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Thread: Jay Cult - The Island: Chapter 6 with Kylie Jenner

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    Default Jay Cult - The Island: Chapter 6 with Kylie Jenner

    Jay Cult: The Island
    Chapter 6: Dirty Work

    With Kylie Jenner
    By Macedman
    Codes: MF, Anal
    DISCLAIMER: This is a fictional, choose your own adventure, I can't stress enough just how fictional this is, it's not the real world, in fact it's very different from the real world in a lot of ways. I'm changing ages, relationship status and creating imagined personalities for everyone involved. This is going to be fun, let's see what goes down shall we?

    Author Note: Kind of a short one this time around, getting back into the swing of things and it's sort of more just set up for the next part of the story.

    A majority of the morning was spent in bed, all of us tangled together. None of us wanted to get up and do anything, even though I only had a limited time on the island, thirteen more days to be exact, my throbbing headache had tricked me into thinking wasting one of those days would be fine.

    Scott was nowhere to be seen, he must've left after all the fun ended the night before. Everyone else was accounted for though, Bella was face down right next to me, her perfect ass pointed to the ceiling. On the other side of me was Ashley, who had wrapped herself around me so her tits were pressed against my arm.

    My right hand was gripping Ashley's thigh, and my left was on Bella's ass. 'We're going to have get out of here at some point,' Selena eventually spoke up, she was on her back, a still sleeping Debby Ryan spread on top of her.

    'Actually,' Vanessa said as she sat up. 'We have to get to that thing in like an hour,' she said as she pulled her legs out from between mine and Ashley's.

    'You're right,' Ashley said, her face still pressed against my shoulder. 'We should probably go get ready.'

    'Should we wake Debby up?' Selena asked as she slid out from under the sleeping starlet.

    'I am awake,' Debby groaned, rolling over and laying face up, exposing her tits and pussy to the room.

    'Alright well, we'll get out of your hair Jay,' Vanessa said as the girls all, one by one sat up and started climbing out of the bed.

    'Yeah,' I said, sitting myself up and watching their jiggly parts as they made a beeline for the door. 'I'll see you around I guess,' I said.

    'We're all booked out today and tonight,' Selena said as her naked friends all walked through my door. 'But tomorrow?'

    I nodded. 'Have fun,' I said.

    'Don't get into too much trouble,' Selena said, smiling at me before following her friends out of the room.

    For a moment I wondered if they were going to just go to where ever they needed to go naked, but realised they probably would just fish their bikinis from the pools on the way out.

    'Okay,' I thought to myself after a few minutes. 'What to do with the rest of my day.'

    After a quick shower, I threw on some pants and decided I would try to convince Scott and the Jenner's to go to the beach. 'Maybe I could work on that favour,' I thought to myself as I left my bedroom and headed toward the living room.

    'Jay,' Scott said, looking up from the couch as I walked in. 'You're finally awake.'

    The look on his face could only be described as someone having found salvation. He was seated between Kendall and Kylie, the latter obviously having literally wedged herself between them.

    'Yeah,' I said, walking inside the room and leaning on a chair opposite. 'Crazy night,' I said.

    'So we saw,' Kylie said, pouting her dick sucking lips, looking like she was judging me.

    I nodded assuredly, and then looked from Scott to Kendall who both looked like they needed help. 'So you guys wanna go to the beach?' I asked.

    Scott and Kendall lit up. 'Yes,' they said, both standing up. 'Kylie?' Kendall asked, looking down at her sister. 'Sounds fun right?'

    Kylie looked suspiciously between us. 'Sure,' she said. 'That sounds like fun.'

    We watched as Kylie stood up. 'I'm gonna get changed then,' Kendall said, turning and heading to her bedroom.

    Kylie, Scott and I followed her toward the bedrooms. 'Scott,' I whispered. 'I'm gonna distract Kylie, you two head anywhere but the beach.'

    Scott nodded and sped up to his room. 'Kylie,' I said, grabbing her by the arm and stopping he before she made it to her room. 'I need to talk to you about something,' I said.

    She raised her eyebrow, and pouted her lips. 'Oh yeah,' she said patronisingly. 'And what might that be?'

    'In here,' I said, opening the first door I could find and pulling her into what turned out to be the laundry room.

    'Hey,' Kylie exclaimed as I tugged her inside, closing the door behind us. 'Ease up.'

    I looked at her as she leant back against the dryer, taking a moment to examine her. All she has covering her perfect D-Cup tits was a tight white singlet and no bra. Her perfect ass too, was barely covered up with a pair of black shorts, this was clearly her around the house outfit.

    'Sorry about that,' I said as I approached her. 'Sometimes I get excited.'

    'What's there to be excited about?' She asked, playing dumb while looking at me like I was an idiot.

    'Oh come on,' I said as I placed my hands beside her thighs on the dryer behind her. 'Don't act like you don't feel it.'

    'The only thing I'm feeling right now,' she said, holding her ground as I stood inches away from her. 'Is annoyed.'

    'Don't bullshit me,' I said, leaning in and talking in her ear. 'Don't act like you don't want this fucking cock inside you, don't act like you haven't been giving me fuck eyes since we got here,' I said, placing my hand on her slim waist as I talked.

    'Regardless of what you may have heard,' she said, now whispering in my ear. 'I'm not some slut that'll fuck any rapper who walks into her life.'

    I pulled up her singlet slightly, resting my hand on her bare skin. 'No one said anything about just any rapper,' I said, now brushing my other hand up her thigh into her shorts. 'I'm talking about me.'

    'Fine,' she said as I pulled her singlet up further, groping just underneath her breast. 'But I don't want to kiss you.'

    'Trust me,' I said as I slid my hand up the singlet and groped her tit, squeezing it. 'This isn't going to be romantic.'

    'Well what are you waiting for?' she said as I massaged her thigh and breast at the same time. 'Fuck me already.'

    'In good time,' I said squeezing her tit harder and pulling down her shorts.

    'Come on,' she said. 'I fucking hate foreplay.'

    'Fine,' I said pulling her shorts down and turning her around. 'Bend over.'

    Kylie bent forward as I pulled her shorts down even more, revealing her perfect ass in all its glory. 'That's it,' I said, placing a hand on her back and pushing her forward. 'Show me that fucking ass of yours.'

    With her shorts around her ankles I then began pulling her singlet up over her tits, making sure to squeeze them as I did so. 'Goddamn,' I said as I pinched her nipples.

    'Stick it in me already,' she moaned as I pulled her singlet up more and rested it on the tops of her breasts.

    'Calm the fuck down,' I said placing a hand on her booty and running the other through her black hair until it was gripping her skull.

    I lightly pressed my cock against her cunt, using my play with her pussy lips. 'You either start fucking or I start-'

    Kylie immediately moaned hard as I shoved my cock hard into her pussy, slamming it as rough and as deep as I could. 'You need to shut the fuck up!' I said, gripping her skull and pulling my cock out, immediately pounding it in again.

    'Fuck!' She moaned as I slammed her, squeezing her butt cheek hard as I did so.

    'I said shut the fuck up,' I said, pulling her head back roughly.

    She stayed quiet as I continued to ream her, slamming her ass so hard that you could hear a thunderous clap every time I thrusted.

    'God fucking damn it!' I thought to myself, as I continued to grip her booty. 'This bitch's body is fucking insane.'

    I pulled a hand of her head and brought it down to grip her tit, roughly groping it. 'I don't even fucking care how fake you are,' I said as I pounded her.

    Kylie didn't dare respond, clearly having learnt her lesson about talking from before. Instead she just let out a passionate moan each time I rammed her.

    'Doesn't take much to shut you up,' I said, as I pinched her nipple. 'Thought you'd be a bit wilder than that.'

    Kylie turned her head slightly and looked at me, as if weighing my words and deciding if it was worth calling my bluff. 'I'm sorry,' she moaned. 'I'm usually more talkative when a guy actually knows how to fuck.'

    I smiled broadly, happy that she had given me a reason to punish her further. 'Oh that's it,' I exclaimed as I pulled my hand off her tit. 'Now you're gonna fucking get it.'

    'Yeah fucking give it to me!' She screamed as I readied my hand.

    With as much force as I could muster I slapped her hard on her ass cheek. 'Oh fuck yes hit me again!' She begged as I fucked her.

    I pulled my hand up and slapped her again. 'Ahhh fuck!' She moaned before turning her head around and looking at me. 'Come on,' she begged. 'Give me all you got!'

    I slapped her again, and again until her ass was read. 'Yes!' She screamed. 'Make me cum! Make me fucking cum!'

    I pulled my cock out of her pussy. 'What the fuck?' She exclaimed, turning her head around and glaring at me.

    'Shut the fuck up,' I said, grabbing her face and pushing it forward as I readied my cock at her asshole. 'You're not cumming until I fuck this ass.'

    'Oh yeah!' Kylie moaned. 'Fuck me in the ass!'

    I pushed my cock as hard and as quickly into her shockingly tight asshole as I could. 'Fuuuuuuuuuck!' She moaned as inch by inch my cock filled her ass.

    'An ass like yours,' I said as I groped her butt, holding my cock inside her. 'I would've thought you'd be looser than this.'

    'Just fuck me!' She exclaimed.

    I did as she asked, immediately pulling my cock out and shoving it back in. 'This is fucking amazing,' I thought to myself as I butt fucked her perfect ass. 'I can't wait to do this to her sister.'

    'Ahhhhh!' She moaned as I rammed her ass. 'Spank me!'

    I didn't hesitate, immediately pulling my hand up and slapping her ass. 'Fuck!' She moaned in half pleasure half pain. 'I'm close!'

    'Yeah,' I said slapping her again. 'Cum for me.'

    'Oh fuck!' She seethed as she bit down on her lip. 'I'm gonna fucking... ahh!'

    She came hard, her whole body shaking as I pulled my cock out of her ass and began rapidly jerking it. 'Yeah,' she panted. 'Cum on my ass.'

    Within seconds cum was spewing out of my cock, coating her insane booty with my seed. 'Fuck yeah,' I panted as I emptied my dick on her ass cheeks.

    I stared at her for a moment as I stepped back, letting my cock soften as I marvelled at the body I just destroyed. 'Is it weird that I still kinda hate you?' She asked, still bent over the dryer, clearly in too much pain to move.

    'Hey,' I said as I grabbed a towel off the bench behind me and threw it to her. 'It's not like I suddenly fucking like you either.'

    'Fuck,' Kylie moaned as I pulled my shorts back up. 'My ass hurts so much,' she said, attempting to turn around and lean against the dryer.

    'Can you walk?' I asked as she tenderly placed her ass against the dryer.

    She shook her head. 'Looks like I'm not going to the beach,' she said as she slowly slid down onto the ground. 'Ahh!' She exclaimed once her butt it the floor.

    'That's my work done then,' I said as I turned around and made to walk out of the room.

    'What?' She questioned as she laid down on her side, apparently the only position that wasn't painful.

    'Well you just wouldn't leave Kylie and Scott alone,' I said as I opened the laundry door. 'I need to do something to get you off their backs.'

    'That's why you fucked me?' She exclaimed form the floor.

    'Your fucking booty,' I said, turning back to look at her. 'I fucked you because of that goddamn beautiful body of yours,' I said.

    Kylie smiled smugly. 'And helping your boy get laid was just a perk?' She questioned.

    I nodded. 'And Kim said she'd fuck me if I fucked you,' I thought to myself, but smartly didn't reveal.

    'You could at least help me to my bed,' she said as I turned back around to leave.

    'Now where's the fun in that?' I asked, chuckling as I left the laundry, making sure to leave the door open for her.

    I quickly walked out of the villa and decided to make my way to wherever Scott and Kendall ended up.

    I pulled out my phone and gave him a call. 'Jay,' I heard Scott pant on the other line.

    'Scott, where are you two at?' I asked, not sure exactly what was happening on the other line.

    Before he answered I heard the distinct sound of a woman moaning. 'We're uhh,' Scott said, still short of breath. 'We're uh… oh fuck! We're in the rental car.'

    I laughed. 'You don't waste time do you?'

    'No way man, god I'm… I gotta go,' he said before immediately hanging up the phone.

    'Well,' I thought to myself, suddenly stopping. 'Scott's incapacitated, so now I need to figure out where I'm going.'


    I had a few options, I could just head down to the beach, with any luck there would be some sunbathing babes I could hit on. I could try my luck at one of the bars, or I could hit up the spa. I knew I couldn't reap my rewards from Kim just yet, I remembered she and Kanye were busy. Actually if I wanted to I could go to the studio and actually get some music done. There's nothing like a free day to give you way too much to choose from.

    I don't really have much of an idea as to who is where, so I highly suggest you comment or inbox me with your suggestions of who should appear in the following chapters. Except the girls Jay woke up with, and Kim are off limits at the moment.

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    Another great chapter man, short but so fucking sweet! This treatment of Kylie is looooong overdue

    I mentioned this a couple of chapters ago but I think my wish was outvoted in a poll at the time. Your list of girls in the living room at the end of the chapter was full of models and actors I think and I remember thinking that if you wrote about those girls in your style, then it'd be fucking awesome. So that would be my suggestion, but this whole series has been great so I'm sure whatever you do will be brilliant

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    Wow! Loved this part! The extremely low amount of Kylie Jenner stories on here saddens me, and seeing this made my day! Hopefully there'll be more of her from you and other authors!

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