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Thread: "End of the Road" with Ariel Winter

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    fanfiction "End of the Road" with Ariel Winter

    End of the Road
    With Ariel Winter
    Written by Hearsz
    Codes: MF, mast, handjob, BJ, titfuck, facial

    WARNING: This FICTIONAL story contains sexually explicit situations. If you're under age or easily offended STOP READING!! Fantasy is Legal.

    A/N: I wrote this short story up today after TPG's "Story Request/Idea" that he posted earlier on about Ariel's recent Graduation Party. Enjoy!

    I didn't even want to go. Upon the insistence of my wife we were cordially invited to some girls Graduation Party, by her older sister who my partner was good friends with. My wife Angela and I had been going through a stressful time in our marriage, constantly arguing about just about everything you could think of.

    I guess what we both really needed was a night out to let our hair down and relax, which was pretty much the only reason I agreed to go with her. And given the amount of people that was supposed to be at this shindig, and the fact that this friend was somewhat a celebrity so my wife says, I figured there would be loads of alcohol and food that the hostess would be providing at their expense.

    When we arrived, I was taken aback by how many young people were present. Sure it was a Graduation Party, but I still expected there to be a lot more "mature adults" present. Most of these kids must have been half my age given the several young faces I'd seen. Angela embraced a woman who turned out to be Shanelle, the older sister of the girl who was co-hosting this get together.

    "So glad you could make it. Ariel will be down in a second."

    "I can't believe she's finally graduated!" Angela said.

    Angela had made sure not to give me any major details of tonight's event, probably out of fear that I may back out. Had I known that there would be a heap of teenagers at this thing, I most certainly would have. The last thing I wanted was to feel so out of place at such a party.

    "Here she is" Shanelle said as the crowd of attendees seemed to part behind her.

    My eyes lit up as her younger sister approached us. Put simply, she was to die for. When I was her age I'd never seen a girl wear such a revealing dress. Things were starting to look up, or in my case, down at her mouth watering chest.

    "Ariel, this is Angela and her husband Dan."

    "Nice to meet you both, thanks for coming."

    "You're welcome. So a pretty big occasion then?" Angela said to the voluptuous teen.

    "Sure is! End of the road finally. Onto bigger and better things!"

    I was mesmerized by this girl. The doggy brown eyes, the tight figure hugging dress and the most incredible set of tits I'd ever laid eyes on someone around her age. Things had all of a sudden taken a dramatic change. I wanted to be at this party and after downing a few beers, I was really starting to enjoy myself thoroughly.

    My eyes seemed to follow this girl Ariel around the room wherever she went. I could feel myself drooling when I locked in on her nice round backside, temporarily wondering if she was wearing a thong underneath. Of course, I had to take sneaky glances at her with my wife close by. Ariel caught me a couple of times checking her out, smiling once at my obvious gaze and even winking back at me for the other.

    "Did you hear me?" Angela angrily said to me, my attention diverted away from watching this graduating girl flirt with me from a distance.

    "Sorry Hun, what?" I replied, having no idea what she was referring to.

    "This is so fucking typical of you. In one ear out the other. I'm going outside for a smoke, I can't be around you right now."

    She was well pissed at me, but I didn't care. I wasn't going to let my wife's bad mood spoil my night. Initially I was hoping that after we got home from this party, that it might lead to a session of hot sweaty sex, which would hopefully sweep all the troubles we'd had under the proverbial rug.

    But that seemed unlikely now, as all I could think about was heading to the toilet to relieve myself, and maybe even knock one out by dreaming about the teenage hottie with the incredible rack, that I'd had my eye on all this time!

    "Say Shanelle. Where's the bathroom in this place?" I asked her as she passed me.

    "There's a queue for the one downstairs but feel free to use the one upstairs. Second door on the right."

    Finding my way up to the next floor, I started snooping around until I found the bedroom ensuite. But as I was about to enter the bathroom, I got the scare of my life when I found this girl Ariel having already occupied the room.

    "I'm sorry, I didn't expect anyone to be here." I said.

    She seemed pretty flummoxed and was wrestling with her dress, the teen clearly frustrated.

    "Can you help me? I really gotta pee and this dress is so damn tight I can't seem to get it off!!"

    "Sure thing!" I enthusiastically remarked.

    Ariel turned her back to me so I could help her unzip that skin tight outfit. I had to hold in a gasp when her flawless back was unveiled, which only reconfirmed to me that she wasn't wearing a bra or anything to cover those huge breasts.

    With her dress now loosened up a bit, it allowed Ariel to sit down and able to do her business. By accident, I not only got to see her succulent looking tits in full, but was more than shocked to find that she wasn't even wearing ANY panties underneath either!

    I turned my gaze away from her instantly, a little embarrassed to find her openly flaunting her naked private parts to me. She could tell I was a little nervous, giggling cutely as she relieved herself.

    "It's OK, you can watch me pee, I don't care. But do you mind closing the door? You know, just in case my sister or even your wife finds you in here and they get the wrong idea?"

    She was right, I'd almost completely forgot about Angela, completely understandable given the current situation.
    As she finished up, Ariel grabbed my hand to turn me around to face her, then said, "So it's Dan right?"

    "Yeah it is," I replied, looking directly into her eyes and doing my utmost not to look down at her massive cleavage, or even in between her parted thighs.

    "If you don't mind me saying so, your wife is gorgeous! You must feel lucky to be married to such a stunning looking woman."

    She wasn't wrong. Angela was certainly a looker. It was just her personality of late that didn't make her seem all that attractive.

    "Sometimes. Though if she knew I was in here with you right now she'd most likely kill us both!"

    Ariel smiled sexily and the look in her eye felt like she was getting off on the danger of it all. The teen nonchalantly took a couple of swigs from her champagne flute that she'd left on the bathroom counter, her eyes looking up and down my tall frame.

    "So she's the jealous type huh? It's OK, I know exactly how you feel. My now EX-boyfriend didn't like the fact that I have a lot of guy friends."

    I'm not sure why, but despite her state of undress and how aroused I was from being holed up in the bathroom with Ariel, I found myself opening up to the clearly inebriated teen.

    "We've been arguing a lot lately. I only came here tonight so we could have a night out to hopefully re-ignite some spark back into our marriage."

    "Sounds like she doesn't appreciate you much at all. Shame on her. Not only do you seem like a nice guy, but you're pretty good looking if you don't mind me saying so."

    It was only then that I noticed her staring intently on the hard cock in my pants, and not only that, she was openly playing with her pretty little cunt!

    "You seemed quite stressed out. Maybe you just need someone to give you some proper female attention to help relieve some tension" she seductively said, reaching out to rub the length of my erect member through my pants.

    I emitted a loud moan as this horny teen fondled my cock whilst plunging two fingers inside her dripping pussy. Ariel clutched at one of her milky globes as she teased me, motioning for me to pull my dick out.

    I did so, feeling my body freeze up when her dainty little fingers wrapped around my thick shaft, feeling her firmly jerk it whilst continuing to rub at her hairless peach. She must have been just as aroused as I was, as her pink nipples were like two little pencil erasers.

    "Stroke your cock for me Dan. I like to watch."

    I did as she asked, enjoying the thrill of playing with my cock in front of this sexy young teen as she played with her sopping cunt. It was a form of cheating I'd never even contemplated over the time that I'd been with Angela.

    "Look at that thing! It's so fucking big… I imagine it'd feel so good inside my tight little pussy!"

    "Ohhh fuck!" I groaned, the image of what she was saying would have made most men blow their wads.

    But somehow I managed to carry on and hold out, albeit with much slower more focused strokes. But she was about to further test my resolve.

    "Come closer Dan."

    I did so, standing directly in front of Ariel who was still sitting on the toilet, her face eye level with my stomach. To my surprise she took her fingers out of her juicy slot and cupped her heavenly chest, parting the twin globes and and then closing them around my turgid member.

    "Fuck my titties Dan!" she implored, her cute slightly freckled face peering up at me with unabated lust.

    They felt so full and firm wrapped around me, and to help me further, Ariel dribbled some saliva in between the valley of her wonderful jugs. This allowed me to begin fucking her incredible tits even though my mind was still imagining that I was pounding her tight wet pussy instead.

    "That's it Dan. Fuck me breasts just like every guy at this party wishes they could! I know you want to cum. Let me help you do what you're wife isn't willing to!"

    She was right. Angela would never offer me this kind of opportunity… ever. I grasped Ariel's shoulders as my hips gyrated faster, my cock thrusting quicker in between her mountainous chest.

    "I'm so close…" I murmured under my breath.

    Ariel must've heard me as she decided to release me from between her pillowy flesh, and without warning the teen took my pulsing cock inside her warm wet mouth. She treated me to one really hot, sloppy blowjob, cupping my sensitive balls as her tongue and lips suckled and licked at my throbbing member.

    Holding her by the back of her neck, I kept Ariel's head still as I took hold of my shaft, jerking it like crazy until that long awaited orgasm thundered through the spine of my cock, finally blowing my warm creamy load all over her precious face, neck and perfect chest!

    If she couldn't be anymore sexier, Ariel looked up at me as she flicked her tongue over her goo covered lips, enjoyably savoring the taste of my thick cum.

    "If I didn't say it before, thanks for coming to my Graduation Party Dan." she cheekily said, taking a final swig of champagne despite her face still being covered in my juicy load.

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    Nice. Very nice. Yeah that definitely turned out fucking hot!

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    Nice.. Thanks .. Ariel definitely has Graduated herself!

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