looked around, we were still stuck in the middle of traffic and here I had this young teenager with her hand edging nearer and nearer my growing bulge. Satisfied we weren't being watched, I looked back with breathless anticipation as she started to rub my tent firmly through my shorts.

    Before I could say anything she suddenly whipped my member out and gently wrapped her soft gloved hand around the base, holding it straight so she could see my impressive size.

    "Jesus, you're insane," I muttered as she began to jerk me off in the middle of traffic.

    "You ain't seen nothing yet," she winked.

    Suddenly I was jumped out of it when the car behind us honked, bringing my attention to the changing green light. I quickly stepped on it and pulled away only to rejoin the next line of backed up traffic a minute later.

    Stella never stopped pumping my cock even while in motion but now it was stopped, she made herself more comfortable in her seat before leaning over further and wrapping her sweet lips around my bell-end.

    My eyes rolled back and I forgot all about potential onlookers when this teen sensation started eagerly bobbing her head in my lap.

    "Holy shit," I grunted, jerking my hips up to fuck her hot little mouth.

    "Mmffgh, that feel good?" she grinned, looking up at me with a long trail of saliva between my shaft and her pink lips. "I've always found this is the quickest way to get a really big sample."

    I groaned when Stella went back down on me and the traffic started moving again. I had no doubt people on the street knew exactly what was going on with Stella's eye-catching pink wig bobbing up and down in the driver's seat.

    The next time we came to a stop I reached under and unzipped the front of her dress letting her bra-less breasts to spill out. I immediately pawed and groped at the soft mounds of flesh which made her hum and moan approvingly around my meat.

    At this point, her sloppy blowjob was making a real mess down there with her drool running down my shaft, over my nuts and onto the seat. It was when she tried to deep throat me that sent me over the edge but not even I saw it coming when I suddenly erupted into the back of her mouth without warning.

    To her credit Stella took it in her stride, held herself down and forced herself to swallow every last drop of my 'sample', moaning whorishly as I fed her rope after rope of cum into her milking mouth which made my head spin.

    "Mmmm. Yummy!" she smiled, smacking her lips and sitting back up.

    This gave me my first look at her exposed tits and I immediately knew I wasn't done with her yet.

    "Why don't we take a detour avoid some of this traffic?" I suggested.

    "Scenic route sounds good to me," she agreed.

    With that I turned off at the next intersection and headed into the hills where I quickly pulled into the first empty layby I could find and practically pounced on the girl.

    Stella giggled excitedly at my eagerness as I sucked on her hard, brown nipples and squeezed her generous chest in both hands. Unsurprisingly, I was already rock hard again and desperately wanted to fuck the naughty nurse.

    I moved my hand down to test the waters, sliding it under her skirt and making direct contact with her hairless sex, discovering not only was she soaking wet but she wasn't even wearing any underwear.

    "You're bad," I told her. "And so fucking wet."

    She gave a coy smile. "Are you going to punish me? Put that big cock inside me?"

    "Get out," I ordered, quickly climbing out my side and meeting her at the bonnet.

    There, I kissed her, pulling her body close to mine with my cock and her tits lodged between us. I couldn't remember the last time I'd been so riled up but this girl just did something to me.

    A second later I had her bent over my Jeep where I promptly impaled her from behind, my head spinning from the tight embrace her cunt had on me.

    "Ugh! Fuck me! Please, I need it bad!" she groaned.

    I pinned her arms behind her back and railed into her hot body as hard as I thought possible. I even gave her tight ass a few sharp spanks which seemed to drive the teenager wild with lust which only encouraged me to rub her backdoor with my thumb.

    "Ohh, yeah. Check my temperature doc," she pleaded over her shoulder with a playful grin.

    I gently pushed my thumb inside, making Stella moan as I entered her ass while I continued driving into her pussy with long, deep strokes.

    "Like that in your ass you little slut?" I hissed as I wiggled my thumb deeper and started fucking her harder again.

    "Uggh, fuck yeah, call me a slut. I like it!" she grunted.

    I released her arms which she brought round to brace herself against the car. In all the commotion, her wig had slipped off allowing me to wrap my spare hand in her natural dark hair and give it a sharp tug, pulling her even harder onto my cock and making her gasp loudly when I fucked both her holes.

    "Cum for me then slut," I growled.

    "Fuck. Ugh. Fuck-fuck-fuckk-nnnghh!" she panted before her cunt squeezed down on me like a vice and her eyes rolled back.

    I fucked her through her powerful orgasm for as long as I could before I blew my wad inside her for the second time that night, filling her wanton cunt with my seed.

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