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Thread: "Take A Picture" with Katy Perry

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    fanfiction "Take A Picture" with Katy Perry

    Take A Picture
    With Katy Perry
    Written by Hearsz
    Codes: MF, mast, voy, oral, titfuck, spank, PTM

    WARNING: This FICTIONAL story contains sexually explicit situations. If you're under age or easily offended STOP READING!! Fantasy is Legal.

    I'd been following her for years. No I'm not a stalker. Taking pictures of Katy Perry is my job.

    I'm well aware that celebrities and members of the paparazzi certainly have a love-hate relationship. Some of these celebs lap it up, they enjoy playing up to the camera. Others understandably get sick of us constantly hounding them for photos, blocking their faces in case they're not at their best. But fortunately I hadn't done too much wrong to piss off the mega pop star Katy up until this point.

    When she was dating the likes of Russell Brand and John Mayer, I was the first to get the pictures when those respective relationships began. I even managed to take photos when she and Mayer had a full on blew outside the back of a nightclub in Downtown LA.

    That was one of those incidents where Miss Perry showed her displeasure towards me. It was after that very night that she never forgot my face, and she has acknowledged me a couple of times since, probably because I never forwarded on those aforementioned argument photos with Mayer, onto my boss.

    So in other words, they never went to print, and I think Katy appreciated that fact. In hindsight, it was an error on my part, as those kind of snaps would usually make the business I take photos for, quite a decent amount of coin. It was probably the only time I let my conscious intervene, feeling sorry for the Santa Barbara born singer.

    But then again, there's been other opportunities where I've made quite good money from taking photos of her ever since that night. I was lucky to get those snaps of her at Raging Waters in San Dimas, when her bikini underwear slipped to showcase her underrated backside to a bunch of fortunate onlookers. A few hours later, those pics were viewed by fans all around the world.

    The fact that several of the people present (mainly males) had also got photos of her alabaster derriere, made it virtually impossible for Katy to put the blame solely on my shoulders. That was certainly a highlight of my career so far, but business of late had been kind of slow on what I would refer to as "Katy Watch".

    Even though she can still pull a big crowd wherever she goes, the spotlight in the past couple of years have seemed to shine even more brightly on the likes of Taylor Swift and Beyoncé. I'm sure that it hasn't deterred Katy though. She's already made it in the music industry, and probably feels she has nothing much left to prove.

    Something that hasn't happened so far in my career, as is the norm with a lot of big name celebrities, is getting that incredibly rare topless or if you're even more fortuitous, a full body nude shot.

    Sitting in my brand new Toyota Tarago outside her lavish Hollywood home, my eyebrows raised when she hopped into her car, wearing what looked like attire specifically for the beach. When I woke up this morning, in no way was I expecting her to be dressed like this, despite the warm weather this week in Southern California.

    This would be the day that I'd been looking forward to, ever since I was given this assignment...


    Trailing her from a distance, Katy usually knew when I was following her, and would normally nod in my direction when she got out of her car. But she didn't do that this time when she pulled up at the beach, obviously my new set of wheels throwing her off my scent. It seemed unusual not to see any other members of the paparazzi down here with me, as this felt like one of the rare times in the last twelve months that Katy had made a trek down to the beach, anywhere in the world.

    After half an hour of taking pictures of Katy frolicking in the ocean, lathering up her body in sunscreen, and lying on her back to get a nice tan, it seemed as though it was going to be just another standard set of bikini photos I was going to be taking of her. Not that I was complaining. I was seemingly the only person within an earshot of her on what looked like a pretty secluded beach, the buxom singer all alone on the short stretch of sand. But things were about to change in the grandest of fashions.

    Hiding in amongst a thicket of palm trees, I thought my eyes were deceiving me when Katy, still laying on her back upon a beach towel, parted her rounded thighs, and slithered her fingers along her pale white belly. She then trembled them in between her still wet from the ocean, and over her bikini covered mound.

    I was grateful that my dazed mind had retained even the slightest amount of focus, just so it could remind me I was there to take photos. That way, when I checked them later, I could confirm for sure that Katy Perry was indeed teasing her pussy, even with her bikini bottoms still on. But even that didn't seem to be enough for the pop star, soon dipping her oily fingers underneath the waistband of her tiny bikini underwear.

    I was clicking my camera like crazy, knowing that I'd be keeping the unused snaps for my own personal collection, to peruse again and again in the future. If I thought that witnessing Katy Perry masturbating on a beach was a mind blowing sight, it was just about to get even better. Looking through the lens, I had it zoomed in on her delicious half nude figure. With one hand still in between her legs, the other seemed to slide up to cup one of her massive globes, teasing her aroused nipple through the silken material with her fingertip.

    I felt my cock twitch as I continued being a discreet voyeur, perspiration forming on my brow and having to undo the top two buttons of my collared shirt just to get some fresh air in there. And then the moment that I thought would never eventuate. Katy lifted her body up slightly, had a good look to see if anyone was around, and when she thought the coast was clear, unclasped her bikini top so her large famous chest was there in the open for my disbelieving eyes to appreciate.

    They were just as spectacular as I thought they would be. She hadn't seen me as yet, and when these pictures I was taking went to print, hopefully by then I'd be on holiday somewhere overseas so she wouldn't be able to hunt me down! She was guaranteed to be mega pissed at me for sharing her glorious chest with anyone who was interested to see just how great those tits really were.

    Like any horny male, I was always attracted to her large, succulent breasts. Considering I'd been taking photos of her for the past few years and then spent numerous hours going over those said pics as soon as I got home, it's fair to say that I'd knocked one out quite a number of times. I would simply fantasise about what I'd love to do to her milky jugs if she ever gave me the chance.

    Of course, that kind of fantasy was absurd to think I could turn into a reality, especially as most celebrities saw us as the enemy. Nevertheless, being the first member of the paparazzi to get these much sought after photos wasn't a bad consolation prize. I momentarily thought of blackmailing her, in exchange for some sexual favours from the pretty eyed singer, but in all honesty it wasn't my style. I'm more the type of guy that would rather have them genuinely want to sleep with me rather than force Katy by virtue of the naked photos I'd taken of her.

    My dick was now straining against the inside of my jeans when the singer began rubbing some cream into her ample tits. Aside from knowing exactly what I'd be jerking off to later that night, the other thing I could see clearly were the dollar signs flashing in my own eyes, knowing I'd be making a fortune from these priceless snaps.

    Seeing Katy's pouty mouth open wide as she seemingly dipped a finger inside her sex, as well as her feet dig into the soft sand, took me by surprise, to the point I felt my entire body freeze up. Unexpectedly, I felt my nose twitch, and with absolute horror, I knew what was coming next. With no way of stopping myself, I sneezed incredibly loud, giving myself away.

    Sure enough, the "Firework" singer looked over in my direction, quickly covering her entire body with her sandy towel. She was angrily yelling every obscenity under the sun as I picked up my equipment and scurried off, heading up the hill towards my car. I was shaking as I fidgeted with my set of keys, trying desperately to get the main one into the ignition. Once I did, I took off in a flash, flooring the pedal and looking in my rear view mirror to see if Katy had caught a glimpse of me up close before I could depart.

    With a sigh of relief, she hadn't seen me, and I was in the clear.

    Once I steadied the wheel and drew my attention towards the long, winding road ahead of me, I knew I couldn't wait to get home to go over the photos I had just taken. Thinking about them made it incredibly hard to remain focussed for more than a few seconds at a time. Seeing those lovely plump tits of hers for the first time had raised my blood pressure and knowing I was nearly caught by the horny celeb had gotten my heart racing.

    I knew right away just how momentous this day was. How it would change my future for the better. Any hot blooded male wanted to see her uncovered jugs if the chance was there to be had. And now it was possible, all thanks to me.

    There was already a Facebook page solely dedicated to her mountainous rack. So imagine how people would react when they got to see what they looked like without them being covered by the several kinds of sexy outfits she had worn over the years.


    Entering my house, I locked the door, threw my bag on the kitchen bench and set my laptop on the coffee table in my living room. Sliding the memory card into my computer, I only had to wait a minute or so for them to load. Luckily they all turned out perfect, not a single blurry capture taken. As I went through the photos, deep down I knew there was no way I could possibly wait until later that night. So without hesitation I slid down my pants, whipped out my cock and started jerking off to these rare topless pics of Katy Perry's most envied assets.

    Given how hard she had made me down at the beach, and the fact I still had a boner on the drive home, it only took me a minute or two to
    knock one out, my eyes clenched shut as I came. I imagined a long strand of my seed landing in between and upon each of her perfect round globes.

    Over the next half hour, I'd used that time to edit some of the best pictures so they were all ready to go to print on our site by day's end.
    But before I could get the chance to email them to the boss, there was a flurry of knocks at my front door.

    I presumed it was my bastard of a landlord, coming to collect my overdue rent. Without thinking I went to go and open it, and found little time to react when a furious Katy Perry stormed into my apartment instead.

    "Alright Hank, where are they??" she demanded, a hand on her hip and a not so pleasant look on her face.

    I had been caught out, despite my initial belief that I'd gotten away scot free. I tried to play dumb to what she was referring to.

    "What are you talking about??"

    "Don't play dumb with me Hank, I know what you saw. Just give me the pictures and you won't get hurt".

    I had to hold in a laugh at that comment. The thing was, even though Katy was a tough girl, I was not only bigger than her, but certainly stronger.

    "I can't do that Miss Perry. Taking photos is a big part of my job. If you were so worried about me taking these kind of snaps then you should've gone to a more private place don't you think?"

    My goading of her certainly infuriated the pop star even more. But deep down she knew I was right. Trying to use a different tact, she was now practically begging me not to forward the pictures I'd taken to my boss.

    "Please Hank. If they go to print, my career will be ruined. I'll pay you whatever you want for them” she implored, flicking her eyelashes in the hope I would cave in.

    This was the first time I'd been alone with Katy, as every other time we'd seen each other was in public, usually with other photographers or members of the public in our presence. So despite the surrealism of the situation, I managed to not bow down to the pressure or guilt she was trying to force upon me.

    "It's not about the money Katy. I'll make plenty from the sale of these snaps anyway. Once they go to print, I'll be regarded as a legend amongst the paparazzi community! I mean, this will be the biggest thing that's happened since The Fappening! So I'm not sure there's really anything you can offer me that would make me simply hand them over to you".

    In a panic, and knowing her somewhat clean celebrity reputation was on the line, Katy did the only thing she thought could change my mind.

    "You sure about that?" she asked, pulling the top of her summery dress down so her large, supple double D breasts were out on display, the singer not even wearing a bra.


    I stood there, completely entranced by how full and firm Katy's breasts were up close. It was nothing like seeing them at a distance or through my camera lens as I had down at the beach. They were two large teardrop shaped bosoms, with the perfect amount of sag to them. Her areolae's were the size of a dime, and her nipples were hard, dark pink, and looked oh so suckable.

    I was nervous as the seductive looking singer moved toward me, sliding her top down her body until it was pooled around her feet, kicking off her shoes so she was left in just the same bikini bottoms she wore earlier on.

    Katy's tender breasts hypnotically bounced as she walked, and before I knew it, I was backed against a wall, with her up close to me.

    "Go on Hank. Touch them, I know you really want to".

    Katy had me right where she wanted me. I was so mesmerised by her horny manner that I forgot all about why I was so eager to not hand over the photos I'd taken. She took both my hands, placing them on her soft, supple globes, her fat nipples pressing into my palms. I could feel my cock elongating as I squeezed her mountainous chest baubles, tightening my thumb and fingers into her impressive milky orbs.

    "Mmm, that feels nice..." she murmured with a deep breathy voice, " with my nipples”.

    I did so, pinching both which made Katy illicit a sharp squeal. As I continued to tweak the stiff nubs, my hips involuntary shook when I felt her hands beginning to unbuckle my pants.

    "You must be so hard right now Hank. Here, let me help you with that".

    I squeezed her tits even tighter when Katy pushed my pants down my legs so only my underwear was hiding my evident boner. To tease me further, Katy used her fingertips to trace the shape of my torpedo shaped member through my underwear, trying to rile me up even further and get me to cum.

    Unbeknownst to her, I'd already jerked off just before she had arrived so it would take more than this kind of treatment for me to blow my load again so soon. Knowing thar I had some sense of will power, Katy turned things up a notch, sliding my undies off so my thick, invigorated cock sprung out, much to her surprise.

    "Mmm, very nice. And to think, it probably gets this nice and hard whenever you think about me right?" she smirked.

    "Uhhh shit" I hissed when her warm, manicured fingers gripped my throbbing tool, stroking me which made my legs tighten up.

    As I continued to squeeze and massage her famous chest, Katy began wanking me faster. She leaned up close to me so her soft, glossy lips were next to my ear, licking my lobe then whispering,

    "I want you to cum for me Hank. But not until I've had your cock inside my hot, wet, mouth..."

    "GRRRR Geezus!!!" I grimaced, trying to think of anything incredibly boring not to cum.

    As my mind started going through basketball results, long division and the works of Shakespeare, Katy was now on her knees below me, looking up with those large, blue saucers. She didn't say a word, but simply pushed my foreskin back so my bulbous purple head was twitching with anticipation. Pre-cum oozed out of the slit, and I shuddered when Katy used her hard tongue to lick it off the spongy tip.

    "Mmm, yummy.." she said, before licking all around the crown, swabbing her tongue along the sensitive skin, before opening her soft, plump lips wide to take the fat swollen head inside her heavenly mouth.

    "Ohh Geezus...!"

    Katy was looking up at me with those dazzling blue eyes of hers as she slurped on my shaft, then alternating between encircling the spongy head with her tongue and tea bagging my sensitive balls.

    "Come on baby, I know you wanna cum..." she devilishly teased, licking the sensitive underside of my dick.

    Remembering that Katy was playing with herself down at the beach reminded me that I'd stopped her from trying to get off. With that in mind, I figured she too would have had some unfinished business that I could help her take care of.

    As she continued to blow me, I leaned over her shoulder, reached down her back, and slid a hand underneath her panties until I could feel her wet, sticky labia. When she knew where my hand was going, the singer hummed around my cock lodged inside her mouth. I double fingered her moistened hole as my cocktip bumped against the opening of her throat.

    "Grhlrhl!!" she mumbled, gagging on my lodged member.

    I penetrated her mouth again and continued to finger bang her loosening twat, her saliva dripping out from her lips onto her chin as I had my way with her pretty face. Her jaw no doubt ached from the oral exercise, so Katy decided to change things up.

    "How about you have a go at these now?" she suggested, moving up to close her succulent breasts around my stiff cock. She cupped either side of her firm tits and pressed them tightly together, my cock buried in her wonderful cleavage.

    "Fuck my tits Hank. I know you're dying to" Katy insisted, a look of lustful desire in her eyes.

    I didn't hesitate, putting each hand on her shoulders and moving my saliva lubricated cock fast as I titty fucked Katy Perry. Every so often she would dribble down some spit to further grease up my thrusting tool. This allowed me to continue the slick motion I had going on.

    "Fuck this feels amazing" I grunted, saying out loud what was on my mind.

    "How about I make it better stud?" the topless brunette uttered.

    I watched on with awe as she bent her face down, opened her mouth, and took the head my cock in her mouth as I continued to slide in between her juicy tits.

    "Holy fuck!!" I exclaimed, ecstatic at the sight and feelings going on down below.

    "Do it baby! Cum all over my tits and in my mouth!"

    Despite blowing my load earlier, I couldn't help but lose it again, the whole scene that was playing out eventually getting the better of me.

    "Uhhhh" I grunted as I came, ejaculating whatever reserves I had left upon her soft lips and glazing her glorious tits.

    When my deflating member was removed from her tits and mouth, I slumped to my knees, my legs feeling like jelly.

    "We're not done yet Hank. You've got me craving for more than just your fingers down here. Besides, I haven't had sex in weeks and I've been dying to get laid!"

    Well that explained why she was touching herself down at the beach earlier on.

    Katy laid down on the couch in front of me, sliding down her bikini bottoms and revealing a neatly trimmed landing strip of hair, above her hot glistening cunt.

    "Give me your cock and fuck me until I squirt all over you" she yearned, spreading her sculptured legs apart as I approached her.

    I was still hard, but not as erect as I’d hoped I’d be. But that was all about to change as I leaned over her, the voluptuous singer jerking my tool to help with my arousal. To my surprise she kissed me as she did this, rolling her saucy tongue around the inside of my mouth. It was a deep passionate kiss, copious amounts of our saliva mixing in together. I moaned into her mouth when she began rubbing my semi-hard length against her slimy folds, my sensitive member getting all greased up in her juices.

    “Fill me up Hank. Give it to me nice and hard…”

    Pleasurably and painfully, I inserted my re-hardened cock inside Katy’s soft velvety glove, burying inch after inch inside her warm honey pot.
    Thankfully she was incredibly wet on the inside as well, which allowed me to penetrate her easily and drive my entire length all the way in until my balls rested against the cheeks of her derriere.

    “Fuck me baby! Make me cum…” she whispered to me as my forehead was pressed against hers.

    I did as she asked, withdrawing my cock so just the tip remained inside, then slamming it all the way which made her scream erotically.

    “Unghhh! Aiiii!! Yes!!!”

    As I rhythmically pumped my length inside the heaving singer, I couldn’t help but take both of her huge wobbling jugs in my hands as I pounded her on my sofa. Her legs were spread wide, flailing about as I throttled balls deep inside of her. I couldn’t help but tease her fat nipples with my tongue as I fucked her, making her groan inwardly when my teeth intentionally grazed the sensitive nub. Katy's creamy minge drenched my cock, and even though she moaning a storm, she asked me to pull out.

    “Wait wait… Not yet, just give me a second” Katy asked as I hopped off of her, sitting beside her and giving her a moment to recover.

    But whilst she was letting the building orgasm inside of her subside, she wanted to make sure I was still ready for her when the time came for us to continue.

    “Stay hard for me Hank” she asked, stroking my glistening tool and even leaning over my waist to suck me deep into her hot little mouth.

    “Holy fuck” I grimaced, the cum loving slut cupping my balls and nonchalantly tasting her own juices on my pulsing staff.

    Katy moved so she was now facing me, straddling my waist as she rested her hands on my shoulders. I held her slim waist with both hands, Katy closing her eyes and opening her mouth as she impaled my entire cock.

    “Ohhh fuck it’s so deep in there!” she cried, her hips adjoined and those massive twins pressed against my chest.

    Wanting to relight the fire that was burning in her loins, Katy rocked her hips and ass upon my like a belly dance, riding my penis as if it were a pogo stick. I groped her plump backside, pounding her pussy by thrusting upwards to meet her downstrokes.

    "Spank my ass! Make me feel it!"

    I didn't even think about it, sharply slapping Katy's fleshy buttock, making her gasp and feeling her cunt muscles tighten around my embedded cock.
    She straightened up, my hands releasing her sweaty ass cheeks to allow her to ride me, those magnificent boobs bouncing hypnotically above me.

    Katy had a look of satisfied bliss on her face, her head lolling from side to side as she rocked her hips in a clockwise motion. She bent her body back slightly, running her fingers through her long silky brown hair, gyrating her body in a slow sensual manner.

    "So so good" she cried as her undulating hips moved faster, squelching noises coming from her pussy juices plunging down on my saturated member.

    "Oh God, don't stop fucking me!!" she wailed, her tits bouncing and the rest of her body vibrating.

    Katy rubbed her clit just as her climax arrived, the songstress cumming one hell of a proper flood upon me.

    "Oh my god... Oh My God..." she continually shouted through her orgasm, squirting her love potion, so much so I could feel it in between my thighs, all the way down to my ass.

    Katy lay her head upon my chest, laying her sweaty body and massive chest against me, my semi-hard member still nestled inside her soaked box.

    "I must say Hank, you sure are one good fuck. It's just a shame things have to end on a sour note" a seemingly exhausted Katy said as she disengaged her sticky body from mine.

    "Sour? How do you mean?" I asked, somewhat confused.

    And with that, the straight appreciative look on her face suddenly turned into one of evil intent as her fist clenched, Katy knocking me out with one fierce right hook to the face...


    I awoke later with a sore head, groggy after having my lights punched out, Katy taking advantage of my vulnerable position.

    And to make matters worse, it didn't take long for me to realise that my laptop and camera was gone, as were my hopes and dreams of being the next most talked about member of the paparazzi...


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    He probably got what he both respects ;-)

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    Another thoroughly enjoyable read! Brilliant stuff mate.:thumbsupp:

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    Glad your still writing

    great story

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    Quote Originally Posted by king View Post
    Glad your still writing

    great story
    Cheers king (and everyone else).
    I'm never short of story ideas/scenarios, it's being more creative and unique with the way I write the sex scenes that I find quite difficult at times. Onto the next story!

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    Great story, but as an American, I had to look up wtf a Toyota Tarago is. We don't have those here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pyw View Post
    Great story, but as an American, I had to look up wtf a Toyota Tarago is. We don't have those here.
    Damn really? Well let's just say that Hank got it especially imported to the States, which cost him a small fortune, hence why he was behind in paying his rent. That work?

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    Another great story!

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    I knew I chose the wrong profession. Not a problem. I'll start now

    You're on a roll man. Can't wait for your future updates. :yea:

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