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Thread: "Mexican Nights" with Chloe Grace Moretz

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    fanfiction "Mexican Nights" with Chloe Grace Moretz

    Mexican Nights
    With ChloŽ Grace Moretz
    By LemonTalk
    Codes: sleep, tease
    Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction; it never happened and never will

    Having only dated Teri for a few months, to say I was surprised to be invited on a two week vacation to Mexico with her family would be an understatement. I didn't know if she did it with all the guys she dated or if she was particularly smitten with me but I'd been introduced to her many children barely a week after meeting her.

    I had no doubt I would've been shown the door if they disapproved of me but fortunately her sons had no issue with me and it all went well, for the most part. Right from the get-go, I got a strange vibe from her only daughter Chloe.

    It was difficult to tell if she liked me or hated me based on the offhand comments she'd make. I didn't know her well enough to know if she was being rude or if this was just how she was, simply making casual jokes at my expense.

    What made it all the more confusing was the way her attitude changed based on the company. Surrounded by her family or friends, she was distant and made the questionable comments but if I caught her alone, she'd be perfectly sweet and friendly – so friendly in fact it felt like it bordered on inappropriate.

    But as nice as she sometimes was, she was clearly pissed to discover I'd accepted the invitation to join them in Mexico. In fact it quickly caused her to rebel and invite her own friend Kiersey Clemons along, much to the disapproval of her family. While I didn't press the topic it was evident they all thought Clemons was a bad influence on their otherwise innocent, faultless daughter and sister.

    A week later, everything had settled down as we enjoyed our first few days in Mexico, relaxing by the private pool and exploring the nearby beaches.

    But even after a few days to get used to it, I still hadn't gotten over the sight of Chloe in her small, two-piece bikini.

    I obviously always knew she was an attractive young woman but I'd never truly considered her 'sexy' until she emerged on the first day, proudly flaunting her perfectly sculptured bikini body and forcing me to avert my gaze before I could have too many dirty thoughts.

    To make matters worse, Chloe quickly decided she actually enjoyed having me around, shifting into her more playful, almost flirtatious attitude towards me. She knew she looked good and she knew I was a red-blooded male who couldn't help but admire a hot, 18-year-old blonde in a bikini.

    "You can look, just don't let my mom catch you," she'd tease with a knowing wink.

    In fact, just the image of her laying out getting a good tan stuck in my mind. Even at night while Teri and I risked quiet sex with the family sleeping just down the hall, I couldn't help but imagine and wish I was railing into her hot teenage daughter instead.

    I couldn't stop myself wondering how tight Chloe would be. Would she like it rough like her mother? Would she spit or swallow? Surely with those lips she'd give amazing head and would willingly gulp down a well-earned load…"

    I was so lost in my thought I had to catch myself at the last second from groaning Chloe's name out loud as I shot all over Teri's ass and back.

    It was the next day where the vacation went a little wrong with half the family being struck down and bed-ridden by a bug.

    "I just need rest, now get outta here!" Teri insisted weakly as I continued to fuss over her. "I don't want you catching this thing too. Just grab some stuff and sleep in the spare room tonight, yeah?"

    After grabbing some clothes and chucking them in the spare room, I went through into the kitchen. Naturally Chloe was feeling perfectly fine as well, finding her eating breakfast alone. I tried not to look but I immediately noticed she was still in her nightwear; a plain, over-long button up shirt with anything else she may have been wearing left to the imagination.

    "I hope you didn't poison them all just to get me alone," she quipped.

    "I'm not that desperate, don't worry."

    "Yeah I know," she shrugged. "I heard you two last night."

    "Uhh…you did?" I stammered. We'd been so careful to be as silent as possible.

    "Well no, I didn't but thanks for confirming you're still doing it even here," Chloe smirked.

    "Great, well let's not tell your mom that," I said, rolling my eyes as I grabbed some coffee.

    "Hey take it as a compliment! Mom would never risk it with us all here unless you were really good."

    Before I could respond, Chloe hopped up and wandered into her bedroom without a care in the world, giving me a good look at her long legs. A few minutes later she was back having changed into her bikini for another day by the pool.

    She flashed me a knowing look as she passed and I realized I was in for a very long day if I was her only distraction.

    Fortunately Chloe's brother Ethan had also avoided the flu and soon joined us outside, thankfully putting a temporary stop to Chloe's casual but persistent flirting.

    After getting through the day, I was looking forward to some alone time in the spare bedroom but it was that night, while in the process of undressing for bed, that Chloe burst in unannounced.

    "Jesus Chloe, what are you doing?"

    I was thankful I was only topless in that moment. If she'd seen anything else she'd no doubt hold it over me for as long as possible.

    "Kiersey's ill!" she exclaimed as if that excused everything.

    "Uhh, yeah so?"

    "I'm not sharing a room with her and risking getting ill on my birthday!"

    "Then sleep on the sofa, this bed's taken." I told her firmly, refusing to let her come in and have her way yet again.

    "It's a big enough bed for both of us," she shrugged, dropping her bag into a chair and noticing my face, shocked that she'd suggest something like that. "You can sleep on the sofa if you have such a problem with it."

    My head was screaming at me, telling me to just be the mature one, let her have the bed and go out on the sofa but something made me stay put.

    "Suit yourself," I shrugged, trying to call her bluff. "—just don't steal my half of the covers."

    I don't think she actually expected me to stay. While I climbed into bed, she suddenly looked uneasy for the first time before catching herself and quickly playing along.

    "Fine, but no funny business. Keep your hands to yourself," she said before joining me in bed in her usual over-sized shirt.

    I couldn't help but notice the prominent pokies she was sporting when the thin material stretched over her young breasts, the sight alone was enough to give me instant wood.

    As she switched off the light and settled in on her side of the bed, I rolled over with my cock hard as steel and already starting to regret the decision. There would surely be hell to pay if anyone else discovered me sharing a bed with the young teenager, even if it was initially her own suggestion.

    I woke up multiple times during the night and on each occasion Chloe would have fidgeted and be in a different position.

    At one point her naked leg was on my side, just about touching my own where I was able to move against it slightly, closing my eyes at how smooth and soft her skin felt.

    A couple of hours later, she'd rolled over and flicked the covers off herself in the heat of the night, resulting in her shirt being slightly open and exposing her toned abs.

    While I'd had plenty of time to admire her body in her bikini all week, there was something much more taboo and thrilling seeing that sexy, flat tummy like this.

    With her sleeping so peacefully I suddenly had the uncontrollable urge to touch her, figuring this could be my only chance and before could talk myself out of it, I was reaching over.

    Keeping one eye on her face, I let my fingertips gently graze her stomach, simply marveling at how her skin almost felt like velvet. With my breath caught in my throat, I started considering reaching up her shirt, desperate to feel her sweet young breasts.

    But just as I grew bold enough and started moving my hand upwards, she suddenly shifted, startling me and making me quickly pull away and feigning sleep in my panic.

    To my relief, Chloe didn't actually wake up but the fear I felt was enough to stop me trying again.

    After a long night, I awoke the next morning to find everyone still resigned to their bed. Chloe was already up and fortunately the question of where she'd slept never came up. On top of that, nothing Chloe said or did seemed to imply she knew what I'd done during the night.

    In fact, I felt so guilty about the act I struggled to even look her in the eye so spent most of the day wandering around the local town alone before returning late in the evening for a few drinks with Chloe and Ethan.

    Hoping for a full night's sleep, I probably had a few too many and ended up swaying on my feet when I stood to go to bed. I left as soon as Ethan did, not trusting myself to be alone with Chloe who was just as tipsy as I was.

    But yet again, Chloe followed me and insisted on sharing the bed. Despite the close call last night, I didn't resist and, in a way, I realized I was actually looking forward to it, a part of me had been hoping she'd ask.

    In spite of the alcohol in my body, I still woke up repeatedly throughout the night to find Chloe in various compromising positions until I couldn't help myself.

    No doubt thanks to the drinks, I already felt much bolder than the previous night. With her back to me, I carefully scooted closer until we were practically spooning in the middle of the bed. I could feel the warmth of her young body as I gently slipped a hand under her shirt and around her waist.

    Like the night before, I started on her abs, lightly stroking her to ensure she was actually asleep before going any further. Confident she wasn't awake, I didn't waste any time in moving upwards, holding my breath as I finally felt the soft mound of her breasts and eagerly took the right one in my hand, unable to resist giving it a gentle squeeze and closing my eyes at how perfect it felt.

    I don't think I'd ever been so hard in my life as I groped my partner's famous, teenage daughter. In fact it almost hurt so with my spare hand I pushed my boxer shorts down to try to readjust and get more comfortable.

    In the process though, I inadvertently let my stiff wood spring out and smack her squarely in her shapely ass, causing me to tense up and freeze in fear of her waking.

    Thankfully she stayed completely still but the brief sensation of having my bare cock touch her had sent shivers up my spine and I couldn't resist doing it again and again until soon enough I was gently rubbing my cock against her soft, panty-clad ass.

    Barely breathing, I remained in this desirable position for some time. One hand on her warm breast while I slowly rocked my hips and essentially fucked the hot crevice of her ass but naturally, it didn't take long to start to get greedy and want even more.

    I planned my next move for some time while Chloe continued to sleep soundly. I was desperate to see, taste and feel her sweet teen pussy but it was awkward in our current position so I was forced to make do.

    Ultimately I settled on sliding my hand down from her chest to deftly slip under the waistband of her underwear.

    "Jesus…" I gasped inwardly as I discovered she was completely shaven clean. It was exactly how I'd imagined but having it confirmed was something else entirely.

    I gulped then as I explored further, tracing her slick groove with one finger and grinning to myself as I realized she was undeniably wet.

    I was also surprised to find Chloe had relatively thick lips which only made me want to eat her out even more. I was quick to smear her wetness all around before spreading them with two fingers. I had to simply imagine how good she must look right now with her hot little cookie spread open, her wet pinkness on full display.

    It was while playing with her precious peach that she finally stirred and whimpered quietly in her sleep but I was so taken with her, I barely even flinched as she bent one leg, unknowingly granting me access to her cunt from behind.

    Biting my lip, I was quick to take advantage and slid my cock between her legs, rubbing up against the thin, slightly damp material. I had to stop myself groaning out loud at the heat and wetness of her slick sex against my member.

    It briefly crossed my mind how easy it would be to tug her panties to the side and impale the little slut right here and now.

    Sure she'd wake up, but would she really mind? What if she's been waiting for me to make a move on her this whole time? It would certainly explain all the odd flirting and there was no denying this girl was in desperate need of a good, hard fuck.

    But I convinced myself not to do it, some part of me knowing it would be taking this way too far – as if I hadn't already.

    With one hand on her waist, I simply made do rocking my hip, slowly thrusting into the gap between her thighs, just about able to feel her wet pussy through her underwear.

    But when Chloe suddenly let out what may have been the sexiest erotic groan I'd ever heard, I gasped as I lost control and blew my load, covering her thighs and panties in hot spunk!

    I grit my teeth as my whole body shuddered and seemed intent on spewing the largest load of my life at the worst possible place and time.

    "Shit…" I panted afterwards.

    I'd barely been moving but was somehow completely out of breath.

    "Shit!" I repeated a moment later as what had transpired actually sunk in.

    I immediately panicked and reached for a handful of tissues from the bedside table. It was a miracle she hadn't already woken up as I hurried to clean up.

    When I lifted the covers, it took everything in my power not to be distracted by the sight of her sweet, round ass. An almost impossible task since her panties were currently riding up with one cheek covered with a thick spurt of cum.

    After cleaning up as best I could and being unable to resist a final grope of her cute butt, I finally rolled over to sleep, trying my best not to think too much on what I'd done, telling myself the little tease had had it coming.

    By the time I woke up the next morning, Chloe was gone. I briefly wondered if it had been a dream but it had seemed so real and vivid, I quickly pushed that thought from my mind.

    After another restless night, I sat up groggily as I prepared to face the family, praying I'd gotten away with it yet again. But even so, I had no idea how I was going to look Chloe in the eye from now on, no less her mother.

    In my bleary condition, I was hardly paying attention as I stood up and reached for the door handle, jumping when I felt something much warmer and softer than the usual brass knob.

    I gulped inwardly as there, hanging on the handle, was what I immediately recognized as Chloe's cotton panties. The very same pair I'd ruined last night.

    Taking them in my hand, I noticed how they were still slightly warm and damp to the touch and quickly discovered a scrawled note hidden inside.

    "All yours. Since you were so eager to 'claim' them last night..."

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    So, So insanely hot!!

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    Brilliant read as always mate. Especially off of the back of your recent "Cross Country" series, you've kept up the high standard you've set for yourself.
    I'm not usually the kind of fan to request a sequel but, I sure would love to see what could potentially happen from here as that last part of the story is just crying out for a follow up! Call it "unfinished business" on Teri's boyfriend's part...

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    :omg:I want to go to there...

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