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Thread: "Mexican Nights 2" with Chloe Grace Moretz

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    fanfiction "Mexican Nights 2" with Chloe Grace Moretz

    Mexican Nights 2
    With ChloŽ Grace Moretz
    By LemonTalk
    Codes: MF, sleep, anal
    Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction; it never happened and never will
    A/N: Couldn't resist a few more nights with Chloe...
    Part 1

    She knew. That much was obvious.

    After stashing away Chloe's used panties, it took several minutes to build up the courage to leave the relative safety of the bedroom and face her and her family.

    Again I found Chloe and Ethan in the kitchen, casually conversing as if nothing was out of the ordinary. From the brief nod he gave me without breaking conversation, it was clear she hadn't told him. Even Chloe smiled at me when I caught her eye.

    I tried to act natural as I grabbed a cup of coffee although I felt even more uneasy now, knowing that Chloe appeared to be keeping my secret to herself. For now anyway.

    "Sleep alright?" Ethan suddenly asked me, bringing me into their conversation.

    "Uhh—yeah. Fine thanks," I nodded, just picturing the smirk Chloe would be wearing.

    "Well mom's feeling a bit better. Should be back to normal in a couple of days." Ethan said.

    "Yep, so you've only got a couple more lonely nights left," Chloe added.

    "Leave it Chlo," Ethan rolled his eyes at his sister's comment, thankfully giving me an excuse not to respond.

    "Whatever," she shrugged, hopping off the bar stool. "We going into town then?"

    After quickly refusing an invite to join the siblings exploring the local area, I breathed a sigh of relief at being given a few more safe hours away from the teenage temptress.

    Unfortunately these hours alone let my paranoid mind run wild. It appeared Chloe was a far better actress than I'd given her credit for. Anyone else surely would have flipped out at being groped and covered in cum while they slept but Chloe was acting perfectly natural.

    I realised she must be holding back. I wouldn't put it past her to bide her time, wait for the perfect opportunity to reveal all, probably in front of the entire family to really humiliate me.

    By the time Chloe and Ethan returned from town, bringing several cheap bottles of alcohol with them, I'd almost convinced myself that I should get in front of it and come clean myself before Chloe had the chance.

    I quickly pushed that idea from my mind though and instead decided to try and play along with Chloe's game.

    The teenager was far more experienced than me though and while we shared drinks that evening she almost had me fooled into thinking she didn't know after all, not that that made any sense.

    Without her mother's supervision, Chloe seemed pretty intent on getting drunk to the point I began to worry she might blurt something out but thankfully Ethan soon realised she'd had far too much and snatched the bottle away from her.

    "I think it's time you went to bed Chlo," he said, slurring his own words but trying to be the voice of reason.

    "Ungh, whatever. I was going anyway," she stated argumentatively.

    In my own current state of mind, I couldn't help but openly leer as she walked away. She was still only in her bikini and an almost sheer cover-up. My eyes were transfixed to her legs, knowing how silky smooth they felt. Somewhere in my head a voice told me I'd be feeling them again in a matter of hours.

    Thankfully he didn't see me staring at his hot sister but Ethan staggered off not long after Chloe leaving me alone to finish the bottle.

    At least I told myself that's the reason I was staying up. In truth I was waiting long enough to ensure Chloe and the rest of the house would be fast asleep by the time I got into bed.

    Finally I got up with a huff, downing a glass of water to clear my head somewhat before creeping into the spare bedroom. I kept the light off, fumbling through the room as quietly as I could before clumsily climbing into bed.

    It was pitch black and Chloe was so silent I wondered if she was even there or if she'd decided to go back to her own room to avoid me.

    Gingerly I reached out with one hand under the covers, smiling to myself when I discovered the warm, sleeping figure of my partner's teenage daughter lying beside me.

    Even though I was only checking if she was there, my hand lingered, resting gently on her bare leg.

    I could now hear her own soft, steady breathing along with my own and found myself unable to believe I was even considering doing what I was thinking about.

    I told myself it was the alcohol controlling me but even fully sober I doubt I could have resisted the hot, lithe young body I had beside me, just waiting to be touched and played with. The panic and paranoia I'd felt all day was quickly forgotten and replaced by lust once again as I reached out with my other hand to touch her.

    My heartbeat rapidly increased as I realised she was facing me this time, lying on her side, granting me a new kind of access to her. Any qualms I had were quickly vanished once my fingers grazed over her flat stomach for the third night in a row.

    I didn't waste any time moving up her body until I was cupping her bra-less chest in both hands, my breath caught in my throat as I squeezed them gently simultaneously. With my thumbs, I rubbed at her nipples until they responded, turning stiff to my touch until I felt the overwhelming desire to actually see them for myself.

    Slowly, I retracted my hands, rolled over and flipped on the bedside light. Unfortunately it was much more dazzling that I'd anticipated, blinding my briefly and causing Chloe to wince and stir in her sleep.

    To my frustration she ended up rolling over, her hard pokies flashing by before she settled with her back to me.

    I stayed perfectly still and silent until her peaceful breathing returned to normal and I was confident she had relaxed again.

    "Chlo?" I whispered softly. "You awake Chloe?"

    No answer.

    Nonetheless I waited another few minutes before I let my cock out and scooted onto her side of the bed to spoon the feisty teen like I had the night before.

    There was something intoxicating about her. I simply couldn't stop myself and with the light on, it all felt even more real.

    My leg touched hers again, she somehow felt even softer than I'd remembered but before I could think too much about it, I gasped and froze when my bare cock came into contact with bare ass.

    The revelation that she'd climbed into bed with me naked from the waist down almost made me pop then and there. Maybe this wasn't as one-sided as I first thought? Could she be wanting this as bad as I did? Or at least giving me permission?

    Deciding not to think on it too much, I eagerly pushed my member between her soft thighs, my eyes rolling back as I came into direct contact with her juicy, thick pussy lips.

    It was while I poked around down there that I suddenly paused, the tip of my cock nestled just between her wet folds and I found myself at a crossroads. I could do it right now, push inside and take her. It would be easy. Or I could simply continue messing around like last night. Or I could do the right thing and stop all together.

    At this point the latter option was almost definitely out of the question. But suddenly I gasped when Chloe fidgeted, solving my dilemma by inadvertently pushing back against me.

    While I should have immediately pulled back, my body did the exact opposite and instead pushed forward, forcing the head of my cock inside her tight cunt.

    It happened so quickly and her pussy felt so tight and hot around the top of my cock that there was nothing I could do and before I knew it I was forced to stifle a groan as I came, firing my spewing load deep inside her, filling her teen pussy with cum!

    If I had panicked the night before about covering her ass in jizz that was nothing to the panic I felt now.

    Even in my fear, I found it difficult to will myself to slip out of her perfect cunt. There was little else to be done as I rolled over for another restless night, the knowledge that I'd just cream-pied Chloe Grace Moretz running through my mind.

    At some point I must have found sleep because the next thing I knew I was waking up to an empty bed with sunlight streaming through the window.

    Once again I quickly realised I hadn't dreamt the whole thing and that familiar fear set in. I wondered if I could get away with staying in bed all day and avoiding everyone but suddenly Chloe came casually walking in, wrapped in a towel having just got out of the shower.

    "You still in bed?"


    "Couldn't sleep again last night?" she asked innocently as she grabbed her bikini and left with a slight smile before I could even find words.

    When I finally did get up, I was relieved to see Chloe was already outside and surprised to find Teri in the kitchen, back on her feet again for the first time in a couple of days.

    "Feeling better then?" I asked, suddenly wracked with guilt given my recent night time activities with her daughter.

    "Much. Best to give it one more night to be sure though," she cautioned.

    While I was glad she was getting better, I immediately felt some strange, guilty disappointment that I'd only have one more night in Chloe's bed.

    The day seemed to go by excruciatingly slowly. With her mom up and about, Chloe didn't mess around or tease me too much. There was no way she didn't know what I'd done to her last night and the fact she hadn't flown off the handlebars about it yet both frightened and thrilled me.

    I judged it was either a case of her biding her time, putting on a brave face or, more optimistically, it was possible she had actually liked it – the mere thought of which turned me on no end.

    Since it was most likely my last night with her I figured there wasn't much to lose. If she was holding back on telling everyone I might as well have my fun while I could, my situation couldn't exactly get any worse.

    As such, when I crawled into bed late that night, I left the bedside light on and barely waited ten minutes before sliding up to her sleeping form, finding her lying on her back, naked from the waist down again, her top loose enough to easily slip a hand in.

    I gently reached down to caress her soft leg with one hand while I massaged her soft breasts with the other, marvelling at the way her nipples hardened in my palm again.

    I continued this for some time, simply touching her body all over until I decided to slowly pull the covers off her until her top half was free.

    With my eyes locked on hers, I reached with shaking hands to start unbuttoning her loose shirt. Each button pop seemed deafening in the otherwise silent room but I persevered, the previous few nights making me confident she was a deep enough sleeper.

    It was all worth it because a minute later I flipped her shirt open to get my first look at her perky young tits, sitting firmly on her chest, perfectly proportioned to her tight, petite body.

    My mouth was almost drooling at the sight and before I could stop myself I suddenly leaned down and latched myself to one of her stiff, pink nipples, swirling my tongue around it and sucking it before moving onto the next.

    Chloe gasped and whimpered quietly in her sleep as I hungrily but carefully devoured her chest until I pulled myself away, knowing there was much more I wanted to do tonight.

    With several minutes of careful and gently manoeuvring, I finally got Chloe rolled onto her side where I eagerly spooned her again, adjusting her leg to press my cock against her meaty lips again.

    I rubbed against her for a moment, feeling her instinctively getting wet but I didn't want to tease myself too much. I was already rock hard and didn't want a repeat of last night where I came the moment I entered her.

    This time I wanted it to last. I wanted to give the teasing little slut every single inch of my thick cock.

    So without further ado, I found her slick hole, held onto her hips with one hand and forced my way inside her tight tunnel.

    "Uhh—" she whimpered as I pushed into her.

    I didn't know if it was in her sleep or if she'd woken up but at this point I realised I didn't even care. My mind was clouded by the incredible sensation of having her tight teen cunt wrapped around my cock. It was by far the tightest pussy I'd had in years and the fact that it belonged to my partner's daughter almost made me blow prematurely yet again.

    Fortunately I held off, gritting my teeth as I pulled out only to slide back in just as slowly. My entire length was soaked in her creamy juices while her leg shifted, unwittingly granting me deeper access when I glided back in.

    I soon built up a slow, steady rhythm, rocking my hips while I leaned down to kiss the back of her neck, her whole body trembled and she sighed quietly.

    It was only then that I noticed her fist clenching the bed sheets tightly as I fucked her giving me no doubt that she was wide awake and simply allowing me to have my way with her.

    "You've been begging for this you little slut," I whispered in her ear. "This cunt feels so fucking good..."

    Chloe didn't speak but I saw her lips part as she took a wavering breath and began to push her ass back against me to meet my thrusts.

    Her sudden willingness and the way she started fucking me back caused me to lose control and yet again I spurted a huge load deep inside her dripping wet cunt.

    "Oh—fuck!" she hissed quietly before biting her lip, her body quivering at the sensation.

    In fact her vice-like, pulsing cunt held me inside her and kept me hard. Despite having just filled her with cum, Chloe began rocking her hips again, sliding my cock in and out of her wet hole, wanting more until she silently reached back and directed me towards her backdoor!

    I thought I had to be dreaming as Chloe grasped my slick cock in her small hand and brushed me against her bunghole. I remained perfectly still with baited breath as she persistently nudged and teased her asshole until with a guttural grunt, her butt opened up to let the bulbous head of my cock enter her.

    Without a word, Chloe arched her back, pushing her shoulders into my chest and jutting her ass out as I took over and continued to slowly force my way deeper inside.

    If I'd thought her pussy was tight, it was nothing compared to her incredible, hot teen ass.

    "Unghh—ohmigod," she groaned under her breath as I didn't hold back, stretching her hole out until her soft skin was against me.

    We held this position for some time, breathing heavily as we grew accustomed to what we were doing until I decided to give her what she wanted.

    With a firm grip on her waist, I slowly pulled out of her ass, watching her eyelids flutter before I abruptly slammed my length back in, taking her breath away.

    "Ngghh! Holy fuck—again..." she whispered, almost pleading.

    I did as she asked, giving her several hard thrusts, making her gasp out loud every time until she turned back, opening her eyes for the first time to look at me. Without thinking I suddenly kissed her squarely on her plump, soft lips.

    Chloe immediately reciprocated, passionately shoving her tongue down my throat while I repeatedly shoved my cock up her ass again and again.

    Soon we broke apart, unable to concentrate on kissing as I now pounded her ass as hard as I could, eager to make the little slut cum for me.

    By the noises she was making she didn't seem far off as she bit into a pillow to stifle her grunts and moans, the room filling with the sound of the creaking bed and my body slapping against her round butt.

    "Harder...fuck my ass...I'm so close...Daddy..." she hissed suddenly growing even more animated and rolling her hips against me.

    It was then that I surprised her by rolling us over, laying her flat on her stomach, my cock never leaving her hole as I got on top and now absolutely pounded her into submission.

    Her legs immediately kicked up and she squealed before burying her face into the mattress at this even deeper penetration but I didn't let up, hammering her sweet ass for all it was worth.

    Feeling the inevitable, impending conclusion, I took one final chance, using her hair to cock her head back before quickly covering her noisy mouth with one hand, muffling her incessant moans and cusses while I used my other hand to pin both arms behind her back, completely locking her in place.

    I grinned to myself as this seemed to have the desired effect, the teen screamed into my hand as she came, her entire body twitching and convulsing in orgasm as I joined her, pumping her battered ass full of cum.

    Finally I collapsed on top of her as we caught our breath. I never wanted to leave the tight cavern of her teen backside but I eventually rolled away.

    "You took your time," she whispered, her cockiness quickly returning.

    "Huh?" I grunted, my brain struggling to keep up given what had just happened.

    "Four nights in bed with me and you only fucked me once, seems a bit of a waste, no?"

    "Hmm. I'm sure I can sneak out of your mom's bed tomorrow night to visit," I mumbled, already exhausted and half asleep.

    "Don't bother, I'll just come to you. Have some fun of my own..."

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    Well I requested a sequel, and man did I get a sequel and a half!!! You've made Chloe into such a convincing tease that I'm lost for words to describe just how hot this second part is.

    This story and MrBlonde's Alba story has made my fucking week, and it's only Wednesday!

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    I don't blame him for cumming fast earlier.. With Chloe who can resist.. Amazing!

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    Just doesn't get better than that.
    ...pounding her ass while making out-kissing those lips.
    There's an image I'm not getting out of my head any time soon.
    If you ask me she had it coming. lol

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