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Thread: "Photo Sessions: Chapter 1" with Bella Thorne

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    fanfiction "Photo Sessions: Chapter 1" with Bella Thorne

    Photo Sessions: Chapter 1
    With Bella Thorne
    Written by Narrator
    Codes: MF, oral, squirt
    This story is 100% FICTIONAL and was written strictly for entertainment purposes only.
    A/N: This is my first story, so I hope you all enjoy. Any types of feedback, suggestions, criticisms are always welcome, I'm all ears. A special thanks to MacedMan for all of the tips, it was a huge help.

    I had been working as a freelance photographer for a little over a year before I finally got my big break. I had done everything from, high school prom pictures and weddings, all the way to shooting for a few professional sports teams and some big name magazines.

    Up until recently I had really been questioning whether or not I had made the right choice in my life. I loved photography. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and I truly believed that, but it seemed like even though I had been working non-stop day in and day out, I still had made zero progress towards what I really wanted to do with my life.

    It was only a few days after my 22nd birthday that I got the most important call of my life. The editor of Glamour magazine had seen my work, and turns out, was a fan of my style. She had wanted me to be the photographer on the magazine's newest issue. ME. Of all people, me.

    This was my chance to finally start breaking into fashion photography, which is what I wanted all along. Fashion was were I was going to have the most success, and I was determined to make it happen.


    I arrived to the studio early the day of the shoot. I took my time getting familiar with the layout of the set, wanting to make this the best shoot of my life. It was about an hour later when the star of the shoot arrived. When I first saw Bella Thorne walk in to the studio, I couldn't help but stare. Her long strawberry blonde tresses were tied up into a simple ponytail. She was wearing just a plain grey tank top that showed a small amount of her cleavage, and basic black yoga pants that tightly clung to her perfect round ass. Just the thought of ripping the clothes off her hot body made my cock twitch.

    'What am I doing? This isn't some fantasy, be a professional' I thought to myself as I made my way over to her.

    "Am I early?" The young starlet asked in a soft voice, clearly confused by the lack of people in the room.

    "No, you're right on time" I reassured her, giving her a small smile, "I'm Jason...Jason Christian" I said, reaching my hand out to Bella's.

    "Oh, so you're the photographer I've heard so many good things about" She gave me a smile as we shook hands.

    I simply nodded, "It's nice to finally meet you" I said as our hands separated.

    "And you as well. Where is everyone else though? Isn't there usually more people?" She looked slightly confused.

    "Yeah, usually there would be. I just don't really like having a ton of people around on a shoot. It's hard enough for you taking a picture with a complete stranger behind the camera, let alone in a room full of people staring at you. Just part of my process. Once you're done with hair and makeup it'll be just us for the most part, if that's okay?"

    The smirk that came across her face let me know she was perfectly fine being alone with me, "no problem here" she shook her head.

    "Okay great" I smiled at her and gave her a nod as she made her way to get her hair and makeup done. I snuck another peak of that taut round ass as she made her way out of the room.

    With Bella getting ready for the shoot, it gave me plenty of time to get set up.

    I made sure that my camera, and all of my lenses were cleaned and didn't have any scratches on them. I tweaked the lighting in the room and did some rearranging on the set. After a little while longer, Bella finally came out with a few members of the wardrobe team. Just the sight of her made my cock spring to life. I had never quite seen anything like it before. I guess I would have to get more used to seeing beautiful women looking beautiful if I was going to continue in this line of work.

    She was wearing a long black dress that hugged every curve of her young body. The deep v-neck that went almost down to her bellybutton showed off the sides of her small, yet shapely tits.

    "Is this look okay?" She questioned, I could tell she wasn't very comfortable being so dressed up. She seemed much more at ease in her simple outfit from before.

    My eyes took in every inch of her hot body, which did nothing but give me a semi hard-on, "You look gorgeous Bella. Very grown-up, which is something were going for" I smiled, hoping to make her feel more confident in herself.

    My compliment seemed to do the trick. It caused her to let out a little giggle, and her cheeks started to blush, but she was definitely more relaxed. She thanked me and I finally asked everyone to leave. Once it was just the two of us, I grabbed my camera and directed her on the set, "Does this really make me seem older?" She seemed very eager to shed the idea of her being another good girl from Disney.

    "Definitely. If I didn't know who you were, I would think that you're some twenty-something actress who's probably dating some bad boy musician" the idea made her laugh as I snapped some photos of her.

    "I don't know about all that. I just want people to start looking at me as an adult, and not as a child" she flipped her long reddish-blonde mane to the side as she posed, sending her scent through the air wafting towards me. The smell of coconut milk hit my nostrils like a ton of bricks.

    "Trust me, nobody is going to see this and think of you as a kid"

    She smirked at me as she could tell I was ogling over her incredibly fit body. "That looks great Bella" I encouraged her as she posed.

    "What are people going to see then?" She questioned. She was very curious to how her image would change after this and going forward.

    "I think they'll see a young woman who's coming into her own, who's realizing how beautiful she's grown up to be, and who's proud of the way she looks"

    My comments made her blush, and how honest I was being seemed to make her tense for a moment, but she seemed to appreciate them none the less.

    "And you? What do you see?"

    "I see a girl...a woman, sorry" she waved off my mistake like she had heard it a million times. I think I was one of the few, if not the only person to correct myself though. "I see a woman who has handled fame very gracefully. Growing up and being a kid is hard enough, but I can't imagine what growing up in the public eye must have been like."

    "Go on" She seemed very interested in my opinion, which didn't make much sense to me. I'm just another guy taking pictures of her. I wasn't the first, and I for sure wouldn't be the last.

    "Well, I see you trying to shed the Disney image, which I can't imagine is something that happens overnight. You have gone about it very tastefully though, which I can appreciate. Similar to Selena Gomez in some ways. You just need more time and I think people will start looking at you as an adult"

    "Selena has given me a lot of advice actually, I think she'd like you. I don't want to turn out like Miley Cyrus, not there's anything wrong with her, she does her own thing and it seems to work for her, it's just not my thing"

    "Right, and you definitely don't want to end up like Amanda Bynes, because god knows what happened to her" This made her laugh, but she felt sort of bad for laughing and someone else's expense.

    "I definitely don't want to turn into her, I just want for people to not start calling me a slut anytime I do something remotely sexy"

    "Well that's gonna happen no matter who you are, people are just assholes sometimes"

    She smiled at me and nodded in agreement, "such assholes"

    Things continued to go off without a hitch. There was definite chemistry between us, which made the time pass quickly as I photographed her posing, all the while we conversed with one another. Things were so easy in fact, that I barely noticed that my semi hard-on had now turned into a very noticeable bulge in my jeans.

    "All right, I think we're good with this look, I just want to get one more shot" I had one pose in my mind since the second she walked through the door, and now was the time.

    "Sounds good. I'm ready for a little break"

    "Let's move back over to the table" I took Bella's hand, helping her make her way back to where we started.

    "Am I standing again?" She asked.

    "No, let's try one with you bending over the table" I replied, watching the large grin come across her face as she bent over the table.

    "Like this?" She questioned as she looked back at me, still grinning, her glorious ass now in full view.

    "Yeah that's great" my cock was about to rip through my jeans. It took all my self-control not to fuck her within an inch of her life right then and there.

    I took a few steps back to try and compose myself, "can you, umm, try to uh umm arch your, your back more?" How I stumbled through that seemed to spurn her on even more. She wiggled her ass, just enough so I'd notice. My cock was throbbing, and I couldn't take much more of being around her without getting off. I took the photo and quickly retreated back to my equipment.

    "All right, I think we've got plenty for now. Let's take a break and then you can get changed into your next look after" I was scared to look at her, would she be pissed that I was getting so turned on? I couldn't lose this job, if I fucked this up I'd never get a chance like this again.

    All I heard was the click of her heels approaching me from behind. What she did next was what completely shocked me. She put one of her soft hands on my shoulder, "thank you for being so honest with me" she said softly in my ear. She gave me a soft kiss on the cheek as she reached around and gave my rock hard stick a little squeeze. She knew what she was doing to me, and luckily she didn't seem to mind.

    She scampered out of the room quickly, leaving me to stand there, completely stunned, still hard as a rock. Did that really just happen? No way, I had to be imagining it. My horny state was playing tricks on me.


    We took a lunch break for about 40 minutes, giving my hard-on plenty of time to subside. I went through the first group of photos, which all of the sudden brought my cock back to life. Any chance at hiding it and keeping this professional was already out the window so when Bella came back onto the set in her next outfit, I made no effort to conceal my erection.

    She was wearing a silver sequins dress with matching heels. The dress barely covered her backside, and the plunging neckline left very little to the imagination. My semi hard-on was back in a flash and there was nothing I could do about it. After I finally realized I was staring, I shook my head, snapping myself out of it.

    "What do you think?" She questioned, knowing full well that it wouldn't be long until I was rock hard again.

    "Even better than before"

    "Where do you want me now?" She asked.

    'On my cock' I thought to myself.

    "Let's try over here" I gestured towards the small white bench. She nodded and made her way over, sitting down. I snapped some more photos of the young star, hoping she didn't notice my erection.

    "Is this your first time doing a shoot like this?" I quizzed

    "Yeah, kinda. I mean I've done photoshoots before, but never looking anywhere close to this" she replied, "Why? Am I doing okay?"

    "Oh, no. You're doing great. You just seemed a little tense to start"

    "Just nerves I guess. I'm very comfortable with you now" she smiled.

    I smiled at her comment, "why don't you try leaning back a little" I suggested and watched as she followed, posing how I asked, "that looks great"

    I took a few more photos of her, my mind wandering to a very dirty place ever so often, "This is a bit of a first for me too. I've never shot such a celebrity before. I guess we're popping each other's cherries" I instantly felt regret from the inappropriate joke, but when she laughed I felt less dumb.

    "I couldn't have asked for a better first time" she gave me a sexy look. Was that for me, or the camera?

    I nodded to her legs, asking for permission to pose her how I wanted, "Can I?"

    She nodded, giving me the go ahead.

    I lifted her legs onto the bench, and felt a slight tremble from her body at my touch. Was I having the same effect on her that she was having on me? My question was quickly answered when I glanced between her legs and saw the large damp spot on her panties. I crossed her legs, the sight of how she was being turned on was too much. I had to control myself.

    I moved back a little and started taking more pictures, trying to keep a safe distance from the beautiful teen in front of me, but the look in her eyes did nothing but pull me closer. I continued snapping more and more photos until my camera was right up to here face.

    I took one last picture before taking my camera away from my face. The look she gave me told me that she wanted me, and I didn't know if I could deny her any longer. I moved my hand up to her cheek, studying the former Disney star's beautiful face, "do you mind if I...?" I whispered, a lock of hair had fallen on her cheek.

    She shook her head slowly, giving me permission to tuck the lock of strawberry blonde hair behind her ear. Her eyes never left mine as I did so. As we gazed into each other's eyes I noticed how her chest raised as she breathed sharply. I gently placed my hand on her chest as to try and calm her down. I leaned in slowly and kissed her passionately. She tensed for a split second before her lips relaxed against mine and she let out a little moan. As she relaxed, it was as if her body was inviting me to keep going. I slowly made my way on top of her as we passionately kissed, my tongue probing her hot mouth.

    We continued to lock lips, our tongues feverishly working together. My hands made their way up her outer thighs and into her dress where I grabbed her now soaked panties and slowly moved them down her tone tanned legs. I dropped them on the floor as I bunched her dress up around her waist. I brushed my fingertips against her wet slit before plunging two fingers deep into her pussy, causing her to bite down on my bottom lip and arch her back.

    "mmm" she moaned as I massaged her g-spot.

    I slowly fingered her hot snatch as we made out hungrily, making her moan softly against my lips as she undid the buttons of my denim shirt. Bella pulled my shirt off and ran her hands over my six pack as I picked up the pace of my fingering her. She was grinding her slick box against my hand as fingerbanged the shit out of her.

    "Fuck!" She moaned loudly

    "You're so fucking wet" My hand now covered in her juices.

    "Mmm" She moaned in response and I added another finger into her pussy, causing her to yelp, "oh yeah, that feels so good" she continued.

    I could feel she was close to cuming as I kissed my way down her neck, so I took my fingers out of her vagina. She whined, desperate for me to make her cum, but I had plans for her orgasm to be even bigger than it would've ever been if I finished her off with my fingers.

    I made my way down her chest, kissing the exposed parts of her perky breasts. I kept going down farther until I was between her legs, her dripping mound right in front of my face. Her scent made my cock throb, wanting to be released from the confines of my jeans.

    I liked my lips, then I dipped my tongue into her sweet cunt, causing her hips to jerk, "ooooh!"

    She writhed in pleasure as I tongue fucked her. I lapped at her pussy, her juices now soaking my mouth and chin

    "Yes! Oh fuck yes!" She let out a little scream as I licked her swollen clit, "Right there! Please don't stop!" I continue to give her clit the tongue lashing of her life as she begged.

    I knew she was close so I slid my fingers back inside her to bring her over the edge, fingering her hard and deep as I worked her clit with my tongue.

    "I, I, I'm..." She had no time to finish once the intense orgasm took control of her body. Bella moaned at the top of her lungs as her legs shook uncontrollably. I continued my assault on her sex, giving her multiple orgasms. As she finally came down from her pleasurable high, I licked all her juices from my chin and mouth then licked her pussy clean.

    "" she said between breaths, "I've never cum so hard before" she smiled at me as I moved up her body and kissed her on the lips, letting her taste her own juices.

    "Glad I could be of service" I whispered against her lips. It pleased me to know that I was the best she'd ever had, and I hadn't even put my dick in her yet.

    "I want to be of some service to you too" she whispered as she reached down and rubbed my rock hard dick through my jeans, "I want you in my mouth" she added in a sultry voice as she unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans.

    "I want you naked" I pulled her dress off quickly, taking a second to admire her fit body. I moved back and sat down on the bench, Bella moved onto the floor and knelt between my legs. She pulled my jeans down around my ankles and I kicked them off. She slid her hands up my thighs slowly, giving me a seductive look as she did. She grabbed the waistband of my boxer-briefs.

    As she lowered my underwear, my cock sprang out, fully erect, causing her jaw to drop, "w-wo-wow" she stared at my cock in amazement, speechless, her eyes wide as saucers. I clearly had the biggest dick she'd ever seen.

    I reached over and handed her my camera, "Here, take a picture. It'll last longer" I joked, smiling at the look on her face.

    She finally snapped out of it and laughed, "oh, do you have problems lasting? That's okay, a lot of guys do" she teased as she pushed the camera back to me, "you're the photographer, you take the picture" she wrapped her soft hand around my thick member.

    "I think my talents are being a bit wasted on a dick pic, but if you insist"

    "Just take the picture" she laughed.

    I held up my camera and took a picture of Bella kissing the tip of my throbbing cock. I looked at the picture as she began to slowly stroke me, "best shot all day"

    She continued to give the tip of my cock little pecks as she jerked up and down my shaft. She eventually kissed her way down my dick, her hand wrapped around the base. She licked all the way back up to my tip, sending chills through my body. Wasting no time she engulfed my head in her hot mouth and started bobbing up and down on about a quarter of my dick. I don't think she could fit much more, but she definitely gave it her all.

    I placed my hand on the back of her head gently and slowly guided her down my cock. She just got past halfway when she started to gag and came back up for air, "fuck it's big, I can't fit anymore" she almost sounded disappointed that she couldn't deepthroat all of me.

    "That's alright, take as much as you can. You're doing great" I reassured her, wanting her to get back to work already. She gave me a wink and took my cock back in her mouth. Bella slid her mouth about half way down my cock, being sure not to take so much she gags again. She started ferociously sucking and jacking my cock, "oh shit" I moaned as I reached down to unclasp her bra, letting her perky tits free.

    Bella kept sucking like it was the last chance she'd ever get to suck a cock. It was for sure the best blowjob I'd ever gotten. I groped her tits as she sucked harder and jerked faster, "ungh damn Bella" I moaned and played with her nipples, causing her to moan in appreciation.

    I could feel the pressure in my cock starting to build as she swirled her wet tongue over every inch of me and I pinched her nipples, which only made her suck harder, "Oh fuck! I'm close" It seems that she had other plans for me too as she quickly took my cock out of her mouth, "Not yet" she said with a devilish grin. I decided to trust that waiting would be worth it, even though blowing my load down her throat sounded just about perfect right now.

    She went to work on my balls, licking and sucking them until my dick was back in a safe zone where I wouldn't cum right away. She started jerking my shaft again as she sucked both of my balls into her mouth, making a pop sound with her mouth.

    "mmmm" I closed my eyes and leaned my head back as she continued attacking my sack and stroked my long prick as fast as she could. Then all of the sudden she stopped. I opened my eyes to see she was now straddling me. I gripped her firm ass as she kissed my neck, "fuck me Jason. Please. I want you inside me. Please" she whispered in my ear. I smiled as she begged and would happily comply with her request.

    I rolled us over, laying her onto her back on the bench. I looked down at her hot body, begging to be fucked. I grabbed my throbbing cock and rubbed my tip up and down between her pussy lips, teasing her, causing her body to squirm. Fuck she was wet, "Put it in, please. Put it in" she continued to beg. I couldn't take it anymore, I glided my thick cock, balls deep into her incredibly tight cunt, causing her to gasp and her back to arch, "Yes!" She moaned.

    She had one of the tightest fits of my life. I was surprised she could take all of me, but to her credit, she happily did. I grabbed her hips and she gripped my ass cheeks as I started fucking her deeper than she'd ever been fucked before

    "Oh...holy deep" she cried as I thrust balls deep into her tight snatch.

    " tight" I moaned as her inner walls squeezed my cock.

    I kept this up for a while, then I gave her what she really wanted. I started fucking Bella harder than she ever imagined I could. I pulled back, leaving just my tip inside her, then I slammed my huge dick into her pussy.

    "Ungh yes" she cried out as I rammed her box

    "Yeah. Take my fucking dick Bella" I seethed as I continued to pummel her into a pleasure filled bliss.

    "Yes...yes...yes...yes...yes" she chanted everytime I filled her.

    "Take this fucking dick"

    Neither of us could last much longer, so I gave her all I had, taking every frustration I'd ever had out on her swollen cunt. I gripped her hips tighter as I fucked the star within an inch of her life.

    "OH MY GOD!" She moaned loudly over the loud slapping sound of our thighs hitting everytime I thrust in.

    "Ungh shit!" I let out a moan just as loud as hers as my balls tightened.

    I bucked my hips even faster as we both were right on the edge. Bella could barely even form words it was mostly just grunts and moans plus the sloshing sound of her utterly soaked pussy as I fucked her to the biggest orgasm of her life.

    "Ahhhhh" She screamed as her most intense orgasm ever hit her body. Waves of pleasure took control as she involuntary started shaking.


    She was squirting all over my cock as I pumped my hot cum hard deep inside her. Her slick juices coated ever inch of my dick and balls as I shot more and more thick ropes into her pussy. Once she finished and her body relaxed, and once I drained my balls inside her. I collapsed on top of her, our body's both spent.

    "I didn't know that I was a squirter" she whispered.

    "You're welcome" I answered, smirking.


    We laid there together for a while, neither of us being able to move. After a little post-sex cuddling, I finally peeled myself off of her. Bella didn't move, half asleep and half still feeling the pleasure from the greatest fucking of her life. I pulled my boxer-briefs on and picked up my camera, quietly walking over to my equipment.

    After a few more minutes, Bella finally showed signs of life. She got up and put her bra and panties on and carried the dress and high heels out of the room. She came back wearing the clothes she had arrived in. She walked over to me and wrapped her arms around me as I clicked through the photos I had taken of her. She looked at the pictures on my laptop, kissing my shoulder softly.

    "We have to do that again. That was so good" she whispered.

    "What? The shoot? Or the sex?"

    "Both." She smiled and rested her head on my shoulder.

    I nodded in agreement and kissed her arm softly. I pulled up the picture of her kissing my cock then I smiled at her.

    "What should we do with this?" I asked

    "Send that to me, then delete it. I'd like a souvenir" we both laughed.

    I downloaded the picture onto my phone and handed it to her, "Put your number in." I took her phone as she handed it to me. We put our numbers into each other's phones and I texted her the picture, then I deleted it off my computer.

    She opened the picture on her phone and smiled wryly. She must've noticed the time because all of the sudden she was in a hurry to go.

    "Shit! I'm sorry. I need to go. I've got a meeting I'm gonna be super late for" she explained as she quickly walked to the door.

    "No problem. Get to your meeting" I smiled at her

    "Thanks again...For everything" she gave me that sexy look again and made her way to the door quickly. Before she walked out she turned back to me, "You've got my number. Don't be afraid to use it" she winked and just like that she was gone.

    I caught one last glimpse of that great ass of hers as she walked out, and my cock suddenly had life again. I'd definitely be using her number whether it was for another photoshoot, or I just needed to fuck. Bella Thorne would be hearing from me, and most likely so would some of her friends.

    If this is what my life as a photographer was going to be like, I definitely picked the right profession. Maybe I didn't quite fuck up after all. I'm sure that I wouldn't be fucking every model I came across, but if Bella was any indication of what's to come. I had plenty more photo sessions to look forward too.

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    Very good story man, I really enjoyed it.

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    Always enjoy a GREAT Bella story!

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    More please! Can't get enough of Bella.

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    Awesome first story, definitely looking forward to the next chapter

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