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Thread: "Lock All The Doors" Part 1 with Dove Cameron

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    fanfiction "Lock All The Doors" Part 1 with Dove Cameron

    Lock All The Doors
    Part 1 With Dove Cameron
    Written by Hearsz
    CODES: MF, inc, oral, blowjob, facial
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

    It had been quite a few years since I had last seen Dove, given her career had started to take off in recent years. Even though she was my half brothers daughter, I still regarded her as my niece. At previous family getaways, the family would joke that she had a crush on me, her Uncle Mike.

    As a pre-teen, she got all embarrassed when I accidentally overheard her admit to a friend that she wanted to one day marry me!

    Heading down to the lake that summer with my fiancÚ Millie, I wasn't at all expecting the blonde teen to attend that weekend, given that Dove hadn't been present at the annual family gathering for a good five or so years. Unpacking our stuff in our own bedroom, Millie and I seemed quite relaxed, even though we were sharing a two storey house with eight other people.

    I headed down the stairs to see if anyone needed a hand, and soon had to catch my breath as "she" walked through the door with my half-brother.

    "Uncle Mike!" Dove exclaimed, clearly ecstatic to see me.

    The blonde beauty ran towards me, wrapping her arms around my waist to give me a big hug, kissing the side of my cheek. With the top two buttons of her shirt undone, it wasn't difficult to tell that Dove had "grown up" since we last saw each other.

    "Great to see you Dove, I didn't think you'd make it?" I asked, in wonder, but secretly happy she was here. I was truly stunned to see her, and how incredibly gorgeous a young woman she had become.

    "Yeah I'm on a couple of weeks break from the show. Thought it'd be best to catch up with some family. Maybe we can do some of that this afternoon Uncle Mike?" she suggested, batting her eyelids as she walked passed me towards the kitchen.

    Her ass swayed from side to side in her tight denim shorts, those lovely legs of hers just as inviting. The Seattle born starlet looked over her shoulder before she exited the room, giggling as she caught me leering at her hot little body. We all planned to head down to the beach for a swim, Millie using the bedroom to get changed as I made my way to the bathroom to get some sunscreen.

    Once I'd found the bottle of lotion, I couldn't help but notice a pair of cotton pink panties hanging on the towel railing. I couldn't help myself, picking up the still warm underwear and deducing that they had only just been removed from around Dove's delicious thighs and covering her teenage plenge.

    Sure enough, the inner label had the initials "DC" written on them. I could smell her inner essence as I held them up to my face. But I soon realised exactly what I was doing, and criticised myself in disgust.

    "No No. This isn't right! She's my niece dammit!" I said out loud.

    "You OK in there hun?" my fiancÚ called from the other room.

    Thankfully she hadn't heard exactly what I'd said. The rest of the family were down at the beach already, awaiting us both to join them.

    Once we were down there, my eyes from behind my sunglasses were firmly affixed on the stunning soaked figure of my niece, frolicking in the water. She wore a two piece bikini that showed off her hot teenage body, and supple looking breasts. And when she turned her back to us, I could hear my mind going into shutdown mode when her luscious ass was in almost full view, her tight bikini bottoms riding up her delicious crack.

    Thankfully, Millie didn't notice my stunned stare.

    "You coming in or you just going to stand there?" my fiancÚ asked.

    "You go ahead. I'm just going to take in some sun for a bit," I replied.

    Millie joined the others in the ocean, as I sat there on a towel, removing my shirt and putting some sun cream on.

    I looked up to see Dove's heavenly teen figure walking from the ocean water, along the hard sand and soon onto the warm soft part, her hourglass hips swiveling from side to side. Before I knew it, she was standing right above me.

    "You coming in Uncle Mike?" she asked, the water dripping noticeably down her smoking hot body.

    "Yeah I was, but started to get a bit of a migraine," I lied as I grabbed my head. Just having her close was making me nervous, and worried what Millie might think. Luckily, she seemed occupied with our friends kids to notice Dove now sitting next to me on her towel.

    "It really is so great to see you Uncle Mike. I've thought about you a lot these past few years. The whole family really."

    I wondered exactly what she thought of me and what that actually meant.

    "Sounds like your career is going well sweet pea. Really happy for you."

    "Oh thanks Uncle Mike, that means so much coming from you," she replied, snuggling up close to give me a hug. I could feel her wet body against mine, which only made my penis stiffen, especially when I copped an eyeful of her great cleavage.

    I was doing my utmost to try and hide my growing erection. But it didn't help matters when Dove began re-coating her pale white skin with the sun tan lotion, oiling up her back & taut stomach. She made a show of rubbing the cream into her deep cleavage, before greasing up her sexy slim legs.

    Her dazzling green eyes glanced at me every so often, probably to make sure I was watching what she was doing. She was teasing me big time, and I knew that in order not to put myself in an awkward position, I had to get out of there. Standing up, I quickly adjusted the tent shape in my shorts, just in time before Millie came back and joined us.

    "You coming in or not?" she asked, not at all phased that my sexy teen niece was alone with me moments ago.

    "Actually hun I'm not feeling too well. I think I'm going to head back up for a lie down if that's ok? I think the long drive down here took a lot out of me."

    "Um sure. I'll probably hang down here for a couple of hours then come up to you later on. C'mon Dove, let's leave the big softie to it!" she joked. As I headed up the beach, I turned just as Dove did likewise, purposely trying to catch her knowing look.

    When I got up to the room, I had to compose myself and shake off these thoughts about Dove that my dirty mind was threatening to have. I was attracted to her, it was hard not to be. She may have not technically been my niece but she was still family to me. I decided that I would indeed have a lie down, hoping to clear my head and pray that my boner would soften whilst I took a nap.

    I drifted off to sleep within ten minutes, the room thankfully was very dimly lit, in large part due to the dark maroon colored blinds. I awoke when the bed covers moved, hearing someone hop into bed behind me, which I presumed was Millie. I hadn't locked the door just in case she wanted to get something whilst I was asleep.

    "How are you feeling?" she whispered softly.

    I was still half asleep as I felt her snuggled up against my back, reaching over my shoulder to wrap an arm around me.

    "Yeah a slight headache. I just couldn't get at all relaxed."

    "Maybe I can help you with that."

    Her bare legs rubbed against the back of mine, feeling incredibly smooth against them. I reached back to find she was still in her bikini, her bottoms still damp from the sea water. Her hands slid down from my chest to my waist, pulling up my shirt so she could caress my stomach. Her soft hand then dipped into my shorts until it grabbed my long stiff cock.

    "You're so hard right now," she said as she squeezed it slightly, using her thumb and forefinger to jerk my throbbing pole.

    She pulled my pants down so they were around my knees, able to slide her fingers along all seven inches of me, occasionally rubbing her tender fingertips over my soft balls.

    "Ohh that feels good hun.." I moaned, some pre-cum leaking out of the head of my shaft as she stroked me faster.

    "It'd feel even better sliding into my wet, teen, pussy..." she whispered up close to my ear lobe.

    "Teen?!?" my conscience shouted out.

    I turned over and my eyes were in shock as the person giving me that wicked handjob was Dove, my niece.

    "Dove!!! What the hell are you doing in here?" I hissed, trying not to alert anyone, whom may have been in the house, that something was up.

    She had a mischievous little grin on her face, still holding onto my turgid pole.

    "I came to check on you. To make sure you felt better. You feel better now don't you?" she said, sliding her elegant manicured fingers along my pulsing staff.

    "I do yes, but, this is so wrong sweetheart."

    I felt pangs of guilt wash over me. But seeing her in my bed, in a wet bikini, slowly jacking off my cock, wasn't exactly helping things. Before she could say anything, both of us could hear someone heading up the stairs.

    "That could be Millie! You need to hide!"

    To my horror, the teen ducked under the bed covers, placing her head in between my legs, resting it upon my bare thigh. I ran out of time to get her to hide somewhere else in the room. So I had no choice but to take my chances. The room was now almost completely dark due to it being late afternoon and the sun almost setting. I turned to one side just before the door opened, and sure enough it was Millie who was in the room.

    "You awake Michael?" she asked.

    I remained still, hoping she would leave me be. But then my heart rate began to quicken, as I could feel Dove's breath on my swollen member.

    When Millie came around to my side of the bed, I thought for sure I was done for. She ran a hand against my forehead to check my temperature. I moaned softly as I felt Dove torture me by swabbing her moist tongue against my sensitive nuts.

    Even in my beleaguered state, Millie was completely oblivious to what was going on underneath the bed covers.

    "I'll come check on you again in an hour. Get some rest," she whispered to me.

    A let out a sigh of relief as she left the room, turning on the side table lamp and then flipping over the sheets to see my niece there, in between my legs and rubbing my length against her pale white face.

    "Damn Uncle Mike. I never imagined you would have such a nice thick cock," she giggled, pressing her sumptuous wet lips against the spine, making me shiver.

    The truth about my niece was that Dove was a cock hungry slut, and seeing her eyes illuminate as she eyed my stiff pole, made me pretty much defenseless against her incredible hot young mouth.

    "We really should stop Dove. Millie could come back at any moment!"

    "Oh come on Uncle Mike, you think I didn't notice how hard you were down on the beach? Did seeing your grown up niece in a sexy little bikini turn you on?"

    Hearing her talk like this made my cock throb, and given it was still in the palm of her hand, it didn't go unnoticed by the "Barely Lethal" actress.

    "Hmmm, so I was right then..." she purred, giving me a smile that made my heart beat even faster.

    She knew she had me, and I couldn't bring myself to stop her.

    "How do you like it, nice and slow?" she asked, licking my dick from the base to my tip with the flat of her tongue, moaning and breathing deeply as she pleasured my cock.

    Dove stared at me with those emerald green eyes as she licked and sucked on my balls, humming upon the soft orbs. Her body lay flat upon my bed in between my legs, her stems were bent at the knee so her feet swayed in the air behind her, Dove's hands caressing my bare thighs. I had to suppress my groans as not to draw any attention to the incestuous pleasure Dove was giving her paranoid Uncle.

    "You like it when I lick your balls? Or when I put them in my mouth?"

    "Grrr shit!!" I moaned.

    "I wanna taste your cum so bad..."

    "Ohhh shit!!" I cried, her filthy words so unexpected from my niece, who I'd always presumed was sweet and innocent.

    "Tell me how it feels Uncle Mike," she asked, letting her tongue run over my cock slit whilst she fondled my nuts.

    "So good, so fucking good.."

    "How does my warm, wet mouth feel wrapped around your big, juicy cock..." she teased, before taking me inside her warm, moist mouth.

    Her lips felt incredibly soft as she devoured a fair amount of my manly meat. Dove worked her mouth upon my cock without using her hands to stroke me, running her palm over my pubic hair as she tried to deep throat my entire length. She gagged when I pressed against her narrow opening, sliding my dick out and slapping it against her pretty face.

    "I wanna make you cum so fucking hard for me Uncle Mike. My pussy's getting soaking wet for you right now, see?"

    She wasn't lying either, as I could hear squelching sounds as she finger banged her sopping teen cunt. Dove undid her bikini top, exposing her perfect tear shaped breasts. Taking my cock in her hand, Dove rubbed the spongy tip against her hard nipple, circling it around the stiff nub.

    "You like my breasts Uncle Mike? I think about you cumming on them, waxing them with your yummy seed."

    "Ohh fuck!!" I grunted, feeling my body tense when Dove closed her succulent tits around my dick.

    She pressed her delicious chest together so she could massage her C-sized tits along my length. I moved my hips upwards so I could tit-fuck my horny young niece, feeling myself drawn closer to the edge.

    "You like fucking my soft breasts?"

    I did. They looked and felt amazing pumping between her tender, heavenly chest. Releasing me from her glorious mounds, Dove dribbled some saliva on the tip and began jerking my cock fast, whilst polishing the tip with her incredible tongue.

    "Give me your cum Uncle Mike!!" she begged, between slurping down my shaft, and flicking her tongue upon and around my spongy bell-end.

    "Ahhhh fuck!!!" I grunted into a pillow as I came, spurting out multiple ropes of cum that shot into Dove's open mouth, and onto her pretty young face.

    She kept stroking my dick to get every last salty drop out, lapping it all up as she polished every inch of my softening member up.

    To be continued...

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    Great stuff, would like to see more of Dove.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chaosm View Post
    Great stuff, would like to see more of Dove.
    And so you shall! Two more parts to this story on the way... :yea:

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    Yep that was hot, definitely looking forward to Part 2 (and 3)

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    Great job! I always enjoy the build up in your stories. It helps immerse me in the whole story. That pic of her in the Victoria's Secret nightie, though...:cool:

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    great story

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    grr that part where dove is blowing him with his fiancee checking on him so fucking hot. Cant wait to see where this goes.

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    Fark... took me entirely too long to get around to reading this... great stuff Hearsz... on to part 2!

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