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Thread: "Lock All The Doors" Part 3 with Dove Cameron

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    fanfiction "Lock All The Doors" Part 3 with Dove Cameron

    Lock All The Doors
    Part 3 With Dove Cameron
    Written by Hearsz
    CODES: MF, inc, text, fingering, doggy, cowgirl, PTM, anal
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only
    A/N: Click on any words in bold blue to view some bonus pictures

    So there I was, alone in the house, or more specifically the bathroom, with my naughty niece Dove, who had just offered her sexy naked body to me. Had I not been related to her, the decision would have been quite easy.

    However, the last shred of faithfulness to my fianće that I still had in me, was just enough for me to do the right thing. I walked out the bathroom door, not looking back. I knew I might be kicking myself later, but having already pushed the sexual boundaries with Dove almost to the brink, I worried that my luck was bound to run out sooner rather than later. And I didn't want to know the repercussions if we got caught.

    I soon caught up with Millie and the rest of the family, just as their breakfast was ending. We took a long walk along the beach, taking in the warmth of the sun and the crystal waters of the ocean.

    Returning to the house in the early afternoon, I was relieved to find that Dove had gone with her Dad and some of their friends kids to get some ice cream and take them to the park. Suddenly, an overjoyed Millie burst into the kitchen with a beaming smile on her face.

    "I just got a call from the celebrant and he said there's an opening that's just come up for our wedding to be next month!!"

    "That's great babe, really good news".

    I'd already had a lot on my mind, given what had already happened this weekend. But upon hearing this news made it nigh impossible for me to disagree with her, as I feared she'd think I was getting cold feet if I did so. It wasn't going to be a huge wedding, so inviting people at short notice wasn't going to be a problem.

    As my brother, Dove and the kids arrived back from their walk, Millie couldn't contain her excitement, blurting out the latest news.

    "It will be thirty days from now, and I want you all to come if you can".

    It was clear the announcement wasn't taken well by my niece, a clear look of disappointment in her eyes.

    Despite the absurdity of it all, I was starting to believe that she really was in love with me, as she had been all those years ago the last time I saw her. This wasn't just a teenage infatuation. She politely excused her from the room and I didn't see her for the rest of the afternoon.

    The night was also a pretty uneventful one despite it being the last one that Millie and I would be staying here for.
    Dove wasn't next to me at the dinner table this time around, sitting down the opposite end, never making eye contact with me.

    I brushed it off. Just praying that she'd eventually get over it. Images of her turning up at our wedding and making a scene flashed through my mind. But I dismissed it, thinking that if she wanted to cause a family rift, she probably would have done it already. I was grateful that I'd gotten away with fooling around with her, not once, but twice, under the noses of the rest of the family. It was probably for the best
    that the news of our wedding came up. That way Dove would know my commitment to a future with Millie was a hundred percent real.

    We were packed and ready to go as soon as we had some breakfast the following morning. Millie and I were asleep by ten o'clock, tired after plenty of walking and taking in the warm sun for a lot of the past couple of days.

    Just after midnight, my phone again started to buzz, awakening me from my sleep. Through bleary eyes, it was a text from Dove, asking me to come and see her outside.

    It's the middle of the night Dove, I'm not coming down. Besides, we have to be up early so we can beat the morning traffic.

    Please Uncle Mike.. I just wanna talk. No funny business. I just want to clear things up before you leave because it could be another few years before I see you again.

    Despite my better judgement, I responded, agreeing to meet with her.

    OK, where shall I meet you?

    Down at the steps to the beach.

    Alright, give me a few minutes to get changed.

    As I withdrew my flannelette pyjamas for some casual clothes, Millie awoke just as I was about to sneak out of the room.

    "Hey? Where are you going at this hour?"

    Thinking up a good lie, I confidently replied,

    "I couldn't sleep so I thought I'd go for a walk. That OK?"

    "Sure, just try not to be too long or wake anyone up on your way down".

    "Will do", I said, kissing her on the forehead, watching her drift back to sleep as I exited the room.

    I was a bit nervous as I made the short walk down to the beach. Thankfully the air was still warm due to the humid conditions throughout the last few days. Some dark clouds had formed above, a bolt of lightning showed that a storm might be on the way.

    With her back turned to me as I approached her, she was dressed in a white blouse with a tight purple singlet underneath, helping to accentuate the luscious curves of her deep cleavage.

    "Hey", I simply said.

    "Hey. Thanks for coming".

    "Look, I just wanted to apologise for how I've been acting. Even though you're my Uncle I just couldn't control myself around you. I thought my crush on you when I was younger was just that, a crush", she said, leading me down to the beach as she opened up to me.

    This confession surprised me considering those explicit selfies she sent me earlier the night before. I briefly wondered if she might be a sex addict but it didn't seem like she was like this around any other guys, at least from what I knew.

    "Look, I'm happy about you being engaged and soon you'll be married, even if I am tad bit jealous".

    Walking alongside the ocean shore, I reassured Dove that there couldn't possibly be a future between us.

    "Dove, sweetheart, you're a young, successful, incredibly attractive girl. I guarantee things will get better before they get worse. One day when you're older you'll sit back and laugh about this. We both will".

    I didn't think for a second that those last words would be taken a different way by my niece. I foolishly assumed that things would go back to normal, but unbeknownst to me, Dove was slyly taking advantage of my kind nature.

    "You're right Uncle Mike! Things will get better, starting right now!" she said, unbuttoning her blouse and peeling off her singlet over her head.

    "Wait, what are you doing??"

    "Going for a swim", my niece gleefully responded, dropping her small handbag to the sandy ground, then stripping off her shorts so she was now in just a bra and a pair of pink cotton panties.

    It was then I knew she had been setting this up the whole time. She was baiting me yet again. My mouth watered as I leered at her hot body, which only got more enticing as she discarded her bra, and slid her panties down her slim legs.

    "Come on Uncle Mike, join me for a swim?" she pleaded, grabbing my hand.

    I was momentarily paralysed as I eyed up her succulent naked breasts, taut stomach and perfect looking slit.

    "No chance!" I finally responded.

    "Suit yourself", she said, skipping as she headed into the dark waters. I could just make out her firm round derrière as she headed off.

    As she frolicked in the ocean water a few metres out, I got a bit worried given the lack of light and not knowing the dangers out there.

    "Please Dove, come out of there now!" I shouted, trying for once to act like an adult around her.

    "If you want me to come out, you'll have to come in and get me Uncle Mike!"

    "Dammit..." I said under my breath, taking off my shirt and shorts so I just had my underwear on. I had a slight erection thanks to seeing my niece in the buff for the second time in less than twenty four hours.

    The water was cool as I waddled through it to about waist height, getting closer to my niece.

    "OK, fun times over Dove", I said, standing over her.

    I was shaking as she stood there, completely naked, water dripping down her face and over her sinful curves. I knew something was going to happen, and I had to react to it quick. Dove began rubbing a hand over my chest, then down to my belly. I knew what she was going for, and I grabbed her wrist before she could descend any further.

    "Awww, you're no fun", she pouted, turning around to showcase that tight little ass of hers and diving into the water, heading into deeper territory.

    "Dove, we gotta get out of here now?" I called out, but there was no reply.

    I started to get worried now, a couple of minutes passing and not only did she not answer me, there was no sight of her.

    "This is isn't funny", I said, moving further out, hoping she was just messing with me.

    Things went almost dead silent except for the waves crashing against the shore. Turning around, my look was one of shock as I saw a figure lying about twenty metres down the coast from where I stood, not moving. In a rush, I got closer and indeed it was Dove's naked prone body laying there.

    "Dove..DOVE!!" I shouted, but she didn't move. I really started to panic and my heart started to beat incredibly fast. I shook her, but she didn't respond.

    Probably through fear, I wasn't able to focus properly, unable to tell if I could feel a pulse or if her heart was still beating.
    So I did what I thought was right. I leaned in close, pressing my lips to hers to perform CPR, breathing air so it rushed into her lungs, hoping I could revive her. When I did this a second time, I heard her quiver and moan into my mouth, as well as the distinct feeling of her tongue flick against mine.

    This cunning little minx had tricked me again! But that didn't stop me from making out with her on the shore, french kissing the starlet whilst a pool of the ocean's incoming tide surrounded us every few seconds.

    "Mmm....My saviour" she cooed, looking even more adorable below me.

    I should have been furious with her, but again I went weak at the knees, especially when I felt her legs rubbing against mine and her hand slither it's way into my underwear this time around, grabbing at my solidified cock.

    "Fuck me Uncle Mike! I want your cock inside me sooo badly.." she begged, stroking me firmly.

    "Fuck it!" I cursed out loud, reaching for my last piece of clothing, and sliding them off of my legs, so I lay upon my niece, joining her naked on the beach.

    As I hungrily kissed her, I could feel her toned thighs and legs wrap around me, as well as her perky round tits rubbing against my chest. She teasingly rubbed her shaved cunt against my stiff length, signalling that she was more than ready to be taken. I looked down at that angelic face of hers as I took a hold of my cock, rubbing it against her horny slit.

    Her complexion was as pure as driven snow, distracting one temporarily from her devilish feminine flesh. I slowly eased my cock into Dove, feeling the velvety tightness of her cunt gradually surrounding my thick girth, the mushroom shaped head popping inside her warm chasm.

    "Mmm Uncle Mike!" she cried softly, my sturdy member splitting her juicy peach as I worked another inch then two inside my precious niece.

    "Ohhh so fucking warm, so so good", I groaned as I felt her snug pussy tighten around me as my thighs rubbed against hers.

    "I can feel it inside me Uncle Mike! It's so fucking huge", she said softly as she bit her bottom lip, her hands resting on my working buttocks as I upped the pace of my forward thrusts.

    I'd gone well beyond the point of no return, now that I had given my niece what she had craved the most. The sinister part of me was going to really give it to her hard for being such a tease, and turning me into an unfaithful guy, to the point I was intent on fucking her within an inch of her life.

    The lighthouse beam brightened up the ocean once every fifteen or so seconds, with each three hundred and sixty degree turn it had completed. With each flash I could see the pure white blonde haired Aryan goddess below me, revelling in the feeling of her Uncle fucking her, moving my cock in and out of her warm teenage plenge. Holding her slim hips and raising myself up slightly, I was preparing to drive the rest of my cock inside of Dove, until I felt my balls resting against her supple little ass.

    But just as I was about to, I could feel some specs of rain upon my back, and it soon started to pour down, soaking myself and my horny niece in the process. Had we not had to have changed back into our dry clothing, we probably would have continued. But to both our dismay we quickly gathered our clothes, Dove picking up her small handbag, and headed up the beach. The last thing we wanted was to return back to the house in completely soaked attire and with water damaged cell phones.

    "We need to get out of here, under some shelter", I insisted.

    I could have easily been fooled into thinking that the chance to continue fucking Dove was no longer a possibility, given the situation.
    But there was more to happen on what was a once unimaginable weekend.

    "Follow me!" she said, racing towards the base of the lighthouse, her sexy naked rump swaying from side to side as I trailed her closely behind.

    Dove opened the door to the lighthouse tower, which was thankfully unlocked. As I entered, my niece had already made her way up the stairs, looking to head up to the top floor.

    I catch up eventually, seeing her backed up against a wall, her legs partially covered in sand, the rest of her fine naked figure dripping of the storm and sea water.

    "Please fuck me again Uncle Mike. Just this one time. I'll do ANYTHING you want".

    Dropping my belongings to the floor, I didn't even contemplate trying to deny her this time, knowing that this would probably the last chance I'd have with another woman, even if it was my own niece. I had always prided myself on being a faithful partner the entire time I had been with Millie. But when a sopping wet nude teenager offers themselves to you, especially if you are the age I'm at, I defy any guy to try and resist.

    I was at my wits end. I stood there a few feet from my insatiable niece, my cock stiff and ready, bobbing slightly, grazing the base of my stomach, still glistening in her juices. I dipped my head down to kiss those full lips, fondling her tender breasts like the pervert I had become.
    Dove in turn took a hold of my long dick, stroking it so fluently, making sure I was at full mast.

    She had me sit down on a wooden seat against one of the walls of the room. Licking her palm, she wrapped it around my turgid beast in order to moisten me up. I took a hold of her hourglass hips as she kneeled in my lap to mount me, her perfect breasts in line with my face as she slowly skewered herself on my thick stalk.

    "Ohh Uncle Mike, right there!!" she exclaimed.

    My eyes tightened as I felt her wet little cunt devour me, my sexy young niece seated in my lap, rocking her hot lithe figure upon me. I kept still and let her do all the work, feeling her grind herself on my cock as she was completely dripping wet down below. I couldn't help but lick and suck on her hard pink nipple as she bucked against me, manhandling that hot little ass of hers as my entire length was enclosed around her incredible teen cunt.

    She remained still for a moment, her tired face against mine as her ass cheeks rubbed against my balls. I held her tight and she giggled when she felt my cock throb whilst it was buried all the way inside her.

    "I love you Uncle Mike".

    I knew her words were genuine, even though it couldn't possibly lead to any kind of actual couple relationship. Not wanting to upset her, I said the same words back.

    "I love you too sweetheart".

    Like an animal, Dove mashed her lovely red smackers upon mine, darting her tongue inside my mouth as we exchanged saliva. She was riding me incredibly fast, sliding her pussy upwards so only the tip was nestled inside her, then quickly dropping all the way down to the base.

    "Uhhhh", I grunted time and time again.

    Dove hopped off of me, seemingly wanting to change positions. But before doing so, she took me by surprise, holding then stroking my secretion covered member.

    "God I love this thing. So.Damn.Much.."

    "Ohhh fuck!" I cried, Dove dropping her head down in my lap to oh so sweetly suck her own juices off of my shaft, whilst the rain hammered against the tin roof of the lighthouse.

    Her lips were like nice soft pillows massaging me, the blonde teen slowly working her way down and up my stiff cock. Dove lathered my sensitive balls with her incredible tongue, licking and sucking each into her wonderful wet mouth. Sucking back on the tip, I took a bundle of her silky golden mane, forcing her head down to take me all the way, essentially having my sweet young niece deep throat me.

    The lightning outside occasionally illuminated the room, the sound of Dove gagging on my dick heard in between. As she continued to bathe my cock in her saliva, I reached across to feel up her body as she slurped away at me, squeezing her hanging breasts and the smooth skin on her back.

    Moving further down, I slid my hand under her ass to tenderly stroke her supple thighs and grope her firm derrière. I couldn't help but rub at her drenched slit in between her thighs, feeling the vibrations of her working mouth as she moaned excitedly around it.

    Releasing her luscious lips from my shaft, Dove moved to sit on me backwards, her tight little butt pressing against my thighs once she dropped her light weight figure upon my cock again. She resumed riding me at a steady pace, bouncing on my juicy pole, grinding herself to the base and then up again. I cupped her succulent breasts and pinched her nipples, which only made her wiggle her ass in my lap more furiously.

    Dove rubbed her clit and inadvertently tickled my balls, as she furiously tried to bring upon her climax. I helped her out by tweaking her fat nipples a bit harder, and adding my hand in between her legs to frig her sopping slit. I egged her on to cum with taunts and name calling.

    "Cum for me you dirty little whore. All over your Uncle's huge fucking cock!"

    "Oh shit, fuck me, I'm gonna explode!!" she wailed, writhing upon me like she was having an epileptic fit. I could feel Dove's body shudder as she climaxed.

    Wanting to have a release of my own, I turned the starlet over so she was on all fours, Dove's glorious pale white backside hoisted upwards for me to stand up right behind. I was dying to cum, and wanted to make sure the next and probably final part of our incestuous encounter, would live up to everything that had come before.

    Turning her face to look at me with those glowing green eyes, Dove wiggled her cute behind and insisted,
    "Give it to me Uncle Mike...Fuck your little girl!"

    "Unghh!!" I groaned as my cock ploughed into her warm velvety depths, my thighs smacking against her rippling ass cheeks.

    "Oh Dove! Grrrr, shit!"

    I had one hand on her slender hip and the other on the small of her back, railing into her doggy style, the teen whimpering as I, her Uncle, fucked her like no other guy had before. Dove was rubbing her engorged clit as she took an almighty pounding, completely dominated by my lust fuelled intentions.

    I was close, but I wanted to look into her eyes when that moment of contentment had arrived. Turning her over, I had Dove lay on her back, spreading her legs and cupping her own breasts. Her pussy had been battered a raw pink, her labia nice and puffy and her cunt was ready for one last intrusion. I pressed her delicious inner thighs down as I burrowed into her teen cunt again, my thick member plunging fiercely into her battered box as I could feel the tension rise in the pitt of my balls.

    "Aiii Uncle Mike! Don't stop! Harder! HARDER!!" she cried, grinding her hips forward to meet my thrusts, rubbing her clit again which only turned me on more.

    Sweat was pouring off of my brow, and I could feel her inner walls contract around me. Dove's hands alternated between caressing my hips or chest, and locking in on my ass to make sure I didn't pull out of her.

    "Oh geezus, oh fuckkk!!"

    "Give it to me! I want it inside me Uncle Mike! I want to feel you filling me with your cum!"

    "Ohhh God, fuckkk!!" I shouted as I gripped my niece's heaving tits tightly, shooting my huge warm load into her young womb.

    Dove clenched her legs and thighs around me as I came what felt like copious amounts of seed inside her teenage poon. I could feel her inner cunt walls milking every last milky drop out of me. We sat there on either end of the couch for the next ten or so minutes, not saying a word, not even getting redressed. We couldn't leave, given the heavy rain that continued to hammer down outside.

    I was well and truly spent, believing that no form of sexual enticement could possibly get me going again anytime soon. Dove moved to sit next to me, pulling at my limp arm so that it wrapped around her flushed white body.

    "Wow Uncle Mike. You sure now how to satisfy a woman's needs".

    "Thanks, I guess. Look, this can't happen again. And we have to keep this between you and I. It was great I admit, but a month from now I'll be married, and everything I have to offer will be for Millie. Do you understand?"

    She seemed to be upset by my words. I kept my arm around her as we sat there in the sofa, not saying a word. Dove cuddled up to me, stroking my bare thigh and then running her fingertips along my semi-flaccid cock. I loved feeling her touch me like this, caressing me and wanted to just enjoy the moment, seeing as though she and I would never be able to do this again.
    So I did likewise, fondling her soft breasts and tenderly rubbing my hands along her slim legs. This all led to us kissing each other without saying anything, the teen stroking my hardening tool and my hand slipping in between her legs to rub her lubricating pussy.

    "Please don't marry her Uncle Mike. I'll give you anything you want. And do anything you desire".

    "I'm sorry Dove but, I don't think there's anything you can say to change my mind".

    I was cursing myself for saying that, even though I knew it had to be said. But It's not everyday you get a hot ass teen offer themselves to you, however, and whenever it pleases you.

    Dove stood up from where we were, turning around so her back faced me, going over to what looked like an office desk. She bent forward slightly, parting her legs so her luscious white ass was in a presenting position. Grabbing both cheeks with each hand, Dove pulled them apart to expose her tight, puckered anus to my disbelieving eyes.

    "Have you and Millie ever tried anal before Uncle Mike?" she asked, her face looking over her shoulder seductively at me.

    "I uh, no never", I replied, my mouth watering and a lump in my throat as she teasingly rubbed her exposed labia and grazing her fingertips over her wrinkled backdoor.

    "Well neither have I, but I want my first time to be with you. If I can't have you, the least I can do is give you something Millie hasn't".

    As much as I wanted to defend Millie, the thing is she was really reluctant to try anal sex. After asking a few times with her declining on each occasion, the topic never came up again. I guess I'd been fascinated about doing it for a very long time.

    But having my teenager niece offer me this was no doubt her last desperate plea to try and change my mind about going through with the wedding.
    Dove must have noticed the mesmerised look on my face as I just stared at her tight little rosebud, the naked beauty making a suggestion to me.

    "Grab my handbag and look inside".

    I did as she asked, opening it up and having to blink twice when the first thing that I took notice of was the tube of KY-Jelly lubricant in her bag. It was then I realised that she must have been planning for this ever since Millie announced that news this afternoon. This girl really was willing to do anything for me.

    "I want you to fuck my tight little ass Uncle Mike. I thought lubing me up, as well as that huge thing would help us both".

    She wasn't wrong, as her last remaining un-penetrated hole looked incredibly tight. I felt my cock twitch at the thought of what was about to unfold.

    I didn't care about the consequences now. Dove had done a number on me over the last two days, and maybe it was the fact I'd already gone this far that it didn't matter what else I did. She was evidently really jealous that I was marrying Millie instead of her. I unscrewed the lid of the tube, squeezing a fair amount into the palm of my hand. Taking one of her exquisite cheeks, I parted her ass and longingly gazed at her dark pink starfish.

    "Oooh", Dove cooed, as I ran my coated fingers along her crack, the teen tensing as I lathered her tender looking butthole.

    Once I felt she had been coated up enough, I prepared her for what my intentions were.

    "I'm just going to slip a finger in sweetheart, tell me if I'm going too fast".

    She nodded back at me, a fear in her eyes as she was trying to expect the unexpected. I pushed my middle finger against her tight hole, getting some resistance as well as seeing her entire body tense up. Holding her hip tight so she couldn't move forward, my slimy digit was able to successfully probe it's way into her warm searing asshole, to the first knuckle.

    "Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod!!" she whimpered, her head bowing down and fingers gripping the edge of the desk tightly as she experienced her first ever anal intrusion.

    "Rub your pussy Dove, it should help you enjoy it", I said, having seen and heard women mention this before.

    Dove soon began rubbing her slit, fingering her dripping teen box with two fingers until she was moaning at her own touch. This allowed me to join her by working my finger deeper and deeper until I was almost all the way inside. I could feel her ass muscles clenching ever so tightly around me, and knew we were nowhere near ready to move to what would surely be the last step.

    Taking another dollop of the jelly, I layered it around my embedded finger, which gave me a fluid fingering action. I took it as a great sign when my niece was moving her hips and ass backwards to meet my working finger, pretty much riding it.

    "You're doing really good sweetheart. Now I'm going to try and add a second finger. You ready?"

    "Ngh-hnh", she replied through clenched teeth.

    Squeezing her butt, I opened up her ass further by sliding in my index finger, the teen grimacing and holding in deep gasps as I slickly double fingered her loosening passage. She never stopped fingering her cunt, the petite blonde seemingly enjoying having four fingers pleasuring her two neighbouring orifices.

    My cock had sprung back to life a long while ago, and knowing that it was going to be where my two fingers currently were, sent shivers up and down my spine. It scared me as much as it excited me. Once Dove's low guttural grunts turned into joyous satisfactory cries, I knew she was ready.
    I took my fingers out, taking a good look at her gaping hole, which was trying to close up. Thankfully it was still lathered up enough to hopefully accommodate my manhood. I oiled up my shaft long stiff shaft, the cool gel doing nothing to change how completely aroused I was.

    Getting myself in position, I rubbed the spine of my dick in between her ass crack, salivating at the sight and how great I hoped this would be.
    She had teased me with this ass before, especially when she wore tight pants or spandex, knowing I couldn't help but look. Still, I was very hesitant to do this, fearful that putting my thick member in such a tight opening might hurt her more than she could ever imagine. I also worried that if I went too far, that she might not be able to walk straight in the morning. Fortunately, any doubt I may have had of backing out of this was erased by her next few words.

    "Put it in my ass Uncle Mike. I want it", Dove insisted, grabbing both cheeks and spreading them apart for me.

    "Here we go then sweet pea", I said softly, pushing the bell shaped end of my penis against her wet puckered hole, feeling her anal ring grip me for dear life as I surged forward slowly.

    "Unghh, aiii, f-fuckkk!!" Dove shrieked as her asshole was pierced open by her Uncle's thick beast.

    I was heaving and holding her tightly as I felt her vice like anus milking the sensitive tip. At least if we were both going to suffer to begin with, we were doing it together, as we both finally experienced anal sex for the very first time.

    "God it's so thick? Gah, it's splitting me in two!!"

    "Grrr, so hot, so damn tight!!"

    I don't think my penis had ever been this hard before. Which made the pain all the more excruciating given the way her tiny sphincter was squeezing me. Thankfully, the lube was working a treat and I was soon able to feed more of my length inside her incredible ass, getting a fluent motion going.

    "Feels so damn good baby!" I groaned, reaching round to cup Dove's round hanging breasts, slowly closing the gap between my thighs and her juicy buttocks. It seemed like she had started to relax too, getting used to the wonders of anal sex.

    "You can go harder. Nghhh, I can take it!"

    Dove couldn't have inspired me anymore at that moment, as I firmly railed into her sandy teenage ass, until my whole length was buried inside my niece's back door. I was soon butt fucking her as if I was inside her pussy, inspired by her deep grunts and hearing the squishy sounds of her furiously rubbing her clitoris. I didn't know how much more I could take, the friction, although so wonderfully indescribable, was becoming all too much.

    "Grrrr! Here it comes baby... Tell me where you want it!" I demanded, leaning forward so my face was to the side of hers, giving her asshole some quick hard pumps.

    "In my ass! Don't you dare take it out, I'm so close. Let me cum with you whilst you're in my ass Uncle Mike!!"

    "Uhhhh Christ!!" I groaned, unable to hold out any longer.

    "Aiiii!! Yesss!!!" Dove wailed.

    We both cried out emphatically as I erupted in her no longer virgin asshole, Dove's cunt spasmed erotically, squirting her warm juices out as she climaxed. I withdrew my aching cock, spewing the last few drops of my seminal fluid upon her pale white ass...

    A year later...

    Despite Dove trying everything to stop me from marrying Millie, we still went through with it anyway. I hadn't seen Dove in the past year since that night in the lighthouse tower, both of us returning back to the beach house separately, in case other family members were there waiting for us out front. I was able to convince my then fiancé that I'd had to seek shelter until the rain had stopped. Whereas Dove took a back entrance into the house, sneaking back into her room without anyone knowing she'd even been gone.

    Dove didn't attend my wedding, her father advising me that she couldn't make it due to work commitments. I figured that it was just an excuse, knowing that her seeing me get married to another would be all too much for her to bare. As I began to pack and prepare for our drive down to the lake, I didn't hold high hopes for Dove ever returning again.

    But like clockwork, I received an anonymous text from an unrecognised number, with an attached picture.

    See you soon Uncle Mike xx

    THE END (For now...)

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    A glorious finale! Well done as always hearsz.

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    Holy hell. What a finale indeed. It definitely didn't disappoint hearsz. Great job.

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    Damn, that was a great way to end things, nice one hearsz

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    Great images matched with a great climax (pun intended) to the trilogy. Keep it going!

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    An Apt Finale.. Amazing... Loved all that happened behind "All the Door" and more in the open :)

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    Thanks for the great feedback guys, I thoroughly enjoyed writing this series! :yea:

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