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Thread: "Lock All The Doors" Part 2 with Dove Cameron

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    fanfiction "Lock All The Doors" Part 2 with Dove Cameron

    Lock All The Doors
    Part 2 With Dove Cameron
    Written by Hearsz
    CODES: MF, inc, tease, text, cunnilingus, fingering, squirt
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

    Last night was an incredibly stressful one. Having received one of the greatest blowjobs ever, by my teenage niece that afternoon, only made being around the rest of the family at the dinner table, all the more uncomfortable.

    I was feeling all sorts of guilt as I relived the events that took place in the bedroom. Whilst I was in an absolute daze after exploding inside her incredible mouth, Dove had quietly sneaked back out of the room afterwards.

    She may have taken advantage of my tiredness, but I didn't exactly try very hard to stop her. Just to taunt me further, she took a seat right next to me at dinner, with my fiancÚ sitting on the other side.

    I could feel her eyes staring at me like a love struck schoolgirl, even without me having to look in her direction. I didn't say much as the rest of the family laughed and reminisced about previous holidays down at the lake. All I wanted to do was get back up to my room so I could work out how I was going to tell Dove, away from everyone else, that what happened that afternoon could never happen again.

    A big part of me was silently hoping that Dove would just forget it ever happened and that there wouldn't be anymore to it. But that idea was quickly shot down when I felt a hand starting to caress my inner thigh from underneath the table.

    "You OK Michael?" Millie asked, obviously noticing the panic stricken look on my face. The sexy minx that was my niece was teasing the hell out of me, moving her hand further across to stroke the torpedo like bulge in my shorts.

    "Yeah, I'm uh, I'm alright. Still feeling a little sick in the stomach".

    I had to bite my tongue when Dove squeezed my solid rod, making it known that she was now obsessed with it after having her sumptuous lips wrapped around my shaft earlier on. The way she was groping and stroking my clothed shaft was reminiscent of Isla Fisher's famous hand teasing scene in the film "Wedding Crashers"!

    She finally stopped, but a different kind of torture took place, the hot blonde looking at me with those adoring eyes as her tongue playfully flicked at a full length carrot she had earlier taken from a tray of food in the kitchen.

    Thankfully, I was able to pass on having any dessert, retreating to my room upstairs so I could avoid being around Dove, thus not putting myself in a position that may give away what was going on between us. Seeing as though I'd had a nap that afternoon, I found it difficult to get myself back to sleep. I was tossing and turning well beyond midnight.

    Just as I was eventually drifting off to sleep, I noticed my phone light up on the bedside table next to me. Even though it had buzzed against the wooden surface, my fiancÚ was in a deep sleep, not even stirring at the noise. Picking up my phone, I'd received a text message from an unrecognised number. Opening up the message, it didn't take long to work out who it was from.

    I can't stop thinking about yesterday Uncle Mike. You tasted so good in my mouth..

    I felt my cock stir as I read that. But I had to wonder where the hell she got my number from??
    Knowing this could only get more out of hand, I knew I had to put a stop to this. There was more chance of me setting things straight by text rather than having to tell Dove face to face.

    Look Dove, I don't know how you got my number, but yesterday was a one off, a mistake. You're almost half my age, and if you haven't noticed, I'm engaged. Please don't think I don't like you, I do. But you're my niece, and that's it.

    A few minutes passed by, and I started to worry as she hadn't responded. I feared she might take offence and maybe tell the family that her uncle was a pervert who forced her to go down on me. Even if that wasn't entirely the truth.

    My phone went off again, and with a deep breath, I read her reply.

    I'm sorry Uncle Mike, but, it's not like you tried to stop me. I think secretly you do want me. I think you get excited being around me, and you want to do more than just have me sucking you off!

    Just to reinforce her point, the horny little minx sent a topless picture of herself with a caption.

    I bet you're hard right now thinking about me right aren't you?

    Damn she had great tits. I could still feel how soft they felt in my hands and the incredible feeling of thrusting my cock in between them. She was right, I was as hard as a rock, and it took all my power to not jerk off looking at that pic.

    I must have taken a while to respond because she sent a follow up message, more explicit than the last.

    Don't be ashamed Uncle Mike, I'm touching myself too, thinking about your long, hard cock, fucking my wet, teenage cunt... If only that huge thing was inside me right now. But my fingers will have to do for now. Night Uncle Mike xx

    I was flabbergasted at the open lewdness of her messages. We had one more day and night at the house before we were to leave, and I wasn't sure if I could get through it and somehow reject Dove's advances during that time. I lay there for what felt like hours, eventually falling asleep after quickly knocking one out, my mind having endured numerous images of my sexy niece, as well as the several different sexual fantasies I could think of her in...

    I slept in late the next morning, Millie leaving a post it note on her pillow to let me know that she and the rest of the family had gone into town to get some breakfast. She also just text me to say she was going to pick me up some aspirin at the chemists and would be back in a half hour. I decided to use the toilet, rubbing my tired eyes, still half asleep as I entered the bathroom.

    As I pulled my rolled up fists from where they'd been rubbing at my sockets, I was startled to see Dove in the bathroom, with just a towel on.

    "Oh. Sorry Dove, I thought everyone had gone out", I said, surprised to learn that I was all alone with her in the house.

    She had just used the shower as the wetness in hair dribbled down her flushed face.

    "Nope, just you and me Uncle Mike..." she responded with a devilish smirk.

    "Well I'll leave you to it", I said, trying to back away and get out of there.

    "What's your rush? Keep me company whilst I clean myself off".

    And with that, Dove removed her towel from around her, so I could see her incredible naked body in full for the first time. I was in so much shock I couldn't move. My eyes were drawn to her succulent breasts, her soft little stomach and then down to her perfect hairless pussy.

    Regaining some kind of composure, I knew I had to get out of there.

    "I think it's best I..."

    Before I could though, we both heard a door open from down stairs. In a panic, Dove got to the bathroom door before I could.

    "What are you doing??" I asked, as she pressed her naked back against the door to kill off any chance of me leaving.

    "You up here Dove?" my half-brother called out.

    "Just taking a shower Daddy", she shouted back, teasing me by caressing her tempting chest and giggling due to how much it was turning her on.

    "I want you inside me", she whispered up close, stroking my lengthening boner through my shorts.

    I had to restrain myself from moaning as not to let her father know I was in the bathroom with his seductress of a daughter.

    "Have you seen Mike? He's not in his room?" he asked from the other side of the door.

    Dove put her soft hands in through the base of my shirt, so she could run them up my torso, and upon my hairy chest.

    "Shhhh", she said softly.

    Taking my hands, she placed them on her soft luscious tits, beckoning me to fondle them.

    "Play with them or I'll tell Daddy you're in here", she requested with a serious look on her face.

    I was shaking being confined in that room and not knowing what to say or where to look. So I did as she asked,
    squeezing her firm succulent chest, the teen cooing softly as my callused thumbs rubbed her hard pink nipples.

    "Sweetheart, you OK in there?"

    "Yes Daddy, I uh, sorry, what did you say?"

    Giving me an intense, lustful look, Dove took one of my hands, sliding it over her belly, and then in between her legs.

    "I asked if you know where Mike is. He's not in his room".

    "Haven't seen him. He's probably gone out looking for Millie, uhumm".

    Dove grunted a little as she used my fingers to part her warm, wet slit, the tips sliding over her oily pinkness.

    As much as I didn't want to do this, the danger of being caught was giving me a rush I hadn't felt in several years.

    "Ok then. I just came back as I left my wallet in my room. Should be back in a half an hour".

    "Aiii!", she cried as I slid my thick middle digit inside of her, Dove's cockiness getting the better of me. I surprised myself, as it wasn't what I'd planned. Unfortunately, her father heard her little yelp.

    "You alright in there??"

    "Yes Daddy I'm fine... I uhhh, thought I umm, saw a big spider", she lied in her reply, her breathing more erratic as I finger banged my niece's sweet teenage clam, pinching her stiff nub just to heighten her arousal.

    "Ok, well I'll I see you later on and if you see your Uncle Mike, tell him to come join us".

    "Mmm...Sure thing Daddy.."

    I breathed a sigh of relief as I heard the front door close, my half-sibling finally leaving the house.

    "Ok no more games Dove. I better go and see Millie before she knows somethings up".

    I slipped my soaked digit from out of her warm hole, my niece sighing as she was all of a sudden left unfulfilled.

    "You're just going to leave me like this? Hardly fair don't you think?"

    "What do you mean?"

    "Oh come off of it Uncle Mike. I suck your cock and let you cum in my mouth, and then you just start fingering me despite my Dad being a few feet away. And then you don't even finish the job?? Ha! I bet you jerked off to those pictures I sent you as well.."

    My hesitance to respond gave away my answer.

    "Unbelievable...", she said, shaking her head and showing her disappointment in me.

    Against my better judgement, I ran a hand along her slender hip, showing Dove that I hadn't completely neglected her.

    My niece reached both hands up to caress either side of my face, making the most of my moment of weakness, by bringing me down to kiss her.

    She pressed her naked body against me, moaning into my mouth as we got into a quick tongue duel.

    "We won't have long Dove".

    "I know. Do this for me and I promise I won't bother you anymore. Please Uncle Mike! I'm so worked up and only you can get me off!!"

    Dove placed my hand back in between her legs, her slippery cooch even more moist than before.

    It was hard to resist her, given the way she cuddled up to me, feeling up my own body whilst completely nude.

    It only seemed fair I do the same for her and helped her to cum. I'd already fooled around with her once, so if I could even things out, hopefully everything would go back to normal. The dirty part of my mind also entertained the fact I'd have some mental images of Dove when she climaxed, once it was all over.

    Dove spread her towel out, lying it down on the tiled floor and laying upon it. She spread apart her legs, rubbing her pink slit which was begging for my attention. I sat down beside her, running my fingers up her smooth legs, caressing her inner thighs which made my niece shiver. Her head rested against my shoulder as my hand closed over her mound, soon guiding a single finger back inside her warm haven. I quickly added a second then third finger, further lubricating her. Dove's eyes rolled into the back of her head when my thumb rubbed at her bulging clit, gyrating her hips against my working digits.

    That seemed to set her off, the teen moaning and panting as she essentially fucked my fingers. Her legs spread further wide which made me salivate at the delicious site. Dove tilted her head back and clutched both of her tits, the three fingers and thumb working her tight little hole was bringing her closer to the edge.

    "I'm close Uncle Mike.. Please, get down there and eat me out!"

    We had already been at it for ten minutes and I needed this to end as soon as possible. Removing my fingers, I replaced her vacant slot with my hard tongue, eating Dove's dripping pussy and lapping at her taco as quick as possible. Her supple thighs clamped around my face as I licked at her taint, the teen squeezing her milky white breasts and lustfully groaning even louder when I added a finger to go with my tongue.

    Dove's smooth feet and legs rubbed against my shoulders and upper back, the blonde actress putting her hand to the back of her Uncle's head so my face stayed buried in between her impeccable thighs.

    "Uhhh, uhhh, ohh shit! Uncle Mike... I'm gonna, oh yes!!! Cumming!!" she wailed, her pussy contracting around the finger and tongue embedded inside her spasming cunt.

    "Do it you little slut... Give your Uncle that warm teenage juice", I said as I fingered her quicker, my mouth latching onto her sensitive clitoris which soon had the desired effect.

    "Holy fuckkk!!" Dove cried, squirting her secretions all over my face as she reached her climax.

    I could still hear Dove breathing heavily as I went over to the sink to wipe my face, paranoid that my partner would sense the smell of sex on me if she got close. Dove was still lying there after I'd washed up, rubbing her sensitive slit, in a complete daze after her orgasm.

    I couldn't tell if she knew I was watching her, but seeing Dove dipping her fingertips inside her sensitive wet twat was really starting to rile me up. Not wanting to be baited into yet another mistake, I interrupted her.

    "I'm going to go catch up with the others. Maybe we can talk later?"

    Dove quickly sat up, still eager to keep me from leaving.

    "No stay Uncle Mike. We can just hang out until they get back".

    I had the bathroom door slightly ajar, looking down at my naked niece on the bathroom floor, weighing up whether to stay or go.

    "What did you have in mind?"

    "Well, you could take me to your bed and fuck me if you'd like?" she suggested quite bluntly.

    Dove gave me one hell of a seductive look, whilst biting her bottom lip. I couldn't tell how serious she was, but decided to not stall any longer.

    "You're crazy you know that!", I shot back, peeking out the door to make sure the coast was clear.

    "You can cum inside me if you want?"

    My ears pricked up, the teen definitely regaining my full attention..

    To be concluded...

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    Fucking hell. I love this series really can't wait for part 3.

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    Wow that was hot! Definitely looking forward to the final part, give that little tease what she's been begging for...

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    :omg: Holy crap.
    If anyone needs me, I'll be in my bunk.

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    Dove Cameron needs to be fucked.

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    Jesus... ramping it right up to 11 with part two man... great stuff!

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