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Thread: The Journalist: Chapter 1 with Lucy Watson

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    fanfiction The Journalist: Chapter 1 with Lucy Watson

    The Journalist: Chapter 1
    with Lucy Watson
    By AOC
    CODES: anal, MF, oral
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertain purposes only
    A/N: Been visiting this site for a while and relieved to finally be posting some of my own work. Big thanks to those who got my account sorted and finally, I can start my own series. I've got a variety of girls in mind but to kick things off, here's Lucy Watson. Any feedback is appreciated and I hope you enjoy...

    It was his first day. He finally got the job he wanted but he certainly wasn't expecting to do what he was doing today.

    "You must be Mr Bates!"

    "Please, call me Adam"

    His first piece for the paper and it was a feature on Made in Chelsea's very own Lucy Watson. He guessed being the Culture editor might give him a variety of articles to write and perhaps delving into TV and film might be a part of it but he certainly wasn't complaining. He was in the house of one of Chelsea's sexiest ladies. Lucy Watson had become one of the hottest exports from the show and to be interviewing her for a feature, was music to Adam's ears.

    They sat opposite each other and had a great time. She was wearing a white blouse with a black skirt which made her look stunning despite the simplicity. Her legs shone and the rest of her figure looked superb. They seemed to hit it off really well and he certainly got more for the feature than he aimed for.

    "How do you keep your private life away from the camera given the show you're on?" Adam asked.

    "Well, we all show off a lot of our lives but it's not like there are cameras following us every minute of our lives so I guess I can still keep important things to myself" replied Lucy

    "Have you been through times when something really personal has got out?"

    "Not really, just stuff about who I'm seeing, what's going on with everybody in the show"

    "And for the readers' sake, are you seeing anyone at the moment?"

    "I bet that really wasn't for your readers" Lucy said alluringly as her gaze met his

    Her voice right now sounded so smooth and the look she was giving him was achingly flirtatious but, he had to remember what he was here for.

    "So you're not seeing anyone?"

    "If I say no?"

    "Then I write down 'no'"

    "Is that all you'll do?"

    "Do you expect me to do more?"

    "Of course not, why would I?"

    So much for not giving in to the flirtations.

    "Could I use your bathroom before we finish up?"

    "Sure, it's down the corridor on the right" she directed as she pointed to a door behind him which did indeed open up to a corridor.

    He sighed with huge relief when he entered the bathroom. Adam had a long day ahead of him and quite frankly, he had no idea what Lucy was really up to. Sure, it would take an idiot to notice that she was fucking hot as hell but, at the same time, this was his first day on the job and he knew he couldn't try anything on with her, especially given who she was.

    He did think about all those times he was flicking through the channels and how she would catch his eye for a few seconds: her bright eyes, her gorgeous curves and her beaming legs. Most of all, her voice just wanted to make him take right there and then and fuck the life out of her. It was so sexy that he could be instantly hypnotized by her charm. Plus, the way he thought she was acting today, made him think if he was the only one after something other than an interview.

    "Are you gonna be long in there?"

    Adam heard Lucy's question just outside the door. Frankly, he didn't even need to go to the toilet; just some breathing space to calm down. Now, she was right outside.

    'Here goes nothing', he thought to himself as he placed his hand on the handle to open the door.

    As soon as Lucy got a glimpse of light, she forced her way through and threw herself onto Adam. Her hands gripped his cheeks as her lips pressed tight against his. He was caught well off his guard and, after a few seconds, felt her tongue against his lips.

    "Woah woah woah," cried Adam before events escalated, "what the hell do you think you're doing?"

    "Oh come on, like I hadn't noticed your eyes tossing between my eyes and my legs!" Lucy revealed

    He felt some embarrassment at that, his cheeks and ears growing redder and warmer. However, what followed next certainly put him at ease.

    "Yes, I'm single but I certainly don't want another relationship," she explained, "right now, we're two people who are attracted to each other and, disclaimer, just because I jumped on you, doesn't make me some kind of slut"

    "Oh fuck no, I never thought…"

    "Really, not even a tiny bit of attitude?" teased Lucy

    "Right, so you like it that way huh?" said Adam, beginning to move closer to her again as he finally began to give in to the situation

    "You seem surprised?"

    "Well, the girls I've known don't always go for that kind of stuff"

    "You don't know me, I'm not most girls"

    He grabbed her by the hips and their bodies were squeezed together. A fury of passion overflowed them as they both went for each other's mouths. The kissing was intense and they worked their tongues well around each other mouths, satisfying the needs of one another. Adam briefly looked around at his work place and in this compact room which was probably the lesser of her bathrooms in the house, there was: a shower-bath covering one wall, with a toilet and sink side by side next to the bath (like in a shape of an 'L').

    "Quick, get this all off" Lucy said hurriedly

    As his dick grew harder, they both removed their clothes down to their undergarments; Adam to his bulging boxers and Lucy to her sexy black bra and pants, a sight he would never cease to be amazed by. They furiously kissed once more as they both started to remove the rest of each other's clothing. Her bra slipped to the ground as well as her pants, exposing her pussy which felt the tap of his dick since his boxers were removed. Lucy fell to her knees and began to play with his goods.

    He relaxed as she moved her hand up and down his dick, staring up into his eyes, tantalising him even further. She finally used her mouth to good effect and only licked his tip, increasing the tease. He couldn't wait and sooner than later, his dick was plummeted into her mouth, the noise of a blowjob confirming it. Her head bobbed up and down as she sucked him off well. His dick was being steadily lubed for his entry inside her other holes as Adam tried to speed up the process.

    Given what they were talking about earlier, she wasn't surprised when after taking his erection out of her mouth for some breath; she was forced back onto it as he began to fuck her face. It got faster and faster, the sound was music to his ears as she moaned in pleasure. Suddenly, he planted his dick straight down her throat and held it there. She looked up and her eyes told him to stay there for as long as he dared. Working with his penis and her head, he attempted to pile as much pressure he could in order to make this whole thing a lot better.

    She started to gag yet he held her there a tad longer before he released her. They both gasped out of pleasure before she went in for some more, eagerly wanting to test her gag reflexes again. He wanted to play for a bit so, he tied her hair back and held on to it, taking control of her head. He merely popped his shaft in and out of her mouth repeatedly, making them both chuckle a bit.

    "Fuck, love how you play with me like that" she admitted

    "Playtime's over" announced Adam

    With that said, he plunged himself down her throat, trying to get as much of his dick in her mouth as possible. He attempted to push her even further into his pubic hair, wanting to stay in this position for as long as they could. She gagged and lurched under the force but showed no signs of giving up, impressing him even further. He finally relieved her and she gasped hugely.

    "SHIT," she shouted, "we neeed to do this more often" Lucy exclaimed

    "I know right; you seem to love my dick down your throat" he said

    "Well, let's not waste any more time then, don't want to delay your day" she urged

    They embraced each other whilst Adam pushed her towards the sink, an item well-loved in the practice of bathroom sex. Lucy knew exactly what was going to happen and bent down accordingly, exposing her bare ass at his mercy.

    "Fuck, I've been dying to screw this beautiful arse of yours" Adam said, caressing his hand over it.

    He slapped it hard, causing her to jolt and groan in delight. He ran his thumb under the cold tap and then inserted it deep down her arsehole. He knew he didn't have to be cautious with her and this suited them both extremely well. As he readied her ass, he bent his neck down towards her and held her cheek towards him so they could kiss once more.

    A few moments later, he was ready to fuck her backside and this was made clear when she could feel his thumb exit her. Another slap and he swiftly guided his stiffy into her ass, as they both let out pleasant moans. As he began to thrust his hips into her pelvis, he again tied her hair and this time tugged at it; an action which turned Ed on even more. He sped his movements up and placed his hands on her hips in order to increase his speed.

    He was now thumping her against the sink but unfortunately could not see her face as the mirror was too high, allowing only sight of her hair and the sound coming from underneath it. One could argue that he shouldn't be too displeased since he was anally penetrating one of the fittest girls in showbiz. He really began to hone in on her and the thudding of their bodies was loud and clear.

    "Aargh fuck fuck fuck shit" cursed Lucy through the enjoyment at various lengths and tones.

    "Fuck your ass is fine" he praised

    As Adam hit terminal velocity, he ended the ass fuck with 3 deep thrusts, providing great satisfaction as heard in their joyous cries as well as Lucy's hands holding on tighter and tighter to the sink.

    "Man, you really do love my ass don't you?" Lucy asked teasingly

    "It's an ass perfect for fucking" Adam answered

    "Ha, well, you've done enough work already so, sit" she demanded, pointing at the toilet.

    He knew he was close to climaxing and hoped that she was too; otherwise it'd dampen an otherwise awesome session. He pushed the toilet lid down and perched himself with his erection sticking up proudly towards the sky. Lucy positioned herself on top and carefully slotted her pussy onto his hard penis. They moaned at the occurring connection and she began to work her hips well.

    She wrapped her arms around his neck and joined her mouth with his at intervals throughout this position of sex. She was working very well and Adam tried his best to return the favour. This collective effort really was topping the fuck and he was close to spewing his cum. He adored the feeling of Lucy's walls and how his dick was being consumed by her vagina.

    He also cherished her body in front of him and was in awe over her smooth legs and her glorious upper body. At points, his mouth devoured her chest and whenever this happened, Lucy's head rocked back as her long, brown hair fell down her back.

    "Fucking hell I'm close to climaxing" Adam stated

    "Same, try doing it at the same time" Lucy challenged

    They kept going harder and faster, intently looking into each other's eyes, only encouraging the cum to burst. Adam identified that she was about to climax and built himself up to keep his side of the bargain. She rocked her head back and with the aid of his thumb rubbing on her clit, her cum finally began to coat his dick.

    Nearly simultaneously, he also burst inside of her damp walls, producing 'yelps' from both before tired sounds of delight could be heard on both parts. She flopped her body weight onto him and rested for a few seconds as Adam took in what had just happened whilst making sure very drop was deposited nicely into her. His crotch was now obviously very sticky but Lucy was on hand to clean up.

    After she dismounted his cock, his penis sliding out slickly due to the cum, she got on her knees and licked his tip as dry as she could get it. He ran his fingers through her hair and encouraged her to spread the effect of her tongue to the rest of his member, as her tongue moved up and down his shaft.

    She got up stylishly as her body silkily moved up off the ground. Her figure was more than impressive, one of the many reasons why Adam was so surprised that he had actually fucked her. She began to clean herself up a bit before clothing herself to continue the rest of the day, the actions mutual with Adam. Conversation filled this period of time before they were both ready.

    "Wow, didn't think you had it in you" joked Lucy as they met at the front door.

    "What can I say, I guess sex just works between us" he said trying to cement potential further meetings

    "I suppose it does," she agreed, "here, take down my number, just in case you wanna do another interview"

    "Of course, what kind of journalist would I be if I didn't get numbers for future meetings" he said cheekily

    They shared a smile before he walked out of the door. He turned back to see Lucy still smirking in her dressing gown; her cleavage screaming out at him as she closed the door. He walked out onto the road and got in his car. It was going to be a very good day…


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    Nice one mate, that was hot! Will be looking forward to whoever else you plan to be "interviewing" in the future...

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    Thanks a lot! For now, I want to write about a few people I've been wanting to write about for a while but in the future, I think I'll have to ask what the people want.

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    Great first addition AOC.
    Look forward to seeing who you do next.


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    Thank you all very much! And yeah, I'd say she's become mildly famous over the past few years or so but glad that I've shown you someone new. Plus, I've actually already voted on that poll! Look forward to seeing what you come up with; tbh, any combination involving any of those girls will be an instant hit

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