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Thread: The Winter Series: Vol. 11 "About a Girl" Part 2 With Ariel Winter and Sarah Hyland

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    fanfiction The Winter Series: Vol. 11 "About a Girl" Part 2 With Ariel Winter and Sarah Hyland

    The Winter Series: Vol. 11 "About a Girl" Part 2
    With Ariel Winter and Sarah Hyland

    Written by Hearsz
    CODES: MF, MFF, FF, teen, oral, mast, doggie, sex toy, anal, DP, facial

    WARNING: This FICTIONAL story contains sexually explicit situations. If you're under age or easily offended STOP READING!! Fantasy is Legal.

    Part 1

    So there you were, in your office, fucking a highly desired TV starlet.

    Ariel Winter had just turned eighteen, and came to see you about six months ago to renegotiate her contract, after overhearing how much more her co-star Sarah Hyland was getting paid. You soon learned that Miss Winter was interested to know why, which lead to you revealing the secret relationship you'd been having with her on-screen sibling, since the shows inception six years ago.

    To your surprise, Ariel was initially shocked, but eventually became intrigued by Sarah's willingness to exchange sexual favours with you in order to be paid better. And in the time that has passed, Ariel has followed suit, meeting with you every so often to give you the odd blowjob or an incredible tit fuck. When she split with her boyfriend Yves at the end of November, she finally gave herself to you, allowing you to fuck her in your office, much to your delight.

    Fast forward to the present, a couple of days after she turned eighteen, the teen was now looking to sign a new contract that would see her paid as much as Sarah for future seasons of the show. But before you allowed her to do so, you not only got straight into the sex first, but you are about to hopefully take something from her that no other guy she had previously been with, had the pleasure of experiencing before.

    "You know, there's one more thing I want from you before I let you sign this contract Miss Winter", you say to her softly.

    In the mirror’s reflection, you see Ariel's mouth open and her eyes look up in surprise when she feels you part her succulent derrière and encircle your index finger around her tight little backdoor.

    "But I uh, I've never done that before..." she replies with fear, slightly retreating from your teasing digit.

    You continue your slow strokes inside her pussy from behind her, and tell Ariel to relax. You figure complimenting her fine looking ass might help push her along to trusting you more.

    "It's nothing to be ashamed of Ariel. I just think you've got a great looking ass from what I can see. No doubt you've been working hard in the gym to have such tight looking buns on you".

    A slight smirk crosses her face with that last remark. No doubt she was happy that you'd taken note of how good her ass looked when most guys would only ever mention her equally incredible looking tits.

    "Will it hurt much?" she asks in an anxious tone, obviously giving you some hope that she might allow you to fuck her forbidden hole.

    "It might to begin with. But I'll go slow, and I promise you'll eventually enjoy it. The whole thing will probably be all over in five or ten minutes".

    In truth, you hope it will last a lot longer than that, but then again you aren't sure how long you can hold out for, if she actually lets you take her anal cherry.

    "OK, if you promise to go slow" she says, looking over her shoulder back at you, her face a picture of innocence unlike any you have seen from her before.

    You nod, reaching down to your right to open one of the desk drawers, finding a bottle of lube.

    "I'm just going to lather you up a bit. It will help ease things a little" you assure her, unscrewing the cap and squeezing a fair amount of the cool gel onto the fingers of your free hand.

    You see her whole body tense up and even feel her pussy clench around your cock when you rub the lubricant onto her cute looking rosebud. She's breathing deeply when you press the tip of your finger against her hot little sphincter, the teen gripping the edge of the desk as tightly as possible. Ariel's face contorts in pain and she lets out a cute little grunt when she feels your digit slip inside her ass, the lube allowing you to slide your index finger forward. You move your cock in time with your fingering, as to help take away some of the attention from her being anally intruded for the first time.

    "Good girl, you're doing great. Now I'm just going to add another finger".

    You do so, and give a slight grin when you hear her deep guttural moans. Somehow you get another digit in there, the intense heat of her asshole softened up by the plentiful amount of gel in and around it. By now you are finger fucking Ariel's ass with very little resistance, the once anxious teen getting used to the intense feelings going on inside of her. She grimaces in pain when you stretch her hole wider, but by now Ariel has gained control of her breathing, and even begun thrusting her delicious naked booty against your lodged fingers.

    The "Modern Family" star has the side of her face rested upon the wooden surface of your desk, and you manage to slide your oily digits out of her gaping hole without her noticing or saying a word. You put some further lube on your dick before you line it up with her hot little butt hole, taking a deep breath before pushing the spongy tip inside the ring of her tight round anal passage.

    "Aiiii!! Unghh!!!" she cries, the thickness of your shaft catching her off guard. You yourself grunt audibly, as Ariel's hot little asshole clenches around the first inch or so of your cock.

    "Holy fuck! So fucking tight!!" You growl, holding her hips and not moving again until you are ready to.

    With her sexy sculpted legs in heels spread apart, and the top half of her petite figure lying almost flat on your desk, you relish this dominating position you have over her.

    "Ow, ahhh, you're too fucking big! I don't think I can do this" she whimpers.

    You on the other hand don’t want to allow her to stop you from continuing to sodomize her.

    "Just hang in there gorgeous. If you give me a few more minutes, I'll make sure you get paid more for next season than Sarah. You have my word".

    Despite the strained look on her face, she allows you to continue. You tell Ariel to rub at her slit and play with her bulging clitoris that by now had peeked out of the hood, in order to help relinquish some of the pain. Once she has starting doing this, you rest a hand on her right shoulder, pull back slightly and thrust forward, you watch your cock sink a couple more inches inside Ariel's flawless derrière. She doesn't scream this time, the frigging she's giving her cunt no doubt working a treat and making her entire body stiffen.

    You reach around her body to open up her top, quickly discarding her huge black brassiere, so that her awesome tits hang down as you pump her from behind. It's true what they say, Greek women really are all tits and ass. The lube is working a treat, as you finally feel the front of your thighs press against her pale white cheeks, your swaying nuts slapping against Ariel's soft reddened cuntlips.

    You look down at the sight below you, bottomed out inside of the teen starlet’s backdoor. Ariel's earlier screams and whimpers have now turned into pleasurable moans and sighs. Running a hand along her sweet curves, you take a look at the mirror to see her looking at you. Her face is flushed, sweaty, but also filled with desire.

    She may have been reluctant to do this earlier, but you figure she trusts you now that you are as good as your word, taking things slow as promised. The teen was starting to enjoy the naughtiness of taking your cock up her ass, so you lay another compliment on Ariel before you resume fucking her.

    "Damn you've got one hot little ass on you Ariel", you groan, pumping your turgid member into her stretched back door, with much faster thrusts than before.

    This eventually leads to her first of a number of orgasms, the heaving actress squirting her warm juices out from her pussy. Ariel's secretions trickle down the inside of her legs, forming a small puddle on the floor below you both.
    Wanting to release as well, you wrap her long dark silky hair into your fist, pulling sharply and demanding she begs you to cum.

    "Mmmm, I want, uhhh, your cum, nghh, please!!" Ariel pleads, her cries sounding quite genuine through her sharp quick breaths.

    Your hard thrusts make Ariel's delicious round ass jiggle, ploughing harder into her asshole to help you close in on your own climax.

    "Where do you want it? Tell me, you little butt slut!" You ask, lightly spanking her firm white derrière.

    "In my ass, just cum in my ass!" she wails, much to your surprise.

    You could tell that Ariel must have really started to like being ass fucked, as she seems intent on not letting you withdraw your pulsing member from her fiery little backside. Ariel has grabbed your wrist to make sure your grip on her hip remained, and now reaches around to your buttock, to keep you from withdrawing from her hot holy furnace.

    "Ahhhh! GRRRR!!!" you grunt, cupping and squeezing one of Ariel's huge milky mounds as her convulsing sphincter clamps tightly around your spasming shaft, spurting what felt like endless streams of cum into her bowels.

    Both of you are incredibly exhausted, and it takes a couple of minutes for you to reach down, and remove your cock from her, not as tight as before asshole. If you weren't to have any more of these sexual rendezvous' with Ariel again, or even Sarah, you would have been pretty satisfied. But just before leaving, not only did Ariel thank you, she whispered in your ear, confessing a secret and if it was something you might be interested in, sometime in the very near future...


    For the first time in several weeks, Sarah shows up at your office. You have arranged for her to meet with you, at a specifically chosen time, a few days after you had last been with Ariel. When she arrives, Sarah isn't in the best of moods, telling me she found several texts on her boyfriend’s phone from some other girl. Her guy claimed innocence, but she doesn't believe him, verbally lambasting him and storming out of the apartment that they shared.

    "Want me to close the door?" she asks, which is the norm whenever you have pre-organised a sexual arrangement. But that isn't why you have told her to see you this time.

    "That won't be necessary Miss Hyland".

    She sits down on the leather seat on the other side of your desk. Unbeknownst to Sarah, you had someone anonymously send a flurry of texts to her boyfriend’s phone, knowing that she would definitely notice his phone constantly going off. You wanted her to be riled up and flustered by the time she arrived here.

    "So why did you want me to meet with you?" she asks, seemingly wanting to be anywhere else but in your office.

    "I just wanted you to know that I'm happy to cease our agreement if that suits you. It would be unlikely that I could pay you anymore than what you're currently getting as the show’s ratings and DVD sales have been down of late".

    She seems genuinely taken aback by this news, though not initially bothered about the money or that you didn't require seeing her anymore. You have to keep conversing with her to intentionally get a negative reaction out of the clearly bothered actress.

    "It may mean that I'll have to cut down your annual salary as well".

    That did it. The now angry brunette shoots you a pissed off look, clearly not pleased with the news.

    "You can't do this!! You're a lying, manipulative asshole! We had a deal!"

    The reality is you planned to do no such thing. You just wanted her to open up about the argument she just with her boyfriend.

    "Woah, woah. Calm down Sarah. You're still going to be paid rather well. Something else is clearly bothering you, I can tell. Is there something I should know about?"

    You take her hands, trying to calm the distressed girl down. She begins to break down and cry, confessing the news about her partner (which you already know). Comforting Sarah, she snuggles up close to you, her face nuzzling up against your neck, kissing you lightly until you begin making out. You lift Sarah up onto your work desk, her slim legs dangling off the side as you stand in between them.

    "Fuck me... I want your cock Sir.. I know you said that we didn't have to do this anymore, but can we do it one more time, please?"

    Sarah is almost pleading with you to have sex with her for what may very well be the last time. She firmly rubs your hard cock through your pants to coax you into a decision that will be to her satisfaction. All of your previous secret engagements with Sarah have been when you asked for her to see you. But after several years of this, she no doubt enjoys you fucking her and the attention you have given the pretty actress, and there is still a burning desire to have you once again take control.

    You don't want to disappoint her so without hesitation, you begin stripping off her top, sliding down her skirt whilst she urgently tries to take off your pants, and pull your throbbing boner out from its restraints. Sarah is kissing you with much more passion than usual, her tongue mingling with yours and her hand jerking your stiffening cock to get you at full mast.

    Just as she is about to remove her bra, the main door suddenly opens, the pair of you shocked as Ariel catches you in the act.

    "Oh my God!" Ariel says with a surprised look on her face, seeing you both in a state of undress.

    Of course, you know Ariel is only pretending to act surprised, as you and the buxom teen have planned this scenario out beforehand. You recalled the other day that Ariel confessed to having a long time crush on her older co-star. She had heard that Sarah once made out with Victoria Justice a few years back at a party. And Victoria allegedly isn't the only big name Hollywood starlet whom Sarah had hooked up with in the past.

    Ariel had suggested the idea to send the texts to her boyfriend, just after you asked Sarah to come see you in your office. She knew that Sarah had major trust issues with previous boyfriends and other girls taking an interest in them. It is essentially her achilles heel, and Ariel took advantage of it.

    "So this is why you get paid so well! That's right Sarah, I know how well you get paid, everyone does.." Ariel says to Sarah with a look of disgust.

    "It's not what you think Ariel?" Sarah replies in a panic, worried what else Ariel might tell the other actors.

    Sarah hops up off your lap, quickly getting to Ariel before she can leave, not that she has any intention to.

    "What's your boyfriend going to think if he finds out about you and him?" Ariel questions Sarah, giving me a dirty look.

    Sarah pulls a face before she looks down in sadness, filling in her younger co-star about her partner’s infidelity.

    "I'm so sorry Ariel, I'm such a mess. Everything's going wrong!" she cries, not knowing what to do.

    Ariel tells her not to worry, hugging Sarah as she sobs against her shoulder.

    "I have a way to make you forget about this, and make it all better. Do you trust me?"

    "Yes, of course".

    "OK then" Ariel responds, then surprising the upset actress by kissing her right on the lips. Sarah looks like her eyes are deceiving her, stunned by Ariel's forwardness.

    "What are you doing Ariel?" she tamely asks when their lips disengage from one another.

    "Just go with it" she replies, Sarah looking into her chocolate brown eyes and seeing only comfort and compassion.

    As the pair make out, you can't help but stroke your cock as you watch on. The plan is working out well, and you know you may have to be patient and pray that at least one of them will invite you to join them both. Whilst Ariel and Sarah kiss and fondle each other's young, sexy figures, Sarah slowly strips off Ariel's clothes as you quietly disappear into another room to gather a sex toy, that you hope Sarah will incorporate into the heat of the action.

    You return to see the girls now both in their underwear, Ariel clad in a blue brassiere barely covering her massive twins, and a thin pair of matching coloured panties. Sarah's hands run along Ariel's sinful curves, in awe of her huge rack and firm round ass. Ariel wastes no time going for Sarah's snatch, the outline of her hairless cunt imprinted through her underwear, due to how wet she is.

    You place the sex toy on the coffee table in front of where the girls are now standing in front of the couch, the elder actress moaning uncontrollably at Ariel's working finger on her moistened slit, the teen's hand now inside her panties. You can tell Ariel has a finger or two inside of Sarah, the slim brunette clutching at Ariel's large tit to keep her balance.

    The pair sit back down on the sofa, Ariel helping Sarah slide off her drenched underwear down her slim legs. Her pussy is almost complete shaved, aside from a neatly trimmed landing strip just above her bulging clit. Ariel is kissing Sarah again, loving her girlish moans as she frigs at her sopping hole.

    Whatever Ariel is doing is clearly working, Sarah's flat stomach humping up and down as her inner walls tighten around the digits sliding in and out of her spasming snatch. Sarah gives a shuddering moan as she climaxes, her face flushed after an intense, overwhelming orgasm. Ariel licks her fingers clean, enjoying the taste of her friend’s inner essence.

    "Oh my Ariel! That felt, that felt amazing!"

    Sarah seems incredibly relaxed now, no longer thinking about why she was so upset earlier on. She has this look of desire in her eyes for her on-screen sister.

    "Let me return the favour shall I?"

    With a sparkle in her eye, Sarah looks over at me, giving me a sly wink as she notices the eight inch rubber phallus I have put on the coffee table for her. You know it is her favourite toy, but this time around she has no intention to use it on herself. Sarah kneels on the carpeted floor in front of the couch, in between Ariel's supple young thighs. She reaches up under her ass to grasp her silk panties, pulling them down her legs to expose her bald teenage mound.

    Sarah licks her lips at the sight, Ariel's gash already trickling out drops of her warm secretions. She spreads the teen’s legs wide, opening up her dark pink flower, and caressing her creamy inner thighs. Ariel unclasps her 34D cupped bra from the front, revealing her large milky twins to the older brunette for the very first time.

    The whole thing is like a real life wet dream to you. Sarah now has her face buried in between Ariel's legs, eating out the teen's sopping wet cunt. Ariel grabs at her heaving chest, squeezing the soft mounds tightly as Sarah laps and slurps at her pristine cunt. Sarah uses both hands to pin down her flailing body, holding her forearm across her gyrating waist.

    By this time you can't wait anymore. Sarah's tight little ass wiggles enticingly in front of you and her bulging lips just below her cute little butt are beckoning you to take her. Just as you are about to make your move, it is as though Sarah can read your mind, looking over her shoulder at you, then turning to Ariel to suggest,

    "You think we should we invite him over?"

    Sarah has a sexy grin on her face with Ariel's teen juices glistening on her chin and lips. Ariel gives me a seductive look, then simply nods back at Sarah to allow me to join in on their fun. You don't want to waste any time, so you quickly get yourself behind Sarah's slightly twerking ass, knowing that her luscious looking taco is wet and raring to be impaled.

    Sarah moans into Ariel's wet peach when you plunge your thick cock inside her, Ariel doing likewise as she feels Sarah's mouth vibrate against her most sensitive region. As you continue to rail into Sarah, her ass jiggles, courtesy of your hard thrusting. You both have moved forward so that the limber brunette is lying upon Ariel now, using her hands to play with the teen's huge breasts. Sarah's tongue playfully flicks over her pink nips, swirling it around the hard nub.

    You catch Ariel's eyes whilst Sarah orally pleasures her stiff nipples. Her attention is drawn towards the long black rubber dildo that you left on the table earlier. Having seen Sarah use it on herself in one of the video's you showed her a few months back, you can tell Ariel is dying to have that rubber dildo inside her. Plus she is aware how skilled Sarah is with it when she has it in her possession. You subtly hand her the rubber toy, complete with a strap to wrap around her waist.

    She understands what you are suggesting, putting on the strap-on dildo, rubbing the head and first couple of inches of it against Ariel's slippery wet opening. Once it is well lubricated, Sarah pushes the wide rubber tip against Ariel's tight hole, the younger girl screaming sharply as her cunt hole is stretched almost to its limit.

    "Holy fucking shit!" she exclaims, huffing and puffing at the large rubber toy filling her teenage clam.

    The whole thing has got you so riled up, that you hammer into Sarah's dripping box faster, fiercely plunging your cock inside Sarah from behind.
    It's quite a scene going on, you taking Sarah doggy style whilst she is fucking Ariel beneath her with the black dildo, easing about half of it inside her loosening twat.

    You get the girls to change positions, Ariel now riding the rubber dildo, whilst you feed your cock to Sarah's mouth, the older girl now lying on her back on the sofa. You know how much she loves tasting her own cunt juices, about as much as you love her taking your dick into her warm sucking mouth.

    As Sarah blows your stiff pole, you make out with a moaning Ariel, mingling tongues and fondling her bouncing breasts, occasionally nibbling on her swollen pink nipples. The rubber organ is too big for her to take all the way, but nonetheless has gotten the heaving teen off with her dripping secretions coating the entire length. You hold Ariel's chin with your hand as she slowly grinds her inflamed pussy on the dildo and Sarah's gives you an exquisite blowjob, almost deep throating you.

    "You want me to fuck you don't you?" you say to the whimpering teen, her face contorted as you tease her sensitive nipples with your fingertips.

    "Uh-huh..." she utters, barely getting the words out.

    Slipping your cock from Sarah's lips, you kneel in behind Ariel, getting your lubed up shaft ready. With a surprised look on her face, Sarah says to Ariel,

    "Is he putting it in your a...."

    Before she could finish her sentence, Sarah's eyes illuminate as Ariel cries out loud when you slide your hard member up her succulent ass.
    There's less resistance as opposed to last time, although she does shriek out initially, probably due to the fact that she has your dick in her ass and a rubber cock penetrating her cunt simultaneously.

    "Oh Sarah, it's so damn good" Ariel confesses to the elder girl, her mouth agape and eyes clenched shut.

    Knowing that she's enjoying being doubly penetrated brings a huge devilish smile to your face. Ariel's massive tits are now squashed up against Sarah's smaller ones, making out with her and moaning into her mouth as she gets it harder in both of her holes. You and Sarah are both in sync as you both rhythmically fuck the insatiable horny teen. But when the pace starts to quicken from you both, that fluent rhythm all goes to shit.

    Before you know it, Ariel's cunt juices burst out of her pussy when the rubber sex toy slips out of her, evidence that she's just had the mother of all climaxes.You remain in her ass as Ariel rests her face on Sarah's chest, letting you continue to have your way with her ass. Her anus has tightened around you like a vice, and you know that this continued pressure has you just about ready to blow.

    You instruct both of these tired but still gorgeous brunettes to kneel before you, so they are eye level with your throbbing dick. Sarah and Ariel take turns sucking your cock, hardly bothered by the fact it had been in Ariel's ass just moments earlier. You groan heavily and your face tilts upwards towards the ceiling when both girls’ mouths attack you, Sarah polishing your sensitive bellend with her soft lips, whilst Ariel's goes at your tender balls, dousing them each in her saliva.

    You have the back of their heads in each of your palms as they lick either side of your long cock, french kissing each other with the tip in between their hungry mouths. The amazing sight is all too much, as you resume control of your cock, jerking it furiously.

    Both girls look up at you with their mouths open and tongues out, Sarah occasionally flicking her tongue against your purple headed tip and Ariel cups her huge naked chest balloons, to give you another option to shoot your load over. Sarah also caresses your sensitive balls with her soft fingertips whilst you frenetically stroke your pulsing cock.

    "Ahhh, Nghh, Grrrr!"

    Your face grimaces and the tension in your nuts finally releases, putting an end to the incredible mind blowing threesome, with you cumming all over Ariel and Sarah's pretty faces. You equally coat each girl in your warm male spunk, shooting a couple of extra ropes when they both share a kiss with your juicy batter on their luscious lips.

    "By the way, Happy 18th Birthday Ariel!" Sarah gleefully said to the younger girl, kissing her deeply with their mouths and faces plastered in your salty jism.

    The experience, as well as all the others that have come before with each girl, was unfortunately never to be repeated again...

    THE END.

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    Happy 18th Birthday is right! Great job as usual hearsz.

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    Yep. Best of the series just like the previous ones. Each one gets topped. Can't wait to see where this series goes in the future.

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    Quite glorious!

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