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Thread: The Winter Series: Vol. 11 "About a Girl" Part 1 With Ariel Winter

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    fanfiction The Winter Series: Vol. 11 "About a Girl" Part 1 With Ariel Winter

    The Winter Series: Vol. 11 "About a Girl" Part 1
    With Ariel Winter

    Written by Hearsz
    CODES: MF, teen, oral, titfuck, finger, doggie, mast, facial

    WARNING: This FICTIONAL story contains sexually explicit situations. If you're under age or easily offended STOP READING!! Fantasy is Legal.

    Being the President of one of TV's most popular TV shows in recent memory, certainly had its perks.
    Having been made the youngest person to ever run a TV network, you certainly didn't want to let down those who supported and voted you in to the top job.

    "Modern Family" was your baby. The one you personally signed off on, who you agreed to which actors would be the stars of the show just over six years ago. It's gone from strength to strength over that time, racking up several awards and making you, the company and its main cast plenty of money.

    The only stumbling block early on when the show began was it's then, eighteen year old starlet, Sarah Hyland. You have always been a sucker for a pretty face and given your position and her willingness to give herself to you in exchange for a better salary, made you putty in her hands.
    But as willing as you were to overpay that seductive little minx in exchange for sexual favours, you were clever enough to film footage of her sucking your dick and begging you to fuck her, just in case she decided to expose you later on.

    You and Sarah had continued this secret affair off set for several years, but over time, your encounters had become quite infrequent, given your own work commitments to other projects and Sarah's relationship with her current boyfriend. Despite the fact that Sarah continued seeing you when she started this new relationship, you didn't want to ruin the agreement you originally made with her by pushing her to see you too often, which would only arouse suspicion. You both had far too much to lose if anyone ever found out.

    But heading into the shows sixth season, Sarah's on-screen younger sister Ariel Winter, overheard her bragging about how much more she made than Ariel and the other younger cast members. It had been a little over six months ago when Ariel asked to meet with you in your office, to discuss her contract with you. You asked her to come and see you once she had finished on set one particular afternoon.

    Despite not being around all the time, you always managed to keep up to date with the cast's personal lives, having access to their rough whereabouts and respective relationships. You were well aware that Ariel had greatly matured over the years, ever since she began on the show just before she hit her teens.

    But it wasn't until seeing her in your office that you were able to see the true extent of that, especially given her attire. Ariel was still in costume, wearing a predominantly blue dress with assorted flowers printed on it. What made your eyes widen was seeing the teen’s huge cleavage (before she underwent her reduction surgery).

    You were thankful that you were sitting behind your desk so she couldn't see your rapidly hardening boner. Even though she didn't normally wear them, Ariel had a pair of glasses on, giving this sexy nerd look about her, as it was part of her on screen character.

    "Sorry I'm late, got held back on set", Ariel said as she reached over your desk to shake your hand, her fingers feeling nice and soft in your palm.

    "No trouble at all Miss Winter. Most of the staff are gone for the day and I was just catching up on some emails. Please, take a seat".

    You couldn't help but catch an eyeful of her incredibly huge rack as she bent forward slightly to sit down on the leather seat. When you signed off on particular actors and actresses before Modern Family first began filming, you personally decided on each cast member for a reason.

    The male cast was easy to decide on. You had no problem agreeing to Julie Bowen being a mother of three, having known her since her first film role in Adam Sandler's comedy hit "Happy Gilmore". Naturally you had no regrets with the choice of Sarah Hyland playing the sexy, rebellious elder daughter. And despite her questionable ability to convince anyone she could actually act, you didn't hesitate to include former model and Columbia's finest ever female, Sofia Vergara. Besides, you just couldn't say no to a great pair of tits, knowing that a fair percentage of viewers in the male 18-65 age demographic would tune in, just to hopefully see the hot MILF wearing a tight, low cut top.

    With Ariel Winter however, as well as the other young cast members around her age like Rico and Nolan, who plays her brother on the show, you didn't give it much thought. Ariel had been in show business since the age of six, and her sister and Uncle had already made successful acting careers for themselves several years ago.

    What you weren't prepared for was how incredibly attractive a young woman she would turn out to be. You got to see her on the set every so often, but she was usually dressed in jeans or big sweaters, which meant you never gave her a second look. So it came as a huge surprise to you when you stumbled upon some of her Instagram pictures of Ariel in bikini's, not to mention seeing her huge funbags that she put on show at the past two years at the SAG awards.

    This was your first chance to speak with her one on one, and you were a little nervous despite how much older than her you are. You were pretty sure she wouldn't just willingly offer sexual favors like Sarah did all those years ago. She seemed a lot more professional than Sarah in that respect.

    "So what can I do for you Miss Winter?" you asked casually, noticing the teen becoming quite nervous in your presence, twiddling her thumbs and finding it difficult to make eye contact with you.

    "Well, it's about my salary. I've been working here for a while now and I've never asked for any more than you are willing to pay me. I just feel I'm worth more, or at least as much as the older cast members".

    "I understand your concern, Ariel, but you are all paid quite fairly".

    "But I know for a fact how much more Sarah gets paid. She even gets more than Julie!" Ariel claimed, visibly upset that she knew you had blatantly lied to her.

    You were concerned at how she knew about Sarah's hefty salary and what else she might know.

    "Look I don't know where you're getting your information from but even if I wanted to up your salary to what the older cast members are getting, I wouldn't be able to do so until you're officially an adult. Even still, I make no guarantees…"

    "That's great but, I was sure that Sarah mentioned an agreement she made with you in order to be as paid as much as she is getting. What can I do once I'm eighteen in order to get the same?" Ariel asked, hopping up from her seat, leaning forward so her hands were upon the edge of your work desk, so that her humongous breasts were hanging down.

    You could feel your mouth start to water at the sight, and an idea began formulating itself in your mind. Could she really be as naive and willing as Sarah was six years ago?

    "OK, Miss Winter. I'm going to let you in on a little secret. But you have to promise it doesn't leave this room. Got it?"

    "Yes Sir. I promise".

    "Good, because if you ever discuss what I'm about to share with you then it could jeopardise the company, the cast and most importantly the future of the show".

    "I understand".

    "OK, come around to my side of the desk, and I'll show you something about Sarah you'll need to see".

    Ariel did as she was asked, standing by your side as you went through the files on your computer, looking for a specific video. The buxom brunette was completely unprepared for what you were about to show her, sitting on the arm of your office chair as you got ready to press play on the displayed video.

    This was the first time you noticed that while those colossal tits were Ariel’s best feature, she had a lot more to offer. In fact, as you see the thin fabric of her skirt stretch around her behind from up close, you find it hard to believe that it took you this long to notice! You haven’t seen a butt this juicy on a teen before, its round firmness able to compete with the best in the industry.

    Quickly getting your mind back to the point you find a suitable clip. "Now I must warn you, if you ever speak about the footage you are about to see, then it will end up online. Sarah has consented to everything that happens. You still good to watch it?"

    "YES! Just play it already!" she demanded, getting impatient.

    As the video began to play, you expanded it so it filled the entire screen. You watched Ariel's pretty face go from intrigued to stunned in a matter of seconds, Sarah entering the very same office we were occupying, wearing some sexy red lingerie.

    "I hope this wets your appetite..." she purred, walking seductively towards the camera, her slim figure wearing a corset and some fishnet stockings.

    You expected Ariel to be shocked and appalled at both the fact that you have this on your computer, and that her close friend would go to such lengths for a pay rise. The longer the time counter on the video ran, the longer Ariel's eyes were affixed on the screen. Maybe it was the fact that she wanted to know exactly how far Sarah went with the guy in the room, whom by now she'd figured out was you.

    "Oh my!" she gasped, watching in disbelief as Sarah turned around, showing her cute little ass, with a barely there thong separating her exquisite looking cheeks. It wasn’t the sight of her friend in such revealing underwear that really shocked her. It was more the fact that she was grinding that perky ass against the steely erection in your shorts that surprised the onlooking seventeen year old. Ariel put a hand across her open mouth when Sarah fell to her knees, unzipping your pants and taking out your thick six inch member.

    "Do you want me to suck it?" Sarah asked, your long shaft pressed upright against the side of her pretty face, those big eyes looking up at the camera, waiting for your response. You had watched this particular footage several times, and it never stopped you from getting hard. This occasion was no different.

    "Such a nice, big cock", she whispered, taking the bellend of your dick into her mouth, making a show of it to the camera, your grunts quite audible at Miss Hyland's great cock sucking skills.

    The scene had Miss Winter fully engrossed. Unbeknownst to her, she had slid her tight figure across and upon your knee, soon nestling her full round ass against your crotch, granting you a perfect opportunity to admire those two fleshy cheeks. This teen was luscious, and incredibly well developed.
    Just the hint of a pair of thong panties peeking out over her skirt was driving you crazy. How she hadn't noticed the large bulge in your pants pressed against her backside, you'll never know.

    Ariel seemed so hypnotized by Sarah giving herself to you without much objection, that you felt you could also bend her to your will. You sneakily rested a hand upon her thigh, slowly pulling her short dress up to reveal her silky looking legs and supple young thighs. She was too distracted by the scene taking place on the screen, Sarah now riding your cock, watching her seemingly tight little pussy taking all of you inside of her, to notice your hand in a place it wasn’t supposed to be.

    You were glad you chose this particular video to show to Ariel. You didn't want to scare her off by showing her some of the more extreme hardcore stuff that Sarah had partaken in, which included hair pulling, spanking and throat fucking her to the point her mascara would run down her face. The way that Sarah was moaning, crying and wailing, only served to turn Ariel on even more, finally wiggling her ass in your lap so her hot teenage derriere was rubbing up and down your clothed length. It was at the point that you briefly wondered if she might actually be a fan of porn, given how engrossed she was in the footage.

    "Is watching Sarah enjoy herself turning you on Miss Winter" you whispered, leaning in close to her ear.

    Your chest was against her back, your much bigger frame snuggled up close to her, slithering your fingers up her inner thigh and closer towards her pantyline.

    "Mmm-hmm", she responded through her pursed lips.

    "How's things with your boyfriend?"

    "Not so great?!" she automatically replied, her eyes glued to the screen as Sarah let out her third orgasm in the past few minutes.

    You kind of already knew this, using inside information about Ariel and her personal life to your advantage. Pictures of her with Yves on the red carpet only served to confirm how miserable he was, the guy never cracked a smile whenever he was with her. You briefly wondered if he had ulterior motives for being with her. To help further his own career maybe? Ariel was becoming more vulnerable the longer the video ran.

    "Well the guy's a fool if he can't see how gorgeous you are."

    The teen responded by firmly shifting her full round ass in your lap, notifying you that she appreciated your compliment. You had to hold in a gasp as you felt Ariel's plump behind intentionally teasing your long hard erection.

    "Are you enjoying the show?" you asked, pulling Ariel's long hair to one side so you could lightly kiss her sweet smelling neck.

    "Mmhmm", she replied, biting her bottom lip as your hand moved down to part her legs even wider, caressing her creamy inner thighs, to help get her juices flowing.

    Ariel's eyes were now wandering in all directions, probably not knowing exactly if she should put a stop to this or let you carry on. A big part of her wondered how Sarah could act like she was on the screen in front of her. But it was the fact she was really enjoying you fucking her that kept up her interest. You could tell that Ariel was horny as all hell, feeling the heat emanating from her damp panties as your fingers crept closer along her inner thigh.

    As Ariel watched Sarah use a long rubber dildo to pleasure her cunt, masturbating erotically for the camera, she couldn't help but unbutton the front of her top so that the rest of her massive boobs spilled out the front, barely contained within her lacy brassiere. The heat under her top clearly getting the better of her. Your beaming grin is due to the wonderful sight of Ariel Winter's bare thighs widened even further, and as you looked over her shoulder, you could see her massive jugs in all their glory.

    The heat in the room was making her top stick to her body, and you could feel her thighs were all warm and sticky by now, a combination of her sweat and the juices leaking from her aroused vagina. Her nipples were like two hard bullets, extremely obvious as they poked through the silk bra.
    You rubbed your hand further towards your goal as you continued to watch the footage, soon rubbing her slit through the thin, lacy material of her panties covering her teenage mound. Ariel moaned lightly as she felt your finger graze against her sensitive clit, that round ass rubbing more frantically against your steel hard erection.

    "We can't..." she whimpered. You could tell she didn't want you to stop but was still unsure how far she was willing to go with you.

    "Let's have a little fun Ariel, and if you comply with some of my demands, I guarantee you'll get your pay rise".

    "But I won't have sex with you!" she insisted.

    You were OK with that, knowing that just like with Sarah all those years ago, you may have to be patient, and it would certainly be worth the wait.

    "Deal. We'll take things slow. But if I get you off, you must do likewise for me. You understand?"

    "Uh-huh" she replied hurriedly, no doubt desperate for you to make her cum whilst she continued to watch the erotic scenes on the screen.

    You carefully slide a hand inside the front of her panties to cup her wet hairless mound, rubbing her soft engorged lips and running your finger along her burning young slit.

    "Pull your tits out of the bra", you demanded, your mouth close to her ear, licking the bottom of her lobe which made her shiver.

    You slid your other hand up to fondle one of those perfect orbs, squeezing the pale tit and tweaking her stiff pink nub, before slipping it back down onto one of her thighs. By now you've slowly dug two fingers inside her inflamed little cunt, rubbing her clitoris with your thumb.

    “AAIIIII!” Her voluptuous body humped against you as if she was fucking you, writhing around as she had an earth shattering orgasm within a few minutes of your hand working it's magic down there. You could feel Ariel's inner pussy walls clamp against your frigging hand as her pussy spasmed.

    After she climaxed, you spun her around on your lap so you could get a great look at those incredible breasts up close, inches from your face.
    Her huge natural tits were simply made for fondling and sucking on. But more than anything, you were just dying to release some stress.

    "Get down on your knees and suck my cock Miss Winter".

    Ariel shimmied her body down to the floor, kneeling in between your legs and taking a hold of your upright staff. Her fingers were barely able to wrap around the thick organ. She was quite adept at cock sucking, not as good as Sarah (although that little slut had years of experience under her belt, in large part helped by the fact you've been guiding her into giving you incredible head). Her technique was good, but needed work. Her soft lips felt great around your tip and you loved it when she French-kissed your sensitive sac.

    The fact that she still had her glasses on made the sight before you look even hotter! It didn't take long for you to blow, filling the busty teen with a large batch of your cream. Ariel coughed a little, surprised by how much you came in her mouth, some of it leaking out from beyond her lips.

    "Glad to do business with you Ariel. Drop by the same time next week and we'll discuss terms further", you said to her as you tucked your semi-hard member back into your pants.

    As you did this, you got one last look at her incredible jugs hanging free as she bent down to adjust her skirt. You hoped to get a good go at them next time she visited, silently disappointed when she pulled her large bra back up as well as her top.


    Fortunately, you were able to convince Ariel to continue seeing you sporadically for the next couple of months and you were as good as your word, upping her salary with each visit. You again had to remind her that you couldn't match Sarah's pay due to her not being eighteen just yet. You further mentioned that it would be suspicious if anyone was to find out a minor was getting paid as much as an adult.

    A month out from Christmas of 2015, Ariel showed up at your office out of the blue, confessing that she had had a rather bad spilt from her boyfriend. You finally had proper sex with her for the first of several times over the next few weeks. You were pretty much a rebound to Ariel becoming newly single, and loved every minute of having that young, buxom brunette begging for your cock inside her.

    On the first occasion, you consoled the distraught teen, hugging her and inhaling her intoxicating perfume, cupping her round ass and feeling your dick elongate at the feeling of her pressed up against you tightly. You started kissing and caressing her neck, eyeing her visible cleavage as she threw herself upon you when you sat back down in your office chair.

    "Please fuck me...I need to feel anything but this.." she sweetly pleaded.

    You lifted her up onto your office desk so you could undo your pants, Ariel's eyes expanding at your exposed rigid tool, noticing how eager you were to finally have her tight little pussy skewered upon you. She used her soft fingers to stroke your dick as you used your own hands to molest her luscious rack. You soon slid them underneath her short little skirt, gripping her underwear and tearing them off forcefully.

    Seeing how much you wanted her seemed to spark something inside the jilted teenager and she showed her desire by kissing you on the mouth for the very first time. Her lips were coated in a sweet strawberry flavour, and you were further influenced to continue with her soft little moans into your mouth. Your tongues mingled and the fondling of each other continued for a few more minutes, until you were finally ready to take full control.

    "Sit on my cock Ariel", you commanded as you slid your business pants off completely and unbuttoned your pinstriped shirt.

    Her body was so vulnerable that she could only agree with your commands, helping to fulfil your dirty desires. Ariel discarded her short skirt, the buxom brunette now only wearing her heels from the waist down, posing for you so you could inspect that highly fuckable teenage body.

    She was about to straddle your hips but before she could do so, you put your large hands upon her huge chest, tearing her top open. The teen wasn't wearing a bra underneath to your surprise, Ariel's huge, succulent breasts ready for another grand groping. Her torn blouse fell away from her chest as the desires of countless males were literally bursting free to your gleeful view.

    Despite the surgery she'd had on them, no one could deny that Ariel still had an amazing pair of tits. They were full and supple, and they jiggled slightly as she moved about. Her milky mountains pushed up and out as she shook her cleavage in your face, enthusiastically making sure you’d give them a good motor-boating. Ariel's humongous orbs were creamy white, pliable and firm. You almost came in your pants when you reached up to fondle her bare naked breasts.

    The teen groaned wantonly as she pushed her ample tits into your hands. You wasted no time in gorging your mouth upon her hard pink nipple, sucking fervently on the nub and even licking the stiff tip with your hard tongue. Ariel was groaning in lust as you lapped at each sensitive nipple, sucking and slobbering on her amazing tits until she was panting with desire.

    It was quite clear that Ariel loved the feel of your mouth and hands on her huge breasts. She purred erotically as you tenderly massaged her abundant bosoms, kneading them with your fingers and pushing them against each other. The way she was grinding her bare naked cooch against your thigh, you knew that Ariel was burning up within and was in desperate need to feel your cock inside her.

    Her tits glistened in your saliva after the oral treatment you had given them. You took a hold of her hips to raise her petite body to sit upon your lap, Ariel helping by holding your stiff cock upright. She guided your bulbous mushroom shaped head at her dark pink labia.

    You slowly moved her up and down, sliding your tool along her moist slit to help lube it up with her juices. You directed it towards that tight, little opening, Ariel shrieking as the thick spongy head of your dick pushed against her, stretching her womanhood apart until she could feel the tip of your cock pop inside her tight teenage cunt.

    "OhMyFuckingGod!!!" she exclaimed, gripping your neck tightly, her manicured nails digging in sharply, almost drawing blood.

    Ariel's eyes were tightly shut and she bit her bottom lip as she felt her tight teenage pussy being stretched further by your thick organ embedding itself inside of her. You were loving the scene unfolding before you, having this insatiable, large chested teenager writhing in a mix of pleasure and pain, impaled upon your shaft. You reached down to rub at her bulging clit, which caused Ariel's juices to flow further. This allowed her to sink a few more inches of your meaty cock inside her warm haven.

    By the time your dick was buried to the hilt and her firm ass pressed against your thighs, you were at eye level with her heavenly chest. Whilst she took time to adjust to having your cock lodged deep inside of her fiery snatch, you lightly ran your fingertips over her hard nipples. This caused her to grind her pussy violently upon your cock. You responded by tweaking her eraser like nubs as you sucked on her elegant neck. She intensified her wriggling, gyrating her hips in a circular motion which caused her warm secretions to drench you.

    "Ohhh harder! Give it to me!" she winced, her bouncing breasts rubbing up against your sweaty chest as she rode you like a possessed maniac.

    You thrusted your hips upwards so your sawing shaft could meet Ariel on her descent, plunging fiercely into her sopping little cunt. Ariel's body tightened as she came all over your cock due to the excess stimulation, having small sharp shudders whilst riding out the rest of her intense climax.
    Carrying her exhausted naked body up from your seated position, you lay her down onto your work desk, your rock hard shaft still inside her.

    Placing both hands on each side of her, you began fucking her furiously, watching those tits delightfully jiggle. Ariel managed to curl her legs around your waist and her thighs clamped against your hips as you ferociously pummelled her. Ariel's heels dug into your ass as you railed into the panting teen.

    She began squeezing her tits which only spurred you on to give it to her harder, watching your thick cock slide in and out of her battered hole with relative ease. You took one of her silky legs and rested her ankle against your shoulder to spread the little minx open, continuing to pump away into her juicy twat, the brunette almost crying as a wave of another orgasm overcame her.

    You looked down at her, slowing your thrusts as you knew you were close to cumming. A big part of you wanted to keep going until you filled her soaking teenage cunt with your man juice. But you decided to save that for another time, as there was another place you had in mind for your impending release.

    Your eyes zeroed in on those huge, perfect tits, pushed together by her own hands. Without shame you mentioned to Ariel that there were certain things Sarah wasn't willing to offer you, making sure to fondle her heaving breast so she could take the hint. She did so, allowing you time to slide your soaking member out of her warm hole, then sitting upon her lower chest. Ariel grabbed her luscious fun bags and wrapped them around your slippery tool, much to your contained elation. She knew what was expected of her, and she was in no way disappointing you.

    The incredible friction her milky tits were giving you was bringing you quickly to the edge, so you slowed down to savour the moment for as long as possible. It was quite a sight really, those massive twins pushed together, her sweaty cleavage as well as her juices on your dick acting as a sufficient lubricant. You pumped away at those firm luscious norks, only seeing your cock whenever you thrusted forward, the head just about showing itself beyond Ariel's milky mountains of titflesh.

    "Flick your tongue at it Ariel", you ordered, wanting that little bit extra from her to help you to cum.

    She did so seductively, licking her full red lips and swabbing her tongue against your pulsing bellend, always making sure her firm grip on either side of her breasts never relinquished.

    "Cum all over me" Ariel unexpectedly egged you on. Hearing her sweet young voice request such a dirty suggestion, caused you to blast rope after rope of your warm white spunk upon her tits, neck and face.

    "Grrrrrr yeah!!!" you grunted, jerking the last few drops upon her parted lips and into her cleavage.


    A month later, you and Ariel are at it again. It's a few days after she turned eighteen and with a spring in her step, she came to you to sign some forms that will guarantee she gets paid the same annual salary as Sarah. You could tell she was looking forward to this day ever since she confronted you about getting a raise, having been incredibly patient since this was first discussed.

    You were of the belief that she actually enjoyed her secret relationship with you. Sometimes she would show up at your office or house unannounced, either for a quickie or because she requested your help to get her off, such was how horny a teen slut she'd become. Maybe Ariel enjoyed sneaking around with you, a person with power, or the fact that you are an older, more experienced male than any guy she'd been with previously.

    You asked her to arrive at your office in the evening, requesting she’d dress in a school uniform (under her long coat), before we discussed her new deal. She did so, discreetly entering your office, unable to contain her excitement to see you and the deal that was about to take place.

    As you begin making out and feeling up her tight young figure, she peruses the new contract on your work desk. You tell her to feel free to read through it, whilst your busy hands position her body so her back was now facing you. You get her to bend over the desk whilst she reads through her new contract. Lifting up her short skirt with your eager hands, your eyes light up when Ariel's incredible round ass is showcased in front of you, the teen only wearing a white thong.

    She really is something special. Her skirt bunched around her hips, in a presenting position before you, her delicious legs apart slightly in her heels, and her white thong separating her succulent looking ass cheeks. You can't help but rub your palm across her highly underrated ass, salivating at the delicious sight before you.

    Getting on your knees behind her, you peel down her underwear, exposing her puffy cuntlips, leaning in to lick at her moist slit from behind.
    Your face is practically buried in between her butt cheeks, the teenagers breathing intensifying as you lap your tongue over her juicy labia. As you eat and tongue fuck her pussy, you take out your hard cock, stroking it time with your tongue flicking along her wet cookie.

    Ariel gasps when your tongue purposely licks at her asshole, a sensational feeling that she'd never felt before. Standing up, you run your thick bulbous tip along her slit, Ariel still perusing the five page contract and not stopping you from having your way with her. From how you're positioned, you can see her face reflected in a carefully positioned mirror on the opposite side of the room. You went out of your way to purchase this item for this very reason.

    Pushing forward, you feel her wet walls open up as you slide almost your entire length into her, feeling Ariel's inner cunt walls tightly clamp around your invading member. As you pump away at her slick sopping hole, you take a hold of her incredible ass, investigating it more closely.
    Prying her cheeks apart, you pervertedly gaze at her tight puckered starfish. You are pretty sure her anal cherry is still very much intact, and given the hold you have over her, you ponder how far she'll let you go with her.

    Leaning in close to the moaning teen, Ariel is trying to read the last page of the contract, but is struggling to keep focus as you pound relentlessly at her battered clam, cupping her big tits through her school top. Slowing down, you stop her from continuing to read on, telling the starlet that you are going to need more from her in order to pay her the same amount as Sarah.

    Her eyes widen when she feels your finger trace a circle around her last remaining orifice.

    Are you game enough to ask or to try and convince Ariel to give up her ass for the first time?

    To be continued...

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    Yep. Still love this series. Can't wait to see what awaits her when she turns the big 18. :D

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    I'm gunna say yes I'm game! Am already looking forward to Part 2 and whatever else she gets up to this year...

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    Yes! anything with Ariel! Keep it coming! (pun intended)

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    Love the addition of Sarah Hyland. Anything planned between her and Ariel?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sam3123 View Post
    Love the addition of Sarah Hyland. Anything planned between her and Ariel?
    Questions such as the one you posed will be answered in Part 2!

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    brilliant absolutely brilliant I am down for anything to do with ariel

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gbfdude View Post
    brilliant absolutely brilliant I am down for anything to do with ariel
    Glad you enjoyed it! Part 2 already posted for you to see how it ends!

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