So I got this idea... (from the photo she posted) Pre-Golden Globes

You work for a company that supplies celebrities with jewlery for the Golden Globes.
Hours before the event, you arrive to Hailee's room with a bag full of jewels for a "fitting."
All this really is, is a chance for celebs to pick and try on various diamonds with their outfits.
You arrive to Hailee's hotel room only to be greeted by her wearing nothing but a robe.

Hailee quickly dismisses her staff as you join her in the bedroom and watch her try on some necklaces.
She asks you for help, and in the process you quickly determined that she indeed is naked under her robe.
In fact at one point the robe falls froward flashing you her erect nipple, but she doesn't seem to care.
She then surprised you by asking if she can wear a diamond encrusted anklet.

You then help slip it on her foot, and are rewarded with an upskirt and a glimpse of her (shaved) pussy.
Hailee then makes her selections, but you explained that some of the items are already booked.
It's only when you tell her who they're for (Emma Stone) that her demeanor changes.
Suddenly Hailee becomes a lot more flirtatious and flashes you a lot more of her body.

As it turns out Hailee and Emma have a long running feud, back from their casting couch days.
"What'll it take for you to let me wear this necklace instead?" she teases.
To prove how determined she is Hailee drops the robe to the floor and walks around in nothing but her heels.
She then takes a seat, spreads her legs and proceeds to put on a show for you, playing with herself.

You finally walk over and jam your hard cock in her mouth, and revel at her super sloppy, wet blowjob.
You then proceed to fuck her senseless, before blowing a load across her belly.

LATER, you could have a part where Hailee gets drunk and forgets to return your jewels?
So you end up chasing her around the after party, and track her down to another party with Sophie Turner.
...and end up banging them both, before taking your stones off her body and leaving.