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Thread: "You Don't Know Me #9" with Ariel Winter

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    fanfiction "You Don't Know Me #9" with Ariel Winter

    You Don't Know Me #9
    Teen Edition with Ariel Winter
    Written by Hearsz
    Codes: MF, MMF, inc, oral, titfuck, anal, DP, fantasy

    WARNING: This FICTIONAL story contains sexually explicit situations. If you're under age or easily offended STOP READING!! Fantasy is Legal.

    The past twelve months of my life have been interesting to say the least. There are so many ways to describe it, it's difficult to know where to begin. As many of you are already aware, I had breast reduction surgery last year which has certainly made life much easier on me, and more importantly the strain on my back.

    I've always been comfortable with the outfits I'm wearing, it was just the merchandise underneath which wasn't always manageable. Let's face it, how many girls do you know that have had tits the size of mine when they were fifteen, let alone a teen celebrity? I'm certainly no prude, I love dressing up, showing all you boys what I've got and what you can't have. Did you really expect me to not show off these babies after the surgery?

    I'm proud of them and I know you love them, so putting them out there is really win-win wouldn't you say? There will always be people that think that I'm a hypocrite for showing them off now and supposedly getting upset at the attention I received for my breasts when I was younger. But what no one's saying is that I was only fifteen when my chest literally ballooned out, and the scrutiny was overwhelming to say the least. Certainly not a normal situation to be put in at that age.

    There's a big difference between displaying ones tits when you're fifteen, as opposed to when you are eighteen. Now that I'm an adult, is it really that big of a deal for me to walk down a beach in a bikini? Apparently for some people it is...

    OK, so I don't have what some would deem to be the perfect figure, I'm totally aware of that. I'm not stick thin, I'll never be a Victoria Secret or Sports Illustrated cover girl, but at least I don't hide. I give the (majority of) people what they want to see. Is that a crime? I genuinely want to inspire other heavy chested girls to be proud of their bodies, and if you've got it, then I say why not flaunt it?

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that this new found desire to parade my body, or more accurately my chest, is due to my huge appetite for sex. Since I lost my virginity at the age of fourteen to a guy in his early twenties, I just haven't been able to cease feeding my own carnal desires ever since that night. Even after being caught having sex by my now estranged mother, it still hasn't deterred me into continuing to fulfil some of my dirty sexual fantasies with certain male partners.

    As soon as I moved in with my sister and her family, I was instantly attracted to her husband Dave. Maybe it was because he was a much older guy, who was not only good looking, but highly successful. Or possibly because he was more a Dad to me than my father ever was, so I automatically just wanted to please him from day one.

    My hold over Dave was evident as soon as he collected me from my abusive mothers home a few years ago. With my sister away and heading back from Greece, and in order to be assured that I could stay under his and Shanelle's roof for an indefinite amount of time, I offered myself to him. And given how large my breasts were at the time (size 32F's!!), he found it nigh impossible to resist. Dave is definitely what you would call a "tits and ass" man, if marrying my hot older sister wasn't proof enough of that already.

    Over the years we've kept our relationship a secret, encountering a few close calls having nearly been caught out by my sister and my on-again, off-again boyfriend Laurent. Dave's just got such a big dick that I keep finding myself coming back for more! I think I clearly have a thing for older, married guys, as I also slept with a former boyfriends father a couple of years ago, after his son stood me up at his parents home for some after school studying.

    Come to think of it, I'm surprised I haven't been caught yet. Spontaneous conquests have also included a random guy I hooked up with at last years Coachella festival, and another was an overseas online friend who I slept with whilst filming an episode of Modern Family in Australia. These are just a few of several notches under my belt thus far.

    And then the ultimate sexual experience of my young life, happened just a few days after I turned eighteen. Not only did I have my first threesome, involving my co-star Sarah Hyland and one of the shows producers, but I also allowed that same guy to put his dick in my ass for the very first time!

    It was a strange feeling, certainly not how I imagined it would be. But once the pain of having my tight little butthole stretched by his thick cock had subsided, I really started to enjoy it. Any I couldn't wait to try it again! One guy I slept with told me that I had a body that was built to fuck. I have only recently understood what exactly he was pertaining to. Sometimes I do feel like a teenager with a figure of woman five years older. Hopefully I can make these risqué affairs last a little while longer, and I pray that I don't become the next Kristen Stewart anytime soon and get caught!

    So what else can I tell you that you haven't heard or read about me before? Oh of course! On a recent trip to the Bahama's with a group of close friends, I managed to have a naughty little threesome with two guys around my age whom I met at the resort we were staying at.

    I was so fucking horny the whole time that we were there, that I was literally crying out for Laurent to take me back to the hotel room, strip my bikini off and fuck me senseless! The stupid jerk is really bad at reading my signals, somehow missing the way I'd show off my yoga moves, or even getting on all fours in the sand to write "Laurent + Ariel". I purposely had my ass presented for him to take and he still didn't catch on!

    As I grew tired of his utter cluelessness, I focussed my attention on my two new friends. It was never my intention to fool around with them both at the same time, I just hoped at least one of them would take the hint. I was drunk on pina coladas as I flirted with them, giggling as I whispered to the pair to meet me down the beach for some late night skinny dipping. With Laurent asleep, snoring and well out of it, I hopped out of bed to go and meet up with the boys who would help me let off some off this pent up sexual frustration I'd been carrying all week.

    With the moon lighting up the ocean and the long stretch of sand, the guys wasted no time kissing me and feeling up my petite body, but before they had a chance to go any further, I stripped off my bikini, giggling as I skipped bare naked so my huge teenage titties bounced as I jumped into the water. They both did likewise, removing their board shorts and singlets and joining me in the ocean for a naked midnight frolicking.

    I made out with both of them in the ocean, feeling their legs and thighs rub against mine under the water. One of them was behind me, kissing the back of my neck, rubbing his elongated cock against my ass and reaching round to firmly cup and squeeze my large silky breasts. The other whom was facing me had his fingers rubbing my velvety pussy as we kissed.

    When we made it back to the shore, I fell to my knees and took turns blowing their hard, salty tasting cocks. Given the amount of practise I'd had sucking my sisters husbands huge dick, fellating these two guys was easy by comparison. My wet naked body was soaked from head to toe, and my pussy was just dying to be filled.

    They had me stand up so the two of them could suck on my hard nipples, while I simultaneously jerked their stiffened rods. I let one guy straddle my chest so he could fuck my big tits, the other behind him, burying his thick cock inside my tight opening. As the waves crashed against the shore, this sordid threesome had me moaning like crazy as the taller of the two guys bent me over to take me from behind, while I playfully licked and sucked on the balls of the shorter one.

    The guy in front of me cupped and fondled my huge hanging globes as he had his way with my mouth. The boy behind me was groaning deeply as he pounded my pussy even harder, his thighs slapping against my jiggling backside. I was dripping wet and my entire body was covered in a sheen of sweat. I was so desperate to get off and to help both these boys do likewise. There really was only one thing left to do.

    Changing positions, I sat on the taller guys fat cock so my huge tits swung and smacked into his eager face. Looking over my shoulder, I sweetly asked the shorter male if he would like to put "it", in my ass.

    It was evidently his first time doing this as he stood there, nervous and unsure how to comprehend what I had suggested. As I was completely impaled upon his partner in crime, I grabbed my round booty so the boy behind me could get a glimpse of my tight little pucker, this time imploring him to fill my ass.

    Needing no more convincing, he kneeled in behind taking a hold of his long, hard cock and somehow puncturing a way inside my searing hot backdoor. With both of my naughty holes filled with these boys dicks, I had a series of painfully erotic orgasms as I was double penetrated right there on that beach in the Bahamas.

    When they eventually got their rhythm right, I knew neither one of them were going to last much longer. I had them stand over me so they could spew their milky loads all over my sweat and sand covered chest.

    OK, so that last sexual encounter may or may not have happened. I was pretty drunk that night so I could have just dreamed up that whole scenario. But what I can tell you that I have definitely fantasised about having a threesome with two willing guys, quite a lot recently.

    So that's pretty much my life up to date so far. Love me or hate me, it's all good. I know I've already made a lasting impression on you, regardless of what happens from here.

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    Sometimes I do feel like a teenager with a figure of woman five years older.

    Ohh Definately.. that is what she is... and how you have bought it out! Felt as if Ariel was narrating it herself

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    Quote Originally Posted by loving_one30 View Post
    Sometimes I do feel like a teenager with a figure of woman five years older.

    Ohh Definately.. that is what she is... and how you have bought it out! Felt as if Ariel was narrating it herself
    Cheers mate, that was kind of what I was aiming for in this series!

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