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    fanfiction "Lovefool" with Elisha Cuthbert

    With Elisha Cuthbert
    Written by Hearsz
    Codes: MF, cheat, foot job, BJ, cunn, dirty talk, anal play, cream pie

    WARNING: This FICTIONAL story contains sexually explicit situations. If you're under age or easily offended STOP READING!! Fantasy is Legal.

    N/B: This story is set nine months before Elisha gets pregnant (whenever that may be!) Also, the following story has been written from two perspectives. They are colour coded to distinguish one from the other, one being from the reader's, the other from "Adam's", the main male character. Hopefully it all makes sense as I wanted to try something different this time around.

    Elisha Cuthbert and her husband had been trying to get pregnant for a year now. Things career-wise had slowed down for the petite Canadian actress, and after a few years of marriage to Dion, she felt like the relationship needed something extra added to it. Cuthbert was getting closer to her mid-thirties, and her biological clock was ticking louder than ever before.

    But after countless attempts, she was unable to conceive. This led to friction between the pair, especially as her husband refused to get himself checked out to see if there was indeed something wrong with his sperm. The matter was clearly stressing the couple out, more so Elisha who was convinced that there was certainly problems on Dion's part that stopped her from getting pregnant.

    So they both decided to have a few days away from each other to calm down their emotions, Elisha returning to her home town in Calgary to visit family. She didn't want them to know the problems she and her husband were having, and decided to stay at an apartment the couple had bought a few miles from her parents home.

    It had been a few months since she last visited here and not much had changed. The former "24" star was able to walk the streets without being recognised. She did get the odd glance or double take, but other then that, Elisha was able to enter the market without being interrupted. Had it been ten or even five years earlier, then she surely would have had more than a few fans stop her for a selfie or an autograph.

    She was more than happy that her career was no longer at the heights they were a decade ago, as it gave her the opportunity to somewhat live a normal life again. As she was going through some fruit at one of the stalls, someone called out her name from behind, the blonde sighing to herself after finally being noticed.


    "Elisha?" I asked, hoping I hadn't mistaken her for someone else.

    She turned with a blank stare, and when my eyes caught hers, that's when I was sure it was the pretty girl I'd grown up with through a majority of my teens.

    "Adam??" she replied, more than a little surprised to run into me.

    Elisha had been my first girlfriend, all the way through high school. We broke it off when she told me that she was moving to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. We never kept in touch, which I thought was for the best as I felt it would be too much to bare being away from her and doing the long distance thing.

    She still looked as gorgeous as I remembered. I naturally had followed her career, but this was the first time in nearly twenty years we had seen each other. I'd be lying if I said that I still didn't have feelings for her, but noticing the wedding ring on her left hand checked me back into reality, for any possible second chances I may have thought I had with her.

    "So what are you doing, here of all places?" I asked.

    "Just getting a few things, and taking a break to see family. I must say, you're looking well, certainly bulked up since the last time we saw each other" she said, playfully petting my arm.

    "Yeah I try to stay in shape" I replied, loving the way Elisha was looking me up and down.

    "So I heard you got married a couple of years back?" I blurted out.

    "Yeah I did, I mean we did".

    "He plays pro Ice Hockey right? The big guy?"

    "You mean Dion? Yeah that's him. You know I've always had a thing for tall guys" she said with a sparkle in her eye.

    "And kids on the way?"

    My forwardness to know about her personal life seemed to change the mood of the conversation. She ignored the question, changing the subject quickly.

    "Look I'm sorry but I have to be somewhere, I'm already late. I'm here for a few days, but do you want to catch up over coffee?"

    "Sure! That'd be great!" I said a little too enthusiastically.

    We exchanged phone numbers and later on that night, Elisha text to give me the details of a coffee shop not far from where she was currently staying.


    The next day...

    "Sorry I'm late, had a few issues to sort out" Elisha said as she sat down at the table with Adam in the pre-chosen coffee shop. She seemed flustered as she threw her handbag on the counter.

    "Anything you want to talk about?" Adam asked.

    The "House of Wax" actress was dressed casually in a pair of blue jeans and loose fitting white top, showing off a little cleavage thanks to a push up bra she wore underneath. Even though she hadn't really dressed to impress, she still looked as alluring as ever to Adam, and he felt a warm tingly feeling surging throughout his body.

    "Just some personal issues. Look I'm sorry to rush out on you like that yesterday. I guess I really needed someone to chat to about what's been going on and you caught me at a bad time. Dion and I just spoke on the phone before I got here. We had a huge fight".

    "What was it over?"

    "We've been trying to have kids for a while now and, it just seems like in recent weeks he's been really nonchalant about the whole thing. I really wanna have kids but I get the feeling he's hiding something from me. We've tried, believe you me. But I think he might have trouble with his, well you know.."

    Elisha made it obvious that she was referring to her partner's 'swimmers'.

    "I pressed him about it just now and he went ballistic at me! I wanted him to go see a doctor and he flipped out and hung up on me. I tried to call him back but he switched his phone off".

    Adam could tell she was getting quite hysterical, noticing that other people in the coffee shop were drawn towards their conversation. He had a way with people, having studied psychology in college. Putting his arm around her, he assured her that everything would work out fine, just as her early pursuit for an acting career had.

    "Come on now. The Elisha I remember was always positive, even in the worst of situations. I know we haven't stayed in touch Leesh, but, you were so adamant that you were going to make it and you did just that. You two can find a way to resolve this. Just give it some time".

    His words seemed to calm her down, the actress getting control of her emotions and thanking Adam for being so understanding.

    "Not the best way to re-unite after all this time huh?" she laughed half-half-heartedly.

    "Think nothing of it. I'm just happy I got to see you again" he replied with sincerity.

    "I can't believe it. Twenty years has passed and you still get me".

    She gave a big smile back, showing off her pearly whites and cute little dimples. Adam and Elisha exchanged details about what they had been doing over the past two decades. He told her about his travels for work and living abroad for a few years.

    "So you have a girlfriend?" Elisha asked, leaning forward with intrigue as he answered her question.

    "Just broke off a five year relationship actually. Don't ever try long distance relationships hey? They never work".

    There was a deafening silence between them as they were both thinking the exact same thing - the day she decided to move several miles away to Los Angeles all those years ago.

    "I'm sorry, that came out wrong" Adam backtracked.

    "It's cool, I know you didn't mean to. Believe me, I thought of coming home so many times. But don't think I didn't miss you because I did!" she assured him, resting her hand on his.

    They obviously still had a strong attraction to each other, but Adam knew that was all it would ever be, now that she was married.


    As her hand eventually left mine, I asked,

    "So when are you heading back?"

    "In a couple of days from now, so Friday".

    "I don't know if it's wrong of me to ask, but, could I take you out for dinner tomorrow night before you leave? For old times sake?"

    I was a little nervous in asking her, a slight stammer clearly evident in my voice. I mean, I was asking a married woman out on a date. I just hoped the fact that we had history together, didn't make Elisha think I had ulterior motives. And because she had been having problems with her husband and how much she was enjoying my company I think, maybe helped influence her decision.

    "I'd love too" she replied with a heart warming smile. It was the kind of response that made me feel like I'd done her a huge favour, to continue to help Elisha take her mind off of things.


    Adam parked his car outside Elisha's apartment, just as she made her way out to the street kerb.

    "Wow..." he said in shock, looking incredibly radiant, wearing a tight white dress, a little make-up, and her golden blonde hair done up in a bun.

    "Thanks. You're looking pretty strapping yourself" she complimented back.

    "Shall we?" he asked, curling his arm for her to lock hers around.

    The pair walked the short distance to a Teppanyaki restaurant Elisha had recommended. Given the night of the week, the place wasn't overly busy, which meant they got their meals pretty quickly.

    Over a three course dinner they shared a bottle of red wine, and Adam let Elisha talk about her long career to this point, mainly discussing why "Happy Endings" had not being renewed for another season.

    After a second bottle of red wine had been consumed, dessert followed, Elisha trying to fit an overly large piece of cream and jam filled cake into her mouth. She humorously flicked her tongue out to lick up some of the white substance that was on the corner of her lips.

    Once the bill was paid, Elisha and Adam headed out of the restaurant and around the block back to her place, the night sky free of clouds though there was an evident chill in the air. As they reached the front door of her apartment block, Adam wondered how long it would be this time, until he could hang out with Elisha again. But she wasn't quite ready for the night to end.

    "Say.. It's only nine thirty, would you wanna come up and see the apartment" she asked, toying with her keys as she awaited his response.

    "Sounds good" he replied, elated inside that the night wasn't over just yet. He wasn't thinking that anything sexual could possibly happen from here, as she hadn't given those kind of signals over dinner.

    "Nice place" Adam said as he surveyed each room.

    "Thanks, we finally got it fully furnished a couple of months ago. Have a seat and I'll get us something to drink".

    Adam did so, getting comfortable as Elisha fished through the items in her liquor cabinet to retrieve another bottle of wine. Turning his head to look over his shoulder, Adam leered at her for a few seconds as his childhood sweetheart had bent over so her nice round ass was the centre of his focus. What made his mouth water even more was seeing her red thong peeking out from the top of her skirt.

    Adam composed himself as she uncorked the expensive bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon, reminding himself that she was still a married woman, regardless of the problems she and Dion had been having. Elisha picked up the stereo remote to turn on some easy listening music that played in the background of their conversation. If Adam was turned on by what he just seen a few moments ago, then watching Elisha remove her shoes so she could flex her toes, didn't make things any easier.

    Seeing those smooth soles of her pedicured feet made his cock involuntarily twitch. Adam thought she'd always had the sexiest little feet he'd ever laid eyes on, and clearly he had been right about that, given she was at one point a foot model.

    "Do you ever think about what life would have been like if I hadn't left?"

    Adam was a little surprised that she would ask this, but more so how he was going to answer the question.

    "Quite a lot actually. I kind of wish sometimes that I went with you. But hey, you obviously made the right decision. I mean, look where you've ended up!"

    "I know, but, I often imagine how much better it could have been for you if you had been there with me. How much better it would have been for us".

    Adam didn't know what to say, and as he took a long time to think of something to respond with, he could see that something was playing on her mind.

    "You alright Leesh? You seem kind of lost in thought" Adam said, noticing that she stared blankly at the wall.

    Elisha was concocting a devious plan in her head. Seeing Adam again for the first time made all the memories from her youth come flooding back.

    "I'm fine, just thought I'd forgotten to do something. More wine?" she asked, not even waiting for him to answer by re-filling his glass.


    Over the next half an hour, we were both incredibly relaxed, laughing and reminiscing about the past. I'd lost count of how much wine I had consumed, not that it really mattered, I was really enjoying being with Elisha again.

    "So it's getting late and you're probably in no condition to drive. If you want you can crash here if you'd like?"

    She was right. I was pretty drunk and I would probably be unable to stand up, let alone drive a car.

    "I'll take you up on that offer I think. This couch seems pretty comfortable" I replied, patting the velvet cushions.

    "I won't hear of it. I want you sleeping in my bed tonight Adam" she insisted, before leaning over to give me a soft peck on the lips.

    I instinctively counter acted by kissing her back, giving into my deepest desires for the "Captivity" star. We made out passionately, hungrily duelling tongues and feeling up one another's bodies. The taste and scent of red wine quite evident on her lips and on her breath. I'd dreamed of this moment for the longest time, although not under these particular circumstances. Though I couldn't help but feel a little guilty about what we were doing.

    "Wait, wait Leesh. Are you sure we should be doing this? I mean, I want to, I really do, but what about Dion?"

    I was feeling a little conflicted. Somehow Elisha and I managed to never have sex when we dated, given our young age at the time. If we continued on with this it would hardly be a guilt free night for either of us. And I also doubted whether she would come running into his arms if her husband ever found out she'd been unfaithful.

    "Forget about Dion. I've only been thinking about you ever since seeing you at the markets the other day. Don't you want me too?" she seductively asked.

    Elisha continued to kiss me, the blonde vixen incredibly horny, grinding her body against mine. I tried to somewhat fend her off as I was still a little reluctant if this was leading towards where I thought it might.

    "I need to know for sure that you're okay with this. I just don't want you telling me in the morning that this was a mistake, or that you'll have a go at me for taking advantage of you".

    She knew that there was only really one way to put an end to my hesitance. Taking my hand, Elisha swung her knees apart and guided my fingers in between her thighs, skimming my digits along her silk panties. I gasped when I felt how dripping wet she was through her underwear.

    "Tonight only, let's do and say the things we always wanted to" she purred, drowning her blue eyes into mine.


    Elisha swigged down the last drop of red wine in her glass, before setting it down on the table. Standing up, she pulled him up off of the sofa and walked the nervous Adam down the hall towards her dimly lit bedroom. She had him sit on the bed and asked Adam to remove all his clothing aside from his underwear.

    "I'll be back in a minute" she said with a sexy little grin, kissing him again before disappearing into her walk-in wardrobe, through to her bathroom ensuite.

    As Elisha went to freshen up, Adam shed all his clothes except for his boxers, his cock was hard as a rock, a clear tent shape in his silk boxer shorts. He waited patiently for her return, his head in a daze, wondering if this all was really happening.

    Meanwhile, Elisha had reapplied her lipstick to make her lips look fuller, and sprayed herself with some sweet perfume. She wanted this moment to be perfect, especially if she wanted everything to play out how she had imagined in her mind. That included choosing some enticing, sexy lingerie to change into, just for Adam's eyes only.


    "You ready?" she called out.

    "Sure am!" I anxiously replied.

    Stepping out and back into the bedroom, I felt my heart skip a beat at the sight before me. Elisha stood in the doorway, her lovely legs sexily dressed in sheer black stockings, held up by a garter belt. The tight looking red corset she was wearing exposed her soft white stomach, which was above her tiny black thong.

    Her lustrous golden blonde hair was dishevelled, contributing to her overall seductive look. She was a living, breathing wet dream, and I could feel my hard-on throb inside my silk shorts. Without a word, Elisha leaned forward, hooking her thumbs into each side of her thong, then sliding them down her delicious legs.

    "I'm all wet down there. Actually, I have been ever since we got to the restaurant. Mind if I join you?" she asked as she rubbed her fingers against her slimy lower lips.

    I nodded with a dopey look on my face. Elisha hopped in the bed and snuggled up beside me, quickly making out with me and taking a hold of my hand.

    "Touch me" she implored as she parted her creamy thighs.

    I ran my fingers over her smooth hairless snatch, easily slipping two fingers inside her soaking box.

    "Oh God! Rub my clit!"

    I did so, using my thumb to pleasure her sensitive little nub, which made her hump upon my embedded digits.

    "Ohhh, unghh" she moaned, the sound of my fingers plunging in and out of her soaking cunt, echoing throughout the room.

    "Ohhh Adam! Please, eat my pussy" she forcefully begged, pushing my head down and in between her splayed thighs.

    The horny actress clamped her legs around my head to lock me in place, groaning out loud as my mouth and tongue orally targeted her juicy pink.

    "Oh God your tongue.." Elisha sighed, biting her bottom lip as I probed at her delicious hole.

    I really got her juices flowing, cupping her ass under her skirt as I tongue fucked her much to her satisfaction.

    “Oh yes! Get me nice and wet for when you fuck me with that big hard cock of yours!”

    The alcohol was obviously making her more vocal and free to use obscenities that she may not have had she'd been sober. I licked her inner pink flower, up to her throbbing clit, then all the way down her slit and even over her twitching rosebud. I kept doing this until she exploded her warm release all over my face, squirting harder than any woman that I'd performed cunnilingus on previously.


    Once she regained some strength, Elisha removed her corset so her soft supple breasts and toned stomach were revealed. She giggled as Adam went straight for her white succulent chest, flicking his tongue over the "Happy Endings" actresses highly aroused nipples.

    “You are so god damned beautiful you know that?”, Adam blurted out, no longer hiding his sheer lust for the blonde beauty.

    “Take your pants off for me Adam, and let me get you all warmed up”, she requested, running her fingers along the long bulge in his pants.

    As he slid off his last item of clothing, Elisha made her way down to the floor in front of him, kneeling just as his long thick cock was unveiled. Not only did he have a fit physique, Adam was hung like a horse! She briefly wondered if she ended up with the wrong guy. Adam also admired her naked body, the former FHM Covergirl keeping in shape despite the fact she hadn't featured in a popular film or TV show for a couple of years.

    “Your husband’s a lucky man Elisha” he said as he caressed the side of her face, stroking her elegant cheek.

    Elisha didn't want to talk about Dion. All she was focused on was having Adam’s huge member inside of her.

    “Please, let's not talk about him. Besides, there’s only one man getting lucky tonight…” she said, firmly grabbing his warm throbbing tool.

    This was it. Adam had pictured this moment several times, never actually believing that Elisha Cuthbert, the girl of his dreams would willingly suck his cock. Elisha dribbled some saliva onto his thick tool, greasing up his length as she jerked his cock and tickled his balls.

    "God I wanna suck this so bad" she breathlessly worded, still a little drunk from the alcohol she consumed earlier on.

    "It's all yours babe" Adam replied, giving her the go ahead.

    Elisha, with a sparkle in her eye happily slipped his the head of thick cock inside her small mouth, rolling her tongue around the spongy curves of his swollen tip.

    “Oh yeah Leesh, take it deep into your mouth. Suck it hard you sweet thing” he demanded as she bobbed her head up and down in his lap.

    Adam had a hand on the back of her head and the other on the side of her face, somewhat controlling her movements. Her cheeks hollowed as she firmly suckled on the crown, licking the spongy tip whilst stroking his length and teasingly peering up at him with her bottomless blue eyes.
    Unable to control his urges, Adam thrust his his hips forward so he could fuck Elisha's wondrous mouth, feeling and hearing her gag on his huge cock. She stroked his thighs and used her tongue to good effect, dousing his entire length in her saliva.

    The Canadian star had one hand on his hip and the other cupping and kneading his tender balls as she gorged on his mammoth tool, the heaving man in heaven as she hummed around him.

    "Oh Leesh! It feels so good. You're gonna make me cum!!" he grunted, getting that familiar feeling in his churning ball sac.

    Removing his glistening dick from her mouth, Adam's winced when he felt her tighten her hand around the base of his cock, to stop him blowing his load.

    "Uh uh, not just yet. Save it for the main event" she said, standing up and sliding off her stockings, then lying her completely naked body on the bed.

    Elisha's head rested on the pillows, her thighs were spread apart, as were her thick juicy cuntlips.

    "Fuck me Adam. I can't wait any longer..."


    I stroked my slick member as I approached her on the bed. Seeing Elisha lightly play with her pussy only got me more eager to advance things along quicker. As I lay upon her so that her sweaty thighs, bellies and genitals rubbed against one another's, I couldn't help but mention,

    "Umm, I don't have any protection".

    "It's OK baby, I went back on the pill. I wanted to be able to drink again so I thought I'd take it as a precaution. I'd sworn off having any alcohol whilst we were trying to conceive. So now it just means you can cum inside me as much you like!" she said with a drunken giggle.

    Unbeknownst to me at the time, Elisha wasn't in fact on the pill at all. Despite her being intoxicated, she clearly was well aware of what she was doing. I guess she was hoping that not only would I fuck her good, but that I'd also inseminate her in the hope she might actually fall pregnant.
    Elisha deep down must have known it was a deceitful act, but the need to have a child of her own superseded any rational thoughts she may have been harbouring at the time.

    "Well, if that's the case..." I replied, rubbing my bellend against her wet lips, then pushing against her tight orifice.

    Elisha curled her legs around my waist, and wrapped her arms around my neck.

    "Oh my god, I can feel it going in! You're so big!" she cried, feeling my thick cock penetrate her warm, velvety cunt.

    "Grrr...Uhhh" I grunted, Elisha's tight walls gripping me like a vice as I urgently impaled the petite star.

    With a few more slow hard thrusts, I finally had my entire length buried inside of Elisha, grazing her g-spot as I moved my cock in and out of her tight channel.

    “Oh Elisha… I can’t believe I'm inside you!! Your pussy feels amazing…” I moaned, the feeling of bareback sex something I wasn't used to experiencing.

    She lifted her legs up but rather than hook them over my shoulders, Elisha pressed her smooth soles of each foot against my firm chest. I held her ankles as I sawed my cock into her faster, looking down to see her cute little pussy lips bulging when I drove in deep.

    "Uhhh give it to me! Harder!"

    My balls slapped against her ass as I railed in and out of her, the springs of the bed squeaking as I gave her the rough pounding of her life. Slowing down, Elisha guided my soaking member out of her fleshy pink hole, then used her little feet to give me a hot little foot job.

    "Damn that's hot!" I moaned, the feeling of those soft soles and sexy little toes massaging my length, unlike anything I'd ever felt before.

    "Lie down, I wanna be on top"


    Adam was now on his back as Elisha straddled his hips, spreading her thighs so her moistened mound rubbed along his shaft. Taking a hold of his cock, she guided the tip towards the opening of her creamy minge, gasping as her weight dropped upon him, skewering her cunt onto his meaty member.

    "Holy fuck!!" she exclaimed, Elisha's face pointing at the ceiling as she was completely impaled.

    She rocked her hips in a circular motion, gyrating her lithe body as more of her juices trickled out of her aroused hole. Elisha panted louder the faster she rode his cock, her thighs smacking against his. Adam cupped her pale white ass cheeks, squeezing her fleshy buns as she continued to work her pussy on his stiff beast.

    "Do you like it when I ride you hard? Are you gonna cum for me Adam? I want to feel you explode inside my pussy!” she whispered erotically in his ear.

    “Oh Leesh! You feel so incredibly wet, I don’t know know how long I’ll last baby”.

    “Hold out Adam!! I want it to be the biggest orgasm you've ever had. Let it build up until you can’t hold it any longer”.

    "Fuckkkk!! Adam grimaced, trying to withstand from accepting his climax.

    “Yes! Yes! God your cock is incredible!!” Elisha cried as her own orgasm was on the verge of sending shock waves throughout her horny body.

    "Gonna cum Leesh" he said through gritted teeth.

    "Do it! Cum with me!"

    "Uhhhh!!! Ahhhh!!" Adam uttered, tightly gripping Elisha's ass so he could hold her bouncing booty still, allowing him to fiercely pump several streams of pent up semen deep inside of her spasming cunt.

    Her sweaty body collapsed on top of his, the blonde stunner's pussy still twitching around the softening shaft inside of her. Adam slowly let his semi-hard member slide out of Elisha’s drenched womanhood, moving her limp body to his side. His balls felt completely drained, unsurprising giving the thunderous release of pressure he'd just relieved. Elisha rubbed at her slit, digging two fingers in her battered clam and feeling how much he’d actually filled her vagina with his manly cream.

    "Wow.. I take that it's been a while since you, ya know, eased some tension?" she laughed.

    "Uh huh. I guess you could say I really needed that!"

    Elisha moved in to kiss her casual lover, feeling his cock head brush against her belly. Looking down at it, she figured that he may still have some more use for him, whilst he seemed to still be in the mood.

    "Take me, take me again..." she insisted, getting on all fours beside him, her head down against the mattress and her creamy white derrière hoisted up in the air.

    Adam couldn't resist her, especially when Elisha offered her body like this, causing his cock to harden back to full mast. As he knelt in behind her, she reached under her body and slipped her fingers in between her legs to spread her pink lips apart. She peered over her shoulder back at him with innocent looking eyes, the gorgeous woman telepathically telling him to fill her again.

    The confident man held his cock by the base, rubbing his helmet against her slit, pushing just the head inside her. Grasping her hips, Adam hammered his cock all the way in, making Elisha shriek out loud.

    "Ohhh fuck me!!" she cursed, feeling like her body was being split into two.

    I started to feel her pussy lubricating again with her oily secretions, causing me to plunge into her harder with each thrust.

    "Damn you feel so good inside me Adam! Push your cock in deep when you’re about to cum. Fill my pussy up…” she wailed, grabbing my sensitive balls, milking them to coax me into blowing my load inside of her again.

    Not to be outdone, and not quite ready to cum again just yet, I reached around to put my finger in Elisha's mouth, letting her suck on it with her soft lips to get it nice and wet. Once she lathered it up enough, I spread her ass apart, looking down at her tight little anus. It winked back at me, and without giving her any notice, I pressed the tip of my finger against her clenching resistant rosebud.

    "What are you...Unghhhh" Elisha grunted, feeling me pop inside her backdoor up to the first knuckle.

    I kept pumping away at her dripping snatch, slowly sliding my finger into her searing hot asshole. After having some anal play fun, I reasserted my attention on the real task at hand. Sliding my hands under her tiny (by comparison) body, I cupped her jiggling titties and tweaked her hard pink nipples to my own pleasure.

    “Oh you fucking stud, pull my hair, fuck me like a bitch! Do it, fuck me hard, harder, HARDER!!”

    I did as she asked, pulling her blonde locks and holding her shoulder as I pounded her from behind, watching her buttocks ripple at the force I was using.

    “Grrr fuck Leesh, I’m gonna cum again.. You ready?”

    I knew Elisha couldn't take much more of this onslaught, talking dirty so it would try to push me over the edge, as well as grinding her taut backside against me.

    “Do it Adam, cum inside my pussy! Squirt that warm hot load inside my cunt. Make me cum all over that incredible cock of yours!!”


    Elisha could feel Adam’s dick tensing up, knowing he was about to ejaculate. She smiled in pleasure, grinding her pussy against his thrusting shaft as hard as she could. This sent vibrations which coursed through his pelvis to his nuts, until finally she felt him give three hard thrusts, a loud grunt, and then felt him explode inside of her, completely flooding her pussy in his white spunk.

    The pair done it a couple more times throughout the night, Elisha's pussy becoming incredibly tender and glowing a unique shade of reddish-pink by the time they were done. They eventually drifted off to sleep, spooning under the thick bed covers, a satisfied blissful smile on each of their faces.

    They said their goodbyes early the next morning, Adam promising to keep Elisha's secret of her infidelity all to himself. As she made her trip home to reunite with her husband, a wave of guilt washed over Elisha. Not just because she'd slept with another man behind Dion's back, but the fact that she'd tricked Adam into helping her to potentially conceive a child, which was all but confirmed by her Doctor twelve weeks later.

    As for Adam, little did he know at the time was the shock he would receive when news broke that Elisha and Dion would be expecting their first born, around about nine months after that fateful night in her apartment.

    THE END.

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    Very, VERY nice. Good to see Elisha stories, especially one written as well as this one!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KMB View Post
    Very, VERY nice. Good to see Elisha stories, especially one written as well as this one!
    Thanks KMB, better late than never as they say. I think if CFF had existed 10-15 years ago, then I would've written a stack of Elisha stories as she was my obsession for several years. Just happy that I could find some inspiration to write this one, given that her celebrity status isn't as high as it was back then.

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