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Thread: "Cross Country" with Chloe Grace Moretz

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    fanfiction "Cross Country" with Chloe Grace Moretz

    Cross Country
    With ChloŽ Grace Moretz
    By LemonTalk
    Codes: blowjob, inc, sleep
    Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction; it never happened and never will
    A/N: Ended up pretty long so this is already a two parter (at least) so I hope you guys like it.

    While we'd once been close, I hadn't heard from my younger cousin for years but when Chloe called me up out of the blue asking if I'd like to join her on a cross country road trip, I jumped at the chance. I hadn't mentioned it to many people but it had actually been something I'd always wanted to do, grab a nice ride and just drive across the country and I was surprised that Chloe had remembered the fact.

    The whole thing was organised for us by Mercedes-Benz so all I had to do was book time off work and impatiently wait for the day to arrive to fly out and meet Chloe at our starting point.

    Standing outside the airport, I was actually nervous waiting for her to arrive. We hadn't seen each other for years and while we'd never discussed it; our previous relationship had been anything but innocent and a little too family friendly.

    As we grew up, we'd done more than a little experimenting together. The kind of experiments cousins certainly shouldn't have been doing but once we'd started it was difficult to stop no matter how wrong we knew it was.

    Ultimately and much to my disappointment, it had been Chloe who had finally put a stop to it as she got more and more well-known and famous, she became understandably paranoid our dirty little secret would get out and would jeopardize if not destroy her career.

    We'd never spoken about it after that final conversation and as far as I, and probably she was concerned, it was all behind us. I just prayed it wouldn't be awkward as she finally pulled up in our flashy ride.

    Unfortunately as she climbed out of the car, my very first thought was something along the lines of; "Holy shit, she's hot."

    Of course I'd seen her in films and photos but seeing her all grown up right in front of me was something else. I was shaken from my daze when she wrapped her arms around me and pulled me in to a tight hug.

    I caught myself and hugged her back while being very conscious of the scent of her honey-blonde hair and the fact her pert young breasts were pressed against me.

    "Thanks for coming, man! This is gunna be awesome!" she exclaimed excitedly when she finally released me.

    "No thank you for inviting me, I've always wanted to do something like this."

    I threw my luggage into the back while she took her place behind the wheel.

    "Yep, I remembered," she smiled. "Let's just make sure this trip lives up to expectations, right?"

    "I'm sure it will," I muttered as I buckled in and took a brief glance at Chloe's mouth-watering legs in her denim cut-offs as she shifted gears, revved up and started the first stretch of our drive.

    Happily, my concerns about this being an awkward reunion were unfounded because we got on just as well as we had all those years ago. We spent the first few hours simply catching up on each other's lives with Chloe taking a surprising amount of interest in my comparatively mundane civilian life.

    After a quick lunch stop it was my turn to drive. Back on the road, the car fell silent for a while before Chloe suddenly brought up the topic of relationships.

    "So are you seeing anyone?" she asked casually, staring out her window.

    "Nope, I'm just enjoying the single life at the moment."

    "Their loss, right?" she responded, turning to face me with her winning smile.

    "Hah, yeah sure," I shrugged. "How about you?

    "What about me?" she said, taken aback.

    "Are you seeing anyone?" I quickly clarified. "Boyfriend? Girlfriend?"

    She cocked her eyebrow at that last suggestion. Since she'd started it, she must have expected the question about her current dating life but suddenly my cousin came over all coy. After some more prodding, both verbal and physical and knowing all her ticklish spots, she finally started to talk.

    "Alright, alright! Stop it!" she squirmed, pushing my hand away before turning serious again. "I kind of started hooking up with this guy."

    "Hooking up?" I repeated causing Chloe to flash me a mischievously look.

    "You know, it's just casual, a bit of fun," she explained.

    "Fair enough. So you want it to be more serious before you go telling people?"

    "Erm, well…the guy's kinda married," she finally confessed, biting her lip.

    That admission had me stunned for a moment while Chloe watched me, waiting for a reaction.

    "Wow Chloe, I never took you for the type," I finally said, shaking my head in disbelief.

    "The type? What type?"

    "The homewrecker type," I teased.

    "Oh shut up, it's just a little fling!" she insisted while I couldn't help but laugh.

    "Yeah sure it is. So how old is the guy?"

    "Uhh, I dunno actually. Maybe late thirties?"

    "Fucking hell Chloe, never took you for the older man type either!"

    "Hmm and whose fault is that?" she snapped back playfully.

    Just like that the atmosphere in the car changed as we both knew she was referring to the way I, her older cousin, had corrupted her when we were younger.

    I glanced to the side to see her green eyes fixed on mine.

    "Do you ever think about it?" she asked quietly.


    We both knew exactly what she was talking about so I decided against dancing around the topic and gave the blunt answer whilst looking straight into her eyes.

    "Me too," she breathed, much to my relief.

    I was finding it harder and harder to concentrate on the road, fighting the urge not to get lost in those piercing eyes. With the way she was looking at me it took everything in my power not to lean over and kiss those soft lips for the first time in years. I even considered pulling over so I could take her in the back seat.

    Instead we both practically jumped out of our skin when Chloe's phone rang and killed the moment. I fidgeted in my seat and tried to steady my breathing while Chloe cleared her throat and answered her phone.

    "Uh-huh, yeah mom we're doing fine,"

    I zoned out while Chloe updated her mother on our progress. I reflected on the fact I hadn't even made it through the first day without wanting to pounce on her, I had no idea how I was going to survive the rest of the trip.

    Neither of us mentioned what had nearly happened and an hour or so later we arrived at our first over-night hotel stop in Nashville. After checking in, we headed into the restaurant for some food where, thankfully, things went back to normal and we managed to have a laugh before retiring to our separate hotel rooms.

    Despite being exhausted from the drive, I struggled to get to sleep. Instead I simply lay in bed with the frustrating knowledge that my sexy cousin was just on the other side of the thin wall in whatever sleep attire she currently had on.

    It was a hot, stuffy night and my horny mind eventually persuaded me that she could well be lying naked under the sheets and in that moment there was nothing I wanted more than to see Chloe's nude eighteen year old body.

    Eventually I concluded the only way I was going to get any sleep was to beat off to thoughts of my hot cousin but no sooner had I finished, I began to wonder if perhaps Chloe had done the exact same thing next door. The thought of her masturbating in her hotel room set me off all over again as I turned over and forced myself to sleep.

    I woke early the next morning and quickly got washed and dressed before knocking on Chloe's door, assuming we'd be after an early start for our next stretch of the journey. Apparently Chloe didn't have the same plan as she answered the door in nothing but her bath robe having only just come out of the shower.

    "Morning!" she said cheerfully, inviting me inside.

    "Oh. Sorry I thought you'd be ready, I'll come back in a bit," I started but Chloe insisted I come in and make myself at home.

    "There's no rush, we'd just hit the traffic at this time anyway," she explained.

    I hesitated briefly in the doorway before entering. I really didn't trust myself alone in a hotel room with her dressed like that. I sat down on the sofa and tried to distract myself with my phone while Chloe packed up.

    It seemed I was being tormented every time I looked up whether from her bending over, her robe sliding open slightly to reveal a glimpse of her bare chest or the underwear she'd laid out on the bed in plain sight.

    It was just a simple black bra and panty set but just knowing where they were going to end up as she grabbed them and headed into the bathroom to get dressed was enough to get me going.

    Thirty minutes later she was back in her shorts and t-shirt and we were back on the road. Chloe seemed immediately restless today in the passenger seat, constantly twisting and stretching, arching her back and pushing her chest out. If I didn't know any better I'd have said she was teasing me.

    "Did you not sleep last night or something?" I eventually asked after she gave a particularly large yawn.

    "Nah not really," she sighed.

    "Yeah me neither, unfamiliar bed I guess."

    "Aww, you should have come round, we could have stayed up gossiping like we used to."

    "Figured you'd have been sick of me after being stuck with me for ten hours already yesterday," I shrugged.

    "Never!" she exclaimed with a mock gasp.

    Despite that claim, Chloe proceeded to fall asleep a while later. We'd originally agreed to swap and have her drive the next time we had to stop for gas but since I was doing alright I pulled in and filled up without disturbing her.

    As I filled the tank I couldn't help but stare at her peaceful, sleeping form in the passenger seat and quickly noticed the way her shirt had been pulled tight. I could clearly see the black bra through the thin material as her top offered a clear outline of her round breasts.

    Back on the road, I couldn't stop stealing glances at her chest as it rose and fell with each slow breath until eventually I decided to reach over and adjust her top before it caused an accident. However, in the process of loosening it, I inadvertently grazed my hand against the warm, bare skin of her lower back and gasped at how soft she felt.

    The moment I touched her she shifted in her sleep causing me to quickly retract my hand back to the wheel. Luckily she didn't wake up and simply turned over slightly, facing away from me but exposing more of her back to my eyes.

    Once she was still again, I was unable to resist reaching over to touch her again, gently stroking her silky skin before brushing over the dimples just above her waistline. Chloe didn't stir again and continued to breathe evenly which only caused me to grow bolder until I stretched to reach around and under her shirt to caress her toned, flat stomach.

    All I was doing was touching her back and stomach but I was already rock hard and as each second passed, I simply wanted more.

    Luckily the road was completely straight and deserted so I didn't feel too bad taking my eyes off the road to focus on my hot cousin when I began moving my hand upwards until I found her bra. I didn't go straight in and instead took her whole left breast in my hand and gently squeezed the soft flesh, feeling its perfect firmness that almost made me groan out loud.

    A second later I wormed my hand into her bra to touch her directly, feeling her nipple reactively stiffen in my grip. She felt so good in my hand I was content to stay like this for some time, gently massaging her tit.

    I couldn't believe how out of it Chloe was as she caught up on her lost sleep. In fact she seemed to be sleeping so soundly I decided to see how far I could go and deftly slipped my fingers under her waistband to brush against her cotton panties.

    I paused to lick my dry lips and glanced at her face, still turned away from me as I entered her underwear and grazed over her smooth mound before reaching her delicate lips. I froze when I heard her let out a tiny gasp in her sleep when I made first contact down there.

    When she stayed motionless I started moving again, gently running my finger up and down her groove which instinctively became moist to my touch until I felt brave enough to briefly slip my fingertip inside her.

    I had to bite my lip to stop myself groaning at how scorching hot and tight her pussy felt but as much as I wanted to finger-bang her right there, I daren't push any more inside her since Chloe was already shifting and letting out small whimpers as it was.

    Unfortunately it was then that we reached our next destination, entering the outskirts of St. Louis. With the increased traffic and prying eyes, I reluctantly pulled my hand back and searched for the hotel we'd be spending the next couple of days in for some sightseeing and a break from driving.

    Those two days seemed to fly by as we explored the city. Chloe seemed none-the-wiser about what I'd done so I was confident I'd gotten away with it and even felt a little guilty by the time we hit the road again.

    Chloe had insisted on driving all day after claiming how guilty she'd felt for falling asleep and missing her shift behind the wheel the other day. Unsurprisingly conversation between us had dried up slightly having already spent several full days in each other's company and I soon found myself drifting off in the passenger seat.

    I had no idea how long I had slept for but when I slowly opened my eyes my first thought was how hot it was so I guessed it was still the middle of the day. My second thought addressed the fact I currently had a hand down my pants which definitely wasn't mine.

    I jumped slightly at the realisation, turning to see Chloe with a mischievous smile on her face which could make any guy melt, one hand on the wheel and one down my unzipped, unbuckled pants and inside my underwear where she has a firm grip on my rock hard cock.

    "Figured I'd see how you liked it," she smirked.

    "Huh?" I groaned groggily, unsure if I was maybe still dreaming.

    "I guess you forgot I'm a light sleeper," she continued. "Evidently you're not; I've been messing with you for almost an hour now."

    My brain was still struggling to catch up. Chloe was there; still driving like nothing was out of the ordinary while she simultaneously stroked her cousin's dick.

    "I-I thought we weren't meant to do this stuff anymore," I eventually said.

    "Hey you started it!" she replied defensively. "Do you want me to stop?"

    "Fuck. God no."

    "Good. Take it out, I wanna see it," she ordered.

    She pulled her hand away so I could sit up in the seat and push my clothes down to let my menacing erection free to point straight at the ceiling.

    "Wow." Chloe murmured. "I forgot how big it was, why did we ever stop?"

    "Beats me, we'd still be doing it every night if I had it my way," I admitted bluntly.

    Of course we both knew why we did put an end to it but that didn't stop Chloe now as she reached over to grip my cock at the base again, feeling it's hard girth in her small hand.

    She slowly began to pump her hand up and down my length and I noticed the way she struggled to take her eyes off it and look back at the road, just that look she was giving me was enough to make me twitch in her hand and ooze pre-cum.

    "I missed this cock so much," she whispered, she almost seemed entranced.

    "I missed those lips," I replied just as quietly, staring at her wet, slightly open mouth.

    Suddenly I found myself leaning over and taking her breath away when I kissed her. I'd been waiting to do it for days, if not years, and it was certainly worth the wait feeling her soft, full lips against mine before our tongues slowly explored each other's mouths.

    The lustful kiss seemed to kick Chloe into action and before I could stop her she suddenly went lower and pressed those incredible lips against my hard pole.

    "Oh! Jesus, Chloe!" I gasped, quickly grabbing the steering wheel while she planted several wet kisses on my shaft.

    I kept an eye on the road and kept us going in a straight line while Chloe teasingly ran her lower lip up my entire length before reaching the top and suddenly engulfing my swollen head in her hot mouth. I knew she had incredible blowjob lips and there was no doubt she was well practiced and knew exactly how to use them.

    Despite the slow start, she quickly started enthusiastically bobbing her head in my lap taking more and more of my cock between her lips on each downwards thrust until she succeeded in taking me down her narrow throat.

    "Ugh. Fuck yeah, just like that," I grunted while she coughed up spit but soldiered on.

    I brushed her wavy, honey-blonde hair to the side to get a look at my sweet cousin deep-throat my cock. Chloe looked up at me with her wide, green eyes and just like that, I knew I was done for.

    With that sight and the sounds of her nosily slurping and moaning around my meat, I stammered out some form of grunted warning which only spurred her on to suck me harder and faster in the last few moments before the mind-blowing orgasm that erupted a second later.

    My cock pulsed inside her and instantly filled her young mouth sending my load straight down her throat and into her teen belly while I grunted and jerked into her eager hole. Chloe's eyes were squeezed shut as she took and swallowed the extortionate amount of spunk I was spewing.

    "Fuck…" I hissed when I was done, feeling like I'd run a marathon.

    Chloe giggled sweetly as she sat up and took the wheel again. How we hadn't crashed during all that I had no idea but I could think of worse ways to go out than having Chloe Moretz's lips wrapped snugly around my cock.

    "Well, I think we're only going to need one hotel room tonight…"

    To be continued…

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    So. Fucking. Good. I think Chloe will enjoy this one. hehe ...god knows I did.

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    Great Work Lemon

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    OUTSTANDING !! Can't Wait for MORE !!!:D:

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    Holy shit!! I haven't read every story you've written and posted LT (hard to keep up with them at the ridiculous rate you're writing them!), but this has the potential to be your best ever story series!
    Can't remember the last time I've looked forward to a next story chapter as much as I do for this one!
    All alone in a hotel room with Miss Moretz - the endless possibilities...

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