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Thread title: "Knew You Were Trouble" with Taylor Swift

Knew You Were Trouble
With Taylor Swift
Written by TPG
CODES: MMF, DP, blowjob, anal
DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.

We had been bumping and grinding behind her all week, standing in the background as 23-year-old Taylor Swift did her thing and belted out the lyrics to her latest hit "I Knew You Were Trouble." Flashbulbs popped around us as the audience cheered and we picked up the singer and carried her over to the center of the stage, where we huddled around her and she changed outfits midway through the performance...

List of Most Common Story Codes
...these are not "official" codes just suggestions for some of the popular codes.

anal: Features anal sex.
ATM: Ass-to-Mouth.
DP: Double Penetration (2 males & 1 female).
feet: Sex with or about feet (foot fetish).
FF: Sex between two females.
finger: Act of finger-banging and probing pussy with fingers.
group: Groups of people having sex at the same time.
inc: Wincest between family members (including step-siblings).
mast: Masturbation.
MF: Sex between male & female.
MFF: Sex between three people (1 male & 2 females).
MMF: Sex between three people (2 males & 1 female).
mutual mast: Mutual masturbation.
oral: Features oral sex (eating pussy).
orgy: Sex between several girls of the same sex.
reluc: Hesitant about having sex but ultimately agrees.
rim: Rimming (eating male or female ass).
spank: Spanking for sexual pleasure.
squirt: Act of Female squirting/ejaculation.
text: Text sex via a phone or a computer.
toys: Sex toys including vibes, dongs, strap-ons etc.
voy: Voyeuristic elements (likes to watch others have sex).

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