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Thread: "You Don't Know Me #2" with Ava Sambora

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    fanfiction "You Don't Know Me #2" with Ava Sambora

    You Don't Know Me #2
    Teen Edition with Ava Sambora
    Written by Hearsz
    Codes: MF, MFF, inc, first, oral, doggie

    WARNING: This FICTIONAL story contains sexually explicit situations. If you're under age or easily offended STOP READING!! Fantasy is Legal.

    It's not easy being the daughter of two world famous parents. Especially being an only child, and not having a sibling to share the burden with.

    Sure, both Mom & Dad have their good points, though in amongst a heap of bad ones.

    Richie my father, was never there when I was growing up, thanks to being away on World Tours all the time with his band. By the time he eventually quit and went solo, I had already grown up!

    Mom, although not as bad as Daddy, could be just as unreliable. When my parents divorced she used to go out partying every night, coming home with random guys of all ages, and just like Daddy, had her problems with drug and alcohol addiction.

    But despite all this I still love them, and as I mentioned they do have their good points.

    My mom back in the day was one of the most stunning women on the planet and still looks great now. Even though I was nervous at the time, she helped me lose my virginity and showed me how to suck cock and get the most out of a boy/man in the bedroom.

    One night when she brought home a guy nearly half her age, I expected to hear her moaning and panting through my bedroom wall, as had been the norm for several years after she separated from Dad.

    But I was startled when she instead brought this pretty cute guy into my room, the pair of them sitting either side of me on my bed.

    He was my gift from her, even though she showed me first hand how to suck his dick and even the art of deepthroat. It was all too much to take in to begin with (the situation, not the guys dick!), but seeing my hot mother riding his cock and him plowing into her whilst on all fours, got me all hot and tingly inside my pink cotton panties.

    Mom caressed my face as well as my still developing breasts as a lay on my bed whilst this pretty well endowed guy deflowered me. It hurt at first, but with my mother by my side, kissing me and giving me words of encouragement, the pain soon subsided.

    I soon started to enjoy being fucked by this random guy, and despite the idea of tasting his load being new to me, it wasn't as bad as I'd imagined. He kneeled over me as he blasted his cum in my mouth, even saving some for my horny mother, who leaned down to polish his dick with her soft lips.

    Ever since that day I began to get an addiction of my own. If Mom and Dad had drugs and alcohol as their vices, mines was definitely sex!

    When I was pushing closer to the age of eighteen, I became more comfortable with my body. I started to wear bikinis more often, was happy to show off my trim figure at the gym, and my breasts had now grown to a pretty succulent looking C cup!

    As I mentioned before, Richie my father was hardly ever there for me. But he always looked after me financially as he saw it as his way of making up for it. This enabled me to buy all the clothes I wanted and even put some money aside for a potential acting career.

    One afternoon a few months back, I was staying at his place, a mansion really, laying on a deck chair by the pool, wearing my Lennon-styled sunglasses as I worked on my tan.

    As no one else was home, I had to get up to go and answer the front door when someone rang the bell.

    His own personal accountant Thomas, a guy in his early forties was adamant that Daddy had asked him to meet him to discuss some of his assets.

    I let him wait in the living room until Daddy arrived home, and within the first few minutes, I could feel this guys eyes checking out my ass. I can't say I could blame him, as my tiny bikini bottoms barely covered my hot little backside.

    After getting him a glass of water, I decided to make conversation. The news wasn't good, as Thomas explained that Daddy had gotten into trouble with some debt collector's, having fallen well behind with some of his repayment's on the house.

    Upon hearing this, I asked his accountant if there was anything he could do to give Daddy more time. He said he could try, but there was nothing my father could offer him that would make that kind of work, worth his time and energy.

    That was the point I knew I needed to help Daddy out, and put Mom's "training" to good use!

    It didn't take much convincing on my part once I asked him if he was up for a little fun.

    Before I knew it I had straddled his hips, grinding myself in his lap like a stripper, working my ass against his hard imprisoned cock, and sitting with my back to his chest.

    He naturally took the bait, feeling up my near naked body as he hungrily kissed me and fondled my breasts.

    Feeling his dick throb underneath me was really making me wet, and without hesitation I slid down to my knees, took off his business pants and began stroking his thick member.

    I told him I'd take care of him and quickly began sucking him off, loving the way he moaned as I gave him one sloppy blowjob.

    Turns out he loved my tits as much as my ass, massaging my chest as I licked his huge balls. I've never had a guy so eager to squeeze and fondle my goodies!

    I was very much surprised when he insisted on going down on me, and at the same time I was glad I shaved my pussy that morning.

    When he removed his tie and shirt I knew he was desperate to fuck me. It felt incredible having this man more than twice my age filling me, my now free from its brassiere breasts jiggling as he fucked me silly on the sofa.

    He gave me the chance to ride him, no doubt loving having my teenage body impaled on his cock with my creamy white tits in his face.

    To complete the trio of positions, he took me doggystyle on my Daddy's expensive sofa, conveniently facing me towards a large mirror on one of the living room walls.

    No doubt the image of my young face contorting and my eyes closed and mouth hanging open was something he wanted to remember after that fateful day. I mean, how often does a guy in his forties get offered the chance to fuck a hot teenage girl?

    As I orgasmed and let out a long deep sigh, I didn't even notice him pull out of my spasming vagina so he could shoot his warm load on my ass and all over my back.

    He assured me he could help Daddy and buy him some more time to help pay off the debt.

    My parents aren't perfect, but they gave me a life most young girls could only dream of. And as you can see from my story, I'd literally do anything to help and continue learning from them.

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    Fucking Hot. Glad to see Ava get some story love. :D

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    Loved it! Wish we could have had more illicit Ava and Heather action though.

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    Excellent. I loved it.

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    As someone who has seen his fair share of videos with a "step mom" teaching her "step daughter" how to properly fuck a guy/suck a guy off... this was an enjoyable read, I'm really liking this little series you have going on hearsz. :yea: Ava Sambora having an addiction to sex? I can see it, Ava just picking up random guys so she can have their cocks inside of her, as they fuck the shit outta her.

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