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Thread: "Wish List" with Kelly Brook and Michelle Keegan

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    fanfiction "Wish List" with Kelly Brook and Michelle Keegan

    With Kelly Brook and Michelle Keegan
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MFF, voy, toys, anal, handjob, blowjob, dirty-talk
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

    I suppose you could say I already lived a pretty semi-charmed kind of life -- being a successful photographer in London and managing to not only hook-up with Kelly Brook, but move into a small flat together in Chelsea.

    In the six months that we had been together, Kelly had decided to take a break from public life and now lived off my paycheck. Fortunately for me I had scored several lucrative magazine deals which allowed us to enjoy a very opulent lifestyle.

    With that said, I was somewhat surprised when I returned home one evening only to be greeted by the news that Kelly had found herself a new hobby, and had set up some kind of Amazon "Wishlist" for herself.

    "I don't have to do anything." she claimed. "—fans can just buy me stuff and send it to me."

    I was immediately suspicious. I knew that she spent a lot of her free time on the internet, and was well aware of the pitfalls of social media.

    "So what can they buy for you?" I asked with a sigh.

    "Well. There's all kinds of groovy things babe. But I figured I'd have a little fun with it and picked out a whole bunch of lingerie and sex toys I've always wanted."

    "—sex toys!"

    "Yeah. Here's the best bit." she explained enthusiastically. "I even promised I'd pose with some of the gifts if they bought them for me."

    I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Had she lost her fucking mind!

    I mean I'd always know Kelly to be a highly sexual and opened minded person, but somewhat on the naive side. This however was a whole new level of gullibility I never knew existed.

    "Sweetheart, if you wanted more sex toys all you had to do was ask." I told her, still shocked by her decision to dabble with online fans.

    After a fairly long and heated exchange, I finally convinced her to shut down the page since it would probably only lead to something bad.

    "You don't mean that."

    "You bet your ass I do." I insisted. "If you want to stay in this house you'll do precisely what I say."

    Kelly hesitated for a moment, looking down at her feet.

    "But...what if I already received some packages today."

    "No you didn't—" I hissed. "And you brought them back to the house!"

    For a moment I stood speechless, staring at my naive girlfriend. In truth, I'd always known that Kelly was a total slut, but this kind of behavior was a complete surprise.

    Again, she looked sheepishly downwards.

    "Look. I promise I won't do it again, and I'll shut down the page. But please let me open these presents."

    "Why are these gifts so important to you. Did one of your degenerate fans send you a vibrator or something?"

    Judging from the look on her face I knew it was true.

    "Fine. Whatever." I finally said as I loosened my tie and took a seat in my favorite chair. "Go open your little presents."

    Kelly shrieked with delight before she disappeared into the kitchen, and returned a moment later armed with a cardboard box. It was still sealed, so I knew that she had been saving the surprise.

    The busty model knelt at my feet and began to tear the box open. She was excited like a kid at Christmas. I looked down at her as she ripped the paper off and split the taped seam with a long, painted fingernail.

    Her gown gaped a little and I could see down the front to two swollen, heavy breasts and hard pointed nipples. There was no doubt she was more than excited to receive these gifts.

    With a cry of triumph, Kelly suddenly knelt up and held a smaller box aloft in her hand. I could see the picture on the front which indicated that the sex toy must have been about eight inches in length and impressively thick.

    I also noticed several other items like a bottle of lube and two smaller butt-plugs, and suddenly felt a pang of concern about her entertaining some stalkers fantasies.

    It only took a second before Kelly ripped open the plastic and now held up the vibrator. It looked long and sleek with a bulbous, penis-shaped head. She rotated the base and the thing buzzed to life.

    "Oh-Wow. This looks impressive." she giggled as her fingers slid up and down the smooth shaft. "Almost looks real."

    I forced a smile as I watched her handle the instrument of pleasure. I could feel my own cock hardening in my pants as I thought about how her fingers would feel doing the same to me.

    "God I can't wait to use this later." she stated in her sexy posh accent.

    "Why wait? Go ahead." I encouraged. "Who's stopping you."

    "You mean now?" she smiled. "Right here?"

    "Sure. Why not."

    "okay! But first I'm going to have to get naked for this." she said with a wicked grin. "—and by the look of that bulge in the front of your pants, I don't think you're going to disagree."

    She was right. My cock was now at full attention and quite uncomfortable in the confines of my pants. I was actually eager to see her strip down and use the thing.

    The one time "Page 3" model stood up from the floor, let her gown fall open completely to reveal her large bra-less breasts. Her trimmed pussy was covered only by the tiniest pair of sheer-black panties.

    I had seen her naked many times before, of course, but this time it seemed completely different, somehow. Almost felt improper that someone had bought her the toy. Like I was sharing her with a stranger.

    "Why don't you see how that thing feels against your nipples." I suggested, my voice a little croaky.

    Kelly smiled as she brought the tip up to her right breast, while clutching the large orb up with one hand. The effect was instantaneous, and sent an electric current up her spine.


    I watched her eyes close and her head roll back as she slowly rotated the vibe over her nipple, stopping only briefly to wet her fingers and roll the moisture around the tight, swelling bud.

    The same procedure was then repeated on her other breast until she was moaning audibly, her chest heaving. It was at this point that I heard the backdoor open, followed by our neighbor calling out.

    "Err. Hello!" Michelle Keegan announced. "—anyone home?"

    It was too late to answer her, too late to do anything before Keegan wandered into the room.

    To our amusement, Michelle gasped as she looked at the scene before her, Kelly's face a deep crimson color while she knelt on the carpet in just her panties with her knees spread.

    The vibrator was still buzzing loudly in her hand when Kelly realized we had company.

    "Whoa! Um. okay—" our neighbor gasped before smiling widely. "Err. I...had no idea."

    "Oh-Shit!" Kelly blushed, as her hand went to cover her mouth and she looked back at me and giggled.

    I couldn't help but laugh out loud. After all it wasn't the first time Michelle had walked in on us at an inappropriate time, but this was something else. Kelly was half naked and straight up getting off in the middle of the lounge room floor.

    "Err. I didn't mean to interrupt." Michelle explained. " Should I come back later?"

    "Don't be ridiculous. Come in." I assured her. "Kelly was just amusing herself."

    "Yeah I can see that."

    "Ugh. Fuck Michelle—" Kelly directed at her friend. "This thing is so amazing!"

    "Erm, what have you got there?"

    "—seems Kelly has got herself a new toy." I chimed in.

    Keegan giggled.

    "Well don't stop on my account! You look like you're really enjoying yourself there."

    "Fuck! You have no idea." the buxom brunette exclaimed.

    "So I take it the first shipment arrived?"

    Right away I knew Michelle was in on Kelly's scheme. In fact I should have known better. After all it wasn't the first time the ladies had gotten themselves in trouble together.

    "So you were the one who put her up to this!"

    "Relax. It's not a big deal." the TV star remarked. "—it's just a harmless website, a bit of fun."

    "—obviously." I replied, looking over at my moaning girlfriend.

    "Don't tell me you have a wishlist too!"

    "Are you crazy. Mark would kill me!"

    As Michelle wandered over to take a closer look at the additional toys, I looked at Kelly who simply shrugged, and seemed more than happy to carry on with an audience of two. Michelle then took a seat on the floor at my feet, as I suddenly found myself feeling a little nervous about having her sit so close to me, in my current state of arousal.

    At that point there was just no way she couldn't see the bulging tent in my pants.

    In truth, I wasn't even sure how she'd respond since we were all good mates and had spent plenty of time together, going on double dates and even vacationing together. So the last thing I wanted to do was offend her. But in the end I need not have worried.

    "Well, go on then." our sexy neighbor laughed as she settled herself down. "—carry on. I want to watch this."

    Kelly shrugged again and did just that. This time she used the vibe all over her breasts and pushed it into her ample cleavage, simulating a slow tit-fuck.

    Of course, this was a particularly favorite fetish of mine, so seeing her treat the device to the same action caused my cock to twitch instinctively.

    "Says here that the vibrator has several speeds." Michelle remarked while reading from the box. "Can it go faster?"

    Her question was soon answered with a long, low moan from Kelly as she demonstrated the faster speed and pressed the toy against her nipples.

    "oh-god." the busty model moaned as she increased the speed yet again. "I think I'm going to cum!"

    I jumped slightly as Michelle clutched hold of my knee and gripped me in her excitement. Kelly's face was a picture of pure ecstasy as the orgasm quickly approached.

    We then watched as her legs trembled, her head lolled back and her toes curled. The waves seemed to keep washing over her as both Michelle and I could clearly see her hard nipples throb visibly as she climaxed.

    "Holy shit. I can't believe you just came." breathed Michelle, as her hand remained on my knee.

    Kelly panted. "It's's just so—"

    "—I bet it'd feel great on your clit too."

    "Mm. Let's find out shall we." Brook purred. "—want to give me a hand."

    It was obvious that Kelly wanted assistance with her panties and both Michelle and I were more than willing to help. I watched spellbound as our super hot neighbor now helped peel my girlfriend's panties down her legs, giggling all the time about how hot and sexy all of it was.

    "Got your panties!"

    "Yeah. You keep those." I grinned.

    I could tell the notion alone really turned Michelle on.

    Kelly was quickly back in position, now completely nude and with her legs spread wide facing her audience. She began to run the tip of the vibrator down between her tits, across her belly, and over her pussy.

    "If I didn't know any better I'd swear she was getting off on this." Keegan grinned. "—putting on a show like this."

    "Yeah well, Kel's always been a bit of an exhibitionist." I added. "At least for as long as I've known her."


    "Sure. She always wants to fuck in public."

    "Well, can't say I blame her." Michelle winked. "That sounds pretty hot."

    As my girl continued to play, I could see her eyes zero in on Keegan's hand which had found its way back on my knee and was squeezing me. There was a long pause before Kelly seemed to have a wicked thought and grinned playfully.

    "Why don't you help him out there, Michelle?"


    "I mean. The poor guy looks like he's as hot and horny as I am right now."

    "—if you say so." Michelle giggled.

    "huh." was all I could thing to say, still trying to figure out if this had all been staged.

    "How about it?" Keegan smiled back at me. "I'll play with your cock if you play with my tits."

    I didn't need to be asked twice.


    In an instant I unzipped my pants and hauled out my hard cock, just as Michelle pulled her sweater over her head to reveal the sexy little minx wasn't even wearing a bra! I watched spellbound as her large breasts bounced gracefully in front of my eyes.

    Even though her nipples weren't as long or thick as Kelly's, they were a lovely set nonetheless. I gasped as her cool fingers finally encircled my shaft while my hands cupped and fondled her soft-firm breasts.

    Kelly moaned suddenly, causing both Michelle and I to look up and remember what we were watching. It seemed we had both become voyeurs and were loving every second of it.

    "Err. Where's Mark?" I whispered into Keegan's ear, suddenly feeling guilty for touching up his wife.

    "He's out with his mates, won't be home till later." she winked.

    Again, Kelly moaned. This time the noise was due to the fact that she had just inserted about three inches of the toy deep into her cunt! I held my breath as Michelle's fingers gripped tighter while I gently twisted a nipple.

    "Ugh-Yeah. Keep doing that." Kelly purred as she watched Keegan and I grope one another.

    "Mm. That's nice." Michelle sighed, arching her back. "You can be rougher if you want. I like having them squeezed!"

    I happily obliged.

    I really liked the fact that Michelle was open enough to tell me what she liked, even with my girlfriend masturbating just a few feet away from us. God knows I wanted to play with her pussy as well, but as yet, that hadn't been discussed and I didn't want to foul up the whole situation by getting ahead of myself.

    Instead, Michelle now stroked me slowly and intently as we watched Kelly switch between rubbing the vibe against her pussy lips, and plunging it deep into her hole.

    I now realized I was close to the edge, and wondered how Michelle would react to me shooting ropes of spunk all over her pretty hand. But apparently she didn't mind, as I soon felt her pick up the pace and straight up jack me off right there on the recliner.

    "Mm. That's hot." Michelle cooed to Kelly's explicit show.

    "Ugh 'mish. You've just got to try this vibe."

    "I intend to one of these days."

    "—maybe if you're good I'll let you borrow it sometime."

    "Yeah. I think I'd like that. I'd like that a lot."

    For a moment I wasn't sure what the girls were talking about. Were they still talking about the vibrator, or me.

    "You know what I'd really love to see right now—" Keegan teased. "Watch you slide that thing into your ass."

    I felt her hand squeeze around me as she made the lewd comment.

    "oh-yes." cooed Kelly, who leaned back to lay flat on the floor with her legs spread wide.

    Her feet arched sexily as her butt rose off the floor. I gasped as she began to stab the fake dong against her tight bunghole, while using her other to flick her bean.

    "Grr. Yeah do it. Stick it in your ass babe." I encouraged, which only seemed to set Kelly off.

    It was at this point that Keegan's hand appeared to get tired, and for a moment I assumed she was going to stop, but instead she shifted on her knees and turned to face me, before spitting in her palm and grasping my cock again.

    With her eyes now locked to mind there was no ambiguity. She now seemed determined to get me off.

    "—you gonna cum."

    "You keep that up and I just might."

    Michelle responded by spitting in her hand again and gripping me tightly, this time smearing a lot of her warm saliva all around my shaft and balls. I could tell from the way she "handled" me that she had a lot of practice in the hand-job department. In fact she really seemed to enjoy the act, and the way it made me squirm in my seat.

    As Keegan and I proceeded with this back and forth, I watched Kelly slide the plastic device right into her tiny asshole before wedging the base of it against her foot, to stop it moving as she began to raise and lower her hips, pushing it in and out of her rectum.

    I had only taken my attention off Michelle for a minute when I heard her whisper hotly in my ear.

    "I wanna make you cum."

    "Yeah I bet you do."

    Michelle grinned as she continued to fist my hard cock faster and faster.

    "C'mon. We both know you've wanted to fuck me for the longest time."

    In reality it was true. But I still didn't have the courage to admit it, particularly with my naked girlfriend laying just a few feet away.

    "Just admit it." Keegan teased while jacking me off. "You want it. You want to fuck me so bad."

    "Fuck. I'm close." I announced, as I felt my cock swell in her hand.

    But if I had any expectations of taking charge of the situation, I was sorely mistaken as she then did something that took my breath away.

    "You going to cum!"


    "—well in that case we wouldn't want to waste it, would we?" Michelle quipped before burying her face in my lap!

    As soon as her warm, wet lips enclosed around my helmet I thought I was going to pass out. In fact Michelle took me deep into her mouth and attempted to devour me whole. However, due to her angle of attack she only managed to get half my length.

    I groaned out loud as her lips wrapped around my skin flute, sucking and pulling me forward.

    "Holy shit, Michelle—" I gulped as I looked directly over at Kelly, who was too busy in her own pleasure.

    Breathing through her nose, Keegan strained as she worked harder, sucking my erection into her throat. With each attempt, more and more of my length slipped into her hot mouth, until I finally felt her sink lower and reach the base.

    "—fuck! Not even Kelly can do that." I blurted out, causing her to smile up at me.

    This was quickly followed up by Michelle's "technique" which consisted of tickling the tip with her tongue while her hand pumped closely behind, sliding up and down my pole and stroking me at the same time.

    She only stopped the duel action to slobber out a long drool of spit all over my bell-end, before returning right back to her fist-pump-action and head bobbing. I now found myself moaning out loud as I alternated my gaze between the actress servicing my sword, and my girlfriend's bucking hips as she fucked herself senseless on the carpet.

    "Fuck. Fuck. I'm gonna cum!" I hissed through gritted teeth, before exploding in her mouth.

    I pushed forward causing my cock to sink completely into the back of Keegan's throat, my balls emptying into her stomach. Michelle's gagged immediately, before coughing around my sword as her body cried for oxygen, only getting relief once I pulled back.

    Kelly's fingers were now embedded deep inside her own pussy as she ass-fucked herself with the vibrator, slamming the device up at least six inches into her body. My mind reeled as my balls kept spewing their contents into my neighbors greedy mouth, only to see my load dribble out the sides of her lips.

    I'm not even sure I'd ever cum that hard with Kelly before, much less any other human being. The mere fact it my mates hot wife and neighbor, only seemed to be an added incentive.

    "Ugh. You little slut..." I heard myself hiss under my breath.

    To her credit, the "Corrie" star sucked and swallowed as much of my load as she could, while gently massaging my balls to ensure that she had drained every last drop. It seemed an age before I eventually stopped ejaculating, and before I knew what to do or say, Michelle was kissing me hard on the lips!

    I barely had time to object, much less stop her as she shoved her tongue into my mouth and swiftly straddled my hips, lowering her lovely cunt down onto my sword.

    Despite having just cum inside her hot wet mouth, my penis immediately responded to her tight confines and twitched back to life. I honestly don't know who was more aroused between the three of us. We all seemed to be lost in our own passions.

    "Jesus, you don't waste any time do you." I whispered, as my cock split her cunt open and impaled her.

    "I need you inside me!" Michelle hissed as her arms fell around my neck and she wiggled her hips to get more comfortable.

    She then raised her legs high and wide, wrapping her ankles around my waist, pushing her hips up into me to meet my thrusting cock, and started fucking me with great abandonment.

    I don't know how many men she'd fucked in her life, but her pussy was damn tight. I sawed my hard length into her as she fucked me back like a rattlesnake, grinding her hips and biting my shoulder and humping me in my recliner.

    "Yeah. Gimme that cock!" she grunted as she bounced above me, her tits mashing into my face.

    I let her have her way for a few minutes before I finally pulled her back to the edge of the seat, looped my arms around the slender waist, and eased her down onto the floor beside Kelly.

    There I pinned her legs back against her chest and abruptly slammed my meat into her, again and again.

    "Ugh-Fuck!" she glared up at me with a little fear in her eyes. "Fuck-Yeah. Again!"

    With both hands now fixed on her hips, I pounded the saucy little minx into the carpeted floor as she cried out loud and wailed for me to fuck her harder and deeper. The nimble little tart was humping me as her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

    It was only at this point that I realized just what an insatiable little slut Michelle Keegan really was. The girl was as tight as a drum, but appeared to have a TON of energy, and was more than capable of taking a hard pounding.

    I was almost startled when I looked up and realized that we had an audience, and noticed Kelly who was now quietly sitting there watching us, while casually playing with boobs.

    I supposed if it were any other time she would have been mad, watching her partner fuck the minx next door. But considering how worked up we all were, she was more intrigued and aroused than angry.

    Noting this I started to fuck Michelle really hard, making sure she felt every fucking inch of my pulsing member.

    "—fucking bitch." I directed at Kelly, insinuating that Michelle had brought it all upon herself.

    "Yeah. Fuck her." Kelly encouraged. "Teach her a lesson. Fuck her hard baby. Make her cum."

    "Yeah. Is that what you want?" I replied. "—want to watch me fuck this little cunt."

    "Make her cum all over your cock." Kelly purred. "-then come over here and let me blow you."

    Looking down I could see Keegan nodding her head vehemently.

    "Do it—" she croaked. "Make me cum. Please. I need it."

    I carried on pummeling the petite actress into the carpet until I felt her shake violently. This was followed by Michelle crying out loud and almost passing out, before I finally pulled out, scrambled to my feet, and stuffed my hard wood into Kelly's waiting pie-hole!

    My busty partner licked and sucked all around my helmet, cleaning my sword while savoring the taste of our sweet neighbor. I let her blow me for a minute before I eased her back to the floor and quickly straddled her chest, and proceeded to fuck her luscious tits!

    Kelly moaned approvingly as I fucked her boobs and watched her snaked out her tongue to lick at my helmet. Her breasts felt like heaven as she kept her fun-bags pushed tight around my staff.

    When I ultimately hopped off her chest to take Kelly right there on the floor, I glanced over to see that Michelle had already composed herself and was now ready for round two.

    "Get your sweet little ass over here—" I grunted at our guest, as I pushed into my girl. "Come sit on her face!"


    "You heard me." I hissed. "I want you to sit on Kelly's face while we fuck."

    "Err. Are you up for that?" Michelle directed at her best friend.

    "uh-huh. I'd be into that." Kelly murmured as I proceeded to drill her on the carpet. "Get over her sexy."

    Keegan rushed to take off her shoes and pants, and moved to straddle her friends face. I watched as she carefully eased her shaven pussy onto Kelly's mouth, causing her to sigh softly and close her eyes.

    It quickly became all about the girls pleasure, as Kelly licked and hungrily sucked Michelle's flawless mound into her mouth. For her part, Michelle moaned and proceeded to roll her hips and humped her face.

    "Oh-Fuck Kelly. Right there." she purred. "Yes baby. Stick that long tongue inside me again!"

    Just hearing this lewd dialogue was enough to set me of, so I slowed down my thrusts and fucked Kelly's pussy with a steady, pulsing rhythm.

    "God you're pussy tastes so fucking good!" Kelly moaned from beneath her. "I could eat this cunt all night long!"

    Feeling bold, I finally pulled out of Kelly's sex and daringly pushed the head of my cock against her backdoor, and in past her sphincter. She tensed up briefly but didn't complain as I gently eased deeper and deeper into her shit-pipe, my cock getting harder and thicker as I pushed deeper.

    Kelly continued to feast on Michelle's pussy, as Keegan reached down to fondle both their breasts.

    "Ugh. You fucking bitch." she grunted. "You going to make me cum all over that delicious tongue 'Kel."

    "Yeah! I wish would you." Kelly chanted back. "I want you cum all over my mouth. I want to drink you up!"

    In the meanwhile I now pushed Kelly's thick legs apart and slowly probed her backdoor. Watching our sexy neighbor moan like she did, was going to set me off so I suddenly had a change of heart.

    Without warning I pulled out of my girlfriends snug confines and decided to make Michelle clean me clean with her mouth, so I reached up and pulled her down towards me, placing the ladies in an impromptu sixty-nine.

    The saucy little minx seemed to read my mind and knew precisely what I was trying to do, but before she had time to resist, I silenced any objections she had by slamming my shiny wood into her mouth!

    Keegan was a little passive at first, knowing full well where my cock had just been, but with Kelly's eager tongue now probing her intently, she quickly fell into line and actively sucking me off as I held her head by her hair.

    "Yeah. Good girl." I growled. "Clean me off you little slut."

    She took all of my cock into the back of her throat, before I sank back into Kelly's creamy cunt, and fucked her with Keegan's help, who now licked and spat at Kelly's box.

    This combined effort really seemed to get KB off, before I too finally tensed and blew my wad deep into my girlfriends womb. With a job well done, I fell collapsed against the sofa in a sweaty mess and watched spellbound as Keegan eagerly sucked my creamy load right out of her friends vagina.

    "You two are fucking insatiable you know that."

    "I guess someone got their wish-list today."

    Truth be told I still wasn't convinced about Kelly's involvement with the wish-list website, but at least it kicked off one of the hottest experiences of my life!

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    Yep. What a great fucking pairing. Still have no clue how anyone would survive it but he did. oh he so did. More fantastic work and Im glad to see you pop your keegs cherry. hehe

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    Wow. I think I need a bit of a lie down after that because holy fuck it was incredible. I, (and probably the rest of the world), thank you for taking on Keegan - and Kelly of course. Definitely can't wait to see what you come up with in the future. Phew...

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    Dunno what else to say other than the fact that it's fucking brilliant - like always.

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    As far as British combinations go (or any combo for that matter), it doesn't get much better than Brook and Keegan at the present time.

    I know it's only January but I'll be amazed if you write a better duo story than this one this year TPG.
    That's how fucking great I think this is, and it made the wait all the worthwhile.

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    Wow. Thanks guys, much appreciated.

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