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Thread: "Best Sex Ever" with Jeri Ryan

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    fanfiction "Best Sex Ever" with Jeri Ryan

    "Best Sex Ever"
    With Jeri Ryan
    Written by ThePac

    Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction and the imagination of the author.

    A/N: This is a story done by me ThePac and if you have any requests, ideas or people you would like me to write about pls e-mail me and if you have any feedback on my story [I would really like some feedback on my story] what u liked, didn’t like, pls PM me All characters storylines situations and celebs in stories are all made up none of what I write really happened so no one can sue or say I stole a real idea cause I didn’t This was a ThePac story in association a highlight reel production with help and ideas from wwekiller

    Jeri loved talking to her loyal fans from her Star Trek days getting some wonderful e-mails from them. Sometimes she would meet up with her fans and would do certain things to thank them for their support. The odd striptease, blowjob and tit wank would really be a good present for a Trekie who always supported her and made Jeri feel very happy. There was one guy however who Jeri’s heart fells very strong for, he sent her birthday card’s, little gifts and was very upset when he and his girlfriend spilt up when she slept with his best friend. So Jeri decided to give him the best post break up present one that he would never forget so she set up a meeting with the guy know only to her as Rockeyman709. She flies out to his home in the New York suburbs with a travel bag full of special toys as part of the fantasy he had e mailed to her. Knocking on the door Jeri was very surprised when the door was opened by a handsome 26 year old man most of her fans were geeks, very overweight and a little unclean. This guy was nothing but hot and Jeri could already feel herself getting wet in anticipation as she went inside and talked about what was going to happen. It was made out to be a sort of roleplay Jeri would play her Star Trek role as 7 of 9 and the guy whose real name was Andy would pretend to be an alien warlord.

    The idea was that 7 would have been caught trespassing by this warlord then taken to his dungeon before being fucked very hard. Andy was unsure about this but Jeri loved her sex hard, nothing damaging but enough to feel it for the next few days. So they made up a safe word “beam me up” which either one could use if the roleplay went to far. So Jeri went away to put on her 7 of 9 costume as Andy went down to his basement to make sure everything is set up and ready. After 5 minutes Andy hears the basement door opening and hears a barefoot Jeri walking down the stairs and his jaw drops when he sees her outfit. She had somehow got on of her real outfit’s from the show, a dark grey catsuit that showed off all her amazing curves as well as making her fine ass stick out and big tits are pushed forward. Andy gulped loudly as she walked over to him, the catsuit is already making his cock hard in his pants, and she smiled at him as she stood next to the wooden steak she would be tied to. After a few seconds of staring at Jeri in her amazing outfit he finally snapped out of his trance and got out the chains he was going to use to restrain Jeri. Andy had done a lot of research on how to tie a girl up in chains and also he had found a few ways to use the chains to increase the sexual experience for the girl but he hadn’t told her about that.

    Jeri put her arms above her head as the cold silver chains were wrapped around her body feeling so good against her catsuit clad skin. She also found herself very close to Andy as he tied the chains round the back of her making their two bodies press against each other for the first time and Jeri could not resist kissing his ear making him drop the chains in surprise. Finally she was all chained up and unable to move making her feel so horny at being in totally controlled by Andy who had taken his shirt off then nodded his head meaning the roleplay had started. He walks up to her clicking his tongue acting like it is a language and Jeri feels herself getting excited as he gets closer to her then nearly moaning out loud when he places a hand on her toned mid section stroking the catsuit. Deciding to stay in character at least for a bit she shouts out for him to let go but he responses by slapping her face snapping her head back. Andy then grabs onto her left breast hard and squeezes the flesh hard and this time Jeri can’t hide her moan and she groans as her tit is manhandled making Andy smile at her before slowly rubbing his hands over both her big tits. Jeri can’t stop moaning, as his touch feels so good on her boobs so much so that her nipples get hard and start pushing into the material of her catsuit, which he sees and gives them a little flick to tease her.

    Andy reaches behind and grabs the chain line, which is holding Jeri up so when he pulls on it sending the chains deeper into her body bringing a loud gasp from the tied up sci fi star. He continues to rub her catsuit clad body spending a long time grabbing her muscled thighs even tracing a finger around her pussy were a small damp patch is visible though the grey suit. Back up along her mid section bringing yet more moans from Jeri as he cups her breasts slowly running then though his fingers and for Jeri this is nothing but torture. She is right on the edge of begging him to fuck her and as his hands move higher up her neck making her breathing heavier and shorter. His fingers rub over her cheek then carry on up to her golden blonde hair which he strokes as she tries to lean forward and kiss his neck. Andy knows Jeri is very close to begging him to fuck her brains out and he really wants to hear that come out of her big, red slutty lips. So he stops touching her and stands back hearing her nearly cry out as nothing is touching her bound up body and to tease her more he undoes his pants and lets them drop to the floor. Jeri gasps as his big 10-inch cock leaps out of his pants throbbing at the site of his tied up hero but it affect’s Jeri more. She now wants this cock in all of her holes and this is the biggest cock she had ever seen and she was willing to do everything to it and she can’t hold out any longer.

    “OH GOD GET OVER HERE AND FUCK ME HARD NOW,” Jeri screams out at the top of her voice making Andy smile and start stroking his cock to the sight of the chained up 7 of 9 screaming for his dick.

    He strides over to here and pulls away at a bit of her catsuit and when he tears it off making Jeri’s bare left breast fall out into the open. Once he tears her suit again making her right breast drop out he started to lick and suck on her big tits like a man dying of thirst but bringing loud moans from the bound blonde who loves having her big boobs sucked on. Her nipples are licked and sucked by Andy who just loves the way her tits feel in his hands and in his mouth feeling so soft on his tongue but wanting to see more of her knockout body he stops sucking. Jeri nearly cries out for him to carry on but once she feels his hand move near her warm pussy and she goes back to moaning again as he tears off a few more bits of her suit. With her tanned thighs exposed as he rubs his cock over her thighs then leaving pre cum all the way up her leg then rips parts of the suit around her ribs leaving a small bit of material around her pussy arena. Keen to torture her more he grips the bit of suit in both hands and pulls it up wedging the torn grey suit up her ass and pussy. This sudden wedgie catches Jeri by surprise and she cries out Andy’s name as he rubs the material inside her pussy and hard against her damp pussy lips. Jeri’s eyes close tight as she feels her first orgasm building up and before she can’t warn Andy she cums at the same moment the material rips from around her pussy. Andy is more than shocked as his idol cums all down her own thighs, panting loudly but he loves it when she finally stops he rips off the part of the suit used in the wedgie.

    Jeri’s boobs, stomach, pussy and thighs are now all exposed to Andy who enjoyed watching her cum and wanted to see her do it again and again. He starts talking in English now calling her a little slut for cumming all over his dungeon floor. Rubbing some of her cum onto his fingers he makes her lick her own cum off his fingers as Andy’s cock starts to twitch and he pushes two fingers into her pussy getting more of Jeri’s juices spilling out onto them. Still panting after her orgasm Jeri still moans as she feels his fingers deep inside her cunt and licks away at her own cum when Andy puts his cum filled fingers into her mouth. Once Andy had wiped off most of Jeri’s cum from her body he went back to licking and sucking her perfect breasts and knows he wants to shower those breasts with his own cum. So after giving her still hard nipples a few soft licks Andy steps back and start jerking his cock like mad trying to cum all over those tits. Jeri watches on really wanting to feel his cum hit her massive chest so to helps him out by moaning and groaning speeding up his jerking. Andy moans loudly and blows up all over Jeri coating her tits with his hot cum making her moan in pleasure. After a few more jerks he finishes cumming and he looks up to an awesome sight, Jeri Ryan chained up with her big tits sticking out and covered in his cum.

    Smiling at her he gets a towel and wipes her boobs down then produces a pair of scissors cutting away the rest of her suit. Jeri is now totally naked so she feels the cold hard chains against her naked body makes her excited but she stays in her role. She begs Andy not to fuck her but she does it in such a slutty tone of voice that Andy is sure she wants the fucking of a lifetime. Walking up to her he raises 4 fingers and jams them deep into her pussy making her scream out in a mix of pain and pleasure as she feels the fingers thrusting inside her pussy turning her on. Just as soon as she gets used to the feeling of his fingers inside of her Andy pulls out upsetting her until he reaches up and tightly squeezes her tit. Jeri loves having people pull and bite at her big tits but most people want to take care of them rather than hurt them but to her delight Andy had no trouble putting her boobs in pain. He leans forward and bites down hard on her left nipple bringing a loud scream from Jeri’s lips but no safe word. Biting and tugging at her left nipple as Andy’s left hand reaches for Jeri’s right breast and using his fingers he crushes the flesh under his fingers. Andy does the same to her other nipple and tit biting hard and crushing the boob when finally he lets go of her rack.

    Now Andy starts to move the chains around so that they are zig zaged under her tits and then he pulls on the main chain slowly squashing them together. Jeri yells out in pain as her boobs are pushed forward and crushed under those solid metal chains making her tits turn red from the pressure. Andy keeps pulling harder and harder making the chains dig into her breasts and making Jeri scream out more and more. Finally he stops tugging and he lets the chains drop back to their natural positions as Jeri fights back the tears and also the warmness in her crotch showing off to Andy that it hurt but that she loved it. Andy walks over to her, happy that he hadn’t hurt her too bad and also that her tits showed no damage so to make up for it he kisses every inch of her tits as if to say sorry. Jeri moaned as his soft touch and warm kisses turn her on and make her pussy very damp and it is also doing something for him as his cock starts to regain some of it’s hardness. Slowly he kisses past her tits and all the way around her back and she feels him behind her getting down on his knees and kissing her firm asscheeks. She giggles as she feels his hand rubbing over her tanned cheeks kissing them softly then pulling them open letting the cold air hit her asshole.

    Jeri feels his mouth getting closer and closer to her ass and she groans as his tongue slowly licks inside her ass. She hadn’t had a rim job for years not since she started out as a model and to her delight Andy was taking his time licking all of her big ass as she moaned when his soft tongue probed her anus. Andy squeezes her big ass cheeks as his tongue licks out more and more of her ass and licking this beauty’s ass has made an impact on Andy’s cock. He is hard again forcing him to let go of one of her asscheeks and stroke himself off while he rims her. Being tied up is a real disadvantage for Jeri now as she really wants to finger herself to a climax but with her arms chained above her head she is stuck. Jeri is once again reduced to screaming and begging for her orgasm, which turns Andy on so much that his strokes get faster and faster as she pleads with him to let her cum. Finally he can’t hold on any more before he pulls his tongue out her ass and blows his load all over her big ass with some of his sperm sliding down her sexy legs.

    After a few seconds of trying to regain his breath he watches Jeri trying to rub her legs together doing anything to try and give her pussy some stimulation. Andy decides to help her by moving one of the chains from around her waist and placing it across her warm pussy lips making her shudder with the contact. Slowly he moves the chain back and forth over her cunt bringing Jeri to scream and shout out as loud as she could as the cold chain feels so good rubbing against her pussy making some of her juices leak out. This will only hinder Jeri as the chain is lubed up meaning Andy can increase the pain as he is flossing the chain into her cunt but for extra help Andy waits then rams two fingers into Jeri’s tight asshole. The sudden anal shot was more than enough to take her over the edge and cry out, as her second orgasm is bigger than the first to her delight. Cum covers the chain deep inside her pussy as she shakes in pleasure after having a lot taken out of her Andy removes his fingers from her tight ass then pulls the chain out of her pussy. Just like last time Jeri is forced to lick up her own cum this time off the chain, which she does as Andy, strokes his cock gently to the sight of Jeri sucking her own cum off the chain.

    Andy now really wants to fuck this sexy babe till she can’t walk but his cock still needed time to recover from his last cum shot. So he turns his attention back to her big breasts licking and sucking on her hard nipples. Jeri’s head feel very light they were two of the best orgasms she had in a long time and if she had the strength to speak she would have given up her entire body to his amazing touch. Before she can say anything she feels his mouth around her nipples again and is back to moaning as Andy’s mouth sucks perfectly on her nipples lightly flicking them with his tongue. Andy keeps sucking on her tits licking at every bit of flesh he could see loving the fact that Jeri is still after two big orgasms groaning to his touch. His hands move round to her back rubbing her spine softly moving down towards her ass and Jeri gasps as his fingers rub down her asscrack. Pushing two fingers into her ass again getting Andy hard quickly as Jeri’s moans get louder as she tells him to finger fuck her tight ass. With his cock now fully hard Jeri can feel it rubbing against her inner thigh making her cry out as she needs it inside of her making Andy smile and reposition his body so that his cock is resting against her entrance of her very damp pussy lips.

    Jeri screams out loud as all 10 inches of dick were shoved up her pussy in one thrust nearly filling her pussy to breaking point. Closing his eyes Andy lets out a low moan, as her pussy feels so good pressing into his dick nearly making him shoot his load early. He is able to hang on and slowly starts to pump his fingers deep into her asshole catching Jeri off guard making her cry out loud and then he starts to thrust his cock inside of her as well. This double hole assault is giving Jeri some amazing feeling she had never felt this good during sex and the fact she was chained up and at the very mercy of this man only seemed to increase the sexual feeling she was having. Andy had both his cock and fingers moving at the same pace as Jeri moans louder and louder making him hope his neighbors are out or not listening as the blonde screams out for him to go faster. Jeri’s long blonde hair has fallen out of the ponytail she tied it in and is now down over her face as she feels a third orgasm building up inside of her and all Jeri wants to do is cum for him and show that she was a good slut. Pushing harder and harder Andy knows she is close but loves drilling Jeri’s tight holes and never wants to stop. He looks up at Jeri’s face, which is awash with hair and sweat but her face is showing nothing but pleasure and seeing her looking like that is an awesome moment in his life.

    Andy also looks at Jeri’s big breasts still with some of his cum on them but are now covered in sweat and under his basement lights make them look fantastic. He can’t resist leaning his face forward and starts rubbing his face over her boobs feeling them rubbing against his face is such a turn on. For the first time today Andy lets out a real shout of pleasure as he cums deep inside his idol’s pussy for a good few minutes draining his balls of seamen. Jeri is shocked when she feels the amount of cum he is putting into her pussy but loves it all the same. Andy keeps licking her tits until he finally stops cumming and he stops everything while sucking up a lungful of air with Jeri panting next to him. Slowly he pulls his fingers out of her ass and cock out of her pussy and cleans himself down as Jeri starts to pull at her chains, she wants to break lose and make herself cum. The chains however are tied up too tight but she is stuck there with her pussy at her most sensitive and most vulnerable. Andy really didn’t think he would get hard ever again but when he hears Jeri begging really begging no acting involved she was really pleading with him to let her cum.

    Sitting down next to her sexy legs Andy strokes his fingers all over her leg muscles making her moan. Jeri doesn’t normally moan from having her legs touched but she is so horny and Andy’s touch feels so good that she can’t stop moaning to him. Nothing has ever sounded so good to Andy in his life listening to Jeri Ryan cry out his name so he decides to stop the teasing as he spits on his fingers. Without warning Andy shoves 4 fingers into her cunt provoking a massive yell from Jeri’s lips as Andy pushes his fingers deep into her clit. Finger fucking the blonde at a very fast pace his arm moving up and down like lighting as Jeri’s breathing became sharper and her orgasmic moans become louder and louder. Jeri is lost in a world of her own as cum pours out of her pussy and up the arm of Andy as Jeri’s voice becomes hoarse from all the shouting and screaming she has done today. Once again Andy gets out his cum stained towel and wipes the cum off his arm and fingers and he smiles as he looks up at Jeri to see her hanging limply from the chains breathing heavily after her third big orgasm. So Andy decides to unchain Jeri and let her rest off so once she is free he picks her up in his arms and carry’s her all the way upstairs to his bedroom and lets her sleep. 3 hours later he takes up a glass of water and a snack, which she wakes up for Andy who sits on the bed and start talking about their amazing sex session.

    “Look Andy I gotta be honest with you that was some of the best sex I’ve ever had,” Jeri says smiling as Andy blushes.

    “Those chains felt so good against my skin and your touch felt so good Andy and I want to give you a little more,” a grin crosses Jeri’s face.

    “No problem Jeri but how much more can you give me? I mean I’ve already done everything I wanted to do to you,” Andy says as Jeri moves in closer to him.

    “Andy I would really really like you to fuck my ass, my big ass needs a fucking Andy I want a good hard ass fucking please give it too me,” Jeri begs him

    Jeri then reaches forward and rips off Andy’s shirt kissing his bare chest and moving her hands to his pants. Andy lies back on his own bed as Jeri pulls down his pants and boxers and starts jerking his cock making it hard very quickly. Moaning at her rough hand jerking on his cock Andy is even more happy when she gets his 10 inch cock to it’s full height before lowering her mouth on it. Jeri had taken bigger cocks in her mouth before but Andy’s was still a real mouthful so she struggled for a bit then like a true slut started breathing out of her nose, while her mouth was full of cock. She then starts to bob her head up and down on his dick making sure her lips also help as Jeri’s left hand moves to his balls and starts to rub them between her index finger and thumb, while sucking every inch of his cock. His ex girlfriend had never really given him a blowjob [but he went down on her loads of times] and in Andy’s mind Jeri was giving him one of the best blowjobs ever. Her big lips just seemed to fit perfectly around his dick and she looked so good and slutty while slurping on his cock makes Andy reach his arms back and got hold of a handful of her blonde hair to keep her sucking. Jeri’s mouth is working overtime on Andy’s dick wanting him to cum right the way down her throat and when she feels his balls tense up she stopped sucking. Instead she used her tongue to lick his dick like a giant ice-lolly making him shiver from the sensitive touch.

    Andy’s eyes rolled back into his head as he yelled out loud as a river of seamen bursts out from his cock and down the actresses throat. Jeri nearly chokes on the cum rushing into her mouth but bravely she keeps her head down on his cock swallowing all of his cum. It takes Andy two whole minutes to empty out his balls of cum and he is more than impressed at Jeri for being able to swallow that much cum in one breath. Licking her lips Jeri then slowly crawls up Andy’s body kisses him softly on his lips as she feels his strong arms wrap around her. They go straight onto her big ass and start to grab onto her toned cheeks squeezing them softly as Jeri grinds her chest into his. Both of them know they are waiting for Andy to get hard again but both are enjoying lying on top of each other touching each other gently, grinding their fit bodies together. Jeri’s thighs now push up against Andy’s dick and she starts to rub them together meaning Andy is getting a thigh jerk, which in Jeri’s powerful legs feel like heaven for him. Even though he came a massive load only 5 minutes ago Jeri’s leg wank and promise of anal sex in mind Andy’s large 10-inch cock rises again as Jeri moans as the tip of his penis touches her damp pussy lips.

    Jeri forces herself to get off of Andy’s chest as he reaches behind her and grabs a bunch of pillows. She arranges them in a pile then bends over them sticking her ass out at Andy who is quietly jerking off to the sight of her bending over. Andy climbs back onto his bed and makes his way over to Jeri who spreads out her asscheeks inviting his cock to go deep into her ass. Out of care and love for Jeri he asks her one last time if she wants to go though with it and when the blonde nods her head Andy wastes no time in pushing his cock into her ass. Jeri screams as the head of his dick smashes into her anus bringing a loud scream from her lips but it doesn’t stop Andy from making his cock go in further. In her mind Jeri is mentally counting the number of inches he is stuffing into her ass Jeri had been ass fucked a number of times but never by a guy this big. Her fingers dig into Andy’s bedcovers as more than 6 inches of his cock are now deep up her butt hole. Now even Andy is starting to groan in pain as her tight ass starts to squeeze his dick but he really wants to assfuck her so with a massive effort he thrusts in 3 more inches. Jeri has never felt a cock this far up her ass but instead of it hurting Jeri it is slowly starting to moan out of the very idea of this monster cock deep into the unknown of her asshole is making her very wet. However as she is propped up on her elbows so that her ass stays in the air she can’t reach back and finger herself some relief.

    Andy is more than relived when his entire cock disappears up Jeri’s ass so he takes a moment to compose himself wiping the sweat off his forehead then slowly rocks backwards and forwards. Nothing could have given Jeri more of a thrill than feeling that huge cock inside of her before it starts to move filling her up and rubbing against her entire anal passage and with that she lets out an ear splitting moan. Andy is not really able to build up a fast motion of ass fucking as his cock is too far up her tight ass to move quickly but he adapts and concentrates on making his fucking slow but hard. It works, as Jeri is in love with getting her tight hole pounded slowly but with a lot of grunt and she is screaming the house down. So Andy sticks to ramming his cock slow and hard into her ass as his balls crash against the bottom of her asscheeks sending a wave of pleasure though his body. Jeri beings to push herself backwards sending his cock further into her ass to increase her own pleasure and his. Andy’s arms wrap around Jeri’s mid section holding her steady as he breaks her ass with his large cock and listening to Jeri’s screams is making his cock shoot pre cum deep into her ass.

    Jeri is now on the verge of cumming and she screams out for him to fuck her harder and faster and when he does he hears her scream and orgasm very loudly. Cum squirts all over Andy’s bed as Jeri shakes in his arms after a huge orgasm, which takes her completely out of it. She collapses down face first breathing hard with Andy’s cock still in her ass but she yells at him when he tries to pull out. She knew he is close and told him to just do it and fuck her ass then cum inside her, which is just what Andy wanted. With Jeri still bent over Andy starts moving his hips again making his big cock fuck the Star Trek star’s asshole and bringing him very close to cumming. All of Andy’s energy went into cumming deep into her ass and he groans out as wave after wave of jizz fills up Jeri’s ass making her moan as she feels the warm cum inside of her. After a few minutes Andy stops cumming and pulls his cock out before falls down exhausted next to her panting excitedly. Both of them start laughing just thinking about all the things they did today Jeri hadn’t had sex like that in years and for Andy screwing a star and near hero of his was beyond amazing. Jeri gets cleaned up saying she has to go but she leaves him her torn up suit and her phone number and told any time he wanted her he could have her. Andy smiled kissed her on the cheek and told her she would be getting a call from him very soon.

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    Nice Jeri Ryan story, thanks thepac

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