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Thread: "Cross Country 4" with ChloŽ Grace Moretz

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    fanfiction "Cross Country 4" with ChloŽ Grace Moretz

    Cross Country 4
    With ChloŽ Grace Moretz
    By LemonTalk
    Codes: MF, inc, text, anal
    Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction; it never happened and never will
    A/N: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

    That night, after checking into the hotel and making ourselves comfortable in the luxurious, adjoining hotel rooms Teri had booked I, and I'm sure Chloe, were in desperate need of a shower following the day's events.

    It wasn't until I was under the hot spray that it all sank in. Chloe had never let me finish inside her before but just today, over the course of a couple of hours, I'd filled my cousin's sweet, teenage cooch three times in a row. And to top it off, the entire thing had happened within touching distance of her very own mother and brother.

    Just thinking back on it was making me hard. That and picturing Chloe showering next door with similar thoughts in her head quickly had me beating off to my hot cousin yet again until I was rudely interrupted by Trevor knocking on the door telling me to hurry in case we lost our dinner reservation.

    With the moment lost, I reluctantly turned the shower off and quickly got out and ready to go.

    As it turned out, there actually wasn't any rush at all since Trevor and I were left waiting in our room for Chloe and Teri to get ready next door. When they finally emerged through the double doors connecting the two bedrooms, it was clear that it was worth the wait.

    Chloe it seemed had gone all out, dressed to the nines for dinner and earning a low whistle from her older brother.

    "Wow Chloe, who are you trying to impress?"

    I was pretty confident I knew the answer to that but Chloe simply gave a bashful shrug and quick twirl in her short, tight little black dress and heels that accentuated her long legs.

    "Well whoever it is, I'm sure he'd be very impressed," I said trying not to sound too obvious.

    Out at the restaurant and after already being immediately recognised by a few fans, we got our table where Chloe strategically sat herself opposite me. As she took her seat, she flashed me a look that told me she was still very much in a playful, frisky mood.

    We hadn't even ordered the food before I felt her foot brush against my leg. It appeared doing it in the back of the car wasn't enough for her as she seemed intent on starting something here in the middle of this busy, high-class restaurant.

    She'd started off innocent enough with her foot rubbing against my lower leg but by the time the food arrived she'd moved much higher.

    As the waiter delivered our food I almost jumped when Chloe unexpectedly pushed her heeled foot directly against my cock which was already hard thanks to all the teasing and hot looks she'd given me.

    Chloe smirked to herself as she discovered how aroused she'd gotten me as she slowly started stroking me through my pants.

    After a long minute of this the contact suddenly disappeared only for her foot to return a moment later having kicked her shoe off under the table.

    With her bare foot she was able to manipulate my pole even better and continued to stroke and tease me with her toes for some time in what appeared to be a well-practiced technique.

    I could barely concentrate on eating or the mundane table conversation.

    Chloe however was able to find time to make the occasional comment while Teri and Trevor prattled on, completely unaware that their darling daughter and sister was treating her cousin to a world-class foot job under the table.

    In fact it didn't take long to get to the point where I suddenly felt like I was going to cum and had to quickly reach under the table and push her warm foot away.

    Chloe stifled another proud grin, biting her lip as she realised the frustrating situation she'd put me in but she thankfully relented, lowering her foot to simply rub my leg again.

    By the time we left the restaurant I was completely on edge and wanted nothing more than to get back to the hotel and relieve myself somehow. As we walked down the street painstakingly slowly, I was almost considering grabbing Chloe and just taking her right then and there.

    I held out though and an hour later we were all in bed; Chloe and Teri in their room on one half of the suite with me and Trevor on the other.

    I was lying there wide awake, waiting for Trev to fall asleep so I could sneak into the bathroom when my phone flashed with a message from Chloe.

    "Hey cuz, sorry about earlier. Didn't mean to leave you hanging like that! Xxx"

    I quickly dimmed the screen and sat rolled onto my back to reply.

    "So what was the plan then? I was meant to just ruin my pants at the table?"

    "And waste all that yummy cum?! Nah, I chickened out. I really wanted to take you into the bathroom or something. Finish you off there."

    "Shit now I feel even worse knowing I missed out on that!"

    "Whoops! If it makes you feel any better, I've been dripping wet and horny all night too. Just couldn't stop thinking about what we did today."

    "Yeah, you came pretty fucking hard."

    "Fuck. I know. I wanted to make it up to you in the restaurant. Take you into the bathroom, suck you so hard. Swallow that tasty load until your balls are drained…then right back to dinner."

    "Fucking hell Chloe, you're doing it again."

    "Yeah? Are you hard right now? Stroking that big cock thinking about it? About me?"

    "Yes, yes and yes. Where are your fingers?"

    "I think you know. They aren't as good as your cock though. Nothing is…"

    "Well why don't you come over here and get it?"

    There was no reply to my final daring challenge but not long later, I heard the door connecting the adjoining rooms creak open.

    Chloe didn't say a single word as she crept onto my bed and under the sheets. The first noise she made was a low humming moan as she took my stiff cock between her luscious wet lips and went straight to sucking me nice and slow.

    It seemed she figured we had all night so she took her time with it, expertly keeping me on edge until I found myself in desperate need for a distraction. With a quick tap, I motioned her to climb on top of me so I could push her shirt up and delve into her juicy peach.

    With Trevor sleeping just a few feet away, we both had to suppress our moans as we serviced each other knowing exactly what the other liked when it came to oral.

    Over and over again Chloe would let my cock slide straight down her throat until her button nose was pressed into my tight balls before slowly coming back up for air, bathing me in her warm spit.

    Meanwhile I had my tongue buried inside her sweet, still impossibly tight clam, lapping her up while my fingers drifted upwards to play with her ass. I teased her, gently massaging her forbidden hole and occasionally going as far as to let my fingertip poke inside.

    In all honesty I could have stayed in that 69 all night but Chloe had other plans. With one final wet kiss on my shaft, she turned to abruptly shove her tongue down my throat before leaning over to whisper into my ear.

    "I'm going to ride you, just cum whenever you want…"

    With that said, she reached back to guide my pulsing cock into her volcanic, dripping teenage cunt, easily sliding it home and stretching her out while she sighed blissfully above me.

    She'd often boasted about how good she was at riding dick so I was sure I was in for a treat as she sat upright and pulled her shirt off.

    I could just about make out the silhouette of her naked body as she started to slowly grind against me, my cock lodged ball-deep inside her tight pussy.

    As she got warmed up, I reached and took hold of her pert young breasts, pinching her sensitive nipples between my thumb and forefinger until they were rock hard.

    I soon lost my grip on her when she started to ride me though and quickly proved her boasts were well-founded. My hands fell to rest on her thighs as she flicked, rocked and wiggled her hips. She'd given me permission to cum whenever I wanted but with the speed she brought me that point I was determined to hold off.

    In no time at all my cousin had built up a sweat as she put her abs and hips to work until she was leaning over me, hands on either side of my head as she breathlessly bounced her tight ass on me.

    "You close?" I grunted quietly, almost desperately.

    "Are you?" she panted with a smug smile before leaning further forward to drag her soft lips across my neck and ear. "I want to feel you fill me up again. Please!"

    Hearing that, I grabbed her ass to fuck her harder, ignoring the loud squeaking of the mattress as Chloe whimpered in her struggle to keep quiet.

    "Uggh yeah like that! Cum inside me then I'm going to take you in that shower and finally give you this ass!"

    I had no idea if this was all just talk to make me finish quicker but it definitely did the trick.

    "—fuck!" I hissed, pulling her trembling body down as I blew my load inside her perfect little cunt.

    Chloe kissed me again as I did it, muffling our groans as we came together.

    With her last comment still hanging in the air, I was still hard and gave her sloppy cunt a few more pumps before she pulled away and climbed off.

    "Shall we go get cleaned up?"

    I didn't need to be asked twice so with a quick glance to ensure Trevor was still sound asleep; I hurried to follow her naked form into the luxurious hotel bathroom.

    In the dazzling light I was now able to see my sexy younger cousin in all her glory as I locked the door and she turned the shower on. I simply stood back and watched as she patiently waited for the water to heat up before climbing into the cubicle.

    She stood under the spray for a moment, enjoying the hot water running down her body before she flashed me a sideways glance and beckoned me in to join her.

    "Are you coming in or what?"

    With the noise of the running water we felt much more comfortable talking out loud. Not that we were doing much talking though since the moment I was in, I was kissing her again.

    While we made out in the shower, I reached round to cup her firm butt, pulling her wet body into mine to feel her hard nips poke my chest. Her own hands squeezed into the space between us to play with my cock, still hard and ready to go despite the workout my insatiable cousin had given it all day long.

    After groping and manhandling her ass more firmly, Chloe let a quiet moan escape into my mouth prompting me to wiggle a single digit into her cute butt.

    As someone who claimed to really get off on anal, I couldn't believe how tight she was. If I didn't know any better I would have thought this was her first time.

    "Ooh," she cooed, pushing her backside out against my probing hand. "Yeah, stretch it open; get it good and ready…"

    I was so eager to hurry up and get to it but I forced myself to take my time, slowly and steadily exploring her orifice until I was able to add a second and finally third finger.

    "Goddamn, you got such a tight little ass, Chlo," I grunted as I fingered her slowly and methodically.

    "Don't think you're up to it?" she teased, biting her lip.

    "Hey, I'm more worried about you."

    "Don't be. I can take it. I like it when it hurts a little," she grinned wickedly and gave me the hottest look yet while stroking my cock in both wet hands.

    "If you say so," I shrugged before spinning her round and pushing her to bend over slightly.

    Chloe gasped at the sudden action and quickly steadied herself, placing both hands on the slippery wall while arching her back to jut her ass out for me.

    I quickly spread her cheeks to get a look at the little hole I was about to invade, already closing up after pulling my fingers out. I lewdly spat on it which elicited a hot grunt of approval from Chloe before I stood back up to press my bell-end against her.

    I had one hand on her shoulder and one guiding my cock while Chloe braced herself against the wall and looked back as we both grit our teeth until I finally popped inside.

    "Nggh—fuck that's big!" she hissed immediately. "Don't stop though! I like it!"

    My head was spinning so much at her tightness I barely even heard what she said but despite the slightly pained smile on her face, I carried on, slowly filling her tight teen ass.

    After feeling I got as deep as her body would allow, I pulled back to slowly piston a few inches of cock in and out of her until her pain turned to the kind of pleasure she could only get from getting assfucked.

    "Ohhhh fuccck," she languished. "Your cock feels so fucking good in my ass!"

    It was a surreal moment then as she begged me to fuck her deeper and harder and the realisation suddenly hit me that I was actually fucking my celebrity cousin, Chloe Grace Moretz, in the ass!

    If I hadn't just cum fifteen minutes ago, I probably would have right then as she started taking matters into her own hands, pushing back against me and fucking her own vice-like butt on my rigid cock.

    "Ugh. Yeah. Fuck me!" she growled, taking it deeper and deeper on each thrust. "I want it all the way inside me!"

    Grabbing her slim hips I took back control. I pulled her back as I pushed forward until I finally got balls-deep and the room filled with the sound of our wet skin slapping together as I picked up the pace.

    "Oh my fucking God…" she groaned.

    The way she was moaning and cussing almost deliriously was running the risk of waking up the others so I clapped a hand over her mouth and cocked her head back which only seemed to get her off even more.

    It seemed she hadn't been exaggerating when she said she loved anal because my cousin came over and over again as I continuously slammed into her tight asshole until she could barely stand on her quivering legs.

    "I'm gunna cum," I eventually hissed as Chloe climaxed yet again with a muffled squeal.

    "Uh-huh? Go ahead, fill my ass with that load," Chloe sighed exhaustedly.

    "No. I want you to swallow it, just like you were planning to earlier."

    "Ugh. That's dirty," she grinned.

    "Yeah but you are dirty aren't you Chlo? Getting fucked by your own cousin in the shower!"

    "Hmmm, yeah I am," she hissed. "I'm a dirty girl. A dirty little slut!"

    I quickly pulled out of her gaping hole allowing Chloe to immediately drop to her knees where she didn't hesitate to take my cock deep into her wet mouth, wrapping her thick lips around it and sucking me like a hoover.

    It took all of a second for me to cum yet again, shooting my load straight down her throat and into her belly while my sexy, anal-loving cousin moaned whorishly throughout.

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    What a naughty little girl... A hell of a series Lemon.

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    This just gets better and better with every new chapter.

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    Great series LT, thank you for writing it. Certainly will be re-read again and again in the future!

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    Just brilliant. I can't look at her and NOT think of this series now.
    Already read this chapter like 3 times today alone!
    Just. Amazing.

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