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Thread: "You Don't Know Me #6" with Josie Canseco

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    fanfiction "You Don't Know Me #6" with Josie Canseco

    You Don't Know Me #6
    Teen Edition with Josie Canseco
    Written by Hearsz
    Codes: MF, oral, cunn, finger, rimming, spank, anal

    WARNING: This FICTIONAL story contains sexually explicit situations. If you're under age or easily offended STOP READING!! Fantasy is Legal.

    I don't do relationships. Well, if I do they usually don't last long. Without knowing for sure, I think boys get suckered in by my good looks, courtesy of my mother, but can't handle my feisty character, thanks to my Dad.

    I guess the biggest problem I have with the guys I've been with is they just don't know how to please me, socially or sexually. Some of my ex's have labelled me a snotty bitch or too high maintenance. Fair enough. It's not my fault I know what I want and they fucking don't.

    Some people call me Daddy's Little Angel, I hate that. This is probably because of his over protectiveness of me from an early age. He'd lose his shit at photographers whenever they took pictures of me! I guess due to how much interest the paparazzi took in me early on, an only child with two somewhat still famous parents, gave me the idea to take up modelling when I hit my early teens.

    I loved the attention, and still crave it until this day. I'm going to be successful, and I won't let any other bitch in the modelling or even the acting world get in my way.

    As much I don't believe I'm the kind of girl that likes to be controlled, or told what to do, guys need to understand that it's very much my way or the highway. I'm certainly not good with authority figures, which showed in my expletive-laden abuse that I dished out to a police officer late last year, when he pulled me over for drink driving. It happened in a barely lit up neighbourhood in a rough part of town, and lucky there were no witnesses.

    Admittedly I'd had quite a few drinks at the party, and left abruptly after an argument with my boyfriend. To get back at him, I took some ecstasy pills that he'd kept in his coat pocket, just before I left. How I wished I'd known what a mistake that would turn out to be.

    As the officer flashed a light in my face, I failed to hide my intoxication, and it wasn't long before he was asking me to step out of my vehicle. He looked me up and down and my disheveled long blonde hair wasn't helping my case. The police officer got me to walk a straight line, made even more difficult to attempt in my high heeled shoes.

    I'm sure his eyes were drawn to my long, slender legs, all the way up to my short black dress. Sure enough, he had me place my hands on the hood as he went through my car, finding the bag of pills I'd almost completely forgotten about, due to the fact I had already failed a sobriety test. I tried to convince him that they weren't mine, and rudely accused him of jumping to conclusions. Big mistake.

    Switching off his torch, he told me that he had to search my person to check that I didn't have any further narcotics on me. As he stood behind me, I tensed up when he fingers trailed up the back of my legs, up to my hips and then padding the front of my young body.

    As he moved back down, I'm not sure what came over me at this point. Maybe it was the alcohol or the pot I'd been smoking earlier, but when his hands went up my skirt and caressed the back of my supple thighs, I told him to keep going, and he duly obliged. He pushed my dress up from behind, and much to his surprise, he discovered that I hadn't been wearing any panties all this time! I twerked my ass to tease him further, my slit dripping wet which he no doubt had noticed.

    "I've been bad officer. Is there anything I can offer you so you might consider letting me off?"

    As I said this, I pushed my derrière up against his barely shaven face, inviting him to eat me out.

    I gasped when he buried his tongue inside my teen cookie, gripping my ass and kneading my cheeks as if they were dough. He really knew what he was doing, digging his tongue into my bald cunt and even licking my tight little asshole. Having him go down on me had got me incredibly horny, so I had him sit on the hood of his car, pulling down his pants so I could suck his hard, thick cock.

    The cop was quite rough with me, holding my face down while his dick was lodged inside my throat, my makeup smearing due to the fierce treatment. He bundled my silky hair into a bun as he fucked my face, making gagging sounds while his balls smacked against my chin. He had me stand and sit on the bonnet of my car, parting my legs and urgently ramming his dick into my sopping cunt, burying his thick tool in all the way.

    As he pounded away inside me, he tore at the front of my top so he could kiss and lick at my braless breasts. Acting all slutty, I begged him to fuck me harder, curling my long legs around his waist and digging my sharp nails into his back. He turned me around so I was bent over, my face pressed down on the front bonnet. I was still in my heels, my long legs parted and he pushed my skirt up so it was bunched around my slim waist.

    I cried out loud when plunged his meaty cock back inside my warm wet teenage plenge, gripping my hips as he went for his life, railing into my sopping cunt like his life depended on it. I reached down to rub my bulging clit, even managing to cup and roll his lubricated balls between my fingers. Given I'm five foot nine, and was wearing heels, was certainly an advantage given that the officer himself was quite statuesque.

    Not that I even asked him to, he took his dick out of me, and began rubbing the thick spongy tip against my back door, which made my stomach tighten. I'd never had a cock in my ass, but given my aroused state and that I was still high and intoxicated, I had no qualms about letting him sodomise my teenage ass.

    I could hear him grunt and groan when he began penetrating my asshole, frigging my pussy like crazy which only made me even more wet than usual. Having his cock up my ass made me feel like I was being split in two, but I became accustomed to it, my deep guttural moans soon turning into pleasurable sighs, with the occasional yelp whenever he sharply spanked my butt!

    The searing hot tightness of my ass caused him to prematurely cum, spurting his load in my derrière and the last few droplets onto my battered pussy lips.

    On most occasions, anal sex is the only way I can properly get off, but I'm very selective with the guy I allow to do this, regardless of its my boyfriend or some random guy I've just hooked up with.

    So now you know a bit more about me, what I can be like and what I'm into. And I'm sure my story has convinced you that I'm anything BUT, Daddy's little angel..

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    I might be biased, but I really enjoyed this one.


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