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Thread: "Outback Adventures" with Phoebe Tonkin and Teresa Palmer

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    fanfiction "Outback Adventures" with Phoebe Tonkin and Teresa Palmer

    Outback Adventures
    With Phoebe Tonkin and Teresa Palmer
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MF, blowjob, handjob, dirty-talk, anal, rim, drugs, exhib, public
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

    Despite only dating for a few months, Phoebe Tonkin and I were already pretty serious. In fact we were planning on getting engaged in the coming weeks, and were in the process of meeting our family and friends and sharing the good news.

    What little I knew of Teresa Palmer I knew from Phoebe, who had once shared an apartment with her in New York City, during her "transition" into Hollywood.

    So when Tez called and suggested that the four of us take a couples road trip out to Alice Springs in Australia, Phoebe and I wholeheartedly agreed. After all, maybe this would give me a chance to bond with her BFF.

    Fortunately for me, the four of us got along almost immediately. Not only did Teresa turn out to be a really awesome, down to earth chick, but her boyfriend seemed pretty cool too.

    We spent most of that first day just hauling ass across the Stuart Highway in our tricked out RV.

    To say we were out in the middle of nowhere would be an understatement, as we were just minutes away from crossing the South Australian/Northern Territory border, and literally three hours away from any major populated area in any direction.

    We actually laughed when Scott remarked how a lot of the landscape reminded him of the movie Mad Max.

    Teresa only made things worse when she began to perpetuate a few more myths about the local wildlife, and how every second plant or animal could kill you dead in under two minutes.

    With the four us spending so much time on the road, the ladies had opted on wearing nothing but their swimwear throughout the day.

    You could tell that Teresa had always been an exhibitionist, but with her petite 5'4 frame and perfect proportions, I guess she was entitled to flaunt it. At any rate, she sure knew how to show off that body. Particularly her breasts, which seemed to be at a perpetual state of arousal.

    To her credit, Phoebe had also brought along her two-piece bikini, but unlike her friend she was always self-conscious of her body. I guess she felt that she weighed too much, when in actuality her weight was exactly right for her 5'7 figure.

    The afternoon proved uneventful for the most part, with plenty of good conversation. We made good time as we finally pulled into a local campground at night, and discovered that the area featured a small watering hole nearby.

    I steered the motor home as close as possible to the waterline, before the ladies rushed out and dove into the water to enjoy a little late night swim.

    Right away I couldn't help but notice how tiny Teresa's outfit seemed to be, as it appeared her bikini was of a "thong" design.

    "You're girlfriend looks pretty good in that outfit." I remarked to Scott who almost seemed proud.

    "—just wait till she gets it wet." he grinned. "It's practically see-thru."

    "I wonder if she'll notice, or care."

    "Are you kidding. If it was up to her she'd be naked all day long." he claimed. "Teresa loves being nude."

    While I tried to put this out of my mind, Scott and I parked the vehicle and joined the girls in the water, where the four of us frolicked under the waterfall and wrestled around.

    Sure enough, Teresa's bikini turned out to be quite transparent, so much so that it almost seemed like she was naked. Noting this Phoebe immediately laughed and pointed it out, before her friend took matters into her own hands and simply stripped off.

    "Meh. What's the difference." Tez shrugged. "Why bother covering up, when you've seen me naked anyway."

    I then watched in fascination as the blonde star not only took pride in her new found nudity, but turned around and convinced Phoebe to join her.

    "You should do it too, Pheebs." she urged.

    But I'm not sure my girlfriend was ready to be topless, much less naked in front of her friends.

    "—I dunno."

    "Come on." Teresa taunted. "There's no one around here for miles. It's just the four of us."

    To my surprise Phoebe looked back at me as though looking for permission.

    "Hey! Don't look at me." I snickered. "—if it were up to me I'd have you naked twenty-four seven."

    Tonkin took a deep breath before she reached down into the water and took off her two-piece.

    The four of us then skinny-dipped under the big night sky, before we ultimately grabbed a few beers from the RV and set up a temporary camp nearby.

    It really did feel like paradise on earth as we sat around our small campfire, relatively naked, and reveled in natures beauty. While Scott and I mostly drank beer, the ladies shared a blunt and discussed various topics.

    At first the conversation seemed light and fun, until Teresa promptly began asking more and more personal questions. One thing soon led to another until the subject of sex was brought up.

    You could tell by the way Teresa spoke that she loved sex. In fact she seemed to be a big fan of oral sex in particular, which according to numerous remarks from Scott throughout the day, was something she was good at.

    I could tell that she really enjoyed discussing the topic, but didn't know how far she could go without causing Phoebe to blush and shut down. They'd clearly had this kind of discussion before with mixed results.

    But Teresa really got everyone squirming when she claimed that Scott's load was the most delicious she had ever swallowed. Not to be outdone, I remarked that Phoebe's pussy was the sweetest I had ever eaten.

    My girl gasped and gave me a quick nudge in the ribs, but I could tell that she too was aroused.

    "—babe. Didn't you say that my pussy was the sweetest." Teresa turned to her boyfriend.

    "Absolutely." he acknowledged while clearly drunk and exhausted.

    "Hmm. I wonder." Palmer went on. "I think we need to settle this."

    Everyone just looked at each other, not knowing what the next step would be, or how it would be taken, when Teresa came up with a crazy idea.

    "Since you guys can't actually eat us out, I guess we'll have to improvise."

    "—and how exactly is that going to work." I asked.

    "Simple. I'll take my finger, rub it inside me and let you taste it." the blonde actress suggested. "Then Phoebe can do the same for Scott, and you'll be able to decide who has the sweeter pussy."

    While this sounded kind of fun, I wasn't sure how Phoebe would react. But surprisingly enough she suddenly seemed playful and up for anything. I guess she had smoked a lot more than I assumed.

    With everyone in agreement, all eyes turned to Teresa who put on a little show and slipped her hand into her bikini bottoms, and briefly pleasured herself before removing her wet fingers and putting them in my face.

    Taking her wrist, I locked eyes with the starlet as I slid Teresa's wet digits into my mouth. Her tangy essence was virtually identical to Phoebe's pussy.

    "Very nice." I stated. "But that would have been a whole lot more fun if those fingers belonged to Phoebe."

    "Hmm. Interesting." was all Teresa could say back. "We'll have to think about that for a minute."

    Noting this, my girlfriend rolled her eyes.

    "Ugh. You guys are such perverts."

    "Err shut up." her BFF chastised. "Don't act like you're above it."

    Next it was Phoebe's turn to share her taste with Scott. She actually blushed and leaned her head on my shoulder as everyone stopped to stare at her.

    "Ugh. Don't act all shy. We all know you love the attention." Teresa teased, before Phoebe poked out her tongue.

    She then slid her hand down the front of her bikini bottoms and closed her eyes, as she soaked her middle finger. Scott waited anxiously as she withdrew her hand and finally offered him her digits.

    I can't really describe how it felt to watch my girlfriend share the taste of her pussy with another man, but it was thrilling and troubling at the same time.

    Scott too remarked that she was delicious, and that he really couldn't decide.

    Teresa then claimed that she wasn't sure if she'd be comfortable with me sliding my hand between her legs, but that she was willing to let Phoebe do it. My girl looked a little uncertain at first but then warmed up to the idea.

    "okay. Let's do this." she directed at Teresa. "—but who goes first."

    Without wasting another moment, the "I Am Number Four" star slid her hand down the front of Phoebe's bikini while flashing me a playful wink. I looked at my girlfriends face to gauge her reaction, and while she didn't make any overt sounds, she was obviously aroused as her BFF pushed a finger into her sex.

    Pulling her hand back out, Teresa surprised me by deeply kissing Scott on the lips, and sliding her slick fingers into both of their mouths. Phoebe and I just looked at each other and were blown away.

    "Wow, okay." my girlfriend slurred. —that's hot."

    Next it was Phoebe's turn, and she moved behind Teresa who moaned quietly as she slipped her hand into her suit, and dipped her finger into her snatch.

    "Mm. I've been looking forward to this all night." Tez teased. "—it's just like old times huh."

    "Don't." Phoebe giggled. "Don't even go there."

    "—oh really!" I chimed in. "Is there something you girls want to tell us."

    "Lets just say your girlfriend isn't as innocent as she makes out." Teresa grinned.

    When her finger was good and wet, Phoebe pulled it out and held it up between us.

    I leaned over to taste it, but Phoebe surprised me by imitating what Scott and Teresa had done, and moved her finger between our mouths as we French-kissed one another, both of us tasting Teresa's pussy.

    In truth, I'd been fighting an erection from the moment we had skinny-dipped earlier. But now, there was no further fighting as my cock stood at full attention.

    Teresa had probably noticed this for some time, but she went one step further by boldly asking Phoebe if my load was sweet as her boyfriends.

    I'm almost positive that if anyone had ever asked her that same question, she probably would have pulled a face. But in her current state, Phoebe happily answered, and claimed that it was.


    With that said, Teresa announced that it was time to judge who's semen tasted better, and invited me to lay back on the blanket so Phoebe could suck my dick, her only stipulation being that we save some of my load for her to sample.

    Amusingly enough, there wasn't any time for me to check with Phoebe if she was okay with this task, but evidently it wasn't necessary as she happily moved into position and knelt in front of me.

    While she began to undo my trunks, Teresa appeared to be doing the same thing with Scott, who simply looked back at me and shrugged.

    "Are we actually doing this." he grinned.

    "—you bet your ass we are." Teresa told him. "I'm not losing to her. Never have. Never will."

    Like me, Scott seemed amused by the sudden turn of events. I mean there we were, camping out under the stars, out in the red desert of Australia, with two of Australia's hottest exports attempting to suck our dicks!

    So we certainly weren't going to stop what was about to happen.

    It only took a minute for both ladies to fish out our cocks, and as expected we were both quite hard. The girls wasted little time in taking us into their mouths, with neither one seemingly in a rush to outperform the other.

    It was actually titillating to watch Teresa blow Scott, as Phoebe did me. Up until that point, Phoebe and I had never engaged in any "group" activities before, but the entire scenario was so thrilling that I couldn't help but wonder why.

    My cock never felt bigger or harder, which after a long night of teasing, I knew I was going to come big. Thankfully Teresa was on the far side of Scott, so that we could see everything she was doing.

    I noticed Phoebe looking over at the other couple as she sucked me. Both Scott and I were getting close, but while a part of me wanted to slow things down, another part of me wanted to come so bad!

    Looking back, it never even occurred to me that we could, or would switch partners, but what happened next changed our relationship forever.

    Without saying a word, I watched Teresa kiss her man on the lips before coming over to join me and Phoebe.

    My girlfriend stopped and seemed to know what she was suggesting, and without even a moments hesitation, she kissed me on the lips before crawling over to Scott.

    You could cut the tension with a knife, as we all waited for Teresa to make the next move. Which is precisely what she did.

    "—time to find out how good you taste." she said before taking my sword into her mouth.

    I moaned instantaneously, before looking over to watch my future wife casually take another mans cock into her mouth.

    Teresa immediately began to tease me with dirty talk, and while grasping my shaft, swirled her tongue around my bell-end while looking back at the others.

    "How are you doing over there babe." she directed at Scott, who was clearly preoccupied.

    Teresa then looked up into my eyes and took me deep into her throat, gagging briefly before pulling back and leaving a long trail of saliva which bridged from her mouth to my cock. She then took my breath away as she buried her face into my balls and used her tongue.

    "Fuck-Yeah." I growled, which immediately caught the others attention.

    Noting this, Phoebe responded by matching her friend, and began to suck Scott's balls. Tez giggled when she realized what Phoebe was doing, and with a sneaky wink she slowly lowered her mouth and proceeded to rim my ass!

    I almost moaned out involuntarily, as Teresa Palmer now bathed my hole in spit, and punched her wet tongue into my backdoor. When I looked over to see my precious girl do the exact same thing, I almost came on the spot.

    But thinking quickly, Teresa gripped my shaft firmly in her hand and hindered my orgasm.

    "Not yet." she growled. "—don't you dare come yet. I'm just getting started."

    I looked back at the other couple to see them share a hot passionate kiss, before Phoebe returned her mouth to his sword and proceeded to bob her head up and down.

    It was just about the sexiest thing I had ever seen. Like my own personal porno.

    At this point I was so riled up that I responded on pure impulse, and grabbed Teresa by the back of her head and buried my wick into the back of her narrow throat!

    Her eyes widened as she coughed and gagged on my shlong, before I pulled her back and made good use of her ample breasts, pushing them together and inviting her to tit-fuck me.

    "Ugh-Yeah. You like that!" Teresa moaned as I fucked her incredible rack.

    "Spit on my cock!" I told her. "—get it nice and slippery."

    Palmer was only too happy to oblige and alternated between sucking me, spitting at my cock, and tit-fucking me. Things quickly intensified by the time Teresa leaned up to shove her tongue down my throat, while jacking me off in her fist.

    "—yeah. You gonna come." she teased. "You gonna come for me baby."

    "Fuck-Yeah. If you keep that up."

    "Come on. Shoot for me." Teresa growled. "—lets show her that I can make you come...just as good as she can."

    "I'll fucking come." I hissed back. "—but only if you swallow every last drop."

    "Mm. Is that what you want." Palmer panted. "You want me to swallow your load. Yea. You want me to drink your cum."

    This mind blowing babble continued just a few feet away from the other couple, which only added fuel to the fire.

    Truth be told, I don't think I could remember getting a better hand job in all my life. In fact Teresa's hand skills were second to none. It was almost as good as her dirty-talking mouth.

    "Come." she insisted with her face just inches from mine. "Come for me. I want it. I wanna see you shoot."


    When I looked over at the other couple and realized that Phoebe was still sucking Scott's dick with renewed zeal, a powerful orgasm hit me. Amusingly enough, Scott followed within seconds.

    To her credit, Teresa immediately engulfed my penis and was forced to swallow the first spout, not that she had a choice in the matter, since I'm sure I came so hard that it struck her in the back of her throat.

    She heaved briefly before pulling back, and then milked my spurting cock all over her magnificent tits, making sure to collect the spunk with her fingers. I looked over to see Phoebe do the same, before the girls moved towards each other by the fire, holding their hands to each other's mouths.

    Once again I felt that old familiar feeling as I watched my beautiful girlfriend share a hot load with another woman.

    The ladies giggled and cleaned each other's hands, when Teresa suddenly surprised us all by wrapping her arms around Phoebe and pulling her into a kiss.

    Interestingly enough, Phoebe seemed a little hesitant about making out with her, but soon returned the kiss and the two best friends proceeded to tongue-wrestle for almost two whole minutes.

    Scott and I were still catching our breath as we watched our horny girlfriends share a moment, and waited to see if it would develop into something more. But moments later the girls parted and returned to their original positions beside their respective partners.

    I was actually surprised when Phoebe crawled over to me and with the most intense eyes yet, and insisted we fuck.

    "Babe. I wanna go back to the RV, and fuck right now!"

    It was an offer I couldn't refuse.

    As my girl and I got up to head back to the motor home, I looked over to see Teresa lay back on the blanket and invite Scott to take her right there in the open, under the night sky.

    There was something quite thrilling about it. In fact Phoebe and I were so worked up, that I didn't even bother shutting the door behind me as I pushed my girl down onto the bed and buried my face in her snatch!

    The sexual charge of the night had my cock already back to half mast, which I figured would only take a few extra minutes before I'd be ready to fuck.

    I spent those minutes suckling on my girls clit, before I tried something I'd never done before, and buried my tongue into her tiny asshole.

    Phoebe just about went crazy as I rimmed her back passage for the very first time. I mean our sex wasn't boring by any means, but we almost never explored any kinky fetishes until now.

    Be that as it may, I pinned her legs back and slammed my tongue into her shit-pipe, causing her eyes to flutter. Phoebe, who was normally pretty reserved in the bedroom, now moaned and flailed around on the bed like a woman possessed.

    "ohmigod. ohmigod. baby—" she panted. "Stick your tongue inside my ass. Yeah. That feels so fucking good."

    "Grr. You little cunt." I hissed back. "You like being treated like a little slut don't you."

    "uh-huh. Yeah." she nodded. "—please."

    "Watching you suck his cock like that—" I growled. "I should have come over there and just fucked you in the ass!"

    As I spoke, I proceeded to fuck her ass with the tip of my tongue, causing her legs to shake.

    "Ugh. Fuck. Babe. You're so deep in my ass right now."

    "Rub your clit you little cunt." I told her, to which she immediately complied. "Rub it while I tongue-fuck you."

    It was this wanton behavior from her that caused me to grow hard again. I ultimately grasped my cock, got up, and squeezed the head of my bell-end into her tiny sphincter!

    I think I was more surprised by this spontaneous action then she was. In all the time we had been together, we had only ever tried anal once, and she didn't appear to like it.

    And yet now, not only was I attempting to have sex with her ass, but I didn't even bother with any foreplay, or even attempted to warn her. Instead I just slammed my hard cock into her butt and hoped for the best.

    My sweet, adorable girlfriend came almost immediately.

    This could sometimes be a problem as normally she could only come once and then her interest tended to abate. But tonight was different, and as I continued to thrust into her backdoor, Phoebe was heating up further.

    "Oh-God. Baby." she gritted her teeth. "Don't stop. Don't you dare fucking stop!"

    Just as she reached her second orgasm, a first for her, I came.

    A torrent of cum exploded out the head of my cock and filled her bowels with semen. When our breathing finally returned to normal, we could hear Scott and Teresa fucking outside like two wild animals.

    A part of me wanted to go watch them, but considering how exhausted I was, I decided to just catch my breath and relax. But moments later, Scott climaxed by the sounds of his groans and the desert grew quiet.

    We lay there for some time just basking in the afterglow, when we were interrupted by Teresa who was apparently thirsty.

    "How'd you guys go." the naked star asked, while raiding the mini fridge for water.

    Phoebe and I just looked at each other and didn't know what to say. I mean, what could you say.

    Of course, being the horn-dog that I am, I couldn't help but look Teresa over and admire her naked body. I particularly enjoyed the way her natural breasts jiggled as she drank from the bottle.

    "This was fun." she said while wiping her mouth. "—don't you think."


    "We should probably do this again." Tez grinned. "Maybe make it an annual thing."

    "I'd be up for that." I quipped a little too enthusiastically, before looking over at my girlfriend.

    "Sure. Why not. Sounds like fun."

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    Hell yeah, a superb story with my favorite Aussie beauties! Thank you this made my day :).

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