Frat Party
With Miranda Cogrove
Written by TPG
DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

I normally didn't attend any of the infamous frat parties off campus, but had heard that Miranda Cosgrove would be making an appearance at the next one, so I was determined to go.

Sadly, whatever fantasies I had about meeting and making a lasting impression on her were soon dashed, when she ultimately showed up to the event with her boyfriend!

I was disappointed to say the least. Still, I decided to be a gentleman and waited for the right opportunity to introduce myself, before offering her something to drink.

As expected, her boyfriend wasn't amused by the added company, and gave me several dirty looks as his girlfriend and I conversed and seemed to get along really well.

Not wanting to make a scene, I finally excused myself and wished them a good night before hitting the sauce pretty hard. But it was literally an hour later that as I went upstairs to use the bathroom, I found Cosgrove crying at the top of the stairs.

"Whoa. Are you okay."

She gave me a nasty look while wiping her eyes.

"Why are all men such pigs!"

"Err. okay." I said while taking a seat beside her. "Let me guess. You're boyfriend was a dick."

"What makes you say that."

"Honestly. He seems like a bit of a tool." I told her bluntly. "To tell you the truth I think you could do a lot better."

My comment made her giggle, and feel a little better about herself.

"Maybe you should tell him that yourself." she giggled. "Because he's outside right now chatting up two blondes."

I had to admit, the idea of punching his lights out had crossed my mind, but instead I decided to use what little time I had with Miranda. We spent the next few minutes chatting and cussing out her boyfriend before she stopped and looked at me with her drunk eyes.

"You know, I know what you're doing."

"—which is."

"You're just trying to make me laugh cause you think I'll have sex with you."

"Err. What!" I faked anger. "—the thought never even entered my mind!"

Amusingly enough this made her laugh again.

"But seriously. If I was a total bitch right now, I'd fuck you just to teach him a lesson."

"Yep. You're right." I remarked sarcastically. "But you're not like that are you. So that would be a terrible idea."

"—or in the very least give you a blowjob." she added with a grin.

Just hearing her speak this way sent tingles up and down my spine.

"A blowjob huh." I repeated while looking at her full, succulent lips.

"Yeah. And not to toot my own horn but, I'm real good at it too." Miranda boasted. "Every guy I've ever dated says I'm a natural...a natural born cock sucker!"

"Jesus." I thought. Just the mere conversation was giving me major wood.

"Well. I imagine with lips like yours you'd be quite good." I commented while taking a swig from my beer.

"What do you mean." she quipped. "—what about my lips."

"Err. Nothing. They're just. They look really soft." I added, not knowing what else to say.

A moment later, Miranda suddenly leaned forward and pressed her lips to mine. It was a brief kiss, but enough to cause pre-cum to leak from the head of my cock.

"You still think they're soft."

"Absolutely." I answered before kissing her again.

This time we both speared out our tongues and let them wrestled around together for a few minutes. I was actually surprised to find her to be a very adequate kisser, with a very long and talented tongue.

"Come on." she finally said while getting up and grabbing my hand. "—lets go find a bedroom."

"Err. What about your boyfriend." I stammered nervously, kicking myself for even bringing him up.

"Meh. Screw him! He had his chance tonight and he blew it."

As much as I wanted to have sex with the striking actress, I also knew that sleeping with someones girlfriend would in all likelihood cause a fist fight. Noting my reluctance Miranda pinned me up against the wall and let her hand drop down to the bulge in my pants.

"Trust me. I'm worth it." she purred.

"Oh. I don't doubt it."

"No. I really am." she grinned seductively while squeezing my cock. "I'm going to suck your dick until you pop in my mouth."

With that said I quipped back immediately. "Fuck it. Lead the way."

Boyfriend or no boyfriend, I wasn't about to let an opportunity like this pass by. A minute later Miranda and I found an empty bedroom where she pushed my onto the bed, dropped to her knees and fished out my erection.

I watched with fascination as the "iCarly" star drooled a long line of spit all over my bell-end, before looking up at me with those gorgeous dark eyes while running her tongue around the rim of my helmet.

I gently pushed my hips upward, urging her to take more of me into her mouth which she happily did. My eyes then rolled into the back of my head as her's began to bob up and down in my lap.

Miranda soon alternated her rhythm, listening to my moans, trying to gauge what I liked. I groaned and tugged at her long dark hair, fucking her pretty face in the bedroom of the frat house while her boyfriend continued to flirt with some girls downstairs.

If only he knew, I snickered. If only he knew I was cleaning his girlfriend's tonsils with my head of my cock right now.

The starlet grunted erotically as she sucked and serviced my member. In fact I dare say she genuinely seemed to get off on playing the role of a submissive little slut.

"Fuck-Yeah." I growled down at her. "Good girl. Suck that fat cock."

"—mmppphhff yeah." she moaned back. "I love sucking cock."

I thrust myself even deeper before I finally announced my impending orgasm. Miranda nodded her acceptance as I spurted my cream into the back of her throat, filling her belly with pulse after pulse of hot white jism.

As if on cue, Cosgrove gulped deeply before opening her mouth wide to prove that she had obeyed my wishes and swallowed my entire load.

"Jesus, that was hot." I gasped. "You're quite the hot piece of ass, Miranda."

"I guess I'm not as innocent as you expected."

"Do you need a ride back to your apartment." I offered.

"Meh. I'm fine." she said while getting up on shaky legs. "My boyfriend will probably be looking for me."

"Wait. You're still going home with him."

"Sure. He has my house key."

I then watched dumbfounded as the drunk actress staggered towards the door and disappeared downstairs.

"What the fuck." I chuckled. "—did that just happen."