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Thread: "SEXTING!" with Chloe Grace Moretz

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    fanfiction "SEXTING!" with Chloe Grace Moretz

    With Chloe Grace Moretz
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MF, inc, blowjob, texting
    DISCLAIMER: This story was written for entertainment purposes only

    It was late in the afternoon as I lay relaxing by the pool, taking in the sun and enjoying a quiet nap when my phone disturbed my solitude, alerting me of an incoming message. Checking my phone I did a double-take at the text.

    "Shit. Sorry uncle Mike. If you could please delete that last message I sent you - I'd really appreciate it." #blushing #embarrassed

    It was apparently a note from my famous niece - Chloe Grace Moretz - who had inadvertently text-messaged me moments earlier. Shrugging my shoulders, I turned off my phone and returned to my snooze when curiosity got the better of me.

    "—wait a minute. The fuck did she send me?" I remarked as I switched on my phone and checked my inbox.

    What greeted me made my eyes grow wide and caused me to laugh out loud, as the text had clearly been intended for someone else.

    " pussy is *so* wet right now. Can't wait to see you again." XOXO


    Stunned into silence, I lay there reading the message over and over again. Did Chloe actually write this?

    I couldn't help but laugh as I recalled the last conversation I had had with Teri (Chloe's mom) who had invited me over to the house that very morning for a family BBQ.

    All things considered, I suddenly had an urge to attend the event if only to see the look on Chloe's face - knowing we had shared such an intimate message together. Instead I decided to have a little fun at her expense and cheekily responded to her sleazy text.

    "Hmm. Really wet huh. And just how wet are you right now?" I typed. "...oh snap! I'm sorry. Didn't mean to send that to you!"

    I sent the text with a chuckle, and was sure to get an earful from her the next time I'd drop by the house. But as I got up and went into the garage to grab a beer, my cell phone chimed back with a message.

    "Ugh. Smart-Ass. I'm so embarrassed right now. I swear. If you tell ANYONE about this I'll chew your nuts off!!"

    Chloe was clearly mortified by the incident but despite her humiliation I was not done chastising her.

    "Chew my nuts off?" I typed back. "Well bondage isn't really my thing but thanks anyway. Besides. I'm more into the traditional stuff Chlo. Couldn't we just start off with something a little simple? ...every heard of foreplay? Shesh. You young people these days."

    That'll teach her, I laughed as I sent her the text. But just five minutes later my cell phone chimed with another fresh new message.

    "Hmm. Foreplay huh. What did you have in mind. Now you've really got me curious...(and wet). Ha! Just Kidding. Talk to you later."

    I was genuinely surprised by her candor and began to wonder if this was in fact Chloe or just someone playing a prank on me. That said, I decided to take it up a notch and responded a little more directly.

    "Well If I'm being honest - a blowjob never hurt." I chuckled "But you're way too young to know about such things. Ha! Speak to you later sweetheart."


    "Wait. What? You want ME to blow YOU? In your dreams pal." she teased. "And what makes you think you could MAKE me do such a thing?"

    "I'm only joking kiddo." I tried to explain - backtracking before getting myself into more trouble.

    "No. Go ahead. I like this game. I'd love to know - you really think you could get me to give you head?"

    "I'm only kidding. But sure. Considering all the things I know about you I figure it was a given."

    "Things you know? ...I don't have any secrets uncle Mike. I'm a "good" girl remember?"

    "You are huh. What about the stuff you don't tell your mom - or your brothers for that matter." I posed. "You know I'm not as naive as my sister."

    "You're so evil uncle Mike." she giggled. "You'd actually use that against me? Just to get me to - wrap my lips around your cock!"

    I actually felt my heart race at her phrasing. Even though we were both "playing around" there seemed to be some truth to it all.

    "I'm only messing with you sweetie. You know I'd never put you in that sort of position. I guess it just sounded a lot funnier in my head. I guess I got a warped sense of humor. Sorry. See ya." XOXO

    "Hmm. Shame." Chloe typed back. "I was actually looking forward to it."

    Now she was just asking for it. No matter how many times I attempted to wrap up the conversation she just wanted to drag it on and talk about oral sex. It was almost like she had some kind of oral fixation.

    "You cheeky little shit! One of these days that mouth of yours is going to get the rest of your body into a whole lot of trouble."

    "Mm. I hope so. Trust me. My mouth can handle it."

    "God damn it." I thought.

    As I moved around my apartment casually chatting to my playful niece, nothing could have prepared me for what happened next.

    "You're just lucky I'm in a weird mood right now. Mom grounded me for the entire week. But as horny as I am. I'd probably do just about anything for a nice hard cock!"

    I literally had to read the message three times to make sure I wasn't imagining it. Amusingly enough Chloe had always been a free-spirit who had the mouth of a sailor, but this was different. This was "playful" on an entirely different level.

    After all I was her UNCLE for god sake.

    "Is that so." I replied somewhat sternly.

    "I'm sorry. Is that being too forward." she giggled again. "BTW. Mom wants to know if you're coming over for lunch later?"

    "Wasn't planning to. But I might have to change my schedule."

    "Why? ...because you think there's the possibility of getting some head?"

    "BBQ's and blowjob's sweetie. Every man's fantasy."

    "I can't believe we're actually having this conversation right now. #Awkward ...but you probably assume I'm just teasing right?"

    "I dunno. You tell me. Are you serious or just having fun? Are you really as bored and horny as you say you are?"

    "Are you actually asking me if I'd suck your dick uncle Mike? ...cause the answer might surprise you."

    "Wow." I thought. "She's just full of surprised today."

    For a moment I began to panic, wondering if the whole thing was a trick. I waited an extra minute before replying, and despite my trepidation decided to double down and beat her at her own game.

    "OK then. Answer the question. Yes or no."

    There was a long pause before she answered.


    "Maybe?" I repeated.

    "Well. Probably. It all depends on my mood."

    "Jesus I hope this isn't some sick game you're playing with me right now Chlo. I hope your mom isn't reading this conversation as we speak. Otherwise I'm going to be very disappointed in you."

    "Are you kidding! Mom would skin me alive if she knew what I was saying right now. FYI she's in the kitchen with Trevor. They think I'm texting with one of the girlfriends. hehe"

    "So what does it take to put you in the right mood young lady."

    "Well for starters you can quit leaving the toilet seat up whenever you come visit."

    "Jeez. That's easy. Consider it DONE!!"

    "ROTF! You're such a dork uncle Mike. But that's why I love you so much. See you soon." XOXO

    With that said we put an end to our tit-for-tat conversation and I got dressed and drove over to the house.

    In truth Chloe and I didn't actually have a particularly close relationship, and despite how strange these messages would have seemed to the outside world, we kind of behaved more like two friendly acquaintances than family.

    Nevertheless the unusual theme was not lost on either one of us, and I had to admit that despite our association I did find the entire incident kind of thrilling. Besides I had to be a complete idiot not to notice Chloe's burgeoning beauty, as she had recently blossomed from a cute naive tomboy into a very sexy young woman.

    The drive over only took forty-five minutes but once there I found everyone out in the yard enjoying the BBQ, while the 5th Wave star was alone in the house watching TV. There she lay on the couch drinking a Red Bull, chatting away on her cell phone again.

    Seeing me enter, Chloe smiled and immediately threw a pillow at me - no doubt alluding to our earlier conversation while she continued to converse with one of her friends. Unfortunately for me I was soon dragged away by her siblings who invited me to eat, while my mind wandered back into the house and the intimate conversation I had shared with my teenage niece.

    Strangely enough it was there that a wicked idea crossed my mind. Grabbing my phone, I decided to text Chloe again. This time from the backyard pool area with her entire family around me.

    "So are you going to mope around in the house all day or what? know I came here to see YOU."

    Chloe didn't respond immediately but ultimately sent me a smiley face.

    "WTF?" I thought.

    Realizing that I had wasted my time, I finished my beer and decided that I would leave earlier than expected, but that idea was quickly quashed once I received another text message from Chloe.

    "Ugh. I'm so bored right now. Being grounded sucks! Come inside and keep me company uncle Mike. I need a foot rub!"

    Annoyed by her comment, I was half tempted to march inside and give her a piece of my mind. Maybe even bend her over my knee and give her a prompt spanking! I mean who the hell did she think she was talking to. But thinking better of it, I decided to have a little fun instead.

    "BTW. I think if you check upstairs you'll see I left the toilet seat down."

    I wasn't entirely sure if she would catch the reference but I was genuinely surprised by her next comment.

    "Is that so? I guess a good hard FUCK is out of the question then!"

    "Whoa." I thought. "Where the hell did that come from."

    "Shame. Because I was really looking forward to getting a good workout after that big meal tonight." #disappointed

    In fact I was so taken aback by her comment that I literally choked on my beer causing my sister to chime in. As I wiped my eyes and reassured her that I was fine, I began to respond to my niece's lewd words.

    "Well I'm sorry to disappoint you sweetie."

    "Whatever. I guess I'll just have to take care of myself...again."

    "Incidentally. Who said a straight up FUCK was off the table?"

    "Ha. So first you want a blowjob from me and now you want my ass! ...make up your mind uncle Mike." #Indecisive

    "I'm Just saying. It wouldn't be the worst idea right now. Would definitely help you get your rocks off. And it'd probably help you get back at your mom for grounding you in the first place."

    "I dunno. You really think you could keep up with me?"

    "Fucking tease." I thought.

    "Ha. You sound pretty cocky there young lady. But what makes you think YOU could handle ME."

    "Trust me. I'm not as innocent as I look. Besides. What makes you think I haven't been with much older guys before."

    I couldn't believe what I was reading.

    "I'm sure you have. But this is different. This is family. Are you sure your young impressionable mind can process that."

    "I sent you that message earlier didn't I."

    There was a long pause.

    "Just don't think about it too hard. You might hurt yourself."

    "Too late."

    Chloe giggled.

    "What's wrong uncle Mike. Am I making you HARD right now?"

    "I was hard the moment I read that message today - the rest is a bonus."

    "Hmm. About my pussy being wet? ...I wasn't kidding either. I've been SOAKED all day long. Just laying here playing with myself whenever no one's around. I'm always horny uncle Mike. All I think about is getting off."

    "Just getting off?"

    "uh-huh. And COCK. And wrapping my lips around a nice fat thick dick. Does that make me a slut?"

    I let that message sink in for a minute before I responded accordingly.

    "Well you certainly know how to paint a pretty picture. I have to admit I do wonder what it'd be like. I wonder what positions we'd try if we ever crossed that line. Do you have a favorite position? I bet a girl like you loves taking it from most teenagers."

    "Ha! I'm not telling YOU what my favorite position is. You'll just have to find out for yourself."

    I could only imagine what the internet would do with such an admission, or the entire conversation for that matter. I finished my second beer and was about to get up to take a leak when I received the following text.

    "Are you still hard baby? ...I hope so. Because I've got two fingers stuff inside my CUNT right now and I'm about to cream all over them. Why don't you come into the house and give me that big fat cock uncle Mike."

    Chloe went on.

    "I promise you won't regret it. I'll drain your sword and swallow your can shoot all the way down my throat - I won't even gag. I'll even let you fuck my mouth if that's what you like. I'll do whatever you want."

    I was up in a matter of seconds and marching towards the house with renewed purpose. But as soon as I made it inside I quickly discovered that the lounge room was empty.

    I looked around before I took the stairs two steps at a time and slipped into the small bathroom beside Chloe's room - noting that her bedroom door was locked shut. There I unzipped my fly and relieved my bladder before I used my free hand to type her another message.

    "Where the hell are you! You can't just tease someone like that and disappear!"

    "I'm in my room and I can hear you next door. *giggles* ...are you having trouble taking a piss?"

    I responded by banging on the wall which caused her to giggle, before she switched on her stereo and blasted some reggae music.

    "God damn you Chloe. You really know how to push someone's buttons don't you."

    "Well. What are you gunna do about it?"

    "You really get off on this don't you - teasing me to breaking point."

    "uh-huh. I just love the idea of you stroking that big hard cock for me. It turns me on actually. But I still can't let you fuck me uncle Mike. If that's what you're thinking."

    "That's a shame too cause god knows it'd be one wild fuck!"

    "Hmm. I know right! Grr. Don't make me think about it right now. I'll end up killing the batteries in my vibe."


    I could almost see her smiling through the wall. While I shut my eyes and imagined what sex with her would be like, she suddenly replied again.

    "Are you stroking your cock in there. Are you thinking about my legs, my mouth?"

    "You'd like that wouldn't you."

    "uh-huh. I'm used to it. I'm used to having thousands of guys beat off to me on a daily basis. That's why I'm so horny all the time. It gets me off. Why should you be any different uncle Mike?"

    "You little slut." I snickered.

    "Mm. I like that. I like it when you call me that. So go on then. I dare you. Stroke your cock for me. Shoot your load all over the wall while you think about my lips around that big fat dick."

    "I Am. I am Chloe. But what are YOU doing right now."

    She countered with something that sent a jolt up my spine - both of us texting slower as our hands busied themselves.

    "Well if you must know - right now I'm lying on my bed playing with my clit - thinking about your hard cock uncle Mike. I wish I could see it. That would make me so wet. Can I see it?"


    "Please! Can I watch you jack off?"

    My cock throbbed at the mere notion as I wrote back to her.

    "I'm not sneaking into your room Chlo. I'm not taking that risk."

    "It's okay. I'll come to you. But only if you let me watch. Please-Please-Please!"

    "OK. I'll let you watch. But only if you agree to help. Agreed?"

    Amusingly enough Chloe seemed to know exactly what I was thinking and cut me off.

    "Ugh. I want to so bad. But you have to promise me. We can't have sex. We can't FUCK no matter HOW much we both want to."

    "Trust me sweetie. I don't need your pussy. I just need your mouth!"

    The texting back and forth seemed to slow to a crawl before she finally responded.

    "okay. Give me a second. I'm coming to you."

    Suddenly in the time it took to put down my phone and wipe the sweat from my brow, I heard her bedroom door open before she gently tapped on the bathroom door. My heart skipped a beat as I suddenly realized that this was actually happening and wasn't just a fantasy in my head.

    "It's me—" I heard her whisper over the loud music. "Open up."

    With my pants still pooled around my knees, I scooted over to the door and unhitched the lock. In an instant my niece rushed into the small bathroom and locked the door behind her.

    To my surprise the "Kick-Ass" star was scantily clad in nothing more than a skimpy little two piece bikini that flaunted her tight, toned, pale body magnificently.

    "—so go on. Let me watch." she insisted. "Just hurry up. We don't have much time."

    With my niece watching on, I took hold of my cock and proceeded to jack off for her amusement, and judging from her reaction she was more than impressed. In fact I dare say it was the biggest cock she'd ever seen. Chloe grinned and curled her tongue over her lip, commenting on how beautiful my penis was.

    "This is so unreal!" she fawned. "—are you gunna come soon."

    "—if you help me sure. " I told her.

    "What do I have to do."

    "Give me some spit—" I insisted, and without blinking she leaned close to my boner and drooled out a mouthful of saliva.

    I now moaned openly and doubled my efforts as I watched my famous niece suddenly kneel before my very feet and drool out another line of spit all over my manhood. At this point she had slobbered so much spit that it now dribbled down my shaft and lubed my balls.

    "Grr. That's good." I growled. "Gimme some more Chlo. Get it real nice and slick."

    "Mm, it's so big—" she purred huskily. "I can't wait to see it shoot!"

    "Yeah?" I gasped while jacking harder. "You wanna see me bust a nut all over your tits - licks you lips again."

    "Fuck yeah." she cooed. "I wanna see you shoot uncle Mike. Come for me please. Shoot that hot load!"

    Amusingly enough the combination of fapping and saliva quickly caused a lewd noise to emanate in the small bathroom, which only seemed to turn her on more.

    "Mm. Yeah. Come all over my mouth." she pleaded suddenly. "Please. I want it. I want it bad!"

    "—yeah? ...across that pretty mouth!" I repeated.

    It was at this point that Chloe untied the bikini from around her shoulders and scooted up close to place me between her tits, but considering her natural B-cup breasts it was cumbersome to say the least.

    I rubbed against her naked flesh for all of three pump before I suddenly began to buck wildly as I came!

    Ropes of spunk suddenly blasted out from the head of my cock and sprayed all over her neck and chest, as she reached down to smear the sticky substance all over her body with one hand while her other gripped my spewing cock and squeezed.

    "Ugh-Yeah. Yes. Yes—" she moaned as she was covered in her uncle's jism.

    My semen quickly dribbled down her teenage body and trickled into her bikini bottoms, leaving the actress utterly soiled in semen. She was an absolutely mess, and just about the sexiest creature I had ever seen.

    My teenage niece continued to stroke my cock as I leaned forward to kiss her hard on the lips for the very first time. The sizzling tongue-kiss alone was enough to make me hard almost immediately, when without warning she broke the kiss and took me into her hot young mouth!

    "Chloe what are you—ooh fuck..." I groaned involuntarily, as my head lolled back and my eyes rolled into the back of my head.

    Sucking me deep into her mouth, she pulled back for just a moment to smirk up at me.

    "Look uncle Mike. You're still so hard right now!" she remarked before slipping me back between those lips.

    It was as if a ton of bricks had been dropped on my chest, as she wrapped those sweet velvet chops around my organ and sucked. I took this opportunity to reach down to cup one of her breasts, and marveled at how hard her nipples had become.

    "Mm. Good girl. Suck that fat dick Chloe." I encouraged her. "Show your uncle how much you love to smoke cock."

    "Mmpphhfff...I love sucking dick." she sputtered between slurps. "I fucking love the feel of it in my mouth."

    In an instant I snatched the back of her head and proceeded to fuck her mouth like it owed me money, eliciting a low groan of pleasure from her throat as I began to tremble and suddenly shot my second load in as many minutes.

    To her credit Chloe opened her mouth wide and speared out her tongue as she awaited her reward. This time however my load splashed directly across her thick lips, over the bridge of her nose before the rest was drained down her hot little throat.

    Spent, I ultimately collapsed back against the sink as I watched my sexy niece eagerly swallow the rest of my sperm.

    "Holy shit—" I panted out of breath. "That was fucking incredible."

    "Thanks," the teen princess smirked proudly while smacking her slimy lips together. "I told you I was good."

    "—and to think." I chuckled. "This all started when you sent that boy that text."

    Chloe grinned as she licked her fingers free of semen.

    "Boy?" she grimaced. "What are you talking about."

    "That message. You know. That text today."

    My niece simply smiled.

    "Who said that message was meant for a boy."


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    What a hot little tease she is, nice one

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    Excellent story and love the little tease at the end there!

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    TPG.. You never fail to amaze me... What a tease.. WOW!

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