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Thread: "A Whole Lotta Lottie" with Lottie Moss

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    fanfiction "A Whole Lotta Lottie" with Lottie Moss

    A Whole Lotta Lottie
    With: Lottie Moss
    By: Colonel-Commissar
    Codes: finger, MF, oral
    Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictional. Except for the parts that aren't
    A/N: This is my first erotic story. I hadn't dabbled in this before, but the muse hit me like a freight train and I had to. This girl's less known, but she qualifies as a celeb I'd say, and you'll see where this came from in the pics below.

    I suppose that enough time has passed that I can tell this story. Given that I was expecting it to be plastered all over the papers this morning, I guess it's probably slipped beneath the radar enough that telling it here won't make anyone roll their eyes and say they've heard it all before.

    It's an established rule that at any party of a decent size, with plus-ones and the like, that there'll be one person who doesn't actually know the host, and because my mate Ben had room for an extra I ended up as that person at the party on Saturday night in the Wyld Bar in London. Of course this wasn't any party – it was the 18th of Lottie Moss, freshly-returned from a photo shoot with Kylie Jenner and Bella Hadid, half-sister to the world-famous supermodel Kate Moss, and the spitting likeness of her sister too. You probably couldn't have told Lottie apart from young Kate unless you were very close to both of them. But I wasn't – like I said, I didn't know either of them. Remember that, it'll come into play later.

    So now you're probably wondering how I even came to be at such an exclusive party. Well that's simple really – she may have been a supermodel, but like any girl freshly turned 18 Lottie wanted her school friends at the party. Which coincidentally meant one or two of my -friends. She was in my year at my school, and there were few pieces of ass hotter than her. That said, she was far above any of them in terms of attractiveness. Unlike the girl-next-door charm of most of them, Lottie exuded pure sex appeal. Other girls you wanted to go on dates with; kiss under the stars and share your first time with. In Lottie's case, I just wanted to fuck her brains out.

    Which of course brings us full circle to what I was getting at, the party. I arrived with a few of my mates, but soon I'd lost them to trying to chat up various of the girls from school – or a few of Lottie's model friends. I was thinking about how I was looking: wearing a suit that showed off a physique that while not muscular, was certainly not too far gone for me to stand a chance of a decent pull that evening – when I spotted the birthday girl herself. She was known for one or two slutty numbers from time to time, but this was the best yet. I was almost salivating over her see-through dress, through which I could clearly see her small handful-sized tits and tight, juicy bum, hidden under a matching set of lacy black underwear. She was chatting with some guy who looked like he couldn't wait to smash later that evening, but even as I washed Lottie accepted a drink from him then splashed it in his face. Everyone around laughed as he stalked off to the bathroom to dry up.

    Thinking it couldn't hurt to try my luck, I headed over to where the schoolgirl model was leaning against the bar, her peachy arse stuck provocatively out as she naturally struck a pose while waiting for a drink. I slid onto the bar next to her.

    "Hey Lottie, great party. I'm loving it!" Zero response. I was blanked completely, ignored like I wasn't even there. Trying not to crack the veneer of confidence I had up I tried again, acting as if she must have not heard me. "Hey Lottie, great-"

    "Who are you?" she turned to face me, chest stuck out and face glaring.


    "You heard me. I don't know you. Which means, quite simply you don't matter."


    "You heard me. The people I know, they matter. They're important. They aren't some stuttery waste-of-space limpdick who tries to jump into my pants because they think that somehow getting an invite to my party means they even register on the same scale as I do. So I ask you again: who the fuck are you?" I paused for a moment, not quite sure how to proceed.

    "Well, I'll be fucking off then," I wasn't going to put up with bitchiness like that, no matter how hot the girl in question was. I retreated to the other end of the bar, and sat there reflecting on how much I'd fucked up. Sure, there were other fit girls at the party, but I knew that every guy there was planning how to get into Lottie Moss' very visible panties. Still, it was a decent party, and I amused myself by watching some girl get more and more drunk as she went through 100 worth of drinks. At about the time she was brought out crying, I decided the time had come to leave the party.

    Lottie had left a few minutes before, presumably to get changed for the after-party, and I was just considering whether it was worth seeing if I could persuade one of the drunker girls in the room to head back to a hotel with me, when in the age-old tradition of hanging around the bar I managed to look at another bloke the wrong way. Next thing I knew I had to push myself away from the bar and run like hell as the muscle-bound monstrosity came barrelling down the room towards me. Running out into the street, I ducked left and headed at a dead run down the street. Behind me I heard what I could only imagine was either a bull rampaging down the street, or else my new friend following me along. The next open door I came to was a ritzy hotel, complete with burly doormen and a covered walkway out to the personal taxi stop. Without any ceremony, I burst past the doormen and rushed into the lobby, all crystal chandeliers and marble surfaces.

    A brief glance back to see if I'd lost the pursuit revealed the opposite: while my original pursuer was in an arm lock outside the door, three more suited doormen were coming my way. With no other option, I carried on running, already completely shattered. I raced up the stairs to the suites on the first floor of the hotel, running along the hall. Rounding a corner with all the grace of a charging rhino, I realised that I needed somewhere – anywhere – to take shelter from my pursuers. I began rattling the door handles as I ran along – this was an older, classier kind of hotel, with key locks; maybe a drunk patron had passed out with an unlocked door I could bust through and hide behind, or there was a store cupboard left unlocked by a lazy cleaner. The fourth door I tried opened, and I burst through, slamming my back against the door to close it behind me, eyes closed as I tried to gather my breath.

    A squeal interrupted any illusion of tranquillity I might have been entertaining. It was feminine, and it came from the bedroom in front of me. Fate, destiny, God – whatever you want to call it – dictated that the room I'd burst into contained Lottie Moss, now stripped down to just her black lacy boyshorts and bra. In another world, on another day, the greatest blessing I could have received. Right then, however, I was absolutely shitting myself in panic at the beating I was probably about to receive.

    I could see her opening her mouth to shout again, hear the steps coming down the hall. I knew they couldn't have seen me come in, but they were about to hear where I was alright. In that moment I did what was probably the least rational thing to do at the time, but it was the first thing to come to mind. I crossed the room in three long strides and captured Lottie's open mouth with my own. Her arms were struggling as I held her against me, one hand around her lower back and the other tangled in her hair, as the footsteps thundered past.

    After a moment, I broke away from her and took a breath, grinning. She was panting too, at the long kiss.

    "Who the fuck…what the fuck…fuck!" she put emphasis on the fuck in each sentence, the preppy bitchiness in her voice forcing me to put effort into not gritting my teeth in anger at her. "What the fuck was that about?"

    "Some friends of mine from downstairs. Thanks for not giving me away."

    "Well you're fucking lucky you've got a decent tongue, or I'd have bitten it off. Who the hell do you think you are barging into my room like this? And how did you even get in?"

    "You should really lock your door. And I came from your party, though party might be stretching it a bit," Lottie huffed dejectedly, and sat down on the king-size bed.

    "So you hated it too. It was a shit party. All I wanted was to have a bit of fun, and I haven't had shit. Do you know how fucking stressful it is having my life? All these parties, always having to keep up appearances? It's exhausting."

    "Oh I can't imagine having such a terrible life," I deadpanned.

    "You don't have to be like that. I honestly just need some guy to get me off every once in a while, but all they want is to get their cock hard. After that they don't give a shit."

    "I think I can help with that," I responded, grabbing her arm and pulling her up to face me. Wrapping my arms around her thin waist I pulled her in for a second kiss. Now she leaned into it, the model sticking her tongue out and probing between my teeth, as we came together for a sloppy kiss. Reaching down, I placed one hand on each of her peachy butt cheeks and kneaded them, causing her to moan playfully. Pulling away from me, she was panting as she pushed my jacket to the floor and tugged off my tie. In response I reached behind her and unclasped her bra, taking one hand and cupping one of her pert handfuls as she started to undo my shirt.

    Even as I felt her tit with one hand, I reached down and slipped the other into her shorts, reaching down and feeling the full effect of her tight cheeks, before sliding the hand around and running a hand over her already-moist twat.

    "You'd better have a fucking good cock," she whispered in my ear, cupping my hard erection through my suit trousers.

    "You'd better have a fucking tight pussy," I whispered back, rubbing my fingers over her burgeoning clit and causing her to moan.

    "No worries on that front," she gasped, and dropped my trousers to the floor. She laid back on the bed, spreading her legs, her centre still wrapped in the panties. I could see a little wet spot forming over her cunt, and I grinned at the effect I was having. I tugged off my socks as I stood over her, then crawled onto the bed and laid over her. We were kissing more passionately now, the erotic fire filling both of us with energy. I reached down and began twirling one of her hard nubs atop the small breasts, causing her to emit little coos of pleasure that I grinned at. The other hand snaked down her flat stomach towards her cunt.

    Reaching it, I paused above it, feeling that she was shaved. Not to my personal tastes, but a sign of what the modelling industry really wanted in a woman. Sliding my fingers further, I reached down and rubbed them over the folds of her labia, eliciting a surprised yelp, as the model had been so tied up in my pleasuring her lips and breasts she hadn't even felt me.

    "Someone's a little eager," she grinned.

    "Oh I'm just getting started," I responded, as I traced my fingers again over her pussy. Her eyes rolled back as I stuck a first finger into her pussy, my thumb just lightly rubbing over her clit. A second finger, when inserted, caused her to gasp in a sudden breath, before she giggled breathlessly at the response. A third finger though, caused a sudden howl.

    "Fuck!" she shouted, and I hastily pulled out. "Jesus Christ, oh shit that was good. I've never had that much in there before," she paused, and I was worried I might have lost out on the chance to fuck her. Then she grinned, and reaching down, she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her shorts and pulled them down, revealing a pussy that, like the rest of her, was absolutely stunning. It was the queen of cunts, the princess of pussies, a pristine specimen of womanhood. I dived right into it, running my tongue along her lips with a grin. "Oh Jesus fuck, keep doing that and I might keep you around."

    The first pass was followed by another running down her twat, then back up and down again. She was moaning in pleasure, her precum drizzling out and over me as I knelt between her long legs. But it wasn't until I nestled my lips over her cunt and gave it a kiss that she yelped, wrapping those legs around my neck and pulling me onto her. Looking up, I could see her toying with a nipple and I made a mental note that she was into nipple play. Grinning, I descended back onto her cunny as it gushed now, running my tongue all over it in all manner of shapes and patterns. It was at about the point where I was signalling 'cum for me' in Morse code on her clit when she squealed loudly and gushed her girl cum all over my face. She was panting as she lay there, basking in the afterglow.

    I climbed up her body until I was facing her. Using a finger I gathered up some of the cum and licked it up.

    "Delicious," I grinned. "Want some?" she giggled, and took my finger in her mouth. What she did next caused me to have to stifle a moan, and for my dick to actually grow even harder, as she took my finger and sucked on it like a fucking champ.

    "Roll over," she grinned, and I rolled off her as she rolled on top of me in turn, reaching down and grasping my cock. She began giving it a few strokes in her delicately manicured hand, as I gasped for breath and tried very hard not to disappoint. Sliding down my body, she headed towards my dick, until she was hovering just above it. With a sly grin, I watched her plump lips slide down over the head – and just keep going.

    Eventually, what seemed like an eternity later, Lottie bottomed out at my balls, her nose embedded in my pubic hair, my entire cock trapped in her mouth. I was gaping, the sight amazing, the pleasure on my cock as her tongue stroked it greater than you could possibly imagine. With an audible pop, she pulled my cock out of her mouth – and went down again. She must have done this ten or twelve more times, and each time I had to restrain myself from crying out at the unrivalled pleasure it gave me. It was magnificent, unbelievable, an awe-inspiring example of the whore's trade.

    I could see how she got where she was in the fashion business.

    As Lottie pulled her lips off of my cock for a last time I actually sighed in relief, the feeling of near-orgasm momentarily subsiding. She grinned, slowly slinking her way back up my body, her peachy arse high in the air.

    "I wouldn't want you going before you were ready. We've got so much to do first," she giggled.

    "Condom?" I asked.

    "Fuck that," she said. "You want to have fun or not?" I grinned. Who was I to disagree? She'd settled her dripping twat over my cock, and placing one hand by my head she used the other to grab it and guide it towards her tight opening. Her eyes had closed in concentration as she brought it in under her pussy, rubbing the head against her sweet slit that was physically dripping with her juices, and she bit her lip as the head slid in. A soft moan escaped her lips and she cursed under her breath as she slid down my cock, bottoming out when our hips pressed together. She leaned forward, kissing me on the lips as she began grinding her hips back and forth on my cock. I took hold of her arse-cheeks – one hand on each half of the peach – as she rose up again, before I slammed her down onto me, causing her to gasp and grin against me. "So that's how you like it huh?"

    She rose up again, and began to lift herself up and drop down my cock, slowly at first but then faster and faster. Her pussy was like velvet, hot and wet and causing my cock to practically pulse with pleasure as she slammed herself down on me. I was watching her chest rise and fall with every stroke, grinning at her little handfuls as they shook each time. She looked beautiful, her eyes closed, her mouth open in a permanent little gasp, her hair draped around her shoulders as she leaned back from where we were joined.

    Raising my body up, I took a puffy nipple into my mouth and grinned as her moaning went up another notch. Reaching down to where we were coupled I began rubbing at her clit. It didn't take long before she was shuddering in my arms and collapsed in orgasm.

    She was still limp when I rolled us over so I was on top, an impressive movement as we were still joined when I turned us over, placing myself on top and ready to go for the final run. I was amazed I'd managed to hold on this far, and to buy myself a few moments respite I reached down between us and began rubbing her sensitive snatch again. Not that I achieved much, as her pussy tightened instinctively and drove me even closer to the breaking point. Fuck it, I thought, as I thrust down into her, causing her to let out a scream at the sudden force. I was ramming into her, forcing myself towards the point of orgasm.

    Lottie's long legs were wrapped around my waist, practically clamping me to her body in a vice – not that I was arguing, as I didn't want to go anywhere. She was screaming out in pleasure.

    "Oh, fuck, oh, right there right there right there right-ugh!" she squealed, as I pummelled into her tight cunt. Her nails dug into my back as her squeals went ever-higher in pitch, until she let out an unending scream and came like a rocket. I was right behind her, finally giving out and grunting as I let out my cum into her tight love canal. I rolled over next to her, exhausted, as her chest heaved.

    "Holy shit," I could barely breathe.

    "Holy shit," she agreed, and rolled over to kiss me on the lips. Looking up though, she noticed the clock. "Shit! I'm going to miss the after party!" she was already leaping out of bed and pulling on a second dress from the back of the chair, leaving my lying on the bed, a look of confusion on my face.

    "Going somewhere?"

    "Look, I have to go, Kate's arranged an after-party for me," she strutted back over, her red dress clinging to her curves like it was painted on. "But why don't you wait here for me, and when I get back we can pick up where we left off?" she giggled, and left the room. I was left there, dumbstruck, not quite sure what had just happened. Leaving the bed I crossed the room to where I'd left my phone. Unlocking it, I scrolled through to a certain number.

    "Hey mate," I texted. "You in London?"

    "Yeah," came the response a moment later.

    "Well do I have an offer for you."

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    Didn't even know this girl existed but thanks for the introduction and a great first story

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    Ah no worries. Kate Moss' half-sister, a model in her image, and a hell of a hottie.

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    Welcome! Didn't know who she was myself either (had to google) but a well written story nevertheless! Hope to see more in the future!

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