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Thread: "Done Deal" with Stella Hudgens and Lia Marie Johnson

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    fanfiction "Done Deal" with Stella Hudgens and Lia Marie Johnson

    Done Deal
    With Stella Hudgens and Lia Marie Johnson
    By LemonTalk
    Codes: MFF, BJ, reluc
    Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction; it never happened and never will
    A/N: Nothing complicated, just a short, spur of the moment thing with this hot pairing, hope you like it.

    I'd normally never conduct business from my own apartment but I'd always had difficulty saying no to one of my favourite clients, Stella Hudgens. Of course this was partly down to the fact she'd always meet up dressed in little to nothing in the hope that flashing some leg and some serious cleavage would earn her a discounted price – not that it ever did.

    So when she practically begged me to let her come over to secure her gear I reluctantly agreed and quickly buzzed her up when she arrived.

    As expected she was dressed to impress in a simple white dress that seemed to barely cover her huge, bra-less rack. But my attention was quickly drawn away from her chest when I realised she hadn't come alone.

    "Whoa hey, who's this?" I asked suspiciously, eyeing up her pretty blonde friend.

    "Relax, this is Lia, she's a friend!" Stella assured me before pushing past and entering my apartment. "Nice place."

    "I don't like surprises Stella," I cautioned.

    "Figured this was a nice one, look at her!"

    I had to admit her friend was definitely easy on the eye and although she was slightly more covered up, it appeared she had a chest that even rivalled Stella's.

    "Can we just get on with this?" she whined uncomfortably, speaking for the first time.

    "Sounds good to me," Stella claimed, "...but grab us a couple of drinks first, yeah?" she directed at me with a cheeky grin before heading into the living room.

    I rolled my eyes as Lia followed her friend and I grabbed a few beers from the kitchen. When I returned I was surprised to see Lia grab for one even faster than Stella.

    "So the usual is it Stella?"

    "The usual is for her this week," Stella started with a nod to her nervous friend. "I'm looking for something...stronger."

    "Right...and why the sudden change? You know I don't just give that stuff out to anyone...if I had it."

    "Jesus stop being so paranoid!"

    "Can you blame me Stell?" I claimed, suddenly standing up. "Look, I'll think about it. I'll meet you in the usual place in a few days."

    "Oh come on, we need it tonight! We'll pay extra, we'll do anything!"

    That claim and the fact Lia was fervently nodding along with her friend gave me pause.


    "I—uhh, within reason," Stella replied suddenly backtracking when she realised the implications.

    "Well okay then," I started, standing over them and crossing my arms. "Let's start off easy, you've been teasing me long enough, I wanna see those puppies."

    Despite the situation she'd found herself in, Stella grinned inwardly as she glanced down to her near-naked rack. Lia on the other hand simply looked shocked that I'd be bold enough to demand such a thing outright and even more surprised when Stella shrugged and agreed.

    "Stella don't!" she whined before I cut in.

    "Hey I wanna see yours next or no deal."

    "Ugh, in your dreams!"

    "Oh stop pretending Lia, you're half naked all the time anyway. Besides, who's he going to tell?"

    Lia crossed her arms defiantly across her chest while Stella took the lead and shrugged her dress straps off her shoulders to finally free her unfettered tits.

    "Holy shit," I marvelled.

    I quickly sat back down next to her for a closer look and instinctively lifted my hand to touch her. To my surprise she allowed me one firm squeeze before pushing my hand away.

    "Hey you said nothing about touching!" she giggled, clearly pleased with the effect her body was having on me.

    In fact I was so taken with Stella's boobs I almost forgot about Lia until Stella called her out.

    "C'mon then, you're turn," she said, turning to her friend.

    It was then that I realised Lia seemed as captivated with her friend's breasts as I was but she still hesitated.

    "I don't even know the guy!" she complained.

    "All the more reason to do it then, I've done it so you can't chicken out now!"

    "You do this and I'll let you have the weed for free," I suggested as an added incentive.

    Looking at her it was obvious she wasn't exactly short on cash but after chewing her lip for another minute she finally, reluctantly agreed.

    Stella and I watched on expectedly as Lia finally sat up and began pulling her top off, stretching it over her considerable chest. Just her in her bra with her dishevelled blonde hair was breath-taking and had me drooling, even more so when she reached back to unhook her underwear.

    When it finally fell away to reveal her magnificent tits Stella and I both let out an audible gasp, causing Lia to smile bashfully at the reaction.

    "Fuck, now I'm jealous!" Stella claimed as she admired her friend's breasts, even larger than her own.

    As much as I wanted to reach out and touch them like I had Stella's, I didn't dare push my luck with Lia and instead just admired the sight of them sat side-by-side.

    "Wow, I could get used to this," I commented referring to the two busty and topless teenagers I now had on my sofa.

    "So, are we done now?" Lia asked expectedly.

    Despite her initial nerves I'd noticed she was now making no effort to cover herself back up, sitting back comfortably with her tits on full display, our initial reactions no doubt boosting her confidence.

    I thought on her question for a moment, it wasn't every day I had two girls like them practically at my mercy and I wasn't going to let an opportunity like this pass me by but before I could speak Stella cut in, almost reading my mind.

    "If you think we're gunna help you sort that thing out you can think again," she smirked pointing at the obvious bulge they'd caused in my pants.

    Lia blushed but I had no shame and simply called Stella out on her leering.

    "Didn't think you two were the kind of girls who'd leave a poor guy hanging."

    "Show us what you got and we'll think about it," Stella claimed boldly.


    "You want to see it?" I confirmed, ignoring Lia for now.

    "Given what you made us do, I think it's only fair."

    I wasn't going to argue with that so I swiftly unbuckled and pushed my pants down to free my menacing erection. Stella admired it unashamedly and Lia couldn't resist a sideways glance at my proud member, blushing when I began stroking it.

    "Okay, we'll let you beat off in front of us then we're all done here, deal?"

    At this point I suspected Stella was starting to enjoy this as much as I was so I was hesitant to let it end just yet.

    "I might need more than just tits to finish," I warned.

    "I'm sure we could think of something, just start stroking that big cock for us."

    Just her tone of voice in that moment made my cock twitch in my hand and I realised if I wasn't careful Stella would get me to ejaculate in no time at all.

    While Stella turned to face me, Lia was behind her still refusing to participate until Stella glanced over her shoulder.

    "Look the quicker he's done the sooner we can get outta here," she advised.

    With an exasperated sigh and roll of her eyes, Lia finally turned to face me. The two friends were now sat so close to each other their breasts were almost touching which gave me another idea.

    "If I can't touch couldn't you at least touch each other a little?"

    I tried not to sound too desperate in my request but it was difficult.

    "No wa—uhh—Stella!"

    Before Lia could even finish objecting, Stella had reached round her body and boldly grabbed both her breasts in her comparably tiny hands, squeezing them roughly and immediately making me jealous.

    "Hmm, you've got no idea how long I've been waiting to do this," she whispered in her ear.

    "Oh my God, this is too weird," Lia whined, blushing as her friend openly groped and played with her tits.

    Whatever Stella was doing definitely seemed to be working or Lia had incredibly sensitive breasts because before long she was clearly enjoying it, flushing red and panting when Stella began tweaking her hard, rubbery nipples.

    In fact in that moment Lia seemed to change entirely and without instruction suddenly turned to the side and kissed her friend directly on the lips! Stella was as surprised as I was but quickly composed herself and went along with it, letting their tongues mash together. It was an incredible sight and I couldn't help but imagine what those tongues would feel like working in tandem on my hard cock.

    "Look how hard we've made him," Stella whispered in her friend's ear, reminding her they still had an audience. "I bet he'd love to slide that cock between these big, soft tits right about now..."

    "Yeah, in his dreams..." Lia smirked, looking directly at me.

    "God damnit, you girls are gunna make me cum."

    "That's the idea isn't it?" Stella smiled.

    Suddenly I grabbed Stella's arm and pulled her to me to kiss her as passionately as Lia had. Instinctively her hand dropped down to replace mine wrapped around my thick cock, giving it a good squeeze while shoving her tongue down my throat. We kissed again until she pulled away and slid down my body.

    "You're lucky I'm so horny all the time," she winked before opening her mouth wide and burying her face in my lap.

    "Ugh—fuck yeah!" I grunted, jerking my hips up and burying my cock into the back of Stella's wanton throat.

    Before Lia could object I pulled her closer too and finally got my hands on her incredible rack before leaning down and taking one of her nipples into my mouth. Her eyes rolled back and her fingers ran through my hair, egging me on and holding me in place as she moaned.

    The sexy teen clearly loved having her tits played with and I was more than happy to accommodate while Stella eagerly blew me, treating me to one of the most intense, sloppiest blowjobs I'd ever had.

    With one hand on Lia's chest and the other in Stella's hair, firmly pushing her down I suddenly exploded in the back of her throat, firing my spunk down her throat and filling her hot mouth with jizz. Without missing a beat Stella accepted the lot and suddenly sat up and pounced on her BFF, pushing her onto her back and pressing her cum-covered lips on Lia and forcing her to share my load.

    "Mmmfpph—!" Lia complained, grimacing but with Stella pinning her down there was little she could do but accept it.

    It was so spontaneous and nasty I couldn't help but stay hard. With Stella bent over her friend I got a view straight up her dress and wasn't overly surprised to see she wasn't wearing any underwear.

    "You little slut..." I grinned to myself.

    Taking advantage of the compromising position she'd put herself in, I quickly moved in behind her, shoving her dress up to her waist and rubbed my cock up against her moist groove. I heard no objections from Stella as the girls continued making out, my load dribbling down their chins so I went right ahead and slammed my length into her tight cunt.

    I clenched my teeth and grabbed two handfuls of her thick, round ass and pumped away, her pussy was tight and dripping wet as I fucked her as hard as I could on top of her equally hot friend.

    I assumed at this point Lia would be doing everything she could to escape but on the contrary, I spotted her hand slipping into her own skirt to play.

    "Ugh—yeah fuck me! Fuck me hard, I can't take it!" Stella growled at me, pushing her ass back against me to get it deeper.

    Naturally I was more than happy to give her what she wanted, grabbing a fistful of hair and tugging her head back as I pummelled her from behind.

    "Yes! Nggh—yes. Fuck!" she cried, trailing off when she suddenly came.

    With Stella spent for the time being she rolled away letting me immediately turn my lust-filled attention onto Lia. With her on her back beneath me I unceremoniously tore her skirt away to reveal her hand buried in her panties.

    I hooked my fingers in and pulled them to the side to find her wet, shaved teen cookie, just as wet as Stella's but looking at her I somehow knew she'd be even tighter.

    I didn't waste any time lining my throbbing cock up with her small hole but hesitated at the nervous, slightly fearful look in her eyes. I slowed things down, teasing her wet entrance for a moment, splitting her delicate lips with the tip of my cock until she bit her lip and nodded, giving me the go ahead.

    "Please...just do it. Put it in and fuck me," she gasped as I slowly pushed forward and impaled her. "Oh god—"

    I kept going until her eyes rolled back when I filled her completely. As I'd expected she was an even tighter fit than Stella, her velvet cunt walls gripping my shaft like a glove as I pulled back and slammed back in, making her gasp and her tits jiggle enticingly.

    I gave her several long, deep thrusts until she smiled coyly up at me and reached for my hand to guide it to her throat, she was already wearing a choker so maybe I shouldn't have been so surprised.

    " little slut," I grunted as her eyes rolled back again when I squeezed a little on her throat and picked up the pace. "You're full of surprises."

    As it turned out the rougher I was with her the more animated she became, her drenched cunt making a lewd wet noise as I pummelled her into submission as hard as I could.

    In no time at all I had her legs pinned back as I pounded the sexy teen into my sofa, her nails dug into my back and she moaned loudly in my ear for more until she squealed her release, climaxing over my cock. She felt so good in that moment I almost considered letting loose and firing my second load deep into her warm, pulsing pussy but Stella had other ideas.

    Having recovered, she pulled me away from her friend and swiftly straddled me, guiding my shiny length back into her dripping cunt, much to Lia's annoyance.

    "Ugh—you bitch," she whined breathlessly.

    "I need this," Stella countered insatiably. "—need this big fucking cock inside me!"

    It was hard to argue with the new arrangement when she began riding me as enthusiastically and as skilfully as a professional. Stella slammed her thick ass down on me again and again, occasionally pausing to swivel and rock her hips.

    "Nggh—yes! Fuck. Feels so fucking good," she chanted as she neared her release.

    I jumped then when I suddenly felt Lia's breasts against my legs and her hand running up my thigh to gently massage my balls and a second later my eyes rolled back when I lifted Stella up and Lia didn't hesitate to eagerly take me into her hot, young mouth.

    "Mmm, yeah suck his dick, how do I taste?" Stella grinned over her shoulder as Lia nosily slurped and slobbered all over my pole.

    "Mmmpphhf—fucking amazing," she moaned around my cock. "...we should do this kind of thing more often."

    As quickly as she'd started she was guiding me back into Stella's cunt where she vigorously fucked me for a few minutes before lifting up to have Lia lick me clean again. The two energetic teenagers repeated the process until my mind was reeling and I almost felt like passing out.

    "You're gunna cum so fucking hard, aren't you?" Stella teased down at me while Lia was busy taking my cock deep down her throat.

    I didn't even have the energy to speak so simply nodded.

    "Good. You can finish inside me if you want, I like it."

    "You've had yours," I panted referring to the first load I'd shot into her throat. My gaze moved down to Lia. "I need those fucking tits."

    Thankfully Stella didn't argue the point and rolled off me and quickly directed her impressionable friend. With a playful smile Lia got into position and slowly wrapped her huge, soft breasts around my slick cock, almost making it disappear completely.

    "Fuck—yes..." I grunted, instinctively thrusting my cock between her tits.

    "C'mon shoot all over her," Stella encouraged before leaning over to flick her tongue against my sensitive tip.

    "Ugh. Yeah I want it," Lia added submissively. "I love it when a guy cums on my tits..."

    Her pleading tone finally set me off and I erupted. I came so hard the first spurt hit Stella in the face before she jumped back in surprise letting Lia take the rest. We all moaned erotically as I covered the pretty teen's face and chest in copious amounts of hot, sticky spunk.

    "So, we good?" Stella asked a few minutes later once we'd all caught our breath.


    "Are we good? Are you gunna sell us the stuff or what?"

    "Oh right." In truth I'd almost completely forgotten what they were here for. "...about that, I'm all out. You'll have to come back tomorrow."

    If looks could kill.

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    Shit... that hot little story.... I got check out Lia now.... thanks for new discovery

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    Fucking Hell.

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    I'm surprised Lia doesn't have more stories out there. A teenager with a body like that who openly flaunts it in pictures? I bet she's up for damn near anything.

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    So fucking good. You just gotta love how acting the slut suits Stella to a tee.

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