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Thread: The Winter Series: Vol. 12 "Sweat" with Ariel Winter

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    fanfiction The Winter Series: Vol. 12 "Sweat" with Ariel Winter

    The Winter Series: Vol. 12 - "Sweat"
    With Ariel Winter
    Written by Hearsz
    CODES: MF, reluc, shower, finger, oral, titfuck, doggie, anal tease, cream pie

    WARNING: This FICTIONAL story contains sexually explicit situations. If you're under age or easily offended STOP READING!! Fantasy is Legal.

    Ariel Winter had finally finished filming the latest season of Modern Family, giving her a few months until the next one was due to shoot. Most celebrities her age would be intent on going to a resort or overseas to a secluded beach for a holiday. But there was only one agenda on the teens mind - hitting up the gym. Spring Break wasn't far away and she wanted to look her best. She had been given advice through a fellow celeb about a gym that helped her keep a fit, toned figure, all thanks to the owner and one of it's instructors, Rahzul.

    The first few times Ariel attended, she was accompanied by current boyfriend Laurent. He was used to males young and old checking out his girlfriend, and was paranoid that one of them might hit on her. The pair were greeted by Rahzul on the first day, both in awe of how incredibly fit he was. He was easily over six foot, with legs like tree trunks and the strongest looking abs in the entire gym.

    "So nice to finally meet you" he said in a deep tone, which Ariel had previously heard when they spoke over the phone the day before.

    "Hi, I'm Ariel. And this is my boyfriend Laurent. My friend Joanna said that you were the best trainer she's ever worked with".

    "Well a lot of that physique she has today was mainly down to her. Sure, I pushed her hard, and she worked up a huge sweat more often than not, but you've seen for yourself the pay off".

    "Certainly. Hopefully I can get my figure and routine somewhere close to hers. What I really want is a great bikini body leading into the summer.."

    "Well we're here to help. Feel free to look around and if you need any assistance, I'll be around".

    "Thanks!" Ariel said gleefully.

    The whole time they spoke, Laurent didn't say a word, nor cracked a smile. Rahzul was convinced that the young man didn't trust him, or maybe he really was as emotionless as his pictures with Ariel on the red carpet, showed him to be. As the two turned to make their way towards the treadmills, Rahzul got a good look at Ariel's nice round ass in her grey leggings. It didn't go unnoticed by the fitness instructor how her purple colored thong peaked out the back of her pants. Having already seen her stomach and succulent breasts covered by a black sports bra, he knew it wouldn't take too long for her to get the desired figure she was after. Every now and then he would glance over to see what she was up to, working her young body on the elliptical machine and crunching her thighs together so sweat formed on the inner part of her pants.

    Ariel and Laurent became frequent visitors, and on one occasion whilst her boyfriend hit the showers early, Rahzul seized the opportunity to help guide the starlet when she was using the dumbbells.

    "Everything OK here Miss Winter?"

    The teen was a little startled by Rahzul sneaking up on her, though was grateful for the concern she was showing.

    "Yeah just getting used to this again. Haven't had much chance to get to the gym with the show and other priorities" she said, as she tried to continue her routine.

    "Here, try it like this" Rahzul said, stepping in close behind her to straighten her arm as she lifted each five kilo dumbbell, tracing his fingers over her slender arms to the hand holding each weight.

    She shivered at his touch, the feeling unusual considering the kind of guy he was. But she did like the fact that he was trying to help her. He wasn't afraid to touch her either, moving his hands to her hip to steady her, and even pressing them against her lower back and along her outer thighs.

    "Good Miss Winter. Now keep your back straight".

    Standing close behind her, Rahzul peered over her shoulder as she lowered and raised the weights in each hand, looking down so he could eye her incredible cleavage. He could feel his cock twitch just at the sight of her incredible young rack. Just as he was about to continue helping her, he saw Laurent on his way back, and made an excuse to leave her side.

    "Excuse me, there's something I need to attend to. Keep it going, you're doing great gorgeous".


    Ariel returned a couple of days later by herself, the short conversation with Rahzul still lingering in her mind. She was in no doubt that she needed his help to get the body she craved before her trip for Spring Break and beyond.

    "Hey Rahzul" she called out as she entered the gym, giving him a huge smile on her way in.

    The older man was taken aback by her choice of clothing, the starlet this time wearing tight black fitness attire. Upon noticing her boyfriend wasn't with her, Rahzul went over to where Ariel was testing herself against the Smith machine. He stood and watched her for a minute or so, the teen only bringing the barbell, affixed with two ten kilogram weights, about three quarters of the way down. He watched her squat down with the barbell, her tight black shorts tightening to show off the shape and delicious curvature of her tight teen ass.

    "Need some help with that?" he asked as he stood beside her.

    "That'd be great" she responded with a gush of breath, relieved that she had a reason to take a short break.

    "OK, pick up the bar, keep your head still and lift with your knees".

    As she picked up the barbell, he placed both hand on her hips, helping to guide her down with the heavy weights. Rahzul moved to his knees as she began her routine, giving him the chance to get a close up view of her lovely derriere, and gets his hands on her sculpted, toned legs.

    "Keep your legs straight Miss Winter" he suggested, holding the back of her tender thighs with each hand as she began to break more than a sweat.

    She did a good job of really working her arm and leg muscles, eliciting some short gasps and whimpers which showed how much of a strain the lifting was taking over time. After a couple of hours of her session, most of the people in the gym had departed, eventually leaving just the two of them present. Ariel clutched at her hamstring, the overload of work taking it's toll.

    "I think I pulled it. It's really sore" she grimaced.

    Rahzul lightly massaged her tender thigh, Ariel tensing up as he rubbed his fingers close to her womanhood.

    "It's probably just a slight muscle twinge. Here, lie down and I'll help you stretch it out" Rahzul insisted.

    Ariel lay down on the cushioned matt, the elder man kneeling before her and taking one of her limber legs in his hands. He pushed her stem up so her body was at a ninety degree angle, forcing it back against her. He pushed her legs apart so he could stretch out her groin, feeling up her smooth legs as he did this. Ariel loved the feel of his hands on her pins, even getting some relief from the way he was moving her limbs about.

    Finally, Rahzul pushed her left leg against her chest, forcing his lower body against the back of her thigh, as he had her pinned down on the matt she was lying on. Their eyes met as he held that position for a what felt like minutes, the teen's body flushed as her much older instructor had her in what an onlooker would describe as a sexual position. But he retracted, releasing her from her awkward posture and standing, helping up the sweaty brunette from the floor.

    "OK, well it's getting close to closing time. How about one last session with the free weights for ten minutes" he said, looking around as she headed back to the stand of dumbbells, noticing that they were the only two people in the gym.

    Whilst Ariel got her final session going, Rahzul went to the front door and flicked the "Closed" sign so no latecomers could enter. He finally had the sexy, celebrity starlet to himself, and then decided to turn things up a notch with her training. She had been very trusting and comfortable with him over the past couple of weeks, and t he sexual tension between the two was evident. He wanted to see how far he would go with her.

    "Here, let's try the next one up" Rahzul insisted, doubling the weight of the dumbbells she had been accustomed to of late.

    As she began the same routine he had drilled into her head since she first started working with him, Rahzul's lustful eyes and mind knew what it wanted. He knew she would struggle with the weight, and relished seeing her unable to keep her balance.

    "I think it's too much" she whined, unable to keep her back and legs straight.

    "Work through it Miss Winter! No pain, no gain! You want that bikini body? Well it starts here. You'll get that stomach you really want and THIS will be nice and firm" he said, grabbing her plentiful buttock in his hands, giving it a firm squeeze. Ariel was surprised that he would touch her like this, but didn't want to embarrass either one of them by bringing it up in the middle of their session. She tried again, persistently pushing herself to lift the weight up and then back down again. Her clothes became drenched by the workout, and her instructor could see her starting to tire.

    "C'mon Ariel, push yourself girl!" he shouted like a drill sergeant, lightly spanking her ass.

    Seeing her try to impress him only encouraged Rahzul to lay another smack against her tight ass again and again. Hearing Ariel's girlish sighs each time his palm connected with her rump made his penis start to elongate, and soon throb within his pants. The pressure was too much for her to handle, which put Ariel in a somewhat vulnerable state. Rahzul moved in behind her to help steady the sweaty teen, pressing his groin up against her, and rubbing his crotch against her firm derriere.

    Once she had regained her balance and steadied her arms, his hands moved down to grip her slender hips. He could tell her body was weakening with his strong muscly frame pressed up against her, the teen seeing the desire in his eyes from a wall mirrors reflection in front of her.
    She thought nothing of it, more concerned on whether or not she had done enough to earn her instructor's praise.

    "So, how am I doing? You think I'm getting better?" she asked tentatively, hoping her hard work had pleased him.

    "You've had a great session Miss Winter. You're certainly looking fitter than when you first arrived a few weeks ago.

    To emphasize his appraisal of her body, he began feeling up parts of her figure and describing to her the improvement that he had seen.

    "Your tummy is well toned, your thighs feel firm and supple, and your spine would have strengthened due to the work I've put you through" he said as he ran his fingers up and down her back.

    He was still close to her as she continued lifting the dumbbells, moaning as she felt him rub his hard cock more intently against her backside. She didn't know for sure if it was his hardness or his strong thigh pushing against her ass, given how tired the long workout had made her. Then there was the feeling of his breath on the back of her neck. Even though she knew it was wrong, she loved the feeling of him being this close to her, helping her, complimenting her figure.

    "You look so fucking sexy Miss Winter, you have no idea how hot your body is" he said softly, saying the words she wanted to hear.

    The petite girl hung on his every word, knowing how important it was to be complimented by someone who taught fitness for a living. Ariel was unaware that this older man was slowly coming onto her, putting her in a relaxed state, making her feel good about herself. She sighed when she felt his lips on the nape of her neck, moaning deeply when his fingers trembled over belly. She instinctively grinded her ass back against the huge meat rocket inside his gym shorts, such was the arousal she was feeling from his presence and the way he was touching her.

    Even though she didn't want to admit it to herself, she had been attracted to Rahzul when she first met him. Ariel had thought about his fit body, his voice, the way he took an interest in her and how he pushed to get the best out if her. But during today's session, she came to the full realization of exactly how attracted she was to him despite how much older he was than her. She had felt her pussy getting wet when she closed her eyes and imagined how big the shaft rubbing against her ass, really was.

    Giving in to her desires, Ariel dropped the dumbells, turned her face upwards, and kissed her instructor. He met her advances, moving his hands up to cup her firm, supple tits, kneading the succulent pair. She moved a hand up so her fingers could run though his dark hair as he molested her luscious body. But as he slipped a hand down and in between her legs, it was at that point that she realized what she was doing, and pangs of guilt immediately began to set in.

    "I'm sorry, I can't, we can't…" she said as she released herself from his grip, upset with herself for kissing someone other than her boyfriend.

    "I thought this is what you wanted" Rahzul replied, hoping to change her mind. He had no intention of forcing her to make a decision, as he knew deep down she wanted this as much as he did. He just hoped that she would willingly give her teenage body to him.

    "It is. I mean it was…Please, don't tell anyone about this. I'm really sorry. I hope you can understand.

    Rahzul conceded that this wasn't going to turn out the way he thought it might, and despite how aroused she had made him, he consoled her and told Ariel her secret was safe with him.

    "Thanks. Look, I'm just going to take a shower and I'll be on my way. I hope you can forgive me".

    The sweat was dripping from her forehead and off of her arms as she scurried away from Rahzul, the instructor cursing himself for not making more of the opportunity. He had Ariel like putty in his hands, but let her slip through his fingers. He briefly thought that he could always try again the next time she returned to the gym, IF there was a next time.

    Sighing, the tall man decided to take a shower himself, hoping it would help him not think about the golden chance he had blown with Ariel Winter. Even the dirty part of his mind had thought about knocking one out after the celebrity teen had gotten him all flustered, as he was still rock hard.

    He figured she'd be gone by the time he had finished his shower, and as he made his way to the change rooms, the instructor shed his singlet, shoes and shorts, wrapping a towel around his waist.

    As he walked down past the lockers and men's toilet, he could hear the distinct sound of running water coming from the men's shower room. He was concerned that there was another guy that had remained in the gym, and went to investigate. Turning the corner, his eyes widened when he saw the unmistakable naked figure of Ariel's, soaking her tempting body.

    His mouth watered as he took in her sinful curves, lathering every inch of flesh up with a bar of soap. She coated her legs with the slippery oily gloss, turning around to clean her succulent derriere. She dipped a hand in between her thighs, touching herself to signal that she was just as aroused as he had been during their time in the weights room. Ariel soon had washed her entire body away from the sheen of sweat that had covered her skin only minutes earlier.

    When he momentarily took his eyes off of her, Rahzul looked down to his feet to see the clothes she was wearing during their session, most notably her lavender colored thong. He picked up the sexy garment and hid back around the corner so she couldn't see him. Rahzul surveyed the lacy underwear, pressing the silk material to his face and inhaling the warm scent it was soaked in.

    Just smelling her pussy juice had made the towel around his waist begin to pitch a tent shape, and he knew he had to have her no matter what. Looking back around the corner as she continued to drench her body in warm water, Razuhl salivated at Ariel's plump teen ass, certain he could see her puffy lips in between her hot young thighs. Ariel gasped with a fright when she turned to see Razuhl there watching her, quickly trying to cover her private parts.

    "What...what the hell are you doing in here Rahzul??" she asked him angrily, her cheeks going red in embarrassment.

    Despite her fury, her eyes took in his chiseled chest and strong looking six pack.

    "Hehe..Hate to break it you Miss Winter but this is the men's shower.." he said with an almost evil sounding laugh.

    Ariel was even more embarrassed that she could make such a simple mistake, but put it down to her mind still being focussed on what happened in the exercise room beforehand.

    "Oh shit, I'm sorry.. Can you please stop staring at me...I... I need to put my clothes on" she asked.

    Ariel though kept glancing down at the towel around Razuhl's waist, and more specifically the long thick shape of his cock behind the cotton material.
    Razuhl noticed the way she was taking sneaky looks at the area below his stomach, and the horny male took advantage of it.

    "Don't mind me...I was just going to have a shower myself" he said nonchalantly, dropping his towel to reveal the monstrous anaconda in between his legs.

    Ariel, despite how much she tried not to, couldn't help but ogle Razuhl's huge cock. She knew it was big when she could feel him grinding up against her ass, but had no idea that this was what was hiding underneath his shorts. It was easily the biggest one she'd ever seen. Razuhl walked in the stunned teenager's direction, who still had her limbs covering her breasts and vagina. If she left, he wouldn't have tried to stop her. But before he knew it, he was standing over Ariel, no more than half a meter in front of her.

    "Do you really want to leave?" he asked softly.

    "N-n-no.." she hesitantly replied, not knowing where to look.

    Making the first move and taking control, Rahzul took one of Ariel's wrists, gently pulling her arm away so he could get a close up look at her large naked breasts. He'd never seen tits on a girl, let alone a teen as incredible as hers. As the water continued to spray them both from above, Ariel allowed the older man to fondle and massage her soapy tits, loving the way he caressed her chest. She was really distracted by the head of his cock that was pressing against her lower stomach. He noticed it too.

    "Take it in your hands Ariel" he instructed her.

    Seeing that huge beefy sword below her scared but also excited Ariel. It was simply because he was so big and she was so tiny in comparison, the instructor nearly three times the size of her. She hesitated, and Rahzul moved things along by taking her hands and wrapping her dainty little fingers around his thick member. They barely encircled around his hard meat, Ariel feeling it throb within her palms, and instinctively used both hands to jerk the long thick tool.

    "That's it girl, clean my dirty cock" he said, handing her some shower gel to use on his beefy sword.

    When she backed up against the tiled wall, Rahzul didn't hide his sheer lust for the much younger girl this time, leaning down to kiss her deeply, Ariel whimpering as he sucked fervently on her neck. She had all kinds of thoughts and emotions going through her head as her instructor felt up her vulnerable body. The teen was well aware she was cheating on her boyfriend Laurent. But there was something about Rahzul (huge cock aside) that made her unable to resist him.

    "I really shouldn't be doing this" she said, trying to resist the older male.

    "Consider this another part of your workout Miss Winter.."

    Ariel loved how forward he was with her. How he knew what he wanted and didn't hesitate. And the way two of his fingers went at her inflamed pussy whilst he sucked on the tip of her bountiful bosom.


    She sighed as his perfect white teeth scraped against her sensitive nipple, her hips gyrating as he frenetically finger fucked the horny teen.

    "Ohshit..Ohshit..Ohshit!!" she cried as her cunt walls tightened, and she humped her body upon the digits embedded inside her.

    "That's it, fuck my fingers" he encouraged her, the teens lovely tits flopping about as he humped her teenage twat upon his long thick digits.

    Ariel stood on her tippy toes as his fingers frigged her spasming cunt, her body undulating as she orgasmed, her legs feeling like jelly when her climax subsided.

    "Looks like you got it nice and clean" he said referring to his glistening cock.

    He withdrew the two fingers from her sensitive pussy and licked at them, tasting the recognizable juice that he'd smelled on her discarded panties.

    "Get down there and suck my cock with your pretty lips Miss Winter" he demanded, a serious look in his eyes.

    She could do nothing but obey, especially as his hands were on each of her shoulders, pushing her down so her pretty face was looking over the long, huge organ. Ariel had bent down from the waist so she was still standing when her mouth was inches from the thick mushroom shaped head.

    "You ever sucked a black mans cock before?" he asked.

    "N-n-no" she nervously replied, looking up at him with innocent eyes.

    "Take it nice and slow then" he suggested, grabbing a large bundle of her reddish-brown hair as she opened up her mouth and somehow allowed his thick girth to enter.

    "Mmmm fuck yeah, suck it you hot little slut".

    Ariel moaned and whimpered upon the huge dick in between her lips, swabbing her tongue around the sensitive bell-end to help pleasure her instructor. She cupped his large balls as she sucked him in deeper, focusing her efforts on licking and suctioning her pouty lips around his first few inches. Her huge milky melons swayed underneath her as he began fucking her tiny mouth, reaching over her shoulders, down her wet back and slipping a couple of fingers inside her still sopping cunt from behind.

    "Nghhhh" she murmured, humming along his dick as she felt him finger fuck her horny pussy.

    She began to gag on his length as she tried to take him into her narrow throat, coughing and spluttering at each failed attempt. She was on her knees now, licking at his cock-slit whilst those adorable brown eyes peered up at him from below. Rahzul pressed his tip against the inside of Ariel's cheek, giving it a massive bulge from the outside as he savoured the feeling of abusing her mouth.

    "Lick my balls for a bit" he commanded, pulling his shaft up against his stomach as she lowered her face and began suckling at his sack, and lashing her tongue against his tender balls.

    "Ohhh fuck that feels good" he groaned as he jerked his swollen member.

    She certainly had a talented mouth, sucking on each soft globe and licking him in all the right places. As he looked down to watch her incredible oral talents, his eyes were intent on began pleasured by her most prominent feature.

    "Wait, wait… Close your tits around my cock Miss Winter" he demanded, pulling her up slightly so he could move in close to her chest, and place his penis in between her incredible flesh puppies.

    "Damn those titties feel good!" he grunted, sliding his length in between her large soft mammaries.

    His lower belly was pressed against her face as he fucked her incredible breasts, the suds that remained within her cleavage acting as sufficient enough lubrication. Ariel helped matter by squeezing her jugs together to create incredible friction for the older man pumping his cock between them. The longer Rahzul kept at her chest, the closer the head of his dick was getting to her mouth. He lengthened his strokes, until his cock head was hitting the bottom of Ariel's chin.

    "Take it in your mouth hot stuff" he said, putting a hand to the back of her head to tilt it downward.

    Ariel's lips parted and closed around the spongy tip, keeping her tits clasped around his surging cock as he simultaneously fucked her breasts and mouth.

    "Ohhhh fuck that looks so hot" he wailed, in disbelief that she complied and allowed him to do this to her.

    The feelings coursing through his nether regions had him on edge, and to his despair, Rahzul quickly retracted his cock from in between her tits and mouth.

    "You're gonna make me cum girl…. But before I do, I'm gotta fuck that tight little pussy first!"

    "Aiii" Ariel lightly screamed as Rahzul easily lifted up her body, his strong hands grasping her firm backside and pressing her up against the tiled wall.

    With her thighs wrapped around his waist and her large chest mashed against him, Rahzul reached down in between their close bodies to direct his cock so the thick head pressed against her velvety lips. Ariel's face contorted in pain as he relaxed his grip on her, letting the teen sit her entire weight on the cock, as it tried to penetrate her tight orifice.

    "Open your legs up Ariel" he suggested.

    She did so, parting her thighs which further opened up her pretty pink flower, the teen gasping as Rahzul somehow plunged the head of his cock inside her vice like cunt.

    "Holy fuckkk! You're so big!!" she stuttered as he entered her, the buxom brunette impaled upon his thick black stalk.

    As she tried desperately to get comfortable, Rahzul put his hands back under her ass globes to hold her still. This allowed her to sink more of his thick cock inside her stretched pussy. Ariel's juices dribbled out of her slick hole, coating his length, trickling all the way down and over his huge balls as he pumped further into her.

    Ariel rested her head upon his shoulder as she felt him filling her, occasionally giving short little gasps whenever he grazed against her highly sensitive g-spot. Rahzul managed to get half of his monstrous sized tool sliding inside of the petite actress, loving how her face grimaced and cried out as she bounced more fluently on his dick.

    He kissed the heaving teen to help muffle her screams, which were echoing around the men's bathroom. Rahzul was in control of the insatiable teen, mingling his tongue against her as she climaxed all over him, her luscious titties flopping in every which direction. The levels of her girlish panting lowered as her orgasm subsided, her gaping pussy making a wet pop sound when he dislodged his rock hard tool.

    She slumped to the wet ground, her limp body completely overcome by what had transpired thus far with her instructor. But Rahzul wasn't done yet, bending down to handle her like a mannequin, positioning Ariel so she was on her hands and knees. She pressed her hands against the shower wall, her juicy round ass hoisted up, showing off her engorged puffy lips in between her tender thighs.

    The heaving teen was in a inviting position, unknowingly twerking her ass and parting her pale white legs to invite Rahzul to fill her young juicy poon once again. He jerked his rock hard shaft at the sight, standing over her and bending his knees, pointing his cock downward and rubbing the head against her slimy lips.

    "Unghhhhh…Aiiiii" Ariel screamed as Rahzul plunged his thick member inside her pussy from behind, sinking his long cock further than he had before.

    He grabbed her slim waist firmly as he rammed her sweet horny cunt with reckless abandon, savouring the feeling of the teenage white girl celebrity taking his black beast.

    He savoured the way her ass jiggled as he railed into ferociously, spanking her derriere and bundling her silky hair so he could tug at it. Kneeling in behind her on the hard surface, Rahzul was upon her like a lion on a gazelle, reaching around to cup and roughly massage her juicy swaying tits, tweaking her stiff aroused nipples as he continued his onslaught of her fiery snatch. He loved the feeling of her plump little buttocks rubbing against his inner thighs, the very same ass he'd had his eyes on for the past few weeks ever since she started working out at his gym.

    "Fuck this pussy's incredible. So fucking warm and wet…"

    Grabbing her great white booty, he pulled the scrumptious cheeks apart so he could get his first look at her tight, little sphincter. Licking his index finger, he felt her body tense and her cunt muscles milk his embedded tool when he probed at her backdoor, the double penetration setting Ariel off into a series of multiple screams, like an earthquake rumbling deep within her loins.

    "Ohhh fuck me Rahzul!" she cried, no longer holding back her true feelings of being fucked by his huge cock.

    "Little white girl loves some nigger cock in her tight little cunt, don't she?" he said. He was all over her now, the man's chest against her back and his face pressed against the side of his and he pummeled her from behind.

    "Mmhmm, I love it Rahzul" she replied with an animalistic grunt.

    "Tell me you want my cum. Say it!"

    "I want it Rahzul! CUM inside my dirty little cunt" she responded, giving into to his manly urges.

    "GRRRRRRRR!!!" he exclaimed as he let loose inside Ariel's inflamed pussy, spurting a huge load of cum deep inside of her and roughly fucking the starlet until every drop from his meaty black canon was deposited inside her sensitive fuckhole.

    Pulling out of her a couple of minutes later, some of his warm cream trickled out of Ariel's freshly fucked vagina, the exhausted teen slumping on the wet floor, lying on her side as the water continued to run from the shower head above.

    The End.

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    REALLY good story. The audacity of that guy is really admirable ;) Sex scene was super hot!

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    The best season amongst Summer / Autumn is Winter :) Thank you Thank you Thank you!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by loving_one30 View Post
    The best season amongst Summer / Autumn is Winter :) Thank you Thank you Thank you!!

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    As usual, a great story starring the buxom Miss Winter. Definitely would like to see more of this coupling.

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