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Thread: "By Appointment Only" with Lena Meyer-Landrut

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    fanfiction "By Appointment Only" with Lena Meyer-Landrut

    With Lena Meyer-Landrut
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MF, massage, handjob, oral, shower
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

    When I first learned that Lena Meyer-Landrut was moonlighting as a private massage therapists out of her tiny two bedroom apartment, I naturally dismissed the claim as being ridiculous.

    After all the singer already had quite the career, and although she wasn't a household name, she was an accomplished recording artist with a girl-next-door image, who had even represented Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest.

    But as it turned out, not only was my brother adamant about Lena's extra-curricular activities, but also claimed that she had once received money posing as a high-class escort to the rich and famous.

    "Bullshit!" I hissed. "Are we even talking about the same girl?"

    "Absolutely. I've got her number. You what to meet her or what?"

    I simply glared back at my brother in disbelief.

    "Call her up." he insisted. "Arrange to see her next week."

    My head was literally spinning as I called her up and soon heard Lena's voice, who not only confirmed the rumors about her part time "hobby" but arranged a time for me to see her.

    I don't mind admitting that by the time I drove to her apartment in Hanover, I was a nervous wreck, particularly since this would be the first time I'd see her in person, and never imagined it would be under such sordid circumstances.

    When I finally arrived to her door I found myself almost dumbstruck by how pretty she was. She was even sexier in person, and so tight and petite her beauty made your mouth water.

    "You must be Daniel. Come on in." she said before greeting me with a friendly peck on the cheek. "Nice to meet you."

    My heart raced at the mere thought of this stunning woman laying her hands all over me. Heck, I was still finding it hard to believe that this was the same girl I had seen performing on TV countless times before.

    "Sorry about the mess." she said, referring to her quaint apartment.

    "I should probably admit, I've never done this before." I told her. "So I'm a little nervous right now."

    "Don't be. It's perfectly fine to be anxious with a new therapist." Lena claimed, before giving me a quick tour of the place and directing me into the back room where she asked me to get changed while she made some final preparations.

    The room contained a massage table, some audio equipment, and a chair for my clothes. I became a little self-conscious as I took off my shirt and dropped my pants to the floor, leaving me to stand there buck-ass naked in the middle of the room.

    Strangely enough the fact that I was nude in the singers apartment actually turned me on. I kicked my clothes away and walked over to the table where I made myself comfortable.

    "Err. Which way do you want me?" I called out.

    "—face down please!" she replied from the other room.

    I followed her instructions and put my face into the padded ring, as the "Satellite" singer entered the room and fiddled with the radio before coming over to place a warm towel across my butt.

    "Just take a deep breath and relax." she said, before pouring warm liquid across my shoulders.

    I inhaled the scented oil as she moved her fingers along my neck and spine. Her hands seemed to know which spots to work and how to work them. After a few minutes, Lena worked her way down my back to the top of my ass.

    I sighed deeply as she stroked my thighs and "accidentally" brushed my balls with the tips of her fingers. At this point my cock was so hard I actually had to shift to make room for it below.

    "How's that feel?" she asked. "—is the pressure okay?"

    "It's good." I answered. "Feels fantastic."

    There was a long pause before I went on.

    "Err. To tell you the truth." I added while clearing my throat. "I think you might be hitting a few erogenous zones right now."

    The singer giggled.

    "Yes. It happens. Don't worry about it. It's perfectly normal."

    I was embarrassed but relieved I hadn't offended her.

    "So I guess I'm not the only one who gets a little excited during these massages?"

    "Not at all. Almost everyone does. Aromatherapy is a very sensual experience for most people."

    "—and it doesn't bother you?"

    "Not a bit. It's just a part of the job." the stunning brunette said. "It's kind of flattering to be honest. Lets me know I'm doing a good job."

    I could feel myself blush as she smiled behind me.

    We continued in relative silence for the next few minutes as I began to notice her hovering around my butt. In fact I soon felt her growing bolder with each passing minute, as her fingertips darted into the cleft of my ass.

    "You know, the ass is the most misunderstood part of the body." she remarked. "People would be surprised by how much pleasure it gives."

    "I guess." I replied while staring down at the floor.

    "For example, your prostate gland is in there. Have you ever had your prostate massaged?"

    I was starting to get nervous.

    "Not really. I didn't know you could do that."

    "Well you can." she grinned. "You have to go through the rectum to get to it, but rubbing it can induce some pretty powerful orgasms."

    I could feel her hands all over my ass as she spoke, then tensed up as she spread my cheeks and lightly brushed her fingertips down the crack and of my butt.

    I tried to remain calm, but my heart was pounding in my chest as she ran her hands all over my butt, squeezing and fondling and smearing the oil all around my backside.

    "It's really intense too." she added. "You should try it sometime. A lot of people swear by it."

    "I'll take your word for it."

    "There are other things too. Have you ever had someone eat your ass?"

    I almost gasped and had to do a double take at her comment. I couldn't believe how casual she was about such topics. She was clearly comfortable with sex, and the human body for that matter.

    "Err. I can't say that I have." I said, my mouth very dry.

    "oh. It's a very enjoyable experience." Lena said as I heard the oil container open. "You should definitely try it one day."

    "I'll make a note of it."

    The singer giggled.

    "No, you really should. It's one of those things where it seems so forbidden or taboo, but once you try it you'll never go back."

    "Yeah. I bet. Sounds to me like you've had a few wonderful experiences with it."

    There was a short pause before the singer spoke again.

    "I actually love it when a guy eats my ass. It gets me off every time. "

    My mind was spinning. Were we actually having this conversation? ...did she actually just say that.

    As my brain tried to comprehend what she had said, I felt the massage oil being poured over the top of my ass crack and slowly seep down over my butt-hole.

    "oops." she giggled. "I may have used a little too much."

    I doubted whether that was an accident or not, but when she began to rub the oil directly in and around my anus, I no longer cared. Lena worked her way around my asshole and traced circles around the edge. To my surprise the action was quite pleasing and caused my eyes to roll into the back of my head.

    "Yep. Getting your ass licked feels fantastic." she continued. "But do you know what feels even better?"

    I gulped hard as a single finger traced circles around my hole, while another reached under and lightly grasped my nuts. She rolled my balls around in her fingernails, as a very gentle pressure pushed against my rectum.

    "—it's getting your prostate massaged." she revealed. "If done correctly, nothing compares to the stimulation."

    With that said, Lena slowly slid her finger into my ass, causing my jaw to drop and another moan to escape my mouth.


    "Feels good, doesn't it."

    I could only huff in agreement as I felt her long slender digit move around in my backdoor while her other fingers massaged my nuts.

    "Yeah. I can tell you like it." she grinned. "Just relax and enjoy it."

    She inserted her finger about three inches deep and began to make small circles at the "top" of my asshole. Suddenly, I felt like I was going to cum right then and there, and I let out an audible moan as the sensation didn't just intensify, but rather plateaued as she serviced me.

    I started to roll my hips around as Lena massaged my gland. Where had this been all my life, I began to wonder. Was it possible for me to do this on my own? ...cause it almost felt as good as a blowjob!

    But suddenly, just as quickly as it had started, it abruptly ended with her withdrawing her finger.

    "Why don't you turn over so I can work on your front." she suggested.

    Lena grinned as she immediately noticed my predicament. My swollen member now pointed upward, exposing my balls. I closed my eyes, but images of those pebble-like nipples behind her tank top kept running through my mind.

    Now on my back, I could glance over and admire her ensemble which appeared to consist of nothing more than a tiny tank top, and small short-shorts, which gave the impression that she was naked underneath and always showcased her athletic figure and abdomen.

    I watched as she poured more oil across the flat of my belly, which sent another shot of adrenaline up my spine. To make matters worse, the head of my cock now nudged against her wrist as she worked me over, and judging from the hard pokies she was now exhibiting, she too wasn't immune to being aroused.

    I sighed and shifted, trying my best to control my erection but to no avail. Between the scented oils and the way she looked, just had an intoxicating effect on me.

    Being this aroused and not able to do anything about it was torture. I tried my best to calm my nerves, and focused on the movements of her fingers, when she suddenly stopped.

    "Err. I see you're enjoying your first session." she grinned knowingly, referring to my cock.

    "Sorry about that." I apologized. "I'm just a little backed-up at the moment I guess."

    "Don't be silly." Lena smiled. "—that's a perfectly natural reaction. I'm used to it."

    There was a long pause before the singer dropped the next bombshell.

    "—would you like me to take care of it?"

    I almost crapped myself right then and there on the table.

    "Y-You'd do that?"

    "Sure." she answered. "Normally I'd charge extra, but since you're so sweet and it's your first time, we could made it a onetime deal."

    I didn't know what to say.

    "Besides. I get the feeling you might like it." she added with a wink.

    Her hands began to move again.

    "Just lay back and let me take care of you." she suggested. "First I'm going to finish working your chest, then I'm going to get my hands nice and greasy for you, and I'll give you some of that special treatment...and finish you off."

    Just her words alone were enough to make my cock twitch.

    We stopped talking as Lena gave my pecs a thorough work out, brushing my nipples on each pass. She then proceeded to caress my neck and shoulders with her long nails, until I was gasping and withering on the table.

    It was at this point that one hand continued with the nipple play while the other moved down to my cock, where she grasped it firmly, and began to stroke me. To her credit, Lena managed to bring me to the edge of release time and time again, before pulling me back from the precipice.

    On three separate occasions I thought I was going to come, only for her to stop and switch hands, then go right back to working me over with her magic touch. After several minutes of this sweet agony, Lena leaned up to whisper hotly into my ear.

    "How does that feel?" she asked rhetorically.


    "Good. Now if you allow me, I know another way to make this massage feel even better—"

    A moment later, the singer leaned forward and took the tip of my cock between her lips. I lay stunned, as Lena simply opened her mouth and let the spongy head disappear inside.

    My eyes closed involuntarily as I felt her tongue swirl around the head. She then took more of my penis into her mouth and sucked as hard as she could, causing me to squirm and fidget around wildly.


    Now truth be told I had gotten plenty of blowjobs in my time, so I had some idea of what to expect. But this was fellatio on an entirely different level. Maybe it had something to do with how relaxed I was, but I couldn't stop moaning as the German-born starlet now bobbed her head back and forth.

    With Lena's help, I gradually pushed more of my meat into her hot mouth, groaning out loud as the stunning singer glared up at me with a mouth full of cock. In fact I finally placed my hand on the top of her head, inviting her to go deeper.

    "Deeper Lena." I gasped. "Take it all the way."

    She only stopped once the head of my cock finally brushed against the back of her throat, causing her to cough and gag. She immediately pulled back, leaving a long trail of spit between my cock and her chin.

    Looking up at me, she then flashed me the most adorable look ever.

    "Shit. Sorry. I nearly choked."

    "It's fine." I assured her. "I'm really close right now. Just lick it."

    The pale beauty was only too happy to obliged and now used the flat of her tongue to paint long, broad strokes along my shaft with her tongue, her eyes never leaving mine.

    "Better?" she purred seductively.

    "Fuck-yeah. Spit on it Lena."

    She was only too happy to oblige and then moaned erotically as I took hold of my cock and smacked it roughly against her mouth.

    "Ugh-Yea." she moaned.

    "Spit on it some more." I insisted. "Drool all over it."

    Lena then stroked my cock with one hand as her other slipped below my balls and proceeded to tease my backdoor. I immediately spread my legs and let out a long groan as she jerked me off towards her open mouth and waited her reward.

    "Fuck. I'm gonna cum." I hissed. "—I'm gonna cum. Lena."

    "Shoot it! ...shoot it all over my face!"

    Seconds later I exploded in front of her face, striking her front teeth before she instinctively wrapped her lips around my knob, engulfing me completely inside her mouth.

    The moaning singer then sucked me like a hoover, before using her tongue to lick me clean. When she was finally done she sat up and wiped her mouth with her hands.

    "Wow." I gasped out of breath. "That was incredible."

    "Come on." she said as she turned towards the bathroom. "We still have a few minutes. Let's get you cleaned up."

    I got up from the table lethargically, and followed her to the shower – my eyes fixated on her ass. Once there the slender star stripped out of her clothes and joined me in the tiny shower cubicle, where she quickly began to scrub me down and spent a good deal of time on my penis.

    It was at this point that I was so caught up in the pleasure of it all that I initiated a kiss, but judging from the shocked expression on her face I think it was the last thing she expected.

    "Err. I don't usually do that." she said while still stroking my cock in the shower.

    "I'm sorry."

    "—I don't usually kiss my clients on the lips but, why not." she shrugged. "Maybe just a little."

    In all the commotion it hadn't even occurred to me that Lena had just taken a load to her face, so I presume this was as big of a turn on for her as it was for me, to share a hot tongue-kiss.

    In truth I was so turned on by the entire day's events that there was little I wouldn't do, as we now stood there in the shower making out with other with great gusto while she stroked my cock.

    To her credit, Lena quickly scrubbed me all over and spent extra time making sure my cock and jewels were nice and clean. Amusingly enough, it didn't take very long to get me hard again, as took turns caressing each others bodies and kissing one anothers lips, and necks.

    "Mm. You're good at that." she purred at one point, as I nibbled at her neck.

    "Almost as good as you are." I said, referring to her handjob.

    "Hard again huh?" she grinned smugly. "What are we going to do with it?"

    "Sorry about that. This session today has been fantastic." I told her.

    I could see Lena glance up and clock and realize that my time was up. Still, she refused to let go of my hard cock and continues to initiate the kissing between us.

    "Is my time up for today?"

    The singer almost seemed more disappointed than I was, and suddenly kissed me hard on the lips.

    "Well. I can't let you leave my apartment in THIS condition." she quipped, referring to my erection, before suddenly dropping to her knees and taking me back into her hot mouth.

    I actually moaned out loud when I felt her tongue swirl around the head, and reached down with both hands to hold her head in place as I fucked her mouth.

    Landrut slipped the cock out of her mouth and looked up at me. "—you think you can come again?"

    "How long do I have?"

    "We don't have much time until my boyfriend gets home."


    Judging from the look on her face I think she was most surprised than I was that she had let it slip out. Amusingly enough, I wasn't so concerned about her lying to me, as I was about having to deal with a jealous lover.

    Suddenly what had started out as a innocent, relaxing massage was turning into a life threatening situation.

    I don't know why this turned me on so much, but from the twinkle in her eye I suspect Lena was just as aroused as I was to hurry up and make me come before her boyfriend arrived home from work.

    I responded by pulling her up by the arm and kissing her hard on the lips. Our tongues dueled for supremacy as she wrapped her soapy hand around my shaft and jacked me off, intent on making me cum.

    Just the fact that she was now someone's girlfriend, intensified everything. Now we were cheating, and it felt so wrong but it was so hot.

    "My god I love this ass." I told her as I palmed and groped her derriere.

    I wasn't lying either. It was just about the sweetest, softest little butt I'd ever felt.

    "Maybe next time we make an appointment we can arrange something." she teased between kisses.

    "Why wait?" I growled while slipping my fingers between her cheeks to play with her cunt. "I want it now. I want that ass Lena."

    I suppose in a way I was only kidding, but as I fingered her played with her more Lena giggled nervously and squirmed, and actually appeared to entertain the idea.

    "—and what makes you think I'd let you take it?"

    "Maybe because I'm a nice guy." I grinned.

    "I don't even let my boyfriend take it."

    "That's why it'd be so hot and special."

    We continued to tease each other like this for longer than anticipated because a second later we both jumped with fright when we heard someone buzz her apartment from downstairs, and announce that they were coming up!

    The look on her face was priceless – her boyfriend was home!

    As you can imagine I was somewhat frustrated considering I now had two of my fingers inside Lena's cunt, and could feel her slowly bending to my will, and actually contemplating anal sex with me.

    But now we were both out of time, and had to rush out of the shower before her boyfriend would make it up the five flights of stairs.

    "Shit!" she cussed as she jumped out of the shower and pulled me out with her.

    That being said I was probably more shocked than anything else when Lena suddenly pulled me into the bedroom where she kissed me hard on the lips, and then without warning, turned around and mounted the bed - climbing onto her hands and knees while glancing over her shoulder!

    "Quickly! Get over here and stick that cock inside me!"

    Without missing a beat I rushed forward and immediately pushed the head of my cock into her WET pussy, causing her to gasp out loud before grabbing her hair and fucking her as quickly and violently as possible.

    "Just hurry...UGH! Fuck. Yes." she grunted as I fucked her roughly on her own bed. "We don't have long!"

    I could feel her push back against me as I slapped her ass for good measure, and pressed forward to place her face and shoulders flat on the bed. In this configuration her ass and hips remained high in the air as I pounded her for all I was worth, trying my best to get us both off in the shortest amount of time.

    For her part, I could feel Lena push back against me, urging more of my cock deeper as moans escaped her mouth and I pummeled her cunt hard and fast!

    I watched as she arched her spine, and reached underneath to rub at her clit while I pushed my entire length into her. The woman was so tight that her pussy made several lewd squishing noises that made her blush and only seemed to turn us on more.

    "UGHH-FUCK!" she yelped. "Just like that. HARDER!"

    Again and again I slammed into her sex, drilling her harder than she'd ever been fucked in her life.

    I kept up the pace, banging her as fast and as hard as I could. Then I felt her hand reach up beneath us and caress my balls and I knew I was just moment away from blowing my wad.

    It was at this precise moment that we then heard her boyfriend knock on her front door and I just about lost my mind – giving her two more thrusts before I finally exploded - filling her womb with thick ropes of spunk.

    "Fuck-Yeah. Fuck-Yeah." she sobbed as I filled her pussy with semen.

    When I pulled back a few moments later I almost moaned at the vision I had created - watching as Lena Meyer Laundrut's pussy squeezed and constricted, causing my load to seep out. Having treated her to a hot creampie, was probably one of the most incredible moments of my life.

    "Shit. Shit. Stay here!" she panted while trying to find her bearings, and locking me in her bedroom.

    As I looked around the room for something to wear, I could hear her inviting her boyfriend into the apartment before she returned to the bedroom with my clothes.

    "Quick. You have to get out of here – before he sees you."

    At first I wasn't sure whether or not she was upset, but the sly little grin told me that she was just as riled up by it all as I was. It must have been the adrenaline.

    "I think we went over our session by about twenty minutes." I remarked casually.

    "I know I know," she panted, trying to get me to leave. "We can talk about it next time."

    "Fine. Next time it is. But I'm getting that ass if you like it or not."

    "Fine. Agreed." she said at the door. "I'll give you my ass. Just get out of here."

    "I'll hold you to that."

    Despite her frantic state I couldn't help but notice her smile.

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    Yep. That was pretty German. :D

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    Good job!
    From The Desk Of Vanderbuilt

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    Thanks guys. Yep. I guess I might as well post this in here too since I was humming it the entire time as I wrote it up. Honestly. Even now when I read it back, I end up humming her song. In fact I was almost tempted to call the story "Traffic Lights!" Lol

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