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Thread: "Double Dating" with Maia Mitchell and Debby Ryan

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    fanfiction "Double Dating" with Maia Mitchell and Debby Ryan

    Double Dating
    With Maia Mitchell and Debby Ryan
    By LemonTalk
    Codes: MF, BJ, handjob, reluc
    Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction; it never happened and never will

    "Fuck him!" Maia shouted. "The three of us can still have a good time!"

    "Yeah he wasn't worth your time anyway," I added slightly more calmly

    My Australian girlfriend had spent a lot of time setting up this blind double date for her best friend Debby Ryan. Debby hadn't even wanted to come but after a lot of poking and prodding by Maia, she'd relented, got dressed to impress, and joined us. So it was no wonder my girlfriend was now feeling particularly guilty and pissed off when the guy did a no show.

    "Come on," Maia exclaimed, perking herself up. "Let's hit a few clubs and get drinking. Looking like that you'll have no problem picking up a better guy!"

    Debby rolled her eyes at that but stood up nonetheless while I paid the bill. I had to agree with Maia though as I couldn't help but admire her friend's natural curves as they led the way out of the restaurant.

    I joined them on the street where they were debating where to head first.

    "There's a cute place down there," Debby was saying.

    "Nah babe we don't want cute! We want to get fucked up!" Maia giggled, obviously in one of her playful moods where she wouldn't stop until she was practically passed out drunk. "C'mon, I know a place."

    Without even waiting for a response she was off leaving Debby and I no option but to follow.

    The place she chose was a dark, underground club where you couldn't even hear yourself think over the music but Maia loved it, quickly getting in the drinks and shots and pulling me onto the dance floor.

    With a few drinks down her, Debby quickly relaxed and joined us and before I knew it I had both sexy 22-year olds dancing and grinding around me.

    While I was worried Maia might get angry, she actually actively encouraged it whenever Debby would get close to me and playfully grind her sweet ass into my crotch, both of them finding it hilarious as they teased me.

    Unsurprisingly Debby got approached by multiple guys throughout the night but for whatever reason she consistently shrugged them off but not before getting a free drink out of them first.

    As 2am rolled around we finally decided to call it a night, all three of us more than a little tipsy and struggling to walk in a straight line.

    We were leisurely wandering down the street arm-in-arm towards the hotel when Debby pointed out an adult sex shop.

    "Hey maybe I should buy a new toy since I'm all alone again tonight," she sighed jokingly.

    Despite the sarcastic tone, Maia immediately jumped at the idea and pulled us both along and into the store.

    The place was practically empty as I followed the girls through. They fawned over all kinds of toys and devices, whispering and giggling to each other with Maia often making Debby blush at whatever lewd things she was saying.

    I could imagine the kind of stuff Maia was coming out with. I'd only been dating her for a couple of months but she'd been very open-minded from the off from messing around in public to whispering all the filthy things she'd done with her girlfriends while we fucked.

    "What's through there?" Debby whispered as we reached the back of the shop, pointing towards a black curtain.

    "I dunno, let's go find out," Maia smirked, quickly checking the owner wasn't watching before leading the charge yet again.

    Behind the curtain were a series of occupied booths but Maia quickly discovered a vacant one and locked us all in. Inside the black room was simply a single chair facing a large TV attached to the wall.

    "This should be good," Maia giggled, sitting me down on the chair and perching on my lap as she took the remote.

    Debby was still a little uncomfortable and hovered behind us while Maia clicked through and selected a porno, giving me a sly sideways glance as she picked one featuring a lucky guy with two hot, young teens.

    With the porn starting and Maia's sweet ass wiggling in my lap, it didn't take long to get stiff. My girlfriend quickly noticed it and smiled at me knowingly before pushing her ass against me a little firmer.

    In response I wrapped my arms around her slim waist and let my hands slide onto her thighs, gently stroking her super soft skin.

    "Hmm, that feels nice," Maia sighed quietly as I caressed her legs.

    I think we'd both completely forgotten about our third wheel until Debby suddenly yelped from behind.

    "What the fuck?!" she gasped, pointing an accusing finger at the wall.

    We both quickly looked back to see what was wrong only to follow her gaze and see a sizeable cock protruding from a hole in the wall.

    "First to spot it has to suck it!" Maia exclaimed immediately. "That's the rule!"

    "What? I'm not sucking that!" Debby replied defiantly. "I don't even know the guy!"

    "Err, yeah that's kind of the point."

    "No way," Debby insisted, taking another step back, her eyes transfixed on the large cock.

    "Oh come on Deb! Look how hard he is for you, least you could do is touch it. Just stroke it a little?"

    I was surprised at how insistent Maia was being and even more surprised that this whole glory hole scenario hardly seemed to faze her in the slightest.

    "We both know you only came out tonight for some cock and there's a perfectly good one right there!" she continued. "If you don't use it I will!"

    I didn't know what I thought about that but Maia gave me a reassuring wink before turning to straddle me face to face so she could watch Debby who was still lurking behind me.

    Hearing a couple of slow heel clicks across the floor, I craned my neck to look back and see Debby hesitantly approaching the wall, reaching out with one hand. But a split second before she finally made contact, Maia placed a finger on my chin and turned me back to face her instead.

    She gave her teasing, million dollar smile as she stole my chance to watch her sexy friend play with the strangers cock and a moment later we heard an approving grunt from the wall as Debby no doubt wrapped her cool fingers around the thick shaft.

    "Yeah, now start stroking it," Maia instructed while she reached for my belt.

    A second later she was following her own instruction, pulling my stiff member out and stroking it in both hands.

    "Is he nice and hard?"

    "Uh-huh, he's really hard right now," Debby whispered. "—and big too."

    "Why don't you spit on it a little? I bet he'd love that."

    No sooner had she said it, Maia was spitting into her own hand before returning to rubbing my cock. She had a permanent smile on her face as her gaze flicked from me to her best friend.

    "Ooh yeah, just drool that saliva all over it! That's fucking hot…"

    My dick twitched in her hands at the images she was painting for me with her running commentary. I wanted desperately to look and see the real thing but I knew Maia's game and forced myself to play along.

    I was rewarded a minute later when Maia suddenly shifted up slightly, tugged up her short dress to line my cock up against her warm cunt before slowly impaling herself.

    For someone who loved sex so much, I still couldn't believe how hot and tight she was. In fact, Maia's wet, perfect little cunt wrapped around my shaft was almost enough to make me forget all about Debby.

    My girlfriend's breath caught in her throat as she carefully lowered herself into my lap fully, embedding my length inside her while we listened to her BFF's wet handjob continue behind me.

    "Mmm, I bet you could make him cum if you keep that up," Maia challenged as she started to slowly rock her hips.

    "Ugh. My arms getting tired," Debby whined.

    "Why don't you lick it then?" Maia suggested helpfully.

    "Err, I dunno Maia…" Debby replied before apparently glancing over at us. "Wait, are you two fucking?!"

    "Maybe…" Maia smirked, starting to rise and fall on my slick pole.

    "You're crazy…"

    "We're just having a little fun, right babe?"

    "Uh-huh," I grunted, running my hands up her body to squeeze her boobs through her dress.

    "That's pretty hot," Debby admitted quietly.

    "Yeah so the least you could do is put on a show for me too so get on your knees and suck that cock already!" Maia argued more forcefully as she picked up the pace, slamming her wet pussy onto me again and again.

    Barely a second later I was treated to the noise of Debby Ryan treating the lucky stranger to what sounded like a very hot, very sloppy blowjob.

    "Ugh. Wow she's really going for it babe," Maia panted, obviously impressed. "I bet you wish she'd blow you like that. Maybe even fuck you?"

    "Why would I want that when I have this tight cunt to fuck instead?" I replied, emphasising the point by giving her several rapid, hard upward thrusts.

    "Uggh, good answer," she grinned, kissing me briefly while she rocked her hips back and forth. "What if she came and cleaned you off afterwards?"

    "Sounds like it's something you want to see," I countered as her pussy seemed to literally pulse at the idea.

    "Nngh... Fuck it would be hot," she whispered breathlessly. "If I just came all over your cock, then you stuck it down her throat and made her swallow your load!"

    Maia was really bucking on me now, racing to her own climax while I fucked her back as hard as I could.

    "Sure that's hot but I wouldn't finish in her mouth. I'd cum all over her tits then watch you lick them clean!"

    "Oh…God!" Maia gasped as she shuddered and came.

    At the same time I couldn't hold back and abruptly blasted my hot load deep inside her, filling her twitching cunt with rope after rope of jism.

    No sooner had we finished, the guy behind the wall seemed to as well, making Debby splutter and gag as she took his thick spunk down her greedy throat.

    "Fuck yeah!" Maia cheered, climbing off me to join her friend.

    By the time I'd turned back, Debby was back on her feet, blushing as she wiped her chin and realised the mess she'd made of her tight dress.

    "Come on we should get outta here," Maia said. "I think you're technically meant to pay to be back here."

    With that said the three of us made our quick exit, dashing down the street and around the corner where Maia suggested we head back to the hotel since it's only a couple of blocks away.

    If Debby or I thought the night was over, Maia made it perfectly clear otherwise once we were back in the hotel room and she immediately started raiding the mini-fridge.

    While Debby and I had a few more drinks, Maia hit it pretty hard like always and before we knew it she was passed out between us as we watched some bad 3am movie on the floor at the foot of the bed.

    We sat in silence for some time, neither of us bothering to get up and actually go to bed and wordlessly concluding we'd just crash and sleep there for the night.

    With Maia breathing softly beside me I was just feeling like I was about to drift off to sleep when I jumped wide awake when I felt a hand purposely graze my pants under the blanket.

    Given the fact I'd spent the night with two stunning young ladies and hadn't stopped thinking about our time in the backroom of the sex shop, it didn't take long for me to quickly grow under the steady groping of the exploring hand.

    I tried to stay perfectly still and not give the game away figuring Maia wanted this to be our little secret, perhaps see if she could jack me off right next to her BFF while pretending to be asleep.

    In no time at all, Maia squirmed her dainty hand into my pants to fish me out and touch my directly. I was quickly rock hard as she slowly stroked my entire length, twisting her hand slightly and occasionally rubbing her thumb over the top, smearing the pre-cum she'd pumped out.

    I found it harder and harder to remain still until I was forced to glance at Maia to give her some kind of heads up that she was about to cause a mess but I did a double take when I saw that my girlfriend was quite clearly still passed out. She was a good actress but she wasn't that good.

    It was only then I let my eyes flick to Debby who still had her eyes on the TV but was smiling proudly to herself.

    I didn't believe it until I threw the blanket off to see her arm stretched straight over Maia's lap and her hand wrapped firmly around my cock.

    I daren't speak through fear of waking my sleeping girlfriend so simply gave Debby a warning look. But while I told her to stop with my eyes, I realised I didn't actually make any physical move to make her stop.

    It would have been simple to push her hand away but I couldn't bring myself to actually do it and put an end to the slow, pleasurable hand job she was giving me.

    I just couldn't believe this was the same Debby Ryan who was usually so shy and bashful around guys, especially compared to her friends like Maia, so to have her reach over and literally grab what she wanted for a change was actually quite thrilling.

    With pretence out the window, she picked up the pace a little before ultimately leaning over Maia to slowly drool out a long line of warm spit over my bell-end to assist her hand job.

    But something came over me then and without warning I had my hand in her hair and abruptly pushed her down, forcing my cock straight into the back of her hot, narrow throat.

    She clearly wasn't expected it due to the muffled gasp she let out as her mouth was filled while I momentarily saw stars feeling her soft, thick lips wrapped snugly around my shaft.

    I slackened my grip and let her slowly rise, dragging her lips up my length, smearing my meat with her bright red lipstick before diving back down, managing to take it even deeper now she was prepared for it.

    I found it near impossible not to constantly moan out loud as Debby Ryan treated me to what may have been the greatest blowjob of my life. Whether it was the risk of doing it next to my sleeping girlfriend or if she was just that good, I had no idea but I quickly found myself on edge and ready to blow.

    She seemed to sense this before I even had a chance to warn her because she suddenly left my wet shaft alone to dip down and give my tight balls some attention. Flicking her hair back, she looked up at me with her wide, amber eyes as she brushed her talented tongue against them before slurping them noisily into her warm mouth.

    "Fuck, you look so hot like that," I grunted quietly, my eyes shamelessly roaming over her curvaceous body as she practically lay over my girlfriend's lap, her round ass sticking up in the air.

    "You've been thinking about me doing this all night, haven't you?"

    She could see the conflicted look in my face as I refused to admit the obvious.

    "Don't worry," she added. "I've been thinking about your cock all night. The way you fucked Maia so good with it…"

    "Yeah? That turn you on?"

    "Uh-huh. I was jealous. I wanted a go too…"

    It was only then I worked out her ultimate intentions. A quick blowjob was one thing but would fucking my girlfriend's best friend be one step too far? Debby seemed to be fine with it and Maia had kind of hinted at it earlier on. But while I thought on it, it became an easy decision once Debby sat up to unzip her dress, quickly pulling it off to reveal flawless, naked figure.

    I gulped as the sexy young woman climbed over Maia to sit in my lap. I had no idea where to look but she solved that problem too, pushing her impossibly soft tits into my face as she reached back to guide me into her wet pussy.

    We groaned together then as she sank into my lap and I eagerly sucked on her nipple, biting it gently which seemed to drive her wild with lust.

    I found myself subconsciously comparing her with my girlfriend. While she maybe wasn't as tight as Maia, her body and the fact that she was already absolutely dripping wet for me more than made up for it as she slowly began to ride my pole, her breathy moans in my ear.

    With Maia still so close we weren't able to move much which I sensed was frustrating her as much as it was me so without warning I wrapped my arms around her and rolled her over onto her back to lie on the carpeted floor.

    Debby immediately wrapped her legs around me, pulling me in tight while I briefly admired her laying there before me. She really did have a body built to fuck and I intended to do just that.

    I reached and grabbed her soft tits as I started to pound away and before long Debby gave up on being quiet and simply moaned out loud.

    "Oh God—yeah fuck me! Harder!" she purred, lifting her hips off the floor to fuck me back.

    I don't know what came over me then but my hand instinctively left her chest to move upwards to gently wrap around her throat as I picked up the pace and now hammered her sweet cunt for all I was worth.

    "Ugh! Fuck yeah…choke me!" she hissed, her eyes rolling back.

    "You like it a little rough you sexy little slut?" I grunted back.


    Debby came the moment I squeezed a little harder, her entire body convulsing beneath me while her cunt flooded with her own sticky cum. In fact she came so hard I was basically pushed out of her which I didn't mind too much because I immediately climbed on top of her to slide my wet cock between her heavenly cleavage.

    "Oh fuck—" I gasped as she quickly pushed her breasts together, creating a tight, silky soft tunnel for me to pump into.

    "Uhh—yeah, cum all over me!" Debby panted, flicking her tongue out occasionally to tease the head.

    Unsurprisingly it didn't take long for me to gasp and shower her perfect set of tits with cum with a couple of ropes firing far enough to hit her squarely in her pretty face.

    I almost jumped out of my skin however when out of nowhere, Maia suddenly appeared, crawling past me to see the mess I'd made on her friend's chest.

    "Shit, you could have woken me guys! I almost missed out!" she giggled before leaning down and beginning the long process of licking Debby clean.

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    Shit LT, Debby Ryan and Maia Mitchell are such a great pairing.

    So hot, I really enjoyed this story... definitely one I'll be reading time and again.
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    Faaaaaaaaarrrrrrrkkkkkkk! MORE! The gods demand more of these two sexpots fucking their way through L.A.! Simply amazing Lemon!

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    God damn that was hot!
    Love how Debby turns out to be the quiet little ninja slut.
    And that ending, with Maia cleaning her off.
    Simply. Superb.

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