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Thread: "My Sister Lover" with Debby Ryan

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    fanfiction "My Sister Lover" with Debby Ryan

    My Sister Lover
    With Debby Ryan
    Written by Hearsz
    CODES: MF, inc, oral, mast, titfuck, cowgirl

    WARNING: This FICTIONAL story contains sexually explicit situations. If you're under age or easily offended STOP READING!! Fantasy is Legal.

    Growing up through my teenage years wasn't easy, especially when you have a hot ass older step sister like Debby Ryan. It wasn't until I moved out to California from our home town in Alabama that we lived under the same roof for the very first time.

    She was now in her early twenties, whereas I was in the last year of my teens. The most I saw of her growing up was usually on TV, as the main star on Disney series "Jessie".

    Unashamedly, I'd jerked off lord knows how many times thinking about all the things I wanted to do, and have done by the fiery red headed vixen. Despite it being rare for her to flaunt that wicked body of hers (in terms of showing off actual flesh), I had a fair idea of the goods she possessed under all that clothing.

    Unlike what most people see online, I've been fortunate enough to see numerous photos of Debby in teeny bikini's, and even the odd photo of the sultry actress in her underwear. This was mainly thanks to photo albums that Mum had brought home.

    I must say it's such a shame that you don't get to see those succulent tits of hers in those tight dresses she sometimes wears, much more often. Having seen her a couple of times when I moved in, I can tell you those plump red lips really are as tasty looking as you've seen in close up photos of her.

    I hadn't seen Debby much due to her being quite busy with work, hanging out at parties with other celebs, or going away on holiday every other weekend. This pretty much left me at home all by myself a majority of the time, especially as I hadn't nailed down a full time job as yet.

    Something that I've found myself doing lately is going through her personal items when the house was deserted. I mainly checked out her underwear, picturing how sexy she would look in her little red thong, barely covering what I presume was an incredibly firm derrière.

    But on this occasion, I decided to take her used pink cotton panties from her laundry hamper, then laid down on her bed, staring at the thin layer of fabric. I was hard as a rock as I thought about the number of times she had worn them. And of course what her pussy looked like, knowing those wet lips of hers had soaked them on more than a few occasions.

    Taking out my cock, there was some pre-cum that had already formed on my bell-end. I smeared it along my length, having it act as lube for me to jerk off. It didn't take long to get a slick motion going, my eyes closed with my hand gripping my cock that also had Debby's panties wrapped around it.

    After a few minutes of doing this, my face gave a look of horror when I was stunned out of my blissful state.

    "Nate, what the fuck?!?" my angry stepsister shouted at me.

    I tried to cover my private parts, going bright red in embarrassment at getting caught out.

    "You little pervert! So this is why I couldn't find some of my underwear".

    Despite the situation, I felt my cock throb just by looking at her. She was wearing a tight white top and a short blue skirt, allowing me a good look at her smooth looking gams. And her cleavage was more visible than usual.

    "I'm sorry Deb. It's just that.."

    "Save it. I'll let Mum deal with you".

    "No please don't.. I'll do anything you want!" I begged, worried our mother would kick me out of the house.

    Debby's body language seemed to change when I said that, her pretty eyes now fixated on the stiff boner I did a poor job of hiding.

    "Fine. You like beating off with my panties so much? Then show me".

    I was confused. Did she really want me to continue masturbating in front of her?

    "You mean right now?"

    "Well if you don't want Mum to find out?" she replied, now sitting on the bed, waiting for me to get going again.

    "Umm, OK".

    I found it difficult to do this in front of her, wondering what was going through her mind rather than focusing on the job in front of me.

    "I don't know if I can Deb" I said, hanging my head in shame as my dick began to soften.

    "Here, let me help you".

    Debby reached over to grab my hand in hers, so both of our sets of fingers were wrapped around my resurgent shaft.

    "Uhhh shit!" I gasped, her soft digits felt more incredible than any of the pairs of her underwear.

    She moved so she was sitting in between my legs, and before I knew it Debby had full control of my thick member.

    "I gotta say Nate, I had no idea you had such a nice cock".

    Just hearing that throaty voice of hers compliment my manhood, caused goosebumps to break out all over. Those big amber coloured eyes were either honed in on my tense face, or down at the pulsing dick she was currently handling.

    She spat on it, getting it all wet with her saliva so she could stroke me quicker.

    "Ohhh Deb... It feels so damn good".

    I couldn't sit still, my cock feeling so warm and alive in her palm. It was almost a relief when she resorted to a slow firm handjob, allowing any potential release to subside for the time being. Making things even more difficult, she leaned forward so that her incredible tits looked like they were going to fall out of her top.

    "I'm impressed little bro. Most guys I do this to would have blown by now!"

    I had to wonder how often she did this with other blokes. Quite often I guessed, if her handy work and the way she continued to dribble saliva on my dick was anything to go by.

    "You know, I can't say I blame you for stealing my panties. I mean, you are a teenage boy, and I'm pretty hot so I totally get it. Though I think I'm gonna need to see how far I can push you, as punishment for contaminating my underwear".

    And with that, she used one of her hands to reach inside her top, pulling out her succulent breast, and then the other. Debby's large milky white tits hung out of the front of her top, as she continued jerking me off.

    "So little bro. What exactly were you doing with my panties huh? Were you sniffing them? Rubbing them all over your face? Smelling your big sisters pussy?"

    Her dirty talk was really riling me up, especially as she began smacking my length against her bountiful bosoms whilst she said this. She purposely rubbed the tip against her hard nipple, encircling her areolae.

    "You like smelling my dirty, used panties?" she moaned, clutching one of her incredible tits as she wanked me a little quicker now.

    "You like your big sisters tits?" Debby asked, fondling her juicy rack and lightly caressing the erect pink nubs.

    "So do you wanna see my pussy that you've been smelling?"

    "Oh god yes!!" I cried, not even trying to hide my adoration for her sexy body this time.

    I tugged at my stiff member as I watched her lift up her dress. spreading her desirable looking legs and pulling her panties aside, to show me her wet shaved cunt.

    Her puffy lips were more perfect than I could have dreamed of. She licked her fingers before rubbing her slit, parting her wet clam to show me her juicy inner pink treasure.

    "Keep stroking it, keep that fucking cock hard for me Nate".

    I obliged, but could feel a churning in my balls as I watched Debby begin fingering her tender opening, biting her plump bottom lip as she really frigged herself.

    "You want some fresh panties to smell?"

    I simply nodded, unable to say a word as the sight of her bare naked tits and pussy had me huffing and puffing from jerking off so fast. I desperately wanted to cum, intent on spewing my load over those huge creamy jugs of hers. But as if she could read my mind, Debby quickly put a stop to that.

    "Don't you dare fucking cum! I'm not done with you yet!" she said sternly, squeezing my nuts tightly to show me how serious she was.

    Again the pressure was temporarily relieved deep within as my step sister and I mutually teased each other whilst we played with our most private of regions. Then she suggested something that was sure to test my resolve.

    "You wanna feel my big soft tits around your cock?"

    "Oh fuck yes!" I groaned, as I'd dreamed about titty fucking Debby ever since I'd seen her in a tight white dress she'd worn at a charity event she attended a few years back.

    "Of course you do" she replied cheekily, re-positioning herself so her milky chest puppies hung down, allowing them to lightly smack against either side of my turgid length.

    I caressed her outer thighs with my greedy hands as she massaged my dick with her meaty natural hangers, still lubing it up with her saliva every now and then. The feeling was sensational, having those soft round globes closed around my cock. I couldn't help but lift my waist up off the bed occasionally, to thrust my cock in between her unyielding flesh puppies.

    "No doubt you've thought about fucking my tight pussy whilst I'm on top of you with my tits in your face right?"

    "Nghhh yes" I squirmed, my slutty step-sister really going to town on my dick with her glorious tits.

    "Well you can forget about it little bro!" she said, quickly shutting down any chance of going all the way with me.

    Still, this was certainly further than I ever expected to get with her, even if we were related. Pushing the limit even more, and to my utter joy, Debby caught me off guard by loosening her tit-grip on me, replacing them with her warm, wet sumptuous mouth.

    "Holy fuck!" I exclaimed at the velvet-like sucking of my step-sister's soft, plump lips around the tender tip of my cock.

    When she deep-throated me, Debby somehow managed to flick her tongue out and against my sack, despite her nose being pressed up against my lower stomach. She certainly gave one messy blowjob, her drool coating my entire length, humming around me like a hoover. The sexy redhead grabbed her recently removed panties, holding it against the swollen cock head, as she started to tease my balls with her hard tongue.

    "I want you to cover my panties in cum.." she groaned, jerking me off and lashing her tongue at my sac simultaneously.

    I could hear some squelching noises which I soon learnt was Debby fingering her pussy whilst she french kissed my nuts, her lips and soft moans driving me insane. Just feeling her warm breath against my sensitive sac sent a shiver up and down my spine.

    "Ohhh fuckkk Deb!!" I wailed as I spewed what felt like bucket-loads of cum all over her underwear, no longer able to contain the copious amounts of seed residing in the pit of my balls. .

    My breathing was erratic as she milked every last drop from my spent shaft, Debby's mouth sucking and slithering against my nuts giving me the greatest climax of my young life.

    "Wow little bro, you really soaked them!!" Debby stated as she perused her stained panties.

    She licked her fingers clean from some of the sticky residue that I'd splattered onto them.

    "Yummy... I just love the taste of cum" she said like the horny slut she was.

    Seeing her taste some of my load made my cock twitch, retaining some of it's stiffness despite feeling well and truly spent. The reaction I had in between my legs didn't go unnoticed by my unfulfilled step sister.

    "Mmm, still hard I see. Well, no point letting it go to waist".

    Before I could say anything, Debby was straddling my hips, and lining my cock up with her incredibly wet hole. My eyes rolled into the back of my head as I felt her velvet like cunt envelop me.

    "Ohh shit, such a nice fat cock you have Nate!" the actress said in surprise.

    I grinned inwardly at her compliment, then reached up to cup and fondle her glorious chest, which really got my step sisters ass rocking. Debby swiveled her heavenly body quicker, no doubt looking to get off as soon as possible. Our sweaty thighs met each time she was completely skewered upon my length. Regaining some strength, I was able to thrust up into her warm chamber, hearing my thighs smacking against hers and my nuts slapping against her tight little ass.

    "Ohh fuck me, fuck me little bro, harder, HARDER!!" Debby wailed, her face flushed and mouth wide open.

    "C'mon, cum for me you little whore" I whispered into her ear as she lay down flat upon me.

    I had a hold of her firm ass cheeks, holding her tight so she couldn't move and allowing me to pummel her sopping hole.

    "Keep fucking me, I'm so close" she said hoarsely, wiggling her hips and rotating them on my thick staff.

    Debby pressed her mouth against mine, moaning into it as she reached her much sought after climax.

    "Aiii, unghh, cumming!!" she whimpered as her red lips retracted, pressing the side of her face against mine.

    My step-sister rolled off of me, lying to my side as her orgasm subsided. I took a long look in between her legs, gazing at her sopping little cunt. I congratulated myself for giving my horny sibling something to think about for the next time she caught me jerking off with her underwear. She no doubt would be coming back for more.

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    Grr. Super hot hearsz.
    Very nice.

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    Super HOT!

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