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Thread: "Making the Grade Part 2" with Dove Cameron

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    fanfiction "Making the Grade Part 2" with Dove Cameron

    Making the Grade Part 2
    Featuring Dove Cameron
    [PART 1 HERE]
    Author: JFscribe
    Celebs: Dove Cameron
    (Codes: MF, Cunn, BJ)

    Disclaimer: This FICTIONAL story contains Sexually Explicit Situations. It's totally made up and in fact some of these people don't even exist! If you're underage or easily offended STOP READING! In fact, due to its content, it should not be read by anyone.

    Professor Carson knocked on the door labeled 'Dr. Ahmadi,' across the hall. When no one answered he slipped a pamphlet of papers into the door's slot, and went back to his own office. He stretched, as he took a break from grading papers and stood up and parted the curtains. Mid-morning sun beaming in, blinding him. The office was on the first floor, and the window looked out to a main sidewalk crossing within the building's courtyard.

    He watched as a pretty blonde walked up the walkway. She looked familiar, but he couldn't place it. She had a baseball cap on with her hair drawn back in a ponytail. Her make-up was light but he knew he saw her before--and not just on campus. She stopped right in front of the glass window wall. She couldn't see him through the reflective tint, but he felt a bit funny staring at her nonetheless. Professor Carson stood there, trying to recall where he'd seen the young student. Probably from one of his classes? He did lecture for 2 classes this semester and each one had at least a hundred young women. He shook his head and went back to work. It would bother him for the rest of the day, he just knew it.

    He stood there, watching her talk to a young man. They both couldn't see the professor, of course. The windows were covered with a reflective tint. Whoever designed the building forgot that the east-facing windows tended to turn the offices on that side into greenhouses, trapping in heat. So retroactively, administration had come up with the low-tech solution of putting dark, reflective tint to help the tenured staff .

    It worked, and offered privacy to those within the building. During the day, people in the offices could see outside, and anyone outside couldn't see in. The curtains added that extra sense of privacy, since the window took up the entire length of the wall from floor to ceiling.

    The young blonde woman turned to a young man, probably her boyfriend. She said a few words to him and he sat himself on the bench facing the window, where he proceeded to pull out a digital tablet in order to busy himself. She turned away and walked toward the building. He shut the blinds and about a minute later, a knock came on the door.

    In walked the young woman he just saw, her face beaming. There was a slight disconnect and he didn't know what to say.
    "Hello?" she called out.
    "Hi, umm…" he felt himself fluster.
    "You okay?"
    "Yeah," he shook his head slightly "You just surprised me."
    The blonde student looked at her watch. "Sorry, I'm a bit early. I'm Dove, your 4:30?" She removed her cap, and swished her hair around while running a free hand through.
    He looked down at his desk calendar. "Ah yes. Miss…Cameron?" He grabbed the folder in his top tray and sat down at his desk. He quickly typed in her name into Google. His eyes went wide.

    That's it! She looked familiar because she was one of those teenybopper TV stars. He'd seen her shows in passing at his niece's house.
    "Yes," she said, trying to read him.
    "Ah, excuse me." he said, blinking. She wore less make up now, probably so as not to stand out here on campus, but it was definitely her.
    He watched as she pushed her blonde hair over her ear, highlights glinting in the light. Through her makeup, he could see freckles across her nose. Her sundress hung gracefully around her slim body on this warm spring day. Her feet were encased in strappy sandals, her toenails painted a light pink.
    "So, what can I do for you, today?" he asked.
    She looked around to see if anyone was listening and even when she saw no one, she found herself lowering her voice.
    "There's a...uh…rumor going around in the actress community that you can help out struggling students in your class."

    He put a hand to his head, pinching at the bridge of his nose. He knew working with AnnaSophia earlier in the semester would soon come back to bite him in the ass.
    "Look, I don't know what you've heard from all your friends, but this isn't--"
    "No-no, it's not going around all my friends. This isn't some sort of sting. Just one person…AnnaSophia?"
    He studied her for a moment. Was this a trap of some sort?

    "She saw I was having trouble in your class. I asked for her notes, and she finally confided to me that we could work out some kind of extra credit plan?" She looked at him with a bit of mischief in her eyes.
    "Extra credit?"
    Blushed and embarrassed, she smiled.
    "Look, I'm not sure what your plan is--"
    She had a look of panic. "No, no. I don't want to cause any trouble. Really. She told me if I was willing to 'work hard' and was willing to 'open up' I can get the same deal she had?"
    He studied her again.
    "I see." He stood up and flipped through her file on the corner of his desk
    "I can't stay too long. Bobby, my boyfriend, is just outside." He remembered the young man she was walking up the sidewalk with her and was just on the other side of his window, hidden by the blinds of his office.
    "This shouldn't take too long. But you have to…show initiative…in order for me to take you seriously about improving your grade," he said testing the waters.

    Dove understood immediately. He didn't trust her yet, but if she made the first move, and he got called on it, any legal eagles could argue that it was entrapment, and claim that she initiated the contact. She walked around the desk toward her professor, her cotton skirt whispering softly as she walked. Without warning, she grabbed at the front of his pants, and began to knead at the bulge. He flinched slightly in surprise, and looked at her incredulously, but didn't pull away or stop her.

    The actress's green eyes met his and he looked back into hers, observing the twinkle in them as her fingers continued to rub and massage him to life. Professor Carson stood close enough to see the freckles on her light skin. She smelled of a fruit-tinged lotion or skin cream. He took a shaky breath in as the pleasure began to spread.

    Oh shit, this feels good, he thought to himself, as he was made erect instantly. He steadied himself against his desk as he stood there, hand on the desktop. He looked down to see her manicured fingers rub at the front of his zipper. His knees going little weak from the way she was manipulating him. He had probably ten years more experience than her, yet here she was stroking him like a pro.

    Dove smiled and she knew at once that AnnaSophia's tip was legit. No more studying and no finals--at least for this class. A passing grade, as long as she was able to get him off. He was handsome enough, but he was older and not really her type. But she was willing to let him do what he wanted, within reason, just this once if it meant she could forego work for the rest of the semester.

    Who knows? Maybe she could just make him cum his pants and that would be it. When she felt a gentle hand on her wrist to stop her, she knew it was too easy to be true.

    Professor Carson guided her hand to his belt, which she eagerly undid. He found that he could tell how willing she was to perform if she were to undo his pants and bring him out. She smiled, as she unzipped him and her eyes gazed upon his semi-erect cock, impressed.
    Pinching the head lightly between her thumb and forefinger, she waggled it gently, feeling the resistance and hardness of it. Looking at it made her a little wet with excitement as well.

    As she stared at the engorged manhood, she wrapped her hands firmly around the shaft. She began to stroke him gently. She noticed that his cock was already oozing precum. She wasn't as green as her many characters on screen made her seem. She'd definitely been with at least one guy. Some even older than Professor Carson, so she knew what she was doing. Dove knelt down beside the professor and stroked him with light caresses. She then put the tip of his cock in her mouth and teasingly swirled her tongue around his cockhead.
    "Ooooohhhh," Professor Carson gasped and moaned.
    "You like that, Professor?" she teased.
    "Yesss," he hissed.

    She continued down the shaft, taking a little more each time. She swirled her tongue all along the length. Professor Carson throbbed in this young woman's mouth. He looked down at her through glassy eyes. He still couldn't believe this was the young actress his daughter wanted to be when she saw Dove's movie. He tried not to think about the girl she was but the young woman who was licking and sucking his knob. His hips were moving rhythmically with her tongue. He arched his back towards her, making his throbbing manhood go in deeper into Dove's mouth. Professor Carson could feel himself at the back of her throat, warm and tight. She kept it there for a few seconds and then pulled her mouth up the shaft, as she couldn't breathe and her eyes moistened from her gag reflex. AnnaSophia had given her guidelines as to what Professor Carson seemed to like, but mainly said to make it her own.

    "Mmmmm, Professor you taste so good," she purred.
    Professor Carson moaned. He felt that he was close to having an orgasm. Flicking her tongue on the tip, she traced the outline of the shaft, then brought her tongue back to the head. Dove sucked it, putting pressure all around the head. She reached down and rolled one of his testicles in her hand. He felt the stirrings in his loins start.

    "Dove, hold on, sweetie…I'm…ahhh…don't want to cum yet..." He stepped away from her and pressed the spot at the base of his shaft and under his balls to help edge him. He took deep breaths and forced himself to relax.

    Professor Carson offered Dove a seat on the chair, and proceeded to get on his knees.
    "Oh no," she said hurriedly. "This is about you."
    "Since it's about me, you'd let me eat you out." he countered.
    She nodded reluctantly. This would only take them to take longer. But if it meant her passing the class, she acquiesced. He proceeded to lift the hem of her sundress up above her hips. He placed her legs over the chair's armrests, and pushed his face between her thighs and licked her pink pussy up and down. Professor Carson inhaled her warm muskiness, tinted with fruity bodywash. He parted her pink lips and took Dove's swollen clit in his mouth, sucking on it.

    At first she just watched him, but the wet strokes of his tongue on her labia and clit soon got to her. Involuntarily, Dove felt her body begin to respond.
    "Professor," she groaned, "my boyfriend is outside…in the courtyard…waiting." She didn't want to get turned on, it just meant she'd feel frustrated and probably all sweaty in the process.
    "Mmmmm." He responded, sending vibrations around her lips.
    "H-he might come...looking for me." she said, but didn't push him away. In fact, she had her hand on the crown of his head, pulling him in. Her head lolled as her eyes closed in pleasure.
    "Then we better keep an eye on him," Professor Carson answered, face down between her legs. He reached over and pushed the blinds aside.

    Dove gasped and pulled away from her professor reflexively. She pushed down her skirt to cover herself. There, on the bench where she left him, sat her boyfriend, looking at his e-tablet, reading something. As if on cue, he looked up briefly. He then looked back down to swipe at the tablet screen.
    "He can't see us or hear us. He probably just sees his reflection in the tint, and it's double layered," Carson said pointedly.
    She waved at her boyfriend who sat on the bench not 10 feet away on the other side of the glass window, blind to Dove.
    "Holy shit, this is so bad…" she commented as he got back down on his knees, pushing her thighs apart gently. Her eyes were on the young man on the other side of the window as her older professor pushed his tongue deep inside of her, tasting her insides.
    She glanced nervously out the window. But he just looked at his reflection and fixed his hair before returning to whatever he was reading.

    "Does he do this for you?" he asked the young woman.
    "Who's better?" His tongue was inside of her as his thumb stroked her clit.
    " are, Professor..." her body trembled with her voice.
    "Then say it, Dove."
    "Y-you feel better…at licking my pussy, P-Professor…" she whispered. At first she thought she was just patronizing him--giving him the answer he wanted. But as he continued to lick at her pussylips, she began to wonder if it wasn't the truth.

    Professor Carson licked up and down. He didn't really care if it was the truth. He learned that having a partner talk dirty during sex oosened them up to be more adventurous. Not that what they were doing was prudish, but still, young women, in particular, were cautions and needed not to be so uptight.

    His tongue increased speed. Dove moaned and pushed Professor Carson's head and tongue closer and deeper into her. Her legs were up off the floor, bent at the knees and opened wide. Her ass was on the edge of the chair, closest to the professor. She could feel a mixture of saliva and her juices making the soft vinyl under her ass cheeks wet and slippery. She arched her back towards his mouth and moved her hips in time to the lapping of his tongue. Her eyes glanced at her boyfriend just outside the window and was amazed that he couldn't see what she was doing.

    Professor Carson could feel Dove's thighs tremble. She moaned and panted down at him.
    "Ohmygod…ohmygod…" Her legs squeezed his head tighter and she pulled him in with a firm hand to the back of his head. His tongue went deep inside of her.
    "Cum in my mouth...sweetie, show your boyfriend how you like it..." he teased, "I want to taste your juices on my tongue." her body quivered and he could feel her pussy pulsing…
    He stopped.
    She lifted her head and looked at him in surprise. She brought her hands to her pussy and began to finish the job Professor Carson started.
    Professor Carson pushed her hands aside.
    She looked half-delirious. "Ohgawd, Finish me..." Dove begged.
    Professor Carson obeyed. Sort of. He brought his face up to her young pussy again and tongued it until she tensed...
    And then he stopped again.
    "AAAaaahhhh…" She looked at him, frustrated. Her eyes were dazed, dots of sweat formed on her freckled brow.
    He just rubbed slower.
    "You're teasing me! I'm soaking wet here!" she whined.
    "I'm edging you. It's what a young woman needs and deserves," he said matter-of-factly. Professor Carson smiled and went back to the tongue-lashing. He repeated this licking and stopping action for at least four more times. Each time he did it, took less and less licks for her to tense up before he stopped.

    She'd thought this was going to be a quick in-and-out, so to speak. Let him get off on her, and she'd be out the door. But here she was, sweating in her own puddle of juices and groaning at the way he flicked his tongue at her clit.

    "Ok, you need to taste what you're doing to me right now," he said, coming over to the side of the chair. His cock, now nearly fully hard, bobbing up and down, pointing directly at the blonde like a divining rod. She smiled.

    She leaned toward him, taking him between her pouty pink lips. Professor Carson watched his cock slide into her awaiting mouth. She began sucking him off, her tongue now against the underside of his cock, moving back and forth as her head bobbed in front of him. She grasped at the base of his cock with her finely manicured hands, fingers moving in conjunction with her mouth.
    Professor Carson let out a moan and couldn't help his hips move faster and faster.

    From her position on his chair, he felt how warm and inviting her mouth was. Her lips locked around the circumference of his cock, as her mouth formed a nice vacuum as she slid back and forth.
    "Mmmmm..." she moaned around the cock.
    "Yeah, that's it hon..."

    Professor Carson looked out the window to see her dumb boyfriend just sitting there like an obedient dog.

    Dove sucked harder, causing her cheeks to push in slightly. More rumblings at the base of the cock caused him to groan again, this time a little louder.
    "I think…you're gonna make me cum if you keep that up, babe. Mmmmm."
    His young student looked up at him with a smile in her eyes as she moaned in response and sucked harder.

    The tight seal, combined with a steady sucking caused a strange feeling. He could feel his precut flow out of the cock and into his student's willing mouth. His legs trembled and he found it difficult to support his weight.

    As if she was some sort of Sex-vampire sucking the life out of him. Dove continued to suck, trying to keep up with her professor's gyrations. When he thought he couldn't take anymore, he felt her stop and pull away.
    "Dear, god, woman...that was intense!"
    "Not a nice feeling to be left hanging, is it?" she said naughtily.
    "Are you kidding? I love a good edge!" he chuckled.
    She couldn't help but laugh.

    "Get up, let me sit there and you get on top. We need to get my cock inside you," he told her. She nodded and got up, her face flushed and her eyes in a daze and her legs were like jelly.
    "Hell yeah, we do," she answered immediately. If he'd asked her to do that 10 minutes ago, she would've left the office and taken the D or F as a grade. But he'd worked her up so much by eating her out, that she would've been willing to drop her panties for a passing janitor.

    Professor Carson took her place on the warm, sweaty chair.
    "Turn your back to me," he suggested.
    Dove turned her back to her Professor and straddled his lap, sitting in the cradle between his belly and his cock. Her body faced the open window. She raised herself slightly and slid down on his cock. They groaned in unison. She was so wet that Professor Carson slid right in. Dove was so tight, he nearly came on entry. She placed her bare feet on his knees to give herself leverage. Her knees were apart, her pussy was exposed to the window to the courtyard. She began to grind her hips against him. Hands on her hips, he held her still.
    Professor Carson could tell Dove was close to cumming. He'd worked her up with sufficient foreplay enough for 3 women. Within a minute of entering, her breathing was already labored and sweat glistened on her body. He'd already edged her at least four times, so she was primed and ready to go.
    "I wanna fuck, Professor!...What are we waiting for?..." Dove whined.
    "That." Professor Carson pointed.

    She looked out the window, and up the walkway, beyond her boyfriend, a group of what must have been a 80 to a hundred students exited from the nearby lecture hall. They walked toward the window, and pass them to their next class. The students couldn't see Dove or the Professor, of course, but the thought that they could, if not for the tinting must've thrown Dove into gear.
    "Ohgawd, we're so bad..." she groaned.
    "But that's why you like it, don't you sweetie?"
    "Oh yesss..."
    That, and the fact that he had already teased her to so many near-orgasms.
    Professor Carson unzipped the back of Dove's dress, letting it fall down over her tits as she sat on him. He could feel her nipples pointing straight at the oncoming students. He pinched them.

    "Don't you wish it was one of those hung college boys fucking you right now, Miss Cameron?"
    "No, Professor, just you..." she began to grind her hips once more, pleasure in her voice.
    "You little actresses just love it, don't you." he taunted, breathing hard as he moved under her.
    "Ohgawd, you DO know who I am…" she replied, hips grinding on his lap.
    "Well, I googled you while you explained what you wanted from me. I thought you looked familiar."

    "Ohgawd you're bad…" she groaned back at him. "But you can't let anyone know. Last thing I need is for TMZ to be camped out in front of my house."
    "Don't worry. If you're quiet about it, so am I. I have my family and job to think about too."
    She nodded, satisfied with his answer.
    "But you love the risk of it all."
    "Yesss…feel so good," she groaned in her high voice.
    "You're such a BAD girl…looks like the bad twin is riding today."
    "...and such a GOOD girl too, huh, Professor?"
    "Oh yes, Dove," he gyrated his hips against her, "You feel so good, babe."
    "Professor…oh fuck you feel so good too--Oh, yeah."
    "That's it, baby, show all these students how this little starlet cums..."

    Dove thrashed on the cock, bouncing wildly as she struggled to reach her goal. Students passed but none seemed to notice their union. She tightened around him. Dove gyrated and rammed down on him with great abandon. Dove could feel the tension crawl up her back and down her legs. She bounced wildly. Her bare feet still on his knees, he felt her toes dig into his kneecaps as she shuddered in a wild climax. "Oh Professor, YES, YES…fuck-shit-fuck-shit…I think I'm c-cumminggggg…OOOOOOOOOOHH, AAAAAAHHHHHHHH."

    Professor Carson held her by the hips, thrusting his own hips up into the young actress.
    "Shit, baby, I...I'm gonna cum. I can --mmmmm- feel it..." he grunted
    "Oh yeah...cum inside me...cum in my pussy..."
    "Is it a safe time of the month?"
    "Yes…I think so…mmmm… I just want you to cum…I want to feel it...Plleeeeeaaaasssee…."
    "Mmmm...gonna fill you up with cum…you know that don't you?..."
    "Yesss...deep inside me...wanna feel you explode inside me, me how you fuck my pussy..."
    Professor Carson reached around her to stroke her clit.
    "Such a bad little girl." he whispered.
    "Mmmm...fuck my cunt, Professor. Fuck it..."

    "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHFFFFFFFUUUUUCCCCKKKKK!!" Professor Carson exploded! He held Dove by the hips and thrust the hips upward, slamming into her from underneath. Dove lifted her feet so her whole weight was on his groin. Professor Carson gushed what must've been a pint of the cum up into his student. Dove followed right after with another high-pitched orgasm of her own.
    "Ohhhhhh JEEEEEZ!" she squealed. Her back arched and her body convulsed as she bounced wildly on him. If not for his hands on her hips, she would've definitely have fallen off.

    Even after he had the orgasm he continued to tease her clit with his fingers.
    "Oh gawd...I'm really sensitive now..."
    "I know. You did a double header." an evil grin formed across his face.
    Professor Carson gave her some water from the water cooler next to the desk.
    They both got dressed and tried to catch their breaths. She blotted at her face with a tissue, hoping she didn't have a fuck-glow, but knowing she did. She wished she hadn't asked her boyfriend to wait for her.

    Dove left after she had calmed down. She pulled the baseball cap back on, and decided to try and avoid her boyfriend's gaze for too long. Professor Carson watched her leave with her boyfriend. She paused briefly to gaze back at the tinted window. She knew the professor was back there watching her go. She couldn't see him, but she smiled anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hearsz View Post
    "The Scribe" is back!!!

    And what a great return, featuring the severely underused (in terms of story features) Dove Cameron.
    Hopefully not as long a wait for the next chapter. Well done mate! :yea:
    Haha! yeah, I figure it took me long enough. I still have a bunch of half-finished stories I want to finish up. I figure if I post full, mediocre, stories, it'll be better than trying to do perfect half-stories on my computer. (if that makes sense):cool:

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    Quote Originally Posted by JFscribe View Post
    Haha! yeah, I figure it took me long enough. I still have a bunch of half-finished stories I want to finish up. I figure if I post full, mediocre, stories, it'll be better than trying to do perfect half-stories on my computer. (if that makes sense)

    Trust me JFscribe, you don't do mediocre stuff. You're stories are always great!!

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    great story

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