The Lowdown Chapter 1: Humble Beginnings
With Jennifer Lawrence
By MacedMan
Disclaimer: I do not intend for anyone to mistake this as being true and real. It is a fictional story involving fake versions of celebrities all over the age of 18.

November 2012

I think I would have just turned twenty-two, I was fresh out of college after all. I was barely a couple weeks into my job at 'The Lowdown' magazine before they promoted me to featured writer. I just had a talent for it I guess. Honestly I thought it would be difficult, I was a Brit coming to America to work for an American magazine, but they welcomed me with open arms.

'Destination on the right,' a robotic voice called out from the GPS on my dashboard.

'I don't think I'll ever get used to these roads,' I said to myself as I looked out at the hotel where I was supposed to be going.

Trepidations aside, I managed to drive cleanly into hotel driveway where an awaiting valet took it off my hands. 'I'm not going to be long,' I called out.

I turned and entered the hotel lobby, approaching the front desk where a friendly looking woman was waiting. 'I'm here to meet Ms. Lawrence,' I said, hoping it would be that easy.

'I'm sorry? I don't know what you're talking about,' the woman said, I thought this might happen. Since the beginning of the year when 'The Hunger Games' released, Jennifer Lawrence has been a hot property, it's no surprise that the hotel was being tight lipped about her presence there.

'I'm press,' I said, pulling out some paperwork from my satchel. "I'm with The Lowdown, I actually have an appointment... Desmond Drake,' I said.

'Oh, well in that case, she's up in room eight-oh-four, which is level eight, should I call her and tell her you're heading up?' The woman said.

'I guess,' I said. 'Why not...'

I left the front desk and headed toward the elevators. As I waited in the elevator I had a look through my notes, inside there were questions I wanted to ask; about her breakout role in 'Winters Bone', what is was like working with David O. Russell on her new film 'Silver Linings Playbook', and how it felt to have gotten so famous with the release of 'The Hunger Games'.

There were also questions that the editor wanted me to ask, mostly tongue in cheek questions about her life, interests and hobbies and most notably and crucially, what it was like researching for the role of a sex addict. Honestly I felt like that last one was a bit crass. 'The Lowdown' is known for its deeply personal and invasive interviews, so I doubt Jennifer would have taken the interview if she wasn't prepared to answer such an obvious question.

'Come in, doors open!' Jennifer called out almost immediately after I started knocking.

I followed her suggestion, opening the door and walking into what was actually a surprisingly small hotel room. 'Hi Jennifer, I'm Desmond,' I said as I approached the kitchen Jennifer was standing in.

'Hello Desmond, I'm sorry for not opening the door but as you can see I'm a little busy,' Jennifer said, I looked and true to her word her hands were occupied with what appeared to be various ingredients for cocktails.

'It's fine,' I said. 'Bit nervous are you?'

She looked slightly sheepish as she put the finishing touches on her cocktails. 'Yeah, I've heard you guys dig really deep, so I thought I should have a drink to loosen up and well now hearing that accent I think I might need to have both,' she joked, passing me one of the drinks.

I laughed. 'Don't sweat the accent,' I said. 'If it makes you feel any better this is my first real interview in the States so... I think I just might need this drink,' I joked, taking a sip of her drink.

'So what do we do from here?' Jennifer asked, as she placed the straw in between her supple lips.

'Well we can chat for a bit, or if you'd like we can get right into it, where should I set up?' I asked, unable to move my eyes away from her beautiful facial features.

'Let's get comfortable on the couches first and see where we go from there,' Jennifer suggested, pointing toward a small living area with two couches and a coffee table.

'Lead the way,' I said, ushering her ahead of me as we made our way to the living area.

'I mean, I've done interviews before,' she said, as I took in her sexy young shapely body. 'But I recently read the interview you guys did with Scarlett and wow, she really talked a lot about her sex life!'

She was wearing a tight, navy blue dress that happened to reach just below knee level. 'Again, this is my first real interview with this magazine and it's possible I'll have a different approach,' I said.

'I don't want you to be too different, I did set this up for a reason you know!' Jennifer said as we sat down.

I nodded and watched her remove the long dark hair from her eyes as she made to consume even more of her surprisingly alcoholic cocktail. 'What do you call this drink anyway?' I asked as I set up my Dictaphone.

'I call it the Everdeen,' she said, smirking. 'Cheesy, I know.'

I laughed. 'One second, I kind of want to get that into the interview, do you mind if we start and you answer that again?'

'Go right ahead,' she said, smiling as she took another sip.

'Wonderful,' I said, quickly turning my Dictaphone on. 'Testing, testing, one, two, three,' I said, making sure the levels were correct.

'That thing hard to use?' Jennifer asked.

'Not really,' I said. 'I just try to make it look like it is, as soon as the world knows how easy it is to use a Dictaphone, interviewers will be out of a job,' I joked.

Jennifer laughed. 'I'll keep it a secret,' she said.

'Thanks,' I said. 'We're on by the way.'

'Oh, it's not live is it?' Jennifer said.

'This is being broadcast on every iPhone in the world right now,' I joked. 'Anyway,' I continued. 'What do you call this drink anyway?'

'I call it the Everdeen,' she said, batting her eyes at me. 'Do you like it?'

'I think it's quite nice actually,' I said. 'What's in it?'

'That's a family secret,' Jennifer said slyly, now having engulfed half of the drink.

'Alright, I'm going to get right into it now,' I said. 'First I'd like to start with talking about what many would consider to be your breakout role, in Winter's Bone.'

'I love that movie,' she mused.

'I think it's absolutely fantastic,' I said. 'I just wanted to ask, a lot of people at the time thought one of two things; this is either the start of a wonderful career from a wonderful actress or she's peaked too young. Did you ever fear that you may have gone right out of the gate with your best work?'

'I did a little bit,' she laughed. 'But to be honest, I knew at least I would still be famous for a while, I had X-Men and I knew that Hunger Games would be huge.'

'But critically...' I said.

Jennifer paused for a moment to take a sip from her near empty drink. 'Have you seen Silver Linings Playbook?'

'Why yes I have, I caught it in Toronto,' I said, attempting to keep up with her drinking.

'And what did you think of it?' She asked, still half-jokingly, but also with a hint of legitimacy, as if she valued my opinion.

'I loved it,' I said. 'And I especially loved you in it, such an easy aura of sexiness but sadness, it's a hard combination to get right.'

'Thank you,' she said, smiling as she finished her drink. 'I guess I knew Winters Bone wouldn't be my ceiling because I knew I had better performances in me.'

'While we're on the subject of Silver Linings, I wanted to ask, is there any truth to the rumours that Russell thought you were too young and too skinny for the role?' I asked, now half into my own drink.

'There's a little bit of truth to that, at first he thought I was too young but... as soon as we did the audition he was cool with my age,' she said.

'And about the weight?' I asked.

'I think David envisioned the character to be a bit more... bustier, so I put on a little weight for the role and well I actually quite liked it so I kept it on,' Jennifer laughed joking grabbing her breasts through her dress. 'I will have to lose it again for Hunger Games,' she added sadly.

'Just letting the record show that you grabbed your own breasts,' I said as I wrote that down on my pad, sipping my drink through the straw like a madman.

Jennifer laughed. 'We can get a photo if you want proof!' Jennifer exclaimed.

I stopped writing and looked up. 'Really?' I asked, I did have my camera with me, I was expected to take a couple of photos to use in the magazine and something like that would be a dream come true for the promotional team.

'On second thought, that would be a bit much,' she said, standing up. 'Wouldn't want readers getting the wrong idea, do you want another Everdeen?'

'Ahh... yes please,' I said, finishing off the drink and picking up my Dictaphone to follow Jennifer into the kitchen, not wanting to lose the momentum we had.

'I might get a couple photos of you making the drinks if that's alright?' I said, fishing the camera out of my satchel.

'It's a good idea of the tone of the interview I suppose,' she smirked, readying her ingredients as I took a couple of photos.

'Speaking of Everdeen,' I started, as I lined up the shot. 'The Hunger Games was a pretty huge hit, especially amongst teens, how does it feel to be teen idol of sorts.'

'It feels pretty weird to be honest,' she said, simultaneously answering the questions, squeezing fruit and still looking incredibly sexy for the camera. 'Especially because the character is so empowering to young women, it feels weird to be a role model.'

'It must be strange to be going from a role like Katniss to a role like Tiffany, where you're essentially playing a sex addict, do you ever worry that some younger more impressionable fans will go from Hunger Games to Silver Linings?' I asked, as Jennifer playfully stirred the drinks, managing to make something so mundane look so damn sexy.

'It's a bit worrying, but Tiffany's a fairly empowering character herself and I think we're a little bit trying to get some of the teenage male fans to cross over. You know like 'Katniss Everdeen playing a sex addict? This I gotta see!' She joked as I started to pack the camera up.

'That's true,' I said, grabbing an Everdeen from Jennifer as we headed back toward the couches. 'You are becoming a bit of a sex symbol, what's that like? And being so young?'

I placed my drink and Dictaphone on the coffee table as we both sat down again, this time sharing the same couch. 'Young? We're basically the same age!' Jennifer laughed.

'We actually are the same age, twenty-two, it's not like I'm saying I'm old or anything, I know I'd feel weird if I knew a lot teenagers were looking at me like they look at you,' I said, quickly putting the drink back in my mouth.

'It's actually kind of nice knowing a lot of people look at me that way, and especially because it's all my choice, they're looking at me because I want them to,' Jennifer said seriously, before brushing her hair out of her eyes and smiling at me.

I got lost in her eyes for a moment, not saying a word and instead just drinking my Everdeen and holding eye contact. 'Kind of like right now,' she said, giving me a sultry, knowing smile.

I shook my head. 'I'm sorry,' I said. 'So unprofessional.'

'Don't apologize,' she said, placing a hand on my knee. 'Like I said, you wouldn't be staring if I didn't want you to.'

'I just have one more question to ask you,' I said, hoping that I was reading the vibe correctly.

'Ask away,' she said, taking a sip and scooting closer toward me so that her thighs were pressed against mine.

'In Silver Linings, you're playing a sex addict,' I started.

'Yes,' she breathed, knowing exactly the question that was coming.

'Did you do any research? Go to any sex addict's anonymous meetings or...'

'Or?' She questioned, raising her eyebrow at me.

'Or well, anything, you know... more hands on,' I said, sheepishly.

'Are you asking me if I had a bunch of sex with random guys, for a movie?' She asked me, hand still on me knee and her eyes as intense as ever.

'To be honest you know, they make me ask these-'

'No, I didn't,' she answered simply.

'I figured as much,' I said, taking another sip from the drink as her hand stayed put on my knee.

'But you know, it's never really too late,' she said, reaching toward my Dictaphone and turning it off. 'I think that would be a good time to end the interview.'

I was now rock hard. 'Those teen fans will love it,' I joked as she slid her hand across my thigh up to my crotch.

'I was in a relationship the whole time I shot that movie,' she said, her hand now touching the outline of my cock. 'I never really got a chance to properly research it... but now,' she said while lightly stroking my dick.

I put my drink down and placed my hands on her soft cheeks. 'I don't know why you decided to choose me, but I'm glad that I can be of service,' I said before kissing her soft supple lips.

'I'm a sucker for an English accent,' she said through my lips as she unzipped my fly.

'Jolly good then,' I mocked before lunging into a deeper, more passionate kiss.

She laughed and pulled my cock out of my underwear, lightly jacking it. 'Sexy and funny,' she said softly, her hand now wrapped around my member.

'The complete package,' I said, shoving my tongue into her mouth and letting my hands wander down to her shoulders.

I pulled her straps down and gripped her shoulders, kissing her harshly as our tongues pressed together. She was jacking my cock with both hands now, her silver bracelet slightly jingling with each motion. 'Mmm,' I moaned into her mouth as I slid her straps down, revealing she wasn't wearing a bar.

She quickly stopped me, removing her hands from my cock. 'Not yet,' she said, pulling her straps back up.

'Alright,' I said, lifting my hands up defensively.

She laughed as she climbed down off the couch onto her knees. 'Relax, I just want to get to know you better,' she said as she pulling my trousers and underwear all the way down until they were at my ankles.

'That's better isn't it?' She said as she took my now admittedly more comfortable cock back into her hands.

'Good call,' I said as she restarted on jacking me off, this time with increased fervour.

'Fuck,' I moaned a she increased her pace, using one hand to stimulate the head and another to jack the shaft.

She smirked at me as she did her duty, licking her lips and practically salivating while she jerked me as if she couldn't wait to let her mouth join the party. She seemed to want to tease it out of me though, so instead she merely brought her face closer to my cock and breathed heavily on it so I could only just barely feel her presence.

'I can't believe this,' I breathed as I rubbed my face with my hands, looking through my fingers at the gorgeous movie star that was prepping to blow me.

'Jesus,' I moaned as she kissed the tip of my dick, slowly puckering her full lips together as she sloppily pressed them against my cock which was now leaking of pre-cum.

'I don't know how much longer I can handle this,' I moaned, watching her as she kissed down my cock, leaving a trail of lipstick and spit in her wake.

'I'm gonna need you,' she kissed the base of my cock. 'To hold on for as long as you can,' she kissed my cock again. 'Because it's been a long time for me.' She opened her mouth and licked up my shaft before placing her lips around the head of my cock.

'Holy fuck,' I gasped, no one this beautiful in my entire life had ever been near my cock, let alone actually sucked it, as she was starting to do.

'You gotta tell me if I'm good because,' she kissed my cock over and over again, sometimes letting her tongue out. 'I wanna be real good.'

'You're, you're good, you're real fucking good,' I insisted, looking her in the eyes with the biggest grin on my face.

'Well how could you know that?' Jennifer asked as she gripped my cock again. 'I haven't even started sucking you yet.'

Jennifer took half of my cock in her mouth, pressing her tongue against it and sucking as hard as she could. 'Wow,' I moaned, eyes now rolling into the back of my head.

'Mmm,' Jennifer moaned, lifting my cock out of her mouth, blowing and licking as she did. 'You have a very lovely tasting cock Desmond,' she said.

'Call me Des,' I said, stroking her wet cheek.

'Okay Des,' she said, emphasising my name. 'I love the taste of your cock Des.'

'Thanks,' I said, pulling her face up to mine and kissing her on the lips.

'You're welcome,' she said as our lips parted.

After a second of staring into each other's eyes she quickly got back down on her knees, but instead of sucking my cock she turned around. 'Think you can help me with this?' she asked, gesturing to the zipper on the back of her dress.

'With pleasure,' I said, unzipping it as fast as I could.

The dress collapsed to the floor, immediately revealing to me her bare back and sexy naked ass. 'Fuck,' I said, gripping an ass cheek in my hand. 'You've got one hell of a body on you,' I complimented as I squeezed.

'Flattery will get you everywhere,' she said, twisting her head back slightly to look at me. 'Want to see the rest?'

'You bet,' I said, drool appearing on my lips I let go of her ass, letting her turn around to show me her glorious tits.

'Holy shit,' I exclaimed, taking her tits in my hands. 'These are fucking incredible,' I said rubbing them and squeezing them with my fingers.

'I'm glad you like them,' she said as she bent back down and took my cock in her mouth, her titties firmly in my hands.

I squeezed her nipples as she bobbed up and down on my cock, her hair draping down to obscure most of the action. I could feel like I was going to cum at any second though so I tapped her on the back of her head, waiting for her to pull my cock back out of her mouth again.

'What's up?" She asked, saliva dripping from her mouth.

'I'm gonna cum,' I said, gripping her left tit tighter.

'Oh please baby don't cum yet,' she begged. 'What if I change it up a bit?' She asked.

'I'll try whatever you want,' I said, letting go of her tits and leaning back down to kiss her forehead.

'How about this?' She questioned, pushing me back up and getting to her feet, revealing her pink shaved pussy to me for the first time.

'This could work,' I said as she straddled me, ripping my shirt of as her tits jiggled around.

'You just let me take control baby,' Jennifer moaned, throwing my clothes to the floor and hovering over my cock.

'Fuck,' I exclaimed, finally coming to my senses. 'I don't have a condom.'

'It's okay,' she moaned as she kissed my neck. 'I'm on the pill.'

'Perfect,' I said kissing her on the lips and gripping her waist.

She immediately shoved my cock into her wet pussy, causing a wave of pleasure to shoot right up my spine. 'Fuck that's nice,' I moaned.

'Mmm,' she moaned as she took the entirety of my cock inside her. 'Your cock is the perfect size for my cunt.'

'I'm going to take that as a compliment,' I joked as she bucked up and down on my cock.

'You should,' Jennifer said. 'Your dicks like that goldilocks story... it's just right,' she joked a look of pleasure on her face as she rode my cock.

'Same goes for your pussy baby,' I moaned gripping her ass cheeks as she ploughed up and down on my pole.

'Mmm, fuck,' she moaned as she rode harder.

'Ride me baby,' I moaned as she did just that, her perfect tits jiggling up and down.

I took one of her tits in my mouth, biting down on her nipple causing her to moan louder. 'Just fuck me a little longer baby,' she exclaimed. 'Just last a little longer.'

'Fuck that,' I said. 'I'm getting a second wind, I could go for hours,' I insisted, bucking my hips upwards causing a loud slapping sound to occur each time our bodies met.

'Fuck me just like that baby,' Jennifer seethed, hips gyrating on my cock.

'Want me to fuck you harder?' I questioned, her nipple still in my mouth.

'Fucking destroy me Des,' Jennifer begged, sweat dripping down her face as her hair bounced all over the place.

'Alright,' I said, picking her up and pushing her down onto the couch, flicking my trousers and underwear off completely and immediately jamming my cock as hard as I could into her as we transitioned into a missionary position.

'Ahhh fuck!' Jennifer gasped as I piled into her, ramming her with every ounce of energy that I had.

I gripped her legs pulling her up into a mild wheelbarrow position as I fucked her with all my might. Sweat was dripping from my own face, reminding me of just how close I was to cumming. I wanted to make sure she came first though, it was my first time with a celebrity, I didn't want to get a bad reputation.

'I'm cumming! Ahh!' Jennifer moaned, squirting a little over my cock, basically giving me the go ahead to finish whenever I wanted.

I took one of my hands and gripped one of her flailing tits and slowed my tempo down a bit, wanted to savour every last moment I had inside her. Quickly though, I came hard, deep into her pussy, shooting harder than I had ever done before.

'Fuck,' I moaned, laying down on top of Jennifer and kissing her on her soft now soaking wet lips.

'Mmm,' Jennifer breathed through my lips. 'That was a good interview.'

'Something tells me I will have to do some heavy editing to that,' I laughed, kissing her on the cheek again as I pulled my softening cock out of her.

The two of us moved slightly so that we were able to lay next to each other on the couch. 'Well, we could always try again tomorrow?' Jennifer suggested before kissing me again.

'Well the piece isn't due for another couple of days so... let's just... see where it takes us?' I said, before fully embracing her again.

End of Chapter 1