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Thread: "Just MET" with Hailee Steinfeld and Chloe Grace Moretz

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    fanfiction "Just MET" with Hailee Steinfeld and Chloe Grace Moretz

    Just MET
    With Hailee Steinfeld and Chloe Grace Moretz
    By LemonTalk
    Codes: MF, MFF, BJ, anal, ATM, reluc
    Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction; it never happened and never will
    A/N: Wanted to do a short, quick and simple story with these two after the MET Gala and like always it ended up coming out longer than I expected but I hope you like it anyway.

    Being a loaded benefactor I had countless invites to red carpets, launch parties and events all year round – not that I ever bothered going to any of them. One of the few exceptions however was the annual MET Gala which for whatever reason I'd made the effort to attend each year, if only as a force of habit.

    So this year was no different and after getting into the museum with little attention, I was able to relax and mingle with some of the stars and guests I recognised from previous years.

    Unfortunately the evening wasn't particularly interesting until later on when I spotted a couple of young ladies acting suspiciously off on their own in one corner. Boredom and plain curiosity got the better of me so I decided to head over and investigate.

    As I got closer I recognised them both, probably two of the youngest guests in attendance, Hailee Steinfeld and Chloe Grace Moretz – both of whom immediately hushed up as they saw me approaching.

    "Having a good evening?" I asked the two teen starlets.

    "You don't look like security," Chloe commented suspiciously.

    "Well, that's because I'm not. Why? Should the security be interested in you two?"

    "Of course not," Hailee jumped in although the smirk she had on her face said otherwise.

    "I'm sure," I nodded.

    They knew I wasn't convinced and in all honesty I wasn't bothered if they were up to no good, everyone else in here was taking something or other, these girls were just less practiced at disguising it.

    "—it's just, Taylor and Chloe don't get on," Hailee continued. "It's less drama if she doesn't see me hanging out with her."

    I pretended to believe her cover story but before I could press further Chloe changed the subject.

    "So since you interrupted us, why don't you go get us a couple of drinks?"

    "Yeah I think that's fair," Hailee nodded.

    "Alright then, but you'll have to keep me company, this place is a bore."

    A minute later I returned much to their excitement and over the next hour the girls tried their best to drink me under the table. If I continued paying them compliments and bringing them alcohol they were perfectly happy to flirt right back.

    "You know there's a party across town we could go to," I finally suggested as I returned with another round for the underage starlets. "I wouldn't have to keep sneaking you drinks."

    "But then we wouldn't have any reason to keep you around," Chloe quipped.

    "Hmm, good point. Let's just stay here then."

    "No wait, I wanna go now!" Hailee whined, already on her feet.

    "Hailee we barely even know the guy!"

    "Relax Chlo, we could gang up and take him anyway if he tried anything," Hailee winked. "Plus this is the first time you're out on your own for ages, you've gotta live it up!"

    While Chloe was still unsure she ultimately didn't want to abandon her friend so reluctantly followed Hailee and I out the back towards my limo.

    With instructions given to the driver to take the long way round, I joined the girls in the back where we promptly started drinking again.

    Without industry witnesses around, Hailee hit it hard and soon enough was all over me until I finally leaned over and kissed her. She didn't hold back for a second, hungrily kissing me back until she was almost on top of me.

    "I do like it when a guy's forward," she sighed, when you break for air.

    While Chloe isn't as physical, the drinks were having an obvious effect on her as well as she still giggled at the inappropriate comments Hailee kept making.

    "In that case, why don't we skip the party all together? I got drinks back at my place," I suggested hopefully.

    "Hm, that is forward," Hailee teased. "—and what makes you think I'll go home with a guy I just met a few hours ago?"

    "Maybe the fact you do it at least twice a week?" Chloe jumped in with a knowing grin.

    The two girls quickly started playfully arguing over their various promiscuities from Chloe's obsession with married men and her frequent visits to gloryholes and Hailee's tendency for three-ways and spending entire weekends in hotel rooms with producers.

    As they carried on, I decided to answer Hailee's question by being bold, taking her hand and guiding it into my lap.

    She stopped mid-sentence to look at me, cocking her eyebrow as she saw what I was doing but not to be out-done, she continued and confidentially grabbed my hard member through my pants.

    "Oh!" she exclaimed, her eyes widening in surprise when she discovered what I was packing. " what have we got in here?"

    Chloe had also fallen silent sitting on my other side as Hailee began tracing the outline of my cock with her fingers.

    "You're lucky I'm drunk," she said as she tugged my belt loose.

    "Hailee are you serious?!" Chloe gasped as her friend reached in to fish my manhood out. "This is bad even for you!"

    "We need to at least see it," Hailee argued back while I assisted her by lifting up to let her pull my pants and boxer shorts down. "Whoa..."

    The look the two girls gave my cock made it twitch proudly against Hailee's hand. I had no doubt it was the biggest cock either of them had ever seen in person and Hailee in particular was absolutely taken with it.

    In fact she doesn't even need any encouraging to slip off the seat and crawl in front of me where she gripped my tool again in her comparatively small hand and teased it with her mouth, her warm breath wafting over the tip only made me harder.

    "You want me to suck it?" she asked innocently.

    "Go ahead," I nodded trying not to sound too desperate, just the present company was putting me at risk of blowing my wad too early.

    I flinched when Hailee suddenly flicked her wet tongue out against my bell-end, savouring the taste of my pre-cum. Her eyes never left mine as she continued to use just her tongue to tease the very tip of my cock until I was squirming in my seat.

    At this point Chloe wasn't even bothering to object to what her friend was doing and simply watched on as if it was the most natural thing in the world which told me this probably wasn't the first time she'd witnessed Hailee having some fun with a lucky guy.

    As I fidgeted to Hailee's continued torment, I found myself edging close to Chloe until I accidentally brushed my hand against her thigh. I immediately felt the warmth of her soft skin through the sheer material of her dress and let my hand linger on her leg.

    For the first time I broke eye contact with Hailee and turned to meet Chloe's as I stroked up and down her thigh. The whole affair was clearly getting to her as her breath wavered nervously. We were sat so close I could feel it on my neck and just looking at her pink, thick lips I suddenly couldn't resist and forcefully kissed her.

    Both of us gasped into each other's mouths. Chloe at the surprise of my suddenly lunge and me because Hailee finally wrapped her own dark lips around my swollen cock, abruptly burying her face in my lap.

    "Ugh—fuck..." I grunted briefly at Hailee's oral skills before Chloe bit on my lower lip and pulled me back, kissing me with as much enthusiasm as Hailee was blowing me.

    Chloe and I went at it like a couple of lovesick teenagers and I actually struggled to keep up with her. She seemed to be able to go forever without breaking for air until I distracted her by slipping a hand into her dress and cupping her small, sensitive breasts, rolling her stiff nipple between my fingers and making her gasp out loud.

    "Nggh—fuck it's too big!" Hailee whined after struggling to take it all in. "Chloe get your ass down here, show us what you got!"

    "Oh he wouldn't handle me," Chloe smirked and looking at those lips again I began to doubt I would.

    "Well I doubt you could handle this so I guess we're even!"

    Chloe couldn't argue with that logic so with a smile and roll of her eyes, she joined her friend on the floor of my limo. Once again I could hardly believe my luck as she got into position.

    "Just so you know I'm only going to blow you," Chloe informed me before going any further. "I've got a boyfriend and I'm not as slutty as her."

    "Whatever, you keep telling yourself that," Hailee taunted.

    Thankfully Chloe ignored her and instead focussed on the task in hand, eyeing up my menacing erection, already smeared with Hailee's lipstick, bathed in her spit and probably harder than it had ever been.

    If I'd thought waiting for Hailee to take action had been hard it was nothing compared to the anticipation I now felt waiting for Chloe to wrap her infamous, thick lips around my pole. When she leant forward to gently kiss the shaft I almost lost it, groaning out loud which only made her giggle.

    "C'mon quit torturing the poor guy!"

    "I'm just getting him good and ready," Chloe whispered.

    "I'm ready," I insisted, I already had half a mind to grab her head and force her down and didn't know how much longer I could resist.

    "That's what they all say."

    As it turned out I wasn't ready. On her first go she quickly took half my length into her mouth before slowly dragging her velvet soft lips back up before opening again and going back for more.

    I couldn't help but jerk my hips off the seat, burying my cock into her narrow throat briefly and making her gag but she didn't let up, moaning softly as she let more and more spit run down my shaft and over my balls.

    I lost the power of speech and groaned again when Hailee joined in, ducking down to hungrily suck on my nuts, taking each in her wet mouth in turn while Chloe used her hand and mouth in tandem going at such a speed it was obvious she was trying to make me cum.

    I don't think I had the power to resist it even if I'd wanted to so I let loose, my eyes rolling back as I spewed my load into the back of her throat before she pulled away only for Hailee to jump up and take her place, both pairs of lust-filled eyes glaring up at me as I fed them rope after rope of hot spunk.

    "Jesus..." I panted afterwards, already feeling on the verge of passing out.

    "Don't fall asleep on me yet," Hailee warned sitting beside me again. "You and I are only just getting started tonight!"

    "Well you're dropping me off first," Chloe insisted, wiping her chin.

    Unfortunately it seemed she was staying true to her word so after giving the driver new instructions we headed towards her Bel Air family home.

    The two teenagers seemed intent on emptying the fridge as they continued drinking during the drive across town, so much so that when we did pull up outside the house, Hailee jumped out with her friend insisting she needed to go inside and pee.

    "Okay fine but you gotta be quiet, we can't wake anyone up," Chloe warned us as I took it upon myself to follow them into the dark house as well.

    As she'd said, everyone in the house was already asleep so while Hailee crept off to use the bathroom, Chloe busied herself in the kitchen while I waited, pacing around the living room.

    After almost five minutes with Hailee still not returning, I checked Chloe wasn't looking before sneaking further into the house to find her friend. It didn't take long to find her waiting for me in the bathroom with the door wide open.

    "You took your time," she whispered as I slipped inside and she closed the door behind me.

    I didn't even have time to respond before she was on me again, pulling me in by my shirt to forcefully kiss me while pushing my pants down to my knees again. Given the fact we were both uninvited guests in a near-stranger's bathroom there was no time to waste.

    It was cumbersome with her expensive dress but it did nothing to stop our drunken eagerness and within a matter of seconds I'd lifted her onto the counter and roughly slammed my thick cock inside her.

    "Ngghh—yes...yes! Fuck me!" she growled, clenching her teeth as she reached back to brace herself against the mirror.

    After a series of hard thrusts I was able to force my entire cock into her wet cunt which made her glaring eyes roll back every time I repeated the action.

    "Ohmigod!" she mouthed as she climaxed already, her entire body twitching on the counter top as she wrapped her legs around my waist.

    "Yeah let me feel that tight pussy cum, you little slut!" I hissed as I grabbed her hips and pounded her harder.

    "Oh fuckk. Yes. Keep doing that!" she gasped. "Fuck me hard! I'm close!"

    After she came a second time I was forced to slow down which let her catch her breath. While she panted she sat upright to kiss me again before drifting to the side, kissing and licking at my neck and ear. Her hot breath sent shivers down my spine as she whispered softly in my ear.

    "I want to try this thing in my ass, you think you could do that?"

    The thought alone almost made me cum inside her.

    "Now? You think you're ready?" I asked incredulously.

    Afterall, I figured once we got back to my place we'd have all night but it seemed Hailee was impatient. Given how tight her pussy was, I somehow doubted she'd be able to take me into her sweet, teen ass but that wasn't going to stop me from trying.

    The smouldering look she flashed me said it all so I didn't argue and instead pulled her to her feet while she turned around and bent over the counter, flashing me her pale, thick ass. I gave her soft skin a quick slap, causing an immediate red mark to appear before kneeling to spread her cheeks and bury my tongue into her backdoor, licking and spitting over it to get her prepared.

    Standing back up, I used my cock to smear her dripping cunt juices up and around her entrance before pushing against her.

    "You ready?"

    "Uh-huh, do it," she said over her shoulder without hesitation. "Stick that huge cock in my ass!"

    No more needed to be said so I thrust forward, forcefully popping the head of my cock past her rim and inside her. Hailee grunted loudly and staggered forward, pushing back against the mirror as I painfully sodomised her.

    "Ugggnh—keep going, don't stop now!" she groaned under her breath.

    After some working I was able to bury several inches into her scolding hot backdoor and Hailee loved every second of it. In fact, she was absolutely beside herself when I began to thrust into her, quickly picking up the pace as her ass opened up while she reached down to rub her sensitive clit at the same time.

    With her face pressed against the counter she could barely stop moaning as she came again and again until she got so loud I had to tug on her braid to pull her up and clap a hand over her mouth. Amusingly this actually had the opposite effect and only got her off harder.

    "Mmmffph—yeah! Pull my hair! Fuck my ass harder! Pound it!" her muffled voice cried.

    But it was while I was hammering her slutty ass as hard as possible, my balls swinging against her cunt, that the door burst open and a stunned looking Chloe gave us pause.

    "What the fuck guys?!" she gasped, almost forgetting to keep her voice down. "I thought you'd just left without saying anything!"

    It must have been quite a scene walking in on her friend getting railed in the ass by a guy they'd only just met a few hours earlier so I had to think quickly, instinctively grabbing and pulling the stunned teenager in to join us and closed the door again behind her.

    In the time we'd been in the bathroom, Chloe had changed out of her glamorous dress and into her sleepwear which appeared to consist of nothing more than a crop-top and a pair of panties.

    "Uhh...sorry Chlo, I guess I just couldn't wait," Hailee laughed apologetically.

    "If my brother's find you in here..." Chloe continued, crossing her arms disapprovingly while I continued thrusting into Hailee from behind.

    "You know what would be really hot?" Hailee cut in, ignoring Chloe's warnings completely. " see you clean his cock off right now!"

    "Uhh—I don't think so! You two need to get outta here!"

    "I think you will...unless you want me to scream and wake the whole house up?"


    "I might not be able to help it, his cock feels so good inside me, inside my ass! I think I'm gunna cum again with you watching me like that!" Hailee sighed. "I can't imagine your family would let you go to an event unescorted again for ages if they found out you brought us two home to fuck in their bathroom!"

    "I'm serious Hailee, just keep it down!" Chloe begged.

    "Suck his cock then!"

    I stayed silent throughout the whole exchange as Hailee manipulated her friend. While I may not have agreed with her tactics I didn't dare speak and risk fucking up my chance to pull out of Hailee Steinfeld's butt and straight into the mouth of Chloe Grace Moretz to have her clean me off.

    "You're a real bitch sometimes, you know?" Chloe muttered, narrowing her eyes but dropping to her knees regardless.

    "Don't pretend you don't like it," Hailee smirked before gasping when I abruptly pulled out.

    I didn't want to give Chloe time to change her mind so quickly placed a hand on the back of her head, holding her still as I guided my dirty cock between her wet lips again, filling her mouth.

    "Mmmffghh—" she whined.

    While Chloe grimaced briefly she soon got into it. Like earlier in the limo, she brought one hand up and used it to stroke the base while her mouth worked the top half to enthusiastically blow me, her cool wet mouth a dizzying contrast to Hailee's vice-like asshole.

    "Fuck yeah that's nasty! How does my ass taste Chlo?" Hailee sniggered.

    With both my hands in her blonde hair, I couldn't resist thrusting into Chloe's face, repeatedly forcing my cock down her throat and making her gag on it, turning the reluctant blowjob into one of the sloppiest, most intense of my life.

    It wasn't until I spotted Chloe with her hand shoved down her panties, twiddling her clit that I realised how much she was getting off on it, having her face roughly fucked like this.

    Without giving it a second thought I moved back to sit on the toilet and pulled her up on top of me. Chloe was gasping and out of breath but didn't hesitate to pull her panties to the side and take my cock between her thick pussy lips and straight into her tight, wet hole.

    "Ohmigod—it's big!" she sighed with a wry smile on her face while rolling her hips to take more in.

    "Take it all Chloe, show us how you ride it," I growled as I concentrated on not blowing my load inside her.

    "Ugh. Fuck. So good," she carried on, riding me as hard as she could.

    It was when she was right on the verge of climaxing that Hailee came up behind her, reaching round and into her top to play with her breasts before pushing her tongue into her friend's mouth to muffle Chloe's moans when she slammed her ass down and violently came. She convulsed so hard she almost squirted and would have fallen to the floor if Hailee wasn't supporting her. The entire time I simply had to clench my teeth as Chloe rode it out, her cunt pulsing and milking my cock until I couldn't take it any longer.

    Sensing what was coming the two breathless teens dropped to their knees in front of me while I stood and with a long groan, plastered both their pretty faces with rope after rope of hot cum.

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    Really hot story

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    Jesus Christ dude. What. :OH:

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    So. Fucking. Good.
    That might be my favorite teen pairing now.
    Those two would definitely get into trouble together.
    The Chloe/Limo blowjob part was just...incredible.

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    Yeah this pairing is definitely up there for me now, they're just about the only teens who aren't stuck maintaining that good girl Disney image, don't know why it took this long for it to occur to me. Lol

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    Yeah can't really blame you. I didn't take notice until now either. I guess seeing them side by side finally clicked with us. At least its not too late. We've still got plenty of time to get those two together for more Hollywood fun....and between Chloe's "attitude" and Hailee's "connections" should be pretty interesting.

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    Truly amazing. I want to see more from this pairing in the future.

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    Nice Pairing....Truly love your work LT!!

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