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Thread: "Pocket Rocket" with Sarah Ellen

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    fanfiction "Pocket Rocket" with Sarah Ellen

    Pocket Rocket
    With Sarah Ellen
    By LemonTalk
    Codes: MF, BJ, Finger, Exhib
    Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction; it never happened and never will

    After a long holiday in L.A I was happy to finally be flying home to Sydney but what really got me excited by the flight was the young stunner I was lucky enough to have seated beside me. From her natural beauty, winning smile and, dare I say, smoldering look she threw me, I'd put a safe bet on her being a teen model.

    Not long after take-off my suspicions were confirmed when she introduced herself as internet sensation-turned-model Sarah Ellen and was surprisingly friendly and chatty, especially after finding out I was a fellow Australian rather than a tourist like most of the passengers.

    Even though I was easily ten years her senior we found a lot to talk about to pass the time. From my experiences these long haul flights were pretty lonely events with passengers barely saying two words to each other so this certainly made for a nice change.

    A couple of hours in, she excused herself to use the bathroom. With the amount of leg room we had I could remain seated while the pint-sized starlet shuffled past me and I couldn't help but steal a quick glance at her bare, tanned legs and tight little butt in her skirt as he passed.

    "Hey, are you checking me out?" she exclaimed playfully from the aisle.

    Going by her tone, even though I'd been busted it appeared I'd lucked out and hadn't pissed her off, if anything she enjoyed the attention so I shrugged it off.

    "Sorry but…can you blame me?" I admitted nonchalantly.

    Sarah then gave me the sexiest look yet with a slight smirk and dark, narrowed eyes which could probably get any guy on their knees to do her bidding. As soon as it was there it was gone when she suddenly turned on her heels to stride down the aisle.

    I leaned out slightly to get a good look at her firm ass as she headed for the bathroom. Outside the door she glanced back to make sure I'd been watching before grinning at me and slipping into the cubicle.

    For the next few minutes I sat there twiddling my thumbs. After that look she'd given and the way she seemed to have been flirting with me the whole flight, a part of me said I should get up right now and join her in that little room where, in my head at least, we'd join the mile high club together.

    Another part of me told me there was no way I was that lucky. Even if there was some mutual attraction between us, all the playful flirting was probably just the teenager's way of having a bit of fun and passing the time. If I burst in now I'd probably just spend the rest of the flight in handcuffs.

    I spent so much time convincing myself this was reality and not some dream or porno that the next thing I knew she was back and the chance, if there even was one, was gone. She scooted back into her seat with another warm smile before informing me she was going to get some sleep.

    While Sarah flicked her light off and curled up in her seat, I watched a bit of TV to try and distract my mind until eventually deciding to join her, reclining my seat to get some shut-eye.

    When I awoke some hours later, the cabin was dark and I rubbed my eyes before noticing movement beside me.

    My eyes were immediately drawn to Sarah's lap where she quite obviously had her hand down her skirt and was slowly rubbing away at her sex. I jumped when I glanced up to see her watching me intensely with her almost black eyes and a mischievous smile on her face.

    After a quick, panicked look over my shoulder for cabin crew or any prying eyes, I turned back to her.

    "What are you doing?" I whispered.

    "What you wouldn't," she replied plainly followed by a sexy little gasp.

    "You should stop, you'll get us both in trouble," I told her firmly, shifting in my seat to readjust by growing erection.

    "I like trouble. Trouble's good."

    "I'm serious Sarah, you need to stop," I repeated, unsure how long my resolve was going to last.

    "I can't stop now, I'm so wet already. See?"

    With that she pulled her hand out to show me two perfectly manicured, sticky fingers with trails of her own creamy juices connecting them as she wiggled them in front of me.

    The divine smell alone drove me crazy and I wanted nothing more than to suck her fingers clean, I was well aware there was nothing on Earth more delicious than wet teen pussy but suddenly they disappeared back down to continue slowly massaging her clam.

    "Is this making you hard right now?"

    "You know it is," I replied bluntly which got another smile from her.

    Before I could stop her, her spare hand was suddenly in my lap and fumbling for my cock.

    "Jesus, are you insane?" I hissed, grabbing her wrist and putting a stop to her attempts to unzip me.

    "Don't you want me?" she pouted.

    "Not here! Its way too dangerous," I insisted, almost impressing myself with my own willpower.

    "Fine." She huffed, looking offended. "I'll go find someone else then, someone who has the balls!"

    For some reason, being spoken to like that by someone so young really got to me. As she started to stand I grabbed her and pulled her back into her seat. Sarah gasped and had to quickly clap a hand over her mouth when I shoved my hand straight down her skirt and slipped a single finger inside her juicy cunt.

    It was now her turn to lose her composure slightly. Sarah looked around nervously as I proceeded to wiggle my finger deeper and really explore her drenched teen pussy.

    Unsurprisingly for a petite girl her size, she was incredibly tight, her velvet walls already clinging on to one finger, I couldn't imagine how she got anything bigger in there.

    "This what you wanted?" I asked.

    Sarah was gripping the armrests and biting her lower lip, too worried about moaning out loud to open her mouth so simply nodded her answer.

    "It is? I thought you were after this," I continued, taking her hand and placing it on the rigid tent in my pants.

    Somewhere in my head, my brain was telling me I was going too far and anyone could walk past and catch me defiling this young teenager and easily get the wrong idea. But a lot of that was forgotten when Sarah began feeling my cock. She traced the outline with her small hand, her eyes widening as she discovered just how big it was.

    "Wow…" she murmured.

    "Yeah? You think you could take that?"

    Her eyes immediately flicked up to mine.

    "You think you could handle this?" she retorted when she flexed and squeezed her teen pussy on my finger.

    It was at that point a member of the crew appeared to assist the passenger in front of us so we both reluctantly pulled our hands away. We sat in silence, staring at each other and almost panting as we waited for the attendant to be on their way.

    Just the way Sarah was looking at me in that moment, I had to wonder what was going on in her head and if she was considering simply pouncing on me and riding me then and there and just let everyone watch.

    Before she had the chance, I gave her a pointed look and told her I was going to the bathroom before getting up and slipping past the unknowing flight attendant.

    I let myself into one of the small cubicles and barely a minute later heard a quiet knock on the door. I cracked it open to see Sarah standing there looking nervously up and down the aisle before quickly sliding in to join me. With the cramped space, it was lucky she was so small.

    "This is so bad," she grinned before standing on her tip-toes to kiss me.

    I was actually surprised by the action and took a moment to return the enthusiastic kiss. While we made out, the cubicle became a hive of activity when we both worked to eagerly undress each other.

    I pulled her loose top up and over her head to discover she wasn't wearing a bra and possessed the cutest set of tits I'd ever laid eyes on. I quickly ran my hands up her toned stomach before feeling her small breasts and gently pinching her hard, brown nipples.

    Sarah gasped into my mouth as I touched her and she simultaneously succeeded in freeing my member which she took into her small hands.

    "Oh my God," she whispered excitedly, pulling away to stare at my menacing erection.

    I didn't want to waste any time so I bent to give her skirt and underwear a sharp tug, letting the garments fall to the floor and leaving the natural beauty stood completely naked in the airplane bathroom.

    I took a moment to admire her pristine little cunt before giving it a quick kiss and lick to get that long desired taste of teen pussy before standing back up. I wordlessly cupped her ass and lifted the weightless teenager into the air.

    Sarah knew exactly what to do, wrapping her long legs around my waist and one arm around my shoulder before reaching between us for my throbbing cock.

    She grinned wickedly as she held my cock against her mound, showing us both how massive it looked against her tiny frame and how deep it could potentially go.

    With that, she slowly lifted herself, rubbing my tip against her slit before using it to spread her wet lips and sliding the thick head into her hole.

    "Ugh. Holy fuck!" she grunted under her breath.

    Her smile instantly vanished to be replaced by gritted teeth as she winced as she slowly lowered herself onto my thick cock. Even with her size I couldn't believe how tight she was as I gently stretched out her wet hole. If it hadn't been for her attitude and obvious sex drive, this could have been her first time.

    Every now and then she had to stop and rest her head on my shoulder, panting hard as she seemed eager to prove herself and take as much of me in as she could.

    "God damn this is so fucking big," she whined. "I want it though, I want it all the way in my cunt!"

    Conscious of how long we'd been in here already, I took the initiative when she'd wiggled down enough to take over half of my length inside her and slowly started lifting her up and down, fucking her small body on my rigid cock.

    "This pussy is perfect," I groaned. "-so tight."

    On each motion, I'd lift her up to the point I only had the very tip nestled inside her snug hole before abruptly pulling her back down, making her eyes roll back when I stuffed her again.

    "Nggh-that's so good," she sighed lazily as I continued to use the young model like a sex toy.

    "Yeah? You like that big cock filling you up?"

    "Uh-huh," she panted. "I think-I think I'm gunna come already…"

    "Let me feel it Sarah,"

    I picked up the pace, fucking her that little bit harder and deeper until she started cussing and chanting deliriously, whispered into my ear.

    "Oh God-fuck! ohmigod-ughh!"

    She suddenly straightened up in front of me as every muscle in her body tensed and she climaxed on my cock. I watched her pretty face contort in bliss as she did everything in her power not to scream out loud and alert the whole plane to her orgasm.

    Her pussy became even tighter as she came and I simply had to hold on as her hips flicked erratically all while she let out the sexiest little grunts and whimpers.

    When she was finally done, she leant back to rest her shoulders against the wall while I held her up by her narrow waist still buried inside her dripping hole.

    "Okay now fuck me! Use my pussy until you cum," she begged.

    I grinned as she proved how insatiable she was before I started pumping into her again. I still didn't go too fast through fear of splitting the girl in half but with this readjustment I could now witness my cock slide in and out of her stretched out, shaven cunt.

    The vision seemed to excite her as much as it did me as she looked down to watch me continuously saw her in half.

    "Bet you haven't had pussy this tight for a while," she smirked.

    I drilled that perfect cunt for as long as I could with her teasing before I suddenly pulled out and sprayed my load all over her flat stomach making her giggle appreciatively.

    While I caught my breath, it seemed Sarah had forgotten where we were because she was suddenly eager to suck me clean, a request I couldn't exactly refuse.

    Sarah dropped to her knees and hungrily took my softening cock into her warm little mouth, stretching her lips to take me in. Despite just depositing such a large load on her, I quickly started to stiffen again thanks to her eager enthusiasm and talented tongue making her grin proudly.

    She did her best but struggled to suck on more than a few inches before gagging, coughing spit all over my bellend so she settled for licking my shaft with her long tongue like an ice cream. Once I was suitable coated with her saliva, she dipped lower to give my balls a long, wet kiss before taking each into her mouth, sucking hard before releasing them with a lewd pop.

    "Alright, get up here and bend over you little slut," I ordered, pulling her to her feet.

    Sarah grinned to the request and did as she was told, bending over the sink and displaying her tight little ass while I easily slipped back inside her loosened pussy and quickly gave her the fucking of her young life.

    "Unngh. Yeah I'm a slut, I like it!" she moaned, brushing her tussled blonde hair to the side to glare back at me. "Cum inside me this time. Cum inside that tight little teenage cunt!"


    I grabbed her hips and hammered away at her, feeling her cunt constrict and pulse around my cock, milking it for cum which I was more than happy to give her. I pulled her back, ramming my cock as deep as I could before exploding for the second time, draining my balls inside her while she gasped hotly.

    Panting, I stepped away to see my thick load start to drip from her abused hole while Sarah breathlessly stroked her slit with her fingers. Once we were both suitable recovered, we got dressed again before taking it in turns for the awkward walk back to our seats, avoiding eye contact with any of the suspicious passengers.

    "Well that was…something," I muttered, breaking the silence as she slipped back into her seat.

    "That was fun," she corrected. "And by my watch, we still have another five hours left on this flight…"

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    Fuck yeah. Great to finally see u tackle this tight piece of arse.

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    Simply Superb! Now every time she announces she's going to fly somewhere I'm gonna giggle like a schoolboy.

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