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Thread: "A Modern Family" with Ariel Winter

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    fanfiction "A Modern Family" with Ariel Winter

    With Ariel Winter
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MF, blowjob, handjob, rimjob, tit-fuck, dirty talk, voy
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

    When Ariel initially had her falling out with her mom, it couldn't have come at a worse time. You see, my wife was away in Greece visiting family and friends, leaving me to hold down the fort back in Los Angeles.

    So imagine my surprise when Shanelle called me out of the blue and insisted I drive across town and pick up her sister, who was crying her eyes out and threatening to run away from home.

    "so what do you expect me to do about it!" I hissed. "—it's almost midnight here."

    "Please David. Just go pick her up and let her spend the night at the house. She needs a safe place right now. I'm going to catch the earliest flight back and come home as soon as possible. Just watch Ariel for a few hours until I get home."

    I huffed before strapping our infant kids into the backseat and then drove over to the Winter residence in Burbank only to walk in on a god damn war zone. It took several minutes to calm everyone down, before I finally convinced the teen star to pack an overnight bag and come home with me - as per her sisters request.

    Minutes later we were out on the open road where Ariel finally explained what had happened, and how her mom had flipped out after she caught her having sex with two boys in the house.

    "Wait. Two boys at once!"

    The Modern Family star rolled her eyes.

    "It's not as bad as it sounds."

    "I don't know Ariel, sounds pretty fucking bad to me. Does your sister know? ... and what happened to that boy you were dating a few weeks ago?"

    "I don't want to talk about it." she huffed.

    Judging from her reaction they had either broken up or had had a falling out. In any event, we soon arrived home where Ariel took a shower to clean up while I put the kids to sleep and prepared for bed.

    An hour later as I lay in bed watching TV, I actually contemplated rubbing one out since I hadn't had sex in several days. But before I could start up I heard a gentle knock at the door and my jaw almost dropped.

    Standing in the doorway stood Ariel, who was scantily clad in nothing more than a tiny button-up shirt and what appeared to be tie-up bikini bottoms. The sheer size of her natural breasts took my breath away. They looked like two little planets, strapped down and yearning to be set free.

    In fact her tits sat so high on her chest that they threatened to pop the only button on her shirt which barely restrained her enormous globes. I felt my cock twitch at the sight of her, as she lingered barefoot at the door like she wanted something.

    "What's up Ariel. How's the couch?" I asked. "Would you like an extra blanket."

    "Um. Would it be okay if I slept in here tonight." she asked meekly. "I promise I won't take up much room."

    "Err. I don't know if that's such a good idea."

    "Please. I just can't sleep out there tonight - it's too cold."

    Against my better judgment I agreed to let her sleep in my bed but insisted that it was a onetime deal, and that she couldn't tell her sister or there'd be hell to pay. Ariel agreed and hopped into bed, pulling the sheet up to her hips.

    It wasn't a large bed, about the size of a double, so we were right up against each other, shoulder to shoulder. I turned on the alarm clock and then switched off the TV.

    "Well ... goodnight." I said. "Get some sleep. Your sister should be home tomorrow."

    "Thanks again for letting me stay here." she said while lying on her side and looking at me in the dark.

    "Don't mention it. We're family after all."

    It was at this point that I noticed that the shirt she was wearing now exposed most it not all of her tummy. God help me, but she was making me think all kinds of dirty thoughts.

    "You know ..." she commented. "If I stayed here for a few extra days I could probably help around the house."

    "I suppose you're right." I answered as I closed my eyes. "—but it really isn't up to me. It's up to your sister."

    "Does that mean you'd consider it."

    "No. I think one night of inconvenience is enough don't you." I chuckled.

    "I'm sorry. Am I stopping you from something."

    "Not really." I snickered. "only that I usually sleep naked when I'm alone."

    "so go ahead." she quipped. "nobody's stopping you."

    "Well I can't do that with you here. Heck I can't even watch porn tonight."

    Ariel shrugged in the dark.

    "I don't care if you watch porn. I watch it too."

    "I can't watch that stuff in front of you Ariel. Your sister would kill me."

    "Sure you can. Doesn't bother me."

    "Sure. It's all fun and games until someone starts jacking off." I laughed.

    Ariel laughed too.

    "Honestly though, it's not a big deal. You can beat off in front of me any time you like. It wouldn't bother me."

    "Stop joking. We both know I can't."

    "I'll even turn my head if you want." she persisted.

    I finally opened my eyes and looked at her.

    "You really think it's appropriate to lay there and watch as your brother-in-law jerk it to porn! ... are you kidding me."

    "It's not that gross, really. I masturbate all the time."

    "—not in front of people."

    "It's different with you. You're family."

    "so you'd happily masturbate in front of your brother-in-law but not a stranger." I posed, somewhat surprised. "Great logic Ariel. I'm starting to see why you constantly get in trouble."

    My eyes roamed her body as we quibbled, lingering over her bare legs and her exposed tummy. The sheet had slipped down to her hips, allowing me to notice the way she twirled the tie of her bikini bottoms between her fingers - as if she was threatening to tug on the string and reveal her pussy.

    "Well it's not like I've never done it before."


    "I mean it's only masturbation. It's not like we're even touching each other or anything."

    "Does your sister know you're like this ..."

    "Like what, a slut?" Ariel said finishing my sentence. "Just because I mess around a little doesn't make me a slut."

    "I suppose." I replied. "I guess I just don't know you as well as I thought."

    "There's probably a lot you don't know about me." she said as she scooted closer. "but I'm glad you came to my rescue tonight."

    As Ariel spoke she inched closer and arched her back - the shirt stretching to its limits and threatening to pop open and expose her glorious rack. She put her head on my chest while running her fingers up and down my stomach, pushing the sheet aside as she went.

    I caught my breath in my throat as her hand stopped at the waistband of my boxers, and came back up to caress my chest. It was this innocent petting that literally made my cock pulse with frustration.

    "I'm so glad to have a big brother like you." she whispered softly. "—watching out for me and my sister."

    I responded to her praise by stroking her hair, causing her to coo and snuggle up even closer to me. In fact I gulped as I felt her leg slide on top of mine, her crotch now pressing right up against my thigh.

    "Mm ... I like that." she purred softly as she pressed her soft breasts into my ribs.

    "Just go to sleep sweetie." I whispered while playing with her hair.

    There was a long pause in conversation before she finally broke the silence.

    "What would you think about me moving in with you guys."

    I wanted to say no, but I knew if I did Ariel would argue all night long.

    "How about we discuss it when your sister gets home."

    My busty sister-in-law put her head back down on my chest as I continued to massage her scalp - running my fingers around her ear and along her neck and shoulders. The flowery fragrance of her hair filled my nostrils as she brushed her bare leg against my thigh and her fingers lingered around my bellybutton.

    We continued to caress one another for what seemed like an age, lulling each other to sleep until I suddenly tensed up when I felt her hand glide over the front of my boxer-briefs and gently trace the bulge in my pants.

    At first I wondered if it was an accident, but when I realized it wasn't it almost made me light-headed. In fact I didn't respond for several seconds as she gently dragged her nails over the outline of my cock, and finally squeezed my girth with her fingertips.

    "Ariel. What are you doing." I finally asked.

    "Just helping you relax." she whispered softly. "—you've been as hard as a rock from the moment I climbed into bed with you."

    She wasn't lying.

    But I couldn't help but feel embarrassed and wanted her to stop until - she suddenly sat up, unbuttoned her shirt and tossed it to the floor, exposing her magnificent breasts to me.

    My eyes just about grew to the size of saucers, locked on those perfectly formed globes and succulent nipples. Her breasts were so spectacular I almost stopped breathing, and actually wondered if I was dreaming.

    I then watched spellbound as she reached down to pull the string of her bikini loose, peeling them away and leaving her completely naked beside me. It was only when they released that I discovered she was completely shaved clean. The revelation alone almost made me moan out loud.

    "Aren't you going to get more comfortable." she said looking back at me. "take those boxer-briefs off."

    "Ariel. I. Err ..."

    "I mean it's only fair." she reasoned "—if I'm gunna sleep naked in bed, the least you can do is get naked too."

    Without thinking I pushed my boxers down my legs, my cock tugging along until it sprung back up and bounced against my stomach. Ariel watched with a smug grin on her face as I suddenly felt paranoid and felt compelled to explain why I was so overly aroused.

    "—it's been a few days." I pointed out. "I'm a little backed up."

    "so go ahead ... let off some steam."

    "excuse me."

    "Jack off."

    "Right now! ... in front of you."

    "Why not." she shrugged. "We're both naked anyway."

    "you ... want to watch me jack off!"

    "sure. I like it. It gets me off."

    "Look. Naked is one thing but jacking off beside my TEENAGE sister-in-law is something entirely different. We could get in trouble."

    "Relax. I won't tell anyone. You're so uptight. Here. I know what you need."

    Suddenly the pint-sized star climbed up on her knees and leaned over the bed. I had no idea what she was doing but all I could focus on were her large hanging breasts and her sweet bare ass just inches from my face. I almost laughed out loud when she settled back beside me with a bottle of baby oil she had snatched from the bedside table.

    "This could help you." she suggested. "maybe you could grease it up a little."

    "Ariel. I'm not jacking off."

    "Aw. C'mon. You have to." she said. "Please. Pretty please!"

    "It'd just feel too weird."

    "Just try. Here. I'll help you get started."

    And with that she peeled the sheet back enough to expose the menacing erection between my legs, leaving no doubt that I was already well excited by her nakedness.

    "What are you doing now."

    "Putting oil on your cock." she stated candidly. "you can do the rest."

    Before I could argue she squeezed the contents of the bottle all along the length of my penis. I groaned instantly mostly from the cold substance but also from sheer anxiety.

    "Come on. Spread it around. It'll warm up."

    "I'm not doing it." I stated bluntly. "This is wrong on so many levels Ariel. You can't make me do it."

    "Jesus. Fine. I'll spread it myself. But you better jerk off."

    She then began rubbing the oily substance across my cock with her fingers, trying to smear it along the shaft, from the bottom to the tip, and all around the crown. I was holding my breath as my wife's sister now massage my meat-stick and did a mighty fine job of it too.

    "Hold on!" she added. "we need more oil."

    She then poured a generous amount of baby lotion into the palm of her hand before gripping my shaft and coating it in the greasy-slick liquid. I groaned to the action and wanted to object, but it just felt so god damn good I lost the power of speech.

    Ariel made sure not to miss a single inch of my cock from tip to base and along each side. But she appeared to pay the most attention to the head, sliding her greasy little fingers along the my sensitive piss-slit.

    "Jesus Ariel ..." I squirmed to her touch, which brought a playful smile to her lips.

    "You really have a nice cock David." she commented. "My sister told me you were big but ... it's so hard and beautiful."

    My eyes rolled into the back of my head when she finally cupped my balls and rolled them between her fingers.

    "Fuck." I mumbled. "Ariel. Do you realize what you're doing right now."

    "What am I doing ..." she replied in a teasing tone.

    "You're jerking me off."

    "No I'm not. I'm just lubing you up so you can beat off. Now get to it. I wanna watch."

    She sat back on her elbows with her large tits on full display, her shaved pussy peeking out. I really didn't know how we had come this far in such a short amount of time but I do know I was partially culpable.

    "Honestly. I don't think I can do it with you laying beside me like that." I told her.

    "Ugh. Why are you being so difficult." she pouted before taking the bottle and dousing a generous amount of oil all over her tits!

    "Jesus ..." I gulped as she used her hands to rub the shiny lotion into her skin and down to her tummy and over her teen peach.

    "There. Happy!" she quipped as though she had just oiled her body for my benefit. "—does that help."

    She then lay back caressing her large breasts, as though waiting to participate in some kind of mutual masturbation. But despite the magnificent show beside me I wasn't going to budge. I still felt incredibly guilt-ridden.

    "As tempting as this is ... nope. Not happening."

    "Ugh. Fine." she sat up. "Do I have to do everything. I'll jerk you off too if I have to."

    "Fine. Knock yourself out." I chuckled. "You might as well do it. If you really want to stay here so bad."

    Ariel wrapped her delicate fingers around my staff and squeezed as hard as she could - an angry squeeze.

    "Fuck." was all I could muster as my cock throbbed in her hand.

    My naked sister-in-law simply smirked as she now stroked my shiny wood nice and slow. She massaged the piss-slit with her thumb, slick from all the baby lotion which sent a shiver up my spine.

    "is this the way you like it." she teased. "nice and slow."

    All I could do was moan accordingly.

    "hmm. I'll take that as a yes." she smiled while methodically stroking me off.

    "I can't believe we're doing this right now. We've both lost our minds you realize that don't you. If your sister was here right now ..."

    "—well she's not!" Ariel interrupted. "Besides. When was the last time she gave you a massage like this."

    In truth I couldn't remember. In fact I couldn't remember a single time Shanelle had ever jacked me off so thoroughly before.

    "Just close your eyes and let me do my thing." Ariel added as she concentrated on my pleasure. "I know what I'm doing."

    Watching her hands run up and down my penis had me in a trance. She began massaging the crown as her other hand went down and squeezed my nuts.

    "You know I wonder ..." she pondered out loud. "If I rubbed your cock like this from now on, would you let me move in."

    "Jesus Ariel. Are you really willing to whore-out hand-jobs just to stay in this house."

    She looked down at the pulsing mass of muscle in her hand and nodded.

    "Whatever it takes." she said. "but just as long as we agree that my tits are off limits."

    I glanced at her face and caught her smiling.

    "Are you sure about that."

    Ariel giggled.

    "Yeah I bet you'd like that huh? ... sliding this thing between my big soft boobs."

    She squeezed my cock to emphasize the point.

    "You'd be surprised how wet it makes me - to feel a big cock slide between my tits."

    "Yeah I suspect you're quite the wildcat Ariel." I told her. "—with a body like that."

    She squeezed my cock harder, digging her nails into me and dragging them up and down.

    "Admit it. You want to fuck my tits so bad. You're thinking about it right now."

    "It's hard not to think about it when you're stroking my cock while naked Ariel."

    Then without warning she leaned up and kissed me hard on the lips - mashing her huge breasts into my chest. Her young body felt incredible as she thrust her tongue into my mouth and we tongue-wrestled each other for the very first time.

    It was only now that I finally decided to throw all caution to the wind and reached out and cupped her beautiful breasts in my hands. Ariel simply sighed into my mouth and allowed my hands to freely roam the vast surface of her boobs while she tilted her head back and closed her eyes.

    I moved in and began to kiss her deeply, a kiss that she returned with much enthusiasm. She was obviously enjoying the way I palmed her breasts as a few low moans escaped her mouth. Now that I knew what buttons to push I decided to help move things along.

    I lowered my head and placed a few gentle kisses on her neck and down between her deep cleavage, while continuing to manipulate her breasts with my hands. I felt Ariel tremble and expected her to push me away but instead she placed a hand on the back of my head and raked her fingers through my hair - holding me close as I worshiped her boobs.

    She ultimately raised her huge mounds and offered them to me, which I took to like a hungry child. I quickly lowered my head and suckled one of her large nipples into my mouth. She moaned audibly and pulled my face tightly against her chest almost smothering me.

    "Ugh-God. Yes." she moaned erotically. "suck my nipples into your mouth ... yeah. I like that. I like that a lot!"

    It was only now that I realized that if I played my cards right I was going to be fortunate enough to slide my cock between those magnificent boobs, but for now I was curious to see just how far she was willing to go.

    As I suckled her breasts I slipped a hand down between her thighs and found her to be utterly wet! Ariel jumped to the initial contact but made no attempt to stop me as I began rubbing her slit and teasing her clit.

    "Ugh-God ... yes."

    I was rubbing her pussy with one hand while my other hand swapped between her two tits, my mouth switching from one nipple to the other. Ariel adored the attention I was giving her body as withered against me and I bathed her nipples in my spit.

    I ultimately raised one of her breasts toward her face as I steadily tongued the nipple and when I reached her mouth I offered it to her. We simultaneously sucked the erect nub together which caused our tongues to touch, eventually ending in a very soft-sensual kiss.

    When our kiss ended I felt her reach down and grasp my cock firmly in her hand again.

    "I bet you'd love to slide this big cock between my soft tits right now ..." she teased while stroking me.

    "the thought had crossed my mind."

    "maybe if I lived with you guys you could sneak into my room at night and have them whenever you want."

    "oh god. now there's an image." I grinned. "me sneaking around the house in the middle of the night with a raging hard-on."

    "who knows. maybe you could sneak into my shower and fuck my mouth and tits every morning before work."

    As we stared into each other's eyes she slowly stroked up and down and used her thumb to stimulate the tip of my cock as she did. Although her actions felt incredible, I suddenly found myself captivated by her magnificent tits again.

    "I wanna fuck these tits Ariel." I told her bluntly. "I want to wrap them around my cock and fuck your body."

    "hmm. I know you do." she sighed seductively. "everyone does. but first I wanna have some fun."

    "what did you have in mind."

    "I was just wondering ... you think I can fit this whole cock in my mouth?"

    There was only one way to find out.

    My cock was so hard it hurt. In fact it began to leak pre-cum all over her stroking hand. I put my hand on the back of her head as she went down slowly, kissing my chest and stomach along the way until her nose finally bumped against my penis.

    Ariel smiled as she gave it a soft kiss, before her tongue speared out and she licked from the base of my shaft, all the way up to the tip. When her tongue finally slithered out across my sensitive bell-end, I groaned out loud and kicked my knees wide apart on the bed.

    She responded to this by planting soft kisses all along my twitching sword as though worshiping it, while I reached down to cup her hanging breasts and slipped my other into her dark mane.

    "You're such a fucking tease." I hissed as I pulled her hair. "where did you learn to be such a sexy little tease."

    She dipped her mouth and licked at my salty nuts.

    "Grr. show me how dirty you are." I growled. "show me how you blow all those boys who dream about your big tits."

    Ariel licked my sac with gusto before she dipped her lips lower and suddenly stabbed her tongue at my ass.

    "Fuck-Yeah! Are you a dirty girl Ariel." I groaned. "—you gunno stick that pretty little tongue in my ass baby."

    My saucy sister-in-law responded by placing both hands on my spread thighs and dipped her tongue into my backdoor. I just about lost my fucking mind when I realized my wife's teenage sister was now rimming me on our very own bed.

    "Yeah. Good girl." I praised her while placing my hand on the back of her head and pushing her face deeper into my ass.

    "Good. Deeper. Get in there you little slut!"

    Ariel was only too happy to obliged as I raised my knees up in the air and now offer her more access. To my delight not only did she come through but she then proceeded to literally lick my entire ass and taint - sending me into the stratosphere.

    With a job well done she then licked her way up to the top of my rod and gave the crown a sloppy wet kiss, pausing long enough to drool a copious amount of spit all over my cock-head.

    I couldn't help but moan as she incorporated a great deal of spit in her blowjob. In fact I could hardly believe so much spit could be generated from such a tiny teenage girl.

    "fuck ... good girl." I praised as her entire mouth and chin now glistened in saliva. "yeah. nice and sloppy."

    With half my bell-end engulfed in her mouth she jerked my shaft while now playing with the spit - using her mouth to suck in the access saliva before drooling it all out all over my tool. At the same time she looked up at me with those big brown puppy-dog eyes, trying to act all innocent despite showing herself to be a truly skilled slut.

    "You're such a fucking tease." I repeated. "You've done this before haven't you."

    "Mm ... I love sucking cock." she dribbled. "—it makes my pussy wet."

    "Yeah I bet it does." I grinned. "I can see that. You're a natural born cock-sucker Ariel."

    She looked up at me as she started to gradually take more of my manhood between her lips. Ariel ultimately pulled away from my cock leaving a long string of saliva running from my shaft to her mouth. I reached out, grabbed hold of her hair and pulled her up to me to share a sloppy wet kiss.

    "What about now." I growled as I reached down and slammed two fingers into her cunt. "—is your pussy wet now!"

    I took this opportunity to grab her thick butt and prompted her to straddle me on the bed. She quickly caught on and proceeded to grind her sex against my cock as we continued to make out zealously - our mouths sharing the spit she had generated which we slobbered back and forth.

    "Ugh. I wanna fuck you so bad." she moaned as she moved her hips and rubbed her sweaty body against mine. "I want you inside me!"

    "You need a good hard FUCK Ariel." I told her. "You need someone to fuck you so hard you scream."

    The teen starlet responded by pressed her forehead against mine, and while staring deep into my eyes she pick up the pace of her hips and whipped them back and forth - grinding her pussy along the length of my sword.

    "ngghh-yeah. is that what you like." I taunted her. "you fucking tease."

    "ugh ... uh-huh." she moaned in my face. "I could do this all night."

    "Prove it. You little slut. Show me how much energy you've got."

    With out foreheads still pressed together Ariel shut her eyes and flicked her hips wildly above me at rapid succession.

    "fuck! fuck-fuck-fuck ..."

    To my surprise the busty actress began to shake and moan loudly like she was in the throes of an orgasm. I was surprised only for the fact that as far as I knew we weren't even having sex yet, as she was only grinding her bare pussy against my slippery organ.

    But judging from the sweat on her brow and the flustered look on her face I'm sure Ariel was just as surprised as I was by the impromptu orgasm, and thanked me by plunging her down down my throat. I kissed her back and licked every inch of her mouth as my hands wandered up and down her sweat-glazed body and pawed at her ass and tits.

    "...please. fuck me!"

    Caught up in the moment I finally snapped and flipped her onto her back - taking her breath away - as I grasped my cock and placed the head against her slippery hole. We maintained eye contact as I slowly pushed forward and impaled her tight pussy.

    Her teenage cunt felt fantastic around my cock as I began to swivel back and forth and fucked her with long, deliberate strokes. I finally grabbed her legs and pinned her knees hard against her chest before I proceeded to pound the ever-loving shit out of her! Each time I thrust back into her pussy Ariel's breasts would wobble excessively and she'd let out an audible groan.

    "Ugh. Fuck ... oh god ... David! Ugh. Fuck ... yes. Ugh. Fuck. Keep fucking me like that!"

    I did as she asked and increased the pace until my cock was slamming into her gushing pussy with such force that she came in a matter of seconds and shuddered intensely.

    "nnghh ... ohmifuckinggod!!"

    I could actually feel her pussy squeeze down and clench my cock like a warm glove, her teen sex convulsing as her juices washed over me. In fact she had become so wet that we could actually hear sloshing sounds as I pounded her pussy relentlessly.

    Fortunately for me I managed to prevent myself from cumming too fast but I knew I was on the edge so I slowed my pace and eventually stopped altogether, pulling my cock from her sopping pussy.

    Ariel glared up at me and knew what I wanted. She immediately sat up and wrapped her lips around my slick cock, tasting herself before cupping her glorious boobs with both hands and presented them to me like a gift from heaven.

    "so are you ready to fuck these now!" she hissed sexily.

    "—I've been waiting a long time for this."

    I then watched as she drooled a long line of spit all over her huge mounds which mixed with her body sweat and made for great lube. She then leaned forward until my cock nestled deep between her huge globes and looked up at me - again with those innocent brown eyes.

    My cock disappeared into her cleavage when she pressed her breasts together and began to rock back and forth. I knew that between the excitement of fucking my wife's sister and the sheer softness of her tits, that I didn't stand a chance of lasting much longer.

    "Ariel. Look up at me." I growled as I fucked her remarkable chest.

    "ugh ... your cock feels so big between my tits David." she purred erotically as I thrust harder and faster - clutching the back of her neck for support.

    "Just hold them right there." I wheezed. "Hold them tight ... and stick out your tongue for me."

    My naive sister-in-law did as I asked as I made up my mind to just give in to the moment and plaster her chest with my sticky load. I pumped my cock between her tits for another minute until I suddenly reached boiling point and exploded all over her breasts.

    In fact I came so hard I showered her with cum. It went everywhere, her face, her tits, her belly, as she in turn moaned out loud and rubbed my semen into her skin like it was the world's most expensive anti-aging cream.

    I finally pulled back and fisted my cock until every last drop was expelled and tapped the tip against her hard nipple.

    "Geez ..." she whined. "You literally covered me in cum."

    "You had that coming sweetheart." I panted while staggering back on my feet.

    There was a moment of silence as I looked around the room for a spare towel.

    "Err ... so does this mean I get to move in?"

    "Let me sleep on it." I told her. "I'll let you know in the morning."

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    Goddamn TPG... That was just an incredible read mate.
    If Dave felt like he was waiting a long time for this moment, I was waiting even longer, and the wait was most certainly worth it!! The story took so many twists and turns that even though he got to his ultimate goal, it was thoroughly enjoyable to also see what pleasures he goes through and she gives to him in order to get there at the end.

    I love the fact that this story time wise was set back when Ariel first moved in with her sister a few years ago.
    I also read this story as you making up for lost time with regards to writing Ariel stories, and what better way to start than from the beginning?

    Well impressed by this!

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    So fucking hot, TPG.

    I'll definitely be coming back and re-reading this story, time and time again.

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    Holy God. For not liking Ariel up until a few days ago. U sure as shit wrote an epic tale. Fucking Amazing and nasty. :D I sure as shit hope this isn't the last time you tackle her. Bravo.

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    thanks guys. yeah I'm a little late to the party...but I'm trying to make up for it. hehe

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    Jeez! This is awesome. But I have to ask, why the sudden change of heart?

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    nuff said?

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    I wanna see a sequel for this.

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