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Thread: NYE! (chain story)

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    Chat NYE! (chain story)

    (chain story)

    What your favorite celebrity is doing on the night of NYE.

    Story can't be longer than approx. 1500 words.

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    "This is going to be one Hell of a New Year's Eve," I said to Bella Thorne, cupping and squeezing her firm, round, peach of an ass on the elevator. We were going to the first floor of what was somehow both a big and exclusive party. The hows and whys weren't really important as the woman, or women, I'd have in my arms tonight. Prime among them is the red headed, eighteen year-old vixen in front of me, Bella Thorne.

    "Mm, I can only imagine, baby." she replied, trying to combine sexual tease with innocence, a tone she should patent as no one could quite hit it like her. "I'd love to know what you're imagining." She looked over her shoulder, biting her lower lip as I continued to fondle her ass. She knew exactly what was on my mind and loved it so much it was burned into hers as well.

    "That's my Bella. Now, let's go over some ground rules." I reached over to the elevator and pressed the stop button, halting our ascension.

    "I'd say I got them, but since they involve dirty talk I'm very eager to listen." Bella turned me on, sexy sinner smile in full swing. It was her turn to tease and fondle. She reached for my package, fondling it through my black suit pants. "I can't imagine I'm dressed in thigh high fuck-me boots for a chaste night of ringing in the new year."

    "So perceptive." I leaned forward, planting a soft kiss on her lips. "No one cums in you but me, got it? You can have your fun, but no one cum in your ass, your pussy, or your mouth but me, got it? That's just for me."

    "Got it." Bella said. "In fact, how about we provide an example right now? You know, so I can make sure I've got it."

    Before I could answer back, Bella had dropped to her knees. With handwork that would make the most skilled cardshark jealous, she had my belt undone and my pants to my knees in a matter of seconds. She looked up at me while she played with my cock, working me to hardness in an almost maddening display, like a cat playing with her prey.

    "Oh fuck," I hissed as he mouth enclosed around just the head first, softly sucking and swirling her skilled tongue around it. I don't know where she learned to suck dick like this, but wherever she did I've been reaping the benefits for months.

    With surgical skill, she took more and more of me in her mouth, her eyes locking on mine, giving me that extra little spark; I could see the raw hunger and lust in her eyes. I wanted to fuck her face so much, but I resisted. It'd be better that way. Besides, in this moment, this round of head, Bella was in charge and that was perfect with me.

    As she began to build up a rhythm, I moved my hand to the elevator controls, sending us moving again. Bella was so focused on sucking me off she didn't notice.

    "Oh, I hope you have some cum to give me," she purred, jacking my slick cock to take time for a moment of filthy talk. "Not too much though, just enough to scratch my itch, baby. I want to you to give me so much more throughout the night." She spit on my cockhead, perfect aim. Bella then licked the the head, her soft, wet tongue massaging the underside of my cockhead. "Just a nice mouthful."

    "Then better get back to sucking baby, got a nice white hot shot for you," I groaned. There was no reason to hold back. Bella was right, this wasn't even the main course.

    Bella attacked my cock with a hot fury, wanting the hot protein she'd been working hard for.

    "FUCK!" I growled. I stopped Bella, leaving only the head in her mouth as I shot in her mouth. Not the most powerful orgasm I've ever had with Bella, but with her even the small ones leave my knees shaking.

    Bella moaned and groaned as I shot in her mouth, savoring every stream like the best treat she'd ever get before pulling off to show me an empty mouth; she'd swallowed every drop.

    "Good girl," I said, right on cure with the elevator doors opening. Bella got to her legs with a start, smiling at me and playfully punching me in the arm.

    "You fucker," she giggled before kissing me. "You delicious fucker."

    "Shall we go in?" I asked, redoing my pants. Bella nodded, biting her lower lip. I took her hand, and walked her into the already busy party.

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    New Year Eve! (chain story)
    With Chloe Grace Moretz
    Written by TPG

    Chloe Grace Moretz should have known better than to go roaming down into the packed mosh-pit all alone, but in her current state of mind she was hardly thinking straight. After all she'd spend most of that afternoon drinking heavily in the sky box with her brother and his friends.

    In truth, the actress wasn't the biggest Rammstein fan, but Trevor didn't exactly have to twist her arm to come along to the concert. She often enjoyed attending such big stadium events, and being New Years Eve it was hard to pass up.

    As it turned out, the German rock band was in town celebrating the New Year with a huge pyrotechnics show. As the large speakers blasted the audience with "Ich Tu Dir Weh" the crowd went into a frenzy, jumping up and down in unison.

    Chloe, now drunk, spent several minutes struggling through the dense crowd to get as near to the stage as possible, and soon found it hard to maintain her balance as she was jostled from side to side.

    In fact the sheer size and proximity of the crowd around her made her feel almost claustrophobic. Still. Something about it all made her feel free and excited.

    Amusingly enough the actress struggled to see the stage thanks to the people around her who were several inches taller.

    As people around her sweated profusely, she suddenly realized how inappropriately dressed she was, scantily clad in nothing but a tight lace stretch top and a tiny denim skirt, which showcased her long legs and her bra-less pokies.

    The starlet didn't have a clue what Till Lindemann was shouting from the stage. Something about sex and pussy. But the heat around her was almost unbearable, making it hard to breathe.

    Amusingly enough, despite the sweltering heat her nipples were as hard as diamonds, and now made to very prominent points in her blouse.

    The music was almost deafening by the time she reached the center of the pit area, only to feel several people bump and grind into her intentionally, followed by numerous hands which grabbed and groped at her young body.

    As the band transitioned from one song to the next, the starlet knew there was little she could do about being manhandled in such a way, particularly in her current state of attire. But as daunting as it was, a small part of her got off on it.

    In fact Chloe would be the first to admit that she liked being the center of attention, and having these sex'ed up men and teenagers reach out to pinch her ass or touch her bare-naked hips kinda thrilled her.

    In every practical sense, Chloe was now trapped by the tightly packed crowd around her, who were in a constant state of movement, jumping up and down and swaying to the beat.

    As the songs went on, so did the constant touching. At first it was a little annoying, but she soon grew used to it and tried her best to ignore it.

    That said, Chloe wasn't sure when it happened, but soon enough she felt someone place their hands firmly on her sweaty hips and pull her in close.

    Despite being grabbed by a complete stranger, the actress permitted him to hold her close while they "danced" together, and he rubbed his hard cock into her ass.

    At first she played coy and tried to act all innocent about it. But ultimately she dropped all pretense and slowly inched backward to grind her booty to the music, while several opportunists reached over to squeeze her hips or breasts.

    Chloe wasn't sure what turned her on more. The fact that several people felt compelled to touch her body, or the fact that she now had this much older strangers full and undivided attention, his hard manly cock wedged firmly between her teen cheeks.

    This slow tease continued for the next few minutes before she felt someone's hands linger around her slippery belly, and slide down between her legs. Chloe actually gasped as she felt someone lift her skirt and brush their fingertips across her lace panties.

    The action sent a jolt of adrenaline up her spine, and caused her to shut her eyes and relish the moment of complete the men and the music.

    This was soon followed by the man behind her reaching up to cup both of her breasts, causing her to reach down to instinctively grasp his menacing wood.

    A moment later the lights dimmed with the sound of "Engel" blaring from the speakers, as Chloe felt another set of mysterious hands trace along the crease of her butt, slip under the lace of her panties and plunge into her wet pussy!

    She moaned out loud to the bold action, her head spinning with lust.

    At first she wasn't sure if the fingers belonged to the guy behind her, or someone else, but the notion of being teased, prodded, and fingered by so many strangers at once was so thrilling it didn't matter.

    She couldn't stop if she wanted to.

    To her astonishment the mystery hand that probed her pussy now added one, then two digits. Chloe tried not to squirm and give those around her any inkling of what was happening below the waist, but the excitement of being fingered in such a public place drove her stir-crazy.

    Lost in the moment, Chloe squeezed the hard cock in her hand and felt him unzip his pants and take it out.

    As the crowd around them now cheered loudly to events up on the stage, the actress felt the fingers that had been probing her cunt finally withdraw from her pussy to be replaced by a hard, warm dick.

    Without warning, the cock penetrated her pussy like a hot knife through butter. The actress grunted as she was hastily impaled in the jam-packed mosh-pit, surrounded by twenty-thousand screaming fans.

    She didn't know what to do. She was frightened and yet aroused at the thought of being taken in the middle of a crowd of sweaty men. It had always been her fantasy to be shared around, and gang-banged by strangers. And now it was finally happening.

    Moretz liked the feel of the tightness between her legs, as the pulsing cock moved in and out of her from behind. At this point she was too scared to turn around. She didn't want to spoil the moment.

    She thought the whole scenario was outrageous, but that was just it…that's what made it so hot, and made her so fucking wet!

    The cock pulled back as far as it dared before slamming forward again. He then pounded Chloe's pussy to the beat of the music, before he suddenly and unceremoniously released a torrent of creamy spunk into her teen pussy, sending her headlong into her own orgasm.

    Chloe shuddered as she came over the spewing member, and almost heaved a sigh of disappointment as he was forced to withdraw. But the moment he slipped his penis out of her freshly-creamed pussy, he was quickly replaced by another eager participate.

    The starlet almost came instantaneous when she realized she was about to get fucked by another bystander. It literally made her knees shake. In all her time she'd never imagined doing anything as perverse as that.

    ...and yet there she was, giving herself over to these strangers like a total slut.

    Moretz wasn't bothered about who, or how many, wanted to fuck her. She didn't care. All she wanted was a stiff cock inside her tight little clam.

    The second cock pumped her to the beat of the music, just like the first cock had, and within a minute or two she felt it spasm inside her, emptying its load into her womb.

    "Ugh-Fuck!" she grunted, her voice drowned out by the music.

    Hot sticky spunk now oozed down her legs as she pressed her knees together and tried to steady herself, only to feel a third person move into position and rub the head of his prick against her teenage minge.

    "ohmigod." she panted. "—you can't be serious."

    But before she could object, Chloe felt him press the head of his bell-end against her tiny asshole, and push in.

    To her surprise the stranger seemed to slip into her backdoor without much fuss, and quickly took control of her body by grabbing her hips as he now moved in and out of her backdoor!

    The starlet would hardly believe this sudden turn of events, particularly as two other bystanders now openly fondled and played with her breasts, as she was passed around and fucked in the ass.

    To make matters worse, this current fan seemed to have much more stamina than the last two combined, and was drilling her butt at a steady and relentless pace.

    As the band began to play "Feuer Frei!" her anal-lover began to pick up the tempo and drill her at a merciless rate, sending them both to the point of no return.

    The entire stadium seemed to disappear as she lost herself in the moment, her body shuddering as he fucked her sweet ass!

    The crowd cheered as the lights were dimmed for the pyrotechnic display, leaving them in relative darkness as he continued to fuck her within an inch of her young life.

    Chloe had no idea who he was or where he'd come from, but she could tell by the way he handled himself that he was at least in his mid to early 30's, maybe even older. It was just in the way he took her pussy. Like he owned it.

    He now pinned her arms behind her back as he smashed his hips into her ass again and again, his balls slapping against her cunt and causing her to cry out in rapture. Her only advantage being that the crowd around them drowned out her howls of glee.

    "Ugh. Fuck. ohmigod." she sobbed. "—Yes."

    Wanting to be sure that he'd come inside her like the others, Chloe reached down to cup his balls, rolling them between her fingers as he pounded away at her chocolate starfish with short, sharp strokes.

    "Fuck-Yeah!" she exclaimed while bending forward and sticking her ass out. "Fuck me. Come inside me!"

    This simple gesture seemed to have the desired effect, as he gripped her hips tightly and finally released, spurting torrent after torrent of hot white goo into her bowels.

    Chloe shuddered as she now stood there with her panties peeled to one side, her denim skirt pooled up around her hips, and three hot gooey loads trickling from her cunt and ass, but she didn't care.

    These impromptu encounters had been everything she had hoped for and more.

    She finally spied a way out of the cramped mosh-pit where she staggered off to the ladies room on shaky legs, and pondered if she would remember any of the nights events in the morning.

    "I can't believe I just did that." she pondered in the mirror. "—I actually let those guys have me...and let that one guy fuck me in the ass! God I'm a slut. But you know what. I don't care. I liked it. I like it a lot. It was fun."

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    Before I sent Bella I off, I decided to add an amendment to our rules. I wanted something specific all to myself. I playfully spun her into my arms, kissing her deeply.

    "I have an idea," I said, whispering in her ear.

    "Mmm, can't wait to hear it," Bella seductively replied. There was a spark of lust in her eyes that seemed to feed off of my own energy.

    "I have a slight amendment to our rules."

    "And that would be?"

    "I'm the only one who gets your ass."

    "Mmmm, just for one cock and one alone?" Bella teased. "I think we can do that."

    "Mind if I get some insurance?" I asked.

    "What did you have in mind?" Bella licked her lips, the anticipation hanging heavy. I reached into my pocket and took out a small butt plug I had brought for the party. I didn't know who I was going to use it on, but Bella seemed to be the perfect candidate, especially as her eyes seemed to sparkle the moment she saw the "insurance".

    Part of me wanted to put it in right here in the open, but I could feel eyes on me. In such a crowded party, it was understandable to a degree. However, I could feel a pair of eyes staring right at me even in the semi-secluded hallway I had taken Bella to in this penthouse.

    I took my vixen to a nearby restroom and shut the door behind us. I spun her around, Bella's face to the mirror and her luscious ass sticking out. I moved behind her, my hands roaming her body before settling on her firm ass and hiking up her skirt.

    I knelt down behind Bella and began to eat her asshole. This was a quick job. Her feeling good was a great side effect, her moans of pleasure urging me on, but this was just to get her lubed and primed for the plug. Once I was satisfied, I pressed the buttplug against her anus and slowly pushed forward, Bella's eyes shut tight as she acclimated to the intrusion. Once it was all the way in, I stood back up and pulled her skirt back down, slapping her ass before she turned to face me.

    "No panties," I said. "You spoil me."

    "I try." Bella replied.

    "And succeed. Now, go have some fun. But keep that in until you see me next. Also, did you remember your swimsuit?"

    "Of course, the moment you told me about the hot tub I put it on the checklist."

    "Good. See you around." She kissed me one more time and left. She was off to have some of her own fun, as was I.

    I was about to exit the bathjroom when I was pushed back in. Fortunately, it was someone I was going to be looking for anyway.

    "Hey there, Ms. Steinfeld." There she was, Hailee Steinfeld in front of me in an outfit that highlighted those luscious legs of hers. "How long have you been watching me?"

    "Since you got here." she responded. Hailee shut the bathroom door behind her and locked it, then made straight for me, embracing me and deeply kissing me. She bit my lower lip as it broke and grasped my hands by the wrist and placing them on her ass. "You left me hanging last time. Needed to make sure it didn't happen again."

    "To be fair, you're the one who wanted to fuck in an office building broom closet."

    "And now I want to fuck in a hotel bathroom. Now how about you shut up and get to fucking me?"

    Since I did owe her and wanted to fuck her brains out, I obliged. I grasped Hailee by her ass and lifted her up, the starlet wrapping her smooth, tone legs around me. I spun around and set her on the bathroom counter. "Now, let's get you out of those bothersome clothes..but keep the heels."

    "Of course. They're not called fuck-me pumps for nothing."

    "Well, you certainly get the message across."

    Keeping true to her "shut up and fuck me" attitude, Hailee pulled me in for another deep, animalistic kiss as I pulled at her clothes. In a flash, they were off and tossed to the ground. Like Bella, Hailee had skipped the very idea of underwear tonight. I do know the best women.

    Just as I had yanked her clothing off, Hailee did me the favor of free my cock, undoing my belt so quickly it seemed liked a lasso, sliding the the loops. With a quick zip sound, my fly was down and my cock was free, Hailee's hand quickly working me to full hardness and guiding me to her sopping slit.

    With one hard thrust I was in, she and I both letting out a loud moan of relief. I stared into her eyes, a sly half-smile on my face to match her sultry one. If Hailee wanted to be fucked, she was going to get that. Tenderness wasn't our thing. No love...just pure fucking, pure lust, pure fun.

    "That's it, take that fucking cunt," hissed Haille, the heels of her blue pumps digging into my ass. "Fuck me!" She bhegan to pull of my jacket and shirt, tossing them to the ground to join her discarded clothes, leaving my with just my shoes and the pants around my ankles.

    I pounded into her hard, my mouth sucking her pert breasts, tonguing and teasing her nipples. "Bite them...bite my nipples you fucker. DO IT!"

    I bit down, Hailee quivering with the action. "Ohhh fuck that's it," she growled. I could feel her nails digging into my back.

    "Don't you even think about cumming until I do," whispered Hailee. She stuck her tongue out, licking my earlobe to accentuate her point as well as tease me. "Then you get to cum in me...I get mine, you get your...ohhh fuck me...harder...HARDER!"

    I re-positioned myself, making Hailee unhook her legs from around me and place her knees to my shoulders, allowing me to plow her pussy even deeper than I had been before. If she wanted to be fucked hard, I was going to give her all I had.

    "Oh fuck yeah!" she squealed. "That's what I'm talking about!" I looked to her eyes, her face changing from being lost in the feelings of pleasure rushing through her body to her urge to be a sultry sexpot to keep me on edge. Even in the middle of fucking, Hailee Steinfeld managed to pull of a tease.

    Hailee and i went at it for forty-five minutes, switching position, but never facing away from each other. Hailee wanted to see the look on my face and NEEDED me to see hers. It got her off harder, which was good news for me as well. The harder she came, the harder I'd cum. Simple math. Finally I was only my back, Hailee riding my cock like I was a bucking bronco.

    "So close..." she moaned, her hair wet with sewat and matted to her body. "So god damn close." She began to grind into me, her hips swiviling and working me me into a frenzy. She began to breath faster and faster; she was going to cum, and cum hard.

    "Yes...oh fuck me..fuck me...yes yes....FUCK!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Hailee screamed, her orgasm rocking through he like a hurricane. She collapsed on tope of me, still shaking as she came. I thrust up into her, fast and hard, making her laugh and giggle as she moaned with pleasure. "Don't stop...keep fucking me...please keep fucking me..."

    I rolled over, still inside Hailee but now on top of her. She came, she was still cumming. it was my turn now. She looked up at me and smiled. "What are you waiting for? Cum in me...fuck my pussy and cum in me...FUCKING DO IT!"

    That's what I loved about Hailee, even post-cumming she was starving for more. I fucked her sweet cunt as hard as I could for all it was worth, Hailee once again locking her legs around my body, keeping me close and deep.

    "What, you waiting for a written invitation? Do it...cum..cum for me...this pussy is going to make you cum and cum hard...stop fighting it and fucking SHOOT IN ME!"

    "OH SHIT!!" I growled freezing in place and unloading my white hot load in Hailee's wonderfully hot, wet and oh so tight cunt.

    "Mmm, that's it, fill me up!" she moaned, smiling and content as her pussy was filled with my hot seed. I thrust into her a few more time as I finished unloading then collpased next to her, the both of us sweaty and catching our breath.

    "Never one to disappoint, are you?" Hailee said, a dick-drunk smile on her face.

    "Right back at you."

    "Hmmm. So...we're both hot and sweaty....and in a bathroom."


    "So... shower?" she suggested. "Freshen up before we go back out?"

    "Sounds good to me." It was a good idea. Wanted to be refreshed and clean for my next little tryst.

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    Ohhhh WOW... New Year with a BANG! cant wait for more to join the party now!

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    My favourite client Michelle Keegan was used to getting hit on but she'd consistently take it in her stride and let any man brave enough to approach her down easy. I suspect she quietly enjoyed the attention she got.

    Naturally I wanted her in the worst possible way too but being her personal trainer for the past eight months, I'd resolved to keep it professional. Plus she was married now anyway. While nothing would ever happen between us, watching her work up a sweat in her yoga pants and tank top every week wasn't the worst consolation prize.

    Just earlier today on New Year's Eve, with the gym busy with people trying to get a head start on the post-Christmas weight loss, I'd spotted four guys try to start a conversation with her while every other male ogled her and just as many females fawned over her as Michelle strode into my room in her usual formfitting outfit.

    After some of the usual mindless small talk, it was quickly apparent the actress was upset about something.

    "Well it's Mark again as usual!" she said with a roll of her eyes when I asked what was bothering her. "Our first new year's together as a married couple and he's buggered off to Essex for some DJ gig and left me on my own!"

    "Well me and the guys are having a few drinks at my place so you're always welcome if you wanted some company," I suggested half-jokingly.

    The last thing I expected was for her to excitedly accept the offer.

    In fact the actual last thing I expected was for her to actually turn up but lo and behold, come nine o'clock that night, my jaw dropped when I answered the door. Michelle had gone all out and looked drop dead gorgeous in a sexy red number.

    "Wow…" I muttered, pretty much speechless at the stunning woman I had on my doorstep.

    "Like it? Figured I'd make the effort, even for a night in," she smiled before giving me a quick twirl and showing off the way her dress hugged every curve of her flawless body.

    It accentuated the round ass I'd been obsessing over since I first met her and of course her famous tanned rack which seemed to be forever silently begging for a good glazing.

    Judging by the way she staggered slightly in her six inch heels when she spun, I guessed she'd already hit the pre-drinks pretty hard before coming out and as I invited her in, I had to wonder what a drunk Michelle Keegan would be like.

    After a quick introduction to the disbelieving guys in the front room, I led Michelle into the kitchen to fix her a drink. While I busied myself opening a bottle of red, I saw her lean over the breakfast bar and rest her chin in her hand.

    "Can I ask you something?"

    "Sure, shoot," I nodded.

    "The whole client, trainer confidentially thing…it extends out here, right?

    "Uhh, yeah I guess so," I shrugged, handing her her drink.

    Michelle took her glass and ran her manicured finger around the rim, looking straight at me while she seemed to ponder something.

    "So…you can't tell anyone if I told you how horny I am right now?" she suddenly blurted out.

    I almost choked on my beer. As much as I may have wanted it to, the topic of sex had never come up in our many conversations.

    Not wanting to scare her off the topic, I quickly assured that everything she said would stay between us and invited her into my study for more privacy.

    "I swear I'm having withdrawals or something," she laughed the moment I closed the door. "I've counted, it's been sixteen days and I'm getting seriously desperate."

    "Desperate?" I asked eager to hear her elaborate while I watched her practically down her wine.

    She gave me a coy smile before replying.

    "I literally got wet just from you touching me this morning at the gym! I'm not even kidding, it's the most action I've had in ages."

    I simply nodded, not sure what I was expected to say until she finally ran out of patience and made her intentions perfectly clear.

    "I need to get fucked mate," she said bluntly. "I've seen the way you look at me and I trust you not to tell anyone so why not?"

    I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Was Michelle Keegan actually asking me for sex?

    "I guess its win-win then," I finally said.

    I seriously thought I had to be dreaming when she gave her winning smile, placed her empty wine glass down and reached for the side zipper to her dress. She slowly unzipped it and I watched wide-eyed as it loosened and suddenly fell away to reveal her God-given breasts.

    My lips were dry as she shrugged the dress off and the material slipped down her sun-kissed body and left her standing in my study in nothing but her strappy heels.

    "Holy fuck…" I whispered in awe.

    I had no idea how I didn't end things prematurely when she dropped to her knees before me, let alone when she freed my raging erection or when she hungrily took me between her soft, glossy lips and effortlessly swallowed my dick whole.

    My confidence quickly grew as the initial shock wore off and Michelle slowly blew me, dragging her lips up and down my shaft at the perfect pace; there was no denying she knew exactly what she was doing.

    "That feels so good," I groaned, never wanting her to stop as I ran my hand through her silky hair.

    She grinned up at me appreciatively and started to quietly hum and moan around my cock which only made it feel even better.

    "So are you ready to fuck me now?" she asked innocently, letting my cock pop out of her wet mouth. "If you're good enough and fuck me really hard, maybe it can be a regular thing...add it to the workout plan in the New Year?"

    More than willing to accept that challenge, I didn't need to be asked twice and pulled her up and led her across the room where she gasped when I unceremoniously dropped her onto the sofa on her back.

    I already felt like I was on the verge of blowing after that quick blowjob and just being in the same room as this naked goddess so I wasted no time running my shaft over her slick pussy lips.

    "Yeah, I need it bad," she hissed, watching me tease her pretty pussy. "Come on, fucking give it to me…"

    Following that, I found her wet entrance and finally thrust forward and filled her up in one motion.

    "Oooh fuck yesss…" she sighed blissfully as I held myself as deep as possible inside her surprisingly tight little cunt.

    When I started pulling out and building up a good pace, I had no idea where to look from her face contorted in pleasure to her bouncing tits to my cock, already coated in her cream as it repeatedly impaled her shaved pussy.

    "That cock feels so good inside me," she grunted as she began flicking her hips up to meet my hard thrusts.

    I now had my hands on her hourglass figure and was hammering her at a merciless pace but the harder and deeper I fucked her, the more she responded.

    "Ugh. Come on, harder! Make me cum and I'll let you do whatever you want to me," she purred making it even more difficult to hold off. "I'll let you pound my ass next…"

    "Fucking hell, I'm going to cum if you keep on like that," I panted.

    "Yeah?" she smirked, licking her teeth. "Go on then, cum inside me…I dare you!"

    A second later I pushed deep and sprayed my load inside her which thankfully set her off as well. Michelle arched her back off the sofa and moaned loudly as she came with me and I filled her pulsing cunt with a seemingly endless torrent of cum.

    "Fuck yesss," she sighed.

    Even when I was done she didn't let me go, grinding her hips against me, obviously wanting more until I inevitably began to harden again inside her sloppy cunt.

    Michelle smiled up at me when she felt it but before I gave her what she wanted again, I pulled out and moved up to slide my wet cock between her incredible tits. When she pushed them together, it felt almost as good as fucking her pussy and it became an even tighter contest when she opened her mouth to accept and swirl her tongue around the head on each thrust.

    Before I could fuck her again however, we were suddenly interrupted when my ballsy friends opened the door under the pretence of investigating the strange noises. I was just about to shout at them and tell them to piss off when Michelle cut in first and actually invited them in.

    "We might as well all end the year on a high, right?" she winked up at me when I gave her a disbelieving look and six of my excited, drunk mates filed in.

    Not wanting to miss out, I quickly flipped her over onto all fours and pushed my bellend against her tight backdoor. The way it opened up and easily accepted my slick cock told me she was an experienced anal lover and I was steadily fucking her perfect round butt before anyone else had even finished stripping down.

    "Ughh-fuck yeah, pound that little ass," she hissed over her shoulder.

    It was only now I realised she wanted to be used and fucked like a proper slut so I quickly grabbed her long hair and gave it a sharp tug, cocking her head back and forcing her to take my cock even deeper.

    "Ugh. Uh-huh. Be rough with me…I like i-mmmfffgh!"

    She was cut off when someone turned her head back and she got a thick cock stuffed down her throat. When she began to enthusiastically suck him, the others quickly gathered round to await their turn, all grabbing and groping at her toned body.

    Before long she allowed one of them to climb under her where he held his cock upwards and Michelle quickly sank onto it, moaning erotically as we DP'd her and caused her to cum again almost immediately.

    When her whorish moans were cut short by another cock filling her mouth, I managed to thrust a few more times into the airtight starlet's ass before I erupted and filled her bowels with spunk which made her entire body shiver as she came again and again.

    No sooner had I pulled out, someone else stepped in to take my place, roughly stretching her asshole open again as she got tag-teamed and fucked within an inch of her life.

    I found myself simply stood back and watching the incredible sordid scene before me as Michelle Keegan was passed around between the seven of us with a permanent smile on her face and shouting out dirty words of encouragement on the rare occasion her mouth wasn't full.

    As we literally gang-banged the actress into next year, even with her obvious intentions when she came round tonight, I don't think Michelle Keegan expected to start 2016 off by getting her perfect tits and face utterly glazed and plastered by seven men all while their earlier loads leaked from her spent pussy and ass...

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