You Don't Know Me #7
Teen Edition with Jordyn Jones & Kaylyn Slevin
Written by Hearsz
Codes: FF, cunn, fingering, 69er, squirt, sex toy

WARNING: This FICTIONAL story contains sexually explicit situations. If you're under age or easily offended STOP READING!! Fantasy is Legal.

Kaylyn and I had been friends for a while now, and she's probably nowadays my best friend. I guess it was because I was the first person who she got close to when she moved out here from her hometown in Chicago. It helped that we had both been striving for the same dream: to be rich and famous.

Like myself, she's really into her dancing and gymnastics, as well as singing and acting. But even though she acts, dresses and looks older than me, I'm actually three months her senior.

I didn't think anything of it early on, but whenever I'd start to talk about guys, she would quickly change the subject. I remember not taking offence to this, as I figured it was possible that she may have still been a virgin, and was uncomfortable speaking about it. We had become so close that we were inseparable over those first six months of our friendship. We'd go on vacations together, take videos and photos and post them on Snapchat and Instagram, and just generally try to enjoy our teenage years.

But the closeness between us was about to have an unexpected twist that I didn't see coming, and was completely unprepared for.

It all started when I harmlessly asked her if she wanted to have a sleepover at my place, made all the better that my parents were at a family friends house for a party until late. When it got further into the night, she suggested we watch a DVD, which she had taken from her Mum and Dad's personal collection. I told her that would be great, agreeing to watch it with her as soon as I'd changed into my sleepwear and brushed my teeth.

When I returned from my bathroom having got myself prepared to view this movie, I was a little surprised to see Kaylyn lying on the bed, wearing an almost see-through white singlet, and a pair of pink cotton panties, like it was no big deal. I was a little embarrassed lying there next to her, but strangely aroused at seeing her like this.

She suggested we watch this film called "Wild Things", a movie I'd heard of, but didn't know anything about. It was the first time I'd watched a film of this nature, and I was shocked as much as I was turned on by some of the scenes. I didn't know what to say when both girls engaged in a threesome with their high school teacher, but the mesmerised look on Kaylyn's face expressed exactly how I was feeling at the time.

When the part involving Denise Richards and Neve Campbell making out in the swimming pool was on screen, I felt a tingling sensation in between my legs, helped along by Kaylyn's hand caressing my quivering belly! Turning to face me, she softly asked if I'd ever kissed another girl before. I think I was paralysed with fear because I hesitated to answer, somehow managing to shake my head with a bite of my bottom lip.

Kaylyn followed this up by asking "Would you like to?"

She stared at me with her crystal blue eyes and a gave a nervous smile, which convinced the leggy girl that I was for her suggestion. My eyes closed as I felt her soft lips press against mine, and then her hand snaked up and under my flannelette top, to squeeze my small pert breasts. She was most certainly the aggressor, running her sharp nailed fingers through my silky blonde hair as we exchanged saliva from each other's mouths.

I'd never been kissed this passionately by any guy before, nor had they been as eager to take my pants off as quickly as Kaylyn wanted to. I squealed into her mouth when I felt her manicured fingers slither a way inside my small panties, rubbing my already lubricated vagina. She kept up the high intensity by first lashing her tongue against mine and made me moan deeply when she curled her middle digit up inside me. Kaylyn wiggled it around which only made me even wetter.

The statuesque girl asked me to remove my underwear, which I did without hesitation. She never withdrew her embedded finger, soon adding a second finger inside me, and thrusting it fluently which made me pant louder and louder with each passing second. Before she could make me cum, Kaylyn took her fingers out of me so she could take off her top and slip off her underwear. When she helped me remove the last couple of items of clothing, bar from my pink ankle socks, we both sat there breathing heavily, naked on my bed.

I always thoughts she was breathtakingly gorgeous, ever since I first met her. But seeing her without any clothes, her fit athletic body, long legs and supple breasts, made me truly appreciate her beauty. She took my hand and put it in between her thighs, so I could feel just how wet she was as well. Kaylyn was turned on by the moment as much as I was, and asked me to play with her pussy the same way she had done for me. We began kissing again as we both fiddled with each other's genitals.

If this was something I wasn't prepared for, her next suggestion completely blew me away!

Kaylyn had me lie on my back on the bed, and then turned her body around so her hot looking ass was hovering over my astonished face. Before I even had a chance to say something, I sighed deeply when her head fell between my legs, and her hard tongue started to lick my warm, glistening lips.

I let her eat me out for a couple of minutes, not moving or saying anything during that time, probably because I was enjoying it so much. She knew how to use her mouth and tongue to the desired effect, my thighs crunching around her head whenever she made contact with my sensitive clit.
When she asked me to do the same for her, I was scared at first. But once I began to savour the taste of her sweet bald pussy, I was instantly hooked, soon matching the same enthusiasm she was showing as we orally pleasured each other at the same time.

Neither one of us managed to reach that much sought after climax that we were so desperate to achieve. But that wasn't going to stop Kaylyn going a step further in order to attain it.

Hopping off my bed, she went to her overnight bag, retrieving a long, double ended rubber dildo! Just when I thought I knew everything about her, she kept finding ways to surprise me and reveal things about herself, that I never would've thought or imagined.

We sat on the bed, face to face with our legs outstretched. She assured me that I would enjoy what was about to happen, caressing my inner thigh as she spoke. I watched on with awe as she teased her damp slit with the tip of the twelve inch sex toy, rubbing it intently against her slimy lips. Kaylyn made a show of licking and sucking on the thick crystal jelly dildo, as if she was doing this to a real cock. I temporarily wondered how this thing would feel inside of me, given how much bigger it was than my boyfriends dick.

Her eyes rolled into the back of her skull when she pushed the dildo inside herself, her pink lips widening allowing me to get a great look at the sex toy entering her tight looking hole. She rotated her hips as she jerked her body along the dildo, and once she was comfortable, Kaylyn teasingly began rubbing the opposite end against my soft wet labia.

I held the toy steady against by pussy, using the muscles in my lower back and hips to push against the thick rubbery end. I spread my slender legs further apart as I felt it open up my vice like vagina, the feeling of having suck a thick object fucking me making my grimace and scream out loud!

My inner walls began to involuntarily convulse around the purple coloured tool, now with a couple inches of it buried inside of me. The more I humped against it, the more I felt it slide deeper in my pussy, thus closing the gap between myself and Kaylyn. When we were close enough, she brought my face close to hers so she could kiss me, continuing to both fuck either end of the hard, rubbery shaft.

Kaylyn was the first to cum, holding me tight as her body tensed, sighing into my shoulder and shedding a tear or two. I followed suit shortly after, my body shuddering when the muscles in my pussy began to contract, somehow pushing out the dildo out which was followed by me squirting my inner juices out of my excited hole! My warm secretions gushed out of me as I endured a mind numbing orgasm, Kaylyn rubbing my sensitive clit which made me sharply close my legs together as a reaction to her touch.

I don't consider myself a full on lesbian now, as I still very much prefer boys. But at least I have Kaylyn that I can count on if my boyfriend isn't available, especially when I'm feeling lonely and in need of special attention.