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Thread: "Force Unleashed" with Daisy Ridley

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    fanfiction "Force Unleashed" with Daisy Ridley

    Force Unleashed
    With Daisy Ridley
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MF, blowjob, exhibitionist, dirty talk, ass-play, texting
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

    I couldn't help but grin as Daisy and I entered the dark theater and looked for a place to sit. Even though it was well past midnight, the cinema was still moderately packed. Fortunately for us, despite having arrived halfway through the previews, we still managed to find the back row deserted and made ourselves comfortable.

    "Are you sure we won't get in trouble?" the actress quipped. "I've never done anything like this before."

    "What - sneak into your own movie?"

    "Yeah, or ANY movie for that matter."

    "You'll be fine."

    It was actually kind of sweet, and probably one of the reasons why Daisy and I were so attracted to each other.

    By all accounts, the starlet and I were polar opposites. While I was crude and reckless, Daisy seemed sweet and polite. I guess this was to be expected when you introduce an Aussie guy with a British lady.

    "So this is your version of a special screening huh?" she teased in her posh English accent.

    I couldn't help but notice how adorable she looked at that precise moment, and leaned over to kiss her.

    "Well, maybe we could do something to make it more special," I winked.

    As it turned out, this wasn't our first date. In fact in recent weeks, we had made it our business to find interesting places to have sex, especially when there was a chance of getting caught.

    Actually, the greater the chance, the more thrilling it was. And sneaking Daisy into the midnight screening of "Force Awakens" just seemed like a brilliant idea. I mean, you couldn't make this shit up.

    Thankfully, this was the first time we'd been able to find a movie theater that wasn't booked solid, and as adventurous as we were, I don't think Daisy was ready to mess around in a packed amphitheatre full of Star Wars fans. At least not yet.

    Amusingly enough, the actress and I had initially met while on the set of her blockbuster movie, and had hit it off almost immediately.

    It had actually turned into one of those urban legends where a one night stand developed into a real and meaningful relationship, with the two of us hooking up almost every other night and having the time of our lives.

    In fact we soon discovered that we enjoyed the same kind of kinks. Not only did we both have very active imaginations, and often liked to talk dirty, but more importantly Daisy and I both liked to have sex in public.

    In truth, I never expected someone of her caliber to think or act in this lewd way, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't welcome it. Heck, I flat out encouraged it, and was thrilled to see her "dirty" side.

    When we first met, I actually went out of my way to treat her like a "lady" with the utmost respect. In fact everyone around her seemed to walk on egg shells, since she was being hailed as the next big thing.

    But just twenty minutes alone with her in the break room, and something happened between us, which ended with the two of us having wild, unbridled sex in the bathroom!

    Thankfully no one walked in on us, but the fact that someone could have, really seemed to turn us on. So much so that when we discussed it later, we both agreed that we wanted to try it again.

    "I have to be honest, I really enjoyed that." Daisy texted me later. "Does that make me a pervert?"

    "Not at all," I assured her. "Makes you a catch! Makes you a whole lot of fun, and I can't wait to do it again to be honest."

    "And what makes you think I'd let you?"

    "Because I suspect I wasn't the only one who got their rocks off to it."

    As it turned out, the encounter gave us a thrill that neither one of us had ever experienced before. Not to mention that it also gave us an excuse to experiment with having sex in the most interesting places and positions.

    "Ugh. I really can't wait for this line read to end!" she wrote a few days later. "I REALLY need to see you."

    "Me too babe." I replied back. "I still blush like a schoolboy every time I pass the break room and think about you. And what we did there. You don't know how sexy you are Daisy. You're so fucking hot baby."

    "Ugh. Don't make me think about that now. Are you crazy. I'm sitting here surrounded by about a dozen middle aged men! And you're making me fucking wet! cruel. Typical."

    "Well. Do something about it then." I teased.

    "Yeah-right. I bet they'd love that."

    "Sure. Just how wet are you right now?"

    "Grr. You have no idea." she claimed. "I keep shifting in my seat and rubbing my legs together. But the only thing it seems to be doing is making my nipples hard. Damn you."

    "I suppose we could always do a repeat performance in the bathroom later?"

    "Nah. Too cramped. Besides. I can't get comfortable in there and do what I really wanna do to you."

    "Which is?"

    "Like get on my knees and take you into my mouth." she typed back. "-take you all the way down my throat, and gag."

    Jesus. I thought. And this, from the lead actress in the new Star Wars movie.

    "Ya'know, doing something that extreme might backfire on you young lady." I grinned while typing. "You might over do it and end up getting a face full of spunk!"

    "Mm. You say that like it's a bad thing?" she replied with a giggle. "More protein for my training. Bring it on daddy-o. I dare you."

    There was a pause in the conversation which I assumed meant that she was caught up in the meeting, but a few minutes later she wrote back.

    "Fuck it. I can't take this waiting anymore. Meet me on the Millennium set right now."

    "Can't you wait till this afternoon?"

    "I need your cock inside me NOW!" she wrote back cheekily. "-how's that for direct. Get your attention?"

    "Jesus Daisy. You almost gave me a heart attack with that last message."

    "-in that case I guess I shouldn't tell you how wet I am right now." she taunted. "So wet I could scream."

    "Where are you!?"

    "I'm in the makeup trailer right now. And seriously thinking about getting off. What do you think. Should I?"

    "Go right ahead." I encouraged. "I love that idea."

    "I knew you would. Perv! And don't tempt me. You really don't want to know where my hand is right now. I NEED YOU!"

    "You're not starting without me are you?" I joked.

    "Seriously. Mill-Falcon. Set. NOW."

    "I'll be there in five."

    And that's pretty much how one of our very first text-conversations actually went down. We didn't mix words or beat around the bush.

    But now here we were just a few months later taking our seats in the dark movie theater, ready to watch her star in the same film. I was already hard as we sat down in our seats, and gleefully pulled up the arm rest between us.

    As the movie began we settled in, almost as though we were going to behave and watch.

    Daisy snuggled into my arm, her hand resting on my knee. Even that light touch made something flutter in my groin, as my own hand hovered around her shoulder and I lightly drew circles on her flesh.

    For the first few minutes of the film we were both somewhat engaged, just teasing each other as though we were any other couple. I actually thought it was sweet the way she would squirm and look away every time she was up on the big screen.

    Surprisingly enough it was Daisy who reached over and made the first move, and proceeded to unzip my fly. I actually heard myself gasp as she took out my cock and stroked me briefly.

    "—I'm sick of this film." she whispered hotly. "How about we make our own fun."

    It was only because the actress was under my arm that it was easy for her to slip down and put her mouth around my cock, sliding her lips and tongue over my rod.

    "Fuck. God damn it." I squirmed in my seat. "I never get sick of watching you suck dick."

    "Good." she winked up at me before taking me deep into her mouth.

    I shuddered with delight as the "Force Awakens" star took me all the way into her narrow throat, gagging briefly before pulling back. I placed my hand on the back of her head, trying to stifle her moans as I was swallowed whole.

    The entire ordeal was fantastic. The mere thrill of being in a public place, combined with having a bona fide actress drain my cock, was to die for. Just the mere possibility of having an usher wander in to catch us sent a surge of adrenaline up my spine. And the pleasure of Daisy's mouth was indescribable. She may or may not have been a great actress, but the girl was born to suck cock.

    The starlet moved slowly at first, savoring the taste of my meat-stick before taking one of my nuts into her mouth.

    Having coated my balls in her spit, she then slipped me back into her hot mouth and grew accustomed to swallowing me whole, although this was a slightly different angle then she was used to.

    "God damn, Daisy." I purred as her head began to bob up and down in my lap.

    To her credit, even as she sucked my dick she couldn't help but keep one eye on the lookout, a little nervous and rather surprised at her own brash move.

    My heart pounded madly as she sucked on my proud sword, sliding her tongue around the tip, before descending along its full length. One hand stroked my shaft as her mouth milked me.

    "You're really good at that." I whispered. "Such a hot little cock-sucker."

    The actress simply winked.

    I could tell from her slurping actions that Daisy was rushing to complete the task. As much as she enjoyed having a cock in her mouth, she was terrified that we'd get caught, or worse still, that someone would recognize her.

    Even though she wanted to slow down and enjoy the exercise, she was too afraid. So she ultimately slid one finger under my balls, and began to press it into my asshole - feeling me lift my hips up off the seat to grant her more access.

    Although I was much more inclined to hold out in such situations, I was so riled up by our surroundings and what the London-born actress was doing, that I knew I wasn't going to last long.

    Daisy's finger wriggled inside my butt, reaching up to press against my prostate and make me groan out loud. Fear filled her eyes as my voice grew louder, her pussy flooding wet despite her concerns.

    My ass clenched and relaxed around her finger as she picked up the pace and bobbed her head over my cock at a frenzied pace. I was actually surprised that no one in adjacent seats could hear her slurping mouth at this point.

    I actually raised my legs and placed my feet on the seats in front of me, as Ridley hummed over my penis, letting the vibrations wash over it while I moaned with pleasure.

    "Fuck. I'm gunna cum—" I told her. "You're going to make me cum."

    "—do it." she muttered between slurps. "Come in my mouth."

    I began thrusting upwards in my seat, jamming her mouth with cock just as her face splashed across the large screen in front of me. Daisy responded by sawing her finger with my thrusts, invading my ass deeper and pressing against my gland.

    With a final gasp I threw back my head and tried to muffle my groans as I began to cum - shooting into her talented mouth again and again. My orgasm seemed to go on forever. It was a mind-numbing experience, the fear of someone walking in at any moment only fueled the intense climax.

    With a soft whimper, I finished, sagging into my seat and moaning slightly as Daisy's finger remained in my ass.

    "Mm. Delicious." she licked, as a sudden flash of light from the back of the theater caught our attention.

    Daisy quickly pulled her finger from my ass and shifted slightly in her seat, so that it looked more like she was searching for something on the floor.

    I carefully pulled up my pants as the usher glanced in our direction, only to see a slightly disheveled Daisy Ridley smiling back at him. She then helped herself to a drink before we went back to cuddling, hoping that he would leave.

    "Shit." Daisy whispered. "—is he still watching us? ...I think he caught me."

    "He can't prove anything." I said. "He's probably just wondering why you look so familiar right now. Probably trying to decide if you're the same girl up on the big screen."

    "I just wish we had more time." Daisy grinned. "I wanted you to fuck me in here so bad."

    "God damn it Daze." I chided. "You're going to give me blue balls again. Besides. The movie's not even halfway through."

    The actress smiled and snuggled up to me again.

    "You think you could go again?"

    As she spoke, she grabbed my hand and plunged it into her pants to illustrate just how wet she was.


    "See what you do to me?" she purred.

    As we sat there messing around in the dark, I couldn't help but grin and think back to one of our first encounters together, while working on the Star Wars set.

    It happened the day Daisy had asked me to meet her at the Millennium Falcon to "hook up." Truth be told I honestly didn't expect us to have sex, especially at such a busy and rather significant sound stage.

    But when I approached the ship's landing pad I could see her already inside waiving me on board. I couldn't help but chuckle as she had picked the perfect opportunity to mess around, with most of the cast and crew still taking a lunch break.

    Upstairs, Daisy and I greeted each other warmly while trying to stay "professional." This was definitely something neither one of us had ever done before, and we were both nervous as fuck.

    I guess the fact that she was still dressed in her characters costume, almost made the entire encounter surreal.

    "Welcome aboard." she beamed, before showing me around.

    "Wow." I marveled, while reliving my teenage years.

    "Have you been up here before?" she asked, referring to the Falcon set.

    "Nope. But everyone's talking about it. And it looks incredible." I answered. "I still can't believe they actually build a life-size model."

    As the two of us conversed Daisy led us through some of the smaller compartments of the vessel. To look around you'd almost be forgiven int thinking this was a fully functioning space craft.

    "Well you better just keep this little tour between the two of us." she said. "We really shouldn't be up here. J.J would be mad if he knew I was inviting boys up here to show off."

    "—inviting boys?"

    "Sure. All the time. It's my thing. Didn't I tell you?" Daisy taunted. "I have a thing for seducing hot crew members."

    We continued to flirt until we stepped into a more private chamber, where I pressed the starlet up against the engineering bay and kissed her hard on the lips. To my amusement the actress didn't respond, and casually slipped away and continued to give me the tour of the set.

    I had to laugh and wonder if we were about to re-create the famous Han/Leia scene from Episode VI in which Solo had kissed the princess on the lips, after being called a scoundrel.

    I let her continue with her "tour" as we soon found our way towards the cockpit access corridor. I remember thinking that it was now or never, and judging from the look in her eyes I suspect Daisy knew it too.

    Try as I might, I just couldn't hold out any longer and finally grabbed her and kissed her hard on the lips again. This time however, the British-born actress seemed to melt in my arms and kissed me right back.

    I then pulled her over towards the center console in the cockpit and turned her to face the window.

    "Stay right there." I growled, as she reached out to grab at the seats to steady herself.

    In a flash I swiftly pulled her pants down over her butt and lifted the back of her dress to expose her bare-naked ass. Ridley leaned back to shove her tongue in my mouth as I reached around and fondled her breasts - cupping and kneading those pert titties.

    She seemed surprised when she reached down and discovered that my cock was already out. Despite her shock, the actress grabbed my shaft in her fist and stroked me as we continued to make out like two love-sick teenagers.

    "I want you."

    "Take me." she panted back. "—take me now!"

    I simply responded by pushing forward and pressing my hard cock against her pussy, slipping into her wet sex with little to no resistance whatsoever. We both gasped as I pushed in, and reached up to fondle both breasts.

    Her pussy tightened as I pushed in a little farther, and stopped for a moment to enjoy the feel of being embedded inside the ingenue, letting her adjust to my length as my breath warmed her neck.

    "Ugh. Fuck." she panted hotly. "Don't stop. Fuck me. Please."

    I slowly massaged her breasts as Daisy pushed back and proceeded to slam back onto my cock.

    I initially intended to just stand there and let her do all the work, but the guttural noises that came from her mouth turned me on so much I found myself thrusting forward.

    Clutching her hips, I pulled out only to slam myself back in again, and listened to her groan in rapture as I invaded that wet space between her legs. Both of us moaned as we soon found a steady rhythm and proceeded to fuck right there in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon.

    "Ugh. Fuck. Hurry—" she yelped. "Before someone sees us in here."

    I didn't need reminding of how dangerous this was, and pounded her pussy as fast and hard as I could. In fact I fucked her so hard that her sopping wet cunt made a lewd squelching sound, which only turned me on more.

    "God damn." I grunted between thrusts. "—you're so fucking wet!"

    Daisy gasped when she felt my balls slap hard against her cunt and I knew it wouldn't be long now. But just as she was about to get off, she stifled a moan when we suddenly heard voices wandering around downstairs.


    "Fuck. No. Keep going—" Ridley whimpered, not caring that a few of the other "grips" were returning from lunch.

    At this point, she was too far gone to stop.

    My gritted teeth I slammed home into the 22-year-old starlet, feeling the tight confines of her pussy as I pounded away. I thrust one last time and felt her sex clamp down around me, pinching the spunk from my cock and into her body.

    I quietly shuddered as I filled her snatch with hot creamy jism, over and over again. Both of us felt incredibly dirty to the action, knowing that the entire cast and crew would soon be returning to shoot more scenes in that very spot.

    "We should probably get out of here before the others come back." she said while pulling her pants back up.

    "Err. Sure." I replied, my head spinning. "Whatever you say."

    I don't mind admitting I felt a strange sense of perverted pride, for not having just fucked Daisy Ridley in the cockpit of the Millenium Falcon, but particularly since she immediately went right back to shooting some pivotal scenes for the movie, all the while with my hot load dripping from her pussy.

    "Babe. Babe! What are you thinking about right now?" Daisy said, breaking me out of my daydream as we sat in the cinema.

    "Just thinking back to some of the fun times we've had."

    "Well don't think too hard." she grinned while reaching down to grab my cock. "—the movie's not over yet."

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    Damn, a great introduction to a very welcome addition to the boards! I'm sure she'll be getting into all sorts of trouble over the next few years...

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    Never hurts to have a girl that knows what she wants, and takes it for herself.

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