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Thread: "Cross Country 2" with Chloe Grace Moretz

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    fanfiction "Cross Country 2" with Chloe Grace Moretz

    Cross Country 2
    With ChloŽ Grace Moretz
    By LemonTalk
    Codes: MF, BJ, oral, inc, text
    Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction; it never happened and never will

    "There's no one around, can't we just pull over?" I practically begged.

    Even after that incredible blowjob I'd just been treated to, I didn't want to waste any more time and already felt more than ready to go again as I tried my best to persuade my cousin to let me fuck her over the car bonnet.

    "We can't! It's way too risky," Chloe insisted with an apologetic smile.

    "You're a right tease you know?" I sighed before reaching over and surprising her by groping her covered chest.

    I didn't mind sounding desperate, I knew Chloe wanted it just as bad as I did; she just had a lot more willpower and patience to wait until we got to the hotel in another two hundred miles. I also had the worry one, or both, of us would come to our senses before we got there.

    "Hey! It'll be worth the wait, I promise," she cocked her eyebrow at me while playfully pushing my hand away and stepping on the gas a little harder.

    With that, I gave up and settled in for the agonising three hour wait. I wanted to try and get some sleep with the vague hope it might tempt Chloe to mess with me again but knowing what we'd be doing the second we got into that hotel room kept me wide awake.

    But after fighting through slow traffic and finally reaching our hotel, it appeared our patience was to be tested even further still when we stepped into the lobby to a loud cheer. To my dismay, I turned to see Chloe's mother and brothers rushing over to greet us.

    I soon learned that, with apparently nothing better to do, they'd flown half way across the country to celebrate Chloe's recent casting news being made public. The one positive was that Chloe looked just as disappointed as I did, throwing me an apologetic look as her mother hugged her.

    As we were dragged out for dinner, I made a mental note to fuck their daughter and sister extra hard just to get back at them, if I ever even got the chance.

    When we returned to the hotel later on, sneaking into her hotel room in the middle of the night was my one last glimmer of hope but even that was quickly dashed when it turned out her mother would be sleeping in with Chloe while her brothers would crash in my room.

    After a few minutes of lying awake in the darkness, my phone flashed with a message from Chloe in the next room.

    "I'm so sorry about this! I promise I didn't know they were comingÖ Xxx"

    "Just as long as they won't be joining us for the rest of the trip," I replied.

    "Oh man, don't even joke! I wouldn't be able to wait that long, I'd probably end up riding you in the back seat with them all in the car!"

    "Wow, that desperate?"

    "Don't pretend you aren't as well, I bet you're hard right now thinking about itÖ"

    "I'm pretty much always hard when it comes to you. How wet are you right now?"

    "Fucking. Soaked."

    "Are you touching yourself?"


    "Is your mom asleep yet? I'm seriously considering coming to pay you a visit."

    "Fuck, and I'd let you. Just imagine her face when she wakes up to see me riding my favourite cousin!"

    "Who says you'd be on top?"

    "Don't think you can handle it? I'd climb on and fuck your brains out!"

    "Jesus Chloe, is that a challenge?"

    "Hehe, it might beÖ"

    "Fuck it, I'm coming over!"

    "No wait! I got a better idea. Just sneak out when everyone's asleep and come meet me at the pool. X"

    And just like that, it seemed the night wouldn't be a complete loss after all.

    Annoyingly I had to lie in bed for almost another hour before I was confident all of her multiple brothers were asleep. When I was sure, I silently got up and crept out of the room. I passed Chloe's door on the way to the elevator and hoped she'd already be up there and prayed I hadn't left it to long to join her.

    It was almost 3am at this point so the hotel was completely deserted, including the pool when I got up there.

    "Chloe?" I whispered. "Chloe you up here?"

    Hearing my voice she emerged from behind the corner in a simple two piece bikini that immediately had me drooling.

    "Where's your swimming stuff?" she asked plainly.

    "OhÖshit, I didn't bring it," I realised which only made Chloe laugh at my worrying.

    "Guess someone's going skinny dipping," she smirked as she stepped into the water.

    Watching her gracefully slip into the water was all the motivation I needed to quickly strip down so I could join her. After waiting so long, there was something incredibly freeing about finally being in a position where I could get fully naked in front of her.

    I was already slightly hard as I joined her in the heated pool and quickly swam towards her where she leaned back against the opposite edge. When I reached her, I wasted no time in wrapping my arms around her and kissing her deeply.

    She moaned at the ferocity of the kiss and she quickly gave as good as she got, shoving her tongue down my throat as she pushed and rubbed her wet body against mine.

    I would never get bored of kissing those succulent lips and was perfectly content in this position, tasting her lip gloss while my hands explored every inch of her young body under the surface. I started with her top, reaching round to untie it before tugging it free and letting the garment float away, granting my first look at her pert, eighteen year-old breasts.

    Chloe was just as busy with her hands, running them down my chest and stomach before quickly wrapping both around my cock which now stood at full attention as she jerked it in the small space between us.

    After a quick grope of her small tits, I started working on getting her fully naked, pulling the knots free on her bikini bottoms and ripping them away to reveal her pristine, teen pussy. She let out a small yelp of surprise when I lifted her straight out of the water and planted her on the edge of the pool putting me face to face with her sex.

    She immediately opened her legs for me, biting her lip as I simply admired the sight I had before me. I teased her further by kissing and licking up her smooth inner thigh and all around her mound before gently touching her slit with my finger, feeling that familiar searing heat that awaited me inside.

    "Ugh. Fuck. PleaseÖ" she whined above me.

    "You want me to taste it?"

    "Hmm. Yeah. Stick your tongue inside me. Lick my cunt!" she hissed.

    I finally relented and started running my tongue up her moist pussy, sucked on her meaty lips briefly before spreading them and lapping at her sweet peach directly.

    "Oooh, fuck right thereÖ" she cooed approvingly, shoving her pussy into my face, urging me to eat her harder.

    I was happy to comply and started to spear my tongue into her wet hole, drinking down her sticky nectar as Chloe squirmed and cussed breathlessly.

    "Ohmigod, fuck-fuck! Nggh-"

    "I'm not going to fuck you until you cum for me," I warned her.

    "Ugh. I'm close. I'm real fucking closeÖ" she groaned.

    She really lost it when I slipped a finger inside and moved up to give her sensitive clit some attention, sucking on and brushing my tongue against it.

    "Oh man, Jesus that's perfect! Don't-uggh-don't-fuckkk-"

    I smiled when Chloe had to lie back and was unable to form sentences as she finally screamed her released and flooded my mouth with her cum. I gulped down her juices but never stopped lapping up more as she moaned and twitched on the tiles until she finally had to push me away.

    "Oh fuck-oh fuck please, I can't take anymore," she panted. "Swap with me, you've definitely earned a reward for that!"

    She dropped back into the pool beside me and urged me to get out and sit on the edge. The moment I did so, her mouth was on me and my eyes rolled back as I felt those full lips of hers slide all the way down my shaft.

    There was no more teasing as Chloe went down on me, eagerly and enthusiastically sucking my pole like it owed her money. Now that we weren't inside an expensive rental car, Chloe was free to get real nasty and sloppy with it like I knew she loved to do.

    "Fuck yeah," I grunted as she took me deep and dribbled spit all over me.

    I pulled her hair into a ponytail and used it as leverage to push her head into my lap at my own pace while I bucked my hips up to meet her greedy little mouth. The entire time Chloe simply moaned like a good whore while I drilled her face.

    I knew I could have stayed like this, fucking her face to completion and she would have happily swallowed down every last drop again but I couldn't wait any longer. I pulled out of her gasping, drooling mouth and stood up, giving her a hand to lift her out of the pool.

    Chloe kissed me again once she was on her feet and I reached round to squeeze her firm ass as I walked her backwards towards one of the nearby deckchairs.

    "Bend over for me, I wanna take you from behind," I muttered as she bit my lip when she pulled away.

    "Yeah?" she smiled as she turned and slowly got on all fours on the long chair. "Gunna fuck me like a slut? Face down, ass up?"

    As she said it, she shook the ass in question at me, inviting me to take her now she was in position. I grit my teeth as I gently probed her wet entrance with my cock. Her lustful green eyes bore into me as I pushed the tip in, getting a brief sample of what her hot snatch had to offer.

    I barely breathed as I teased us both, pushing in slightly deeper on each thrust before pulling all the way out only go to in again, adding another inch.

    "Uggh. Just fuck me already!" Chloe eventually whined, backing her ass up.

    I grabbed her hips and abruptly slammed my cock as deep as I could, sliding into her like a hot knife through butter.

    "Nggghh! Yes!" she groaned in delight as I recalled my earlier promise to myself and immediately took her hard and fast.

    Chloe held herself up, arched her back and braced herself for the rough pounding I quickly built up to.

    "God damn I missed this pussy," I grunted while I spread her cheeks to watch the way her cunt gripped my cock so tightly.

    "Fuck it harder then!" she demanded.

    I reached forward to grab both her arms, bending them back and pinning them behind her before bending her all the way over allowing me to fuck her deeper than ever before and stroke her g-spot.

    "Uhh-fuck. Ohmigod!" she wailed with her face now pressed against the wooden chair.

    "Shit ChloeÖI'm gunna cum," I panted.

    Her clenching teen pussy became too much for me as I sawed into her until I finally had to pull out of her dripping minge. In a flash she turned round and offered me her face to finish on. My gaze fell upon her piercing eyes and those famous, full lips as I blew my load.

    Chloe's erotic, whorish moans as I painted her face seemed to make me cum harder and for even longer until I could barely stand and my cousin was almost unrecognisable.

    "Wow," I sighed while I slumped down next to her as she started wiping jizz off her face.

    "!" Chloe grinned. "And to think, we've still got over two weeks left on this tripÖ"

    To be continuedÖ

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    Holy shit. Just. EPIC.

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    2 more Weeks ! YES !!!!

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    How can this already incredible road trip get any better? Simply can't wait to find out how... :yea:

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    Great work.

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