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Thread: "Night Owls" with Georgia May Foote

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    fanfiction "Night Owls" with Georgia May Foote

    Night Owls
    With Georgia May Foote
    By LemonTalk
    Codes: MF, BJ, oral
    Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction; it never happened and never will
    A/N: Quick short with GMF, left it kind of open with a few ways the story could continue if I decide to add more to it, hope you like it...

    It was just gone 2am when the girls came stumbling in which was surprisingly early given my sister Michelle Keegan's reputation. For as long as we'd shared the apartment her night's out usually meant the whole night and I wouldn't see her until the next day.

    Tonight had been her 'Coronation Street' leaving party and after hitting a few of her favourite clubs, she'd returned with a handful of her closest girlfriends for a few final drinks and to finally crash out in the early hours.

    For my part I stayed out of the way, keeping myself in my bedroom while the drunken girls enjoyed their night although I couldn't help but overhear the occasional topic of sex in their loud conversations.

    I recognised a fair few of the voices and listened in to their sordid confessions. As hot as some of them were it did mean hearing a few details about my apparently promiscuous sister I didn't necessarily need or want to hear, like how just tonight she had been making out and getting groped by two different men simultaneously on the dance floor.

    "Oi keep it down would you!" I heard her hiss playfully. "Starting to think I would have been better off bringing those two back here rather than you lot!"

    "Wouldn't be the first time, eh Keegs?"

    This set off another round of giggling and demands for more details. I realised a confused part of me also wanted to know more but Michelle flatly refused, which was probably for the best, and I could just imagine the teasing wink she'd be giving the girls right about now as they whined and pushed her.

    It wasn't until a few minutes later when I heard my name crop up that I moved closer to my bedroom door to eavesdrop.

    "So where's Andrew hiding, is he here?"

    Before Michelle could answer another girl chimed in.

    "Better not tell her where he is, she'll be all over him again!"

    "Hey that's my baby brother you're talking about, you'll have to go through me!"

    "You should she probably would."

    Unfortunately Michelle quickly changed the subject and I didn't hear much else of interest until the flat eventually fell quiet a couple of hours later at 4am.

    Another hour after that I still couldn't fall asleep. I rolled out of bed and snuck out of my bedroom to use the bathroom when a hushed voice whispered out to me in the dark.

    "Psst, Andrew?"

    I paused, looking around in the darkness while I heard someone shuffling and getting up from the pile of sleeping bodies in the lounge. Soon enough Georgia May Foote was in front of me, lit up by the light from the bathroom and smiling up at me with the kind of smile I knew meant she wanted something.

    "I hate sleeping on the floor," she pouted with wide, blue-grey puppy dog eyes. "You don't have somewhere more comfortable do you...?"

    "Georgia...we shouldn't," I forced myself to say. "Michelle freaked out when she caught us last time."

    Although the furthest we'd gone in the past was some drunken snogging in a nightclub bathroom, Michelle had been pissed. As far as she was concerned we were both absolutely off-limits to each other. Unfortunately it was this very fact that made us want each other even more, Georgia clearly craved the thrill of it all.

    "C'mon Andy, they're all out of it, don't you want this?"

    To prove what she was offering she stepped close to grind her hot, young body against me. She was clad in a tiny, sexy white dress but as good as it looked on her, I wanted nothing more than to rip it off. She continued to tease me, slowly turning to show her near naked back before purposely pushing her sweet ass against my crotch.

    "Georgia...stop," I groaned quietly.

    My hands found themselves on her hips and although my brain had every intention of pushing her away I ended up pulling her tighter, pushing myself against her ass more firmly.

    "I'm so horny right now," she insisted. "—trust me, the others would never find out."

    I was still shocked by my willpower, most other men probably would have crumbled and fucked her then and there but being teased by my attractive sister all my life, I was used to it. That, plus the fact we were stood right outside Michelle's bedroom door finally gave me the strength to push Georgia away.

    It was in that moment that she changed from teasing seductress to a hot, demanding slut who wouldn't take no for an answer.

    "Fine!" she hissed. "If you aren't going to take me to bed..."

    Before I could stop her, Georgia dropped to her knees, tugging my shorts with her and swiftly took me into her hot mouth, making me stagger back to lean against the wall and almost causing me to groan out loud. I was powerless to stop her as she seemed intent on swallowing me whole, sucking me like a hoover until I was rock hard and covered in warm spit – and all this within a few feet of my sister and their sleeping friends.

    "Jesus Georgia—" I mumbled, my eyes rolling back.

    If I'd known Georgia May sucked cock this well I probably wouldn't have denied her for a second. With one hand she stroked the base while she sucked hard on the head, swirling and flicking her tongue against the slit, no doubt drinking down the pre-cum she was jerking out.

    Just when I thought I was going to cum she suddenly pushed my wet shaft up and attacked my nuts, taking them between her ruby red lips and loudly slobbering all over them until I grew weak at the knees.

    The entire time she was glaring up at me with her incredible eyes and I found myself unable to look away as I guided my cock back between her soft lips and grabbed a handful of hair. With a slight nod she gave me all the permission I needed to abruptly push her head down and force her to take my cock all the way into the back of her throat.

    The sensation of her narrow throat twitching against the tip of my cock felt so amazing I no longer cared about alerting anyone with the loud gagging sounds she made when she choked on my cock again and again.

    "Fuck—" I grunted when she deepthroated me. "—you're so good at that!"

    We were getting so carried away Michelle probably could have come out of her room to watch and I'd still continue fucking her friend's gorgeous face. All I cared about now was shooting my load straight down her throat as some kind of way of getting back at her for pushing me this far.

    Hearing her emit a low, erotic moan of approval while I pumped into her slobbering mouth I suddenly did just that, clenching my teeth as I filled her mouth and throat with warm seed, holding her firmly in place to ensure she swallowed it all.

    But although I was dazed and seeing stars, Georgia was far from satisfied, using my weakened state to drag me back to my bedroom. It was there that I slumped onto my bed and while Georgia hurried to shed her sexy dress, I reasoned with myself that it was only fair I return the favour after that blowjob she'd given.

    In any case it didn't really seem I had much choice in the matter as Georgia turned towards me, fully stripped down with lust in her eyes. When she pushed me to lie back and climbed on top of me, I thought she was going to fuck me where I lay but she clearly had other ideas when she continued crawling and ultimately pushed her sweet peach to my mouth, silently urging me to taste her.

    I didn't need encouraging, eagerly holding onto her thighs and pulling her down to bury my tongue inside her. Georgia simply hissed her approval, grinding herself against my face, almost suffocating me in her dripping wet mound.

    "Ugh—yeah eat my pussy, get your tongue inside me..." she whispered above me with urgent desperation.

    I couldn't get enough of her cunt, alternating between slow and gentle licks and drilling my tongue as deep as I could, making her legs shudder against me. Before long, as hot as her vocals were, I began to again get concerned about being caught in the act.

    "You need to be quiet," I warned her yet again.

    "Yeah? Make me."

    Grinning down at me through her long, dishevelled hair, with her wet cunt in my face, she'd never looked sexier and suddenly I clapped a hand over her mouth to muffle the squeal she let out when I flipped us over, putting myself on top of the petite actress.

    Instantly she reached down to guide my cock towards her pussy, stroking it against her gleaming lips while kissing me at the same time, tasting herself on my tongue.

    "C'mon, fuck me already Andrew," she persisted, noting the hesitation on my face. "Fuck me or I'll scream!"

    Finally I'd had enough and promptly shut her up by slamming my hips down and roughly burying my wick deep inside her tight little cunt.

    Georgia gave a brief, pained expression before clawing at my back as I gave her a series of hard, merciless thrusts, forcing her to take my entire cock.

    "This what you wanted?" I quietly growled in her ear as I pummelled her. "—you wanted to get FUCKED didn't you?"

    "Grrr—ugh. Yes! Give it to me! Fuck me!"

    "Such a good pussy," I grunted, sitting upright to fuck her harder still. "I should have done this sooner."

    "Yeah you should have, you'd be fucking my ass by now!"

    "There's still time for that," I winked before redoubling my efforts.

    I could tell she was trying her best but Georgia simply couldn't keep the noise down and the more I tried to cover her mouth or restrain her, the more animated and loud she became until my hand ultimately slipped onto her throat and she came almost the moment I squeezed.

    "Fuck, you little slut!" I gasped as her legs flailed and she gushed all over me.

    Georgia had just enough time to get her limp, sweaty body on all fours when I flipped her over before I impaled her from behind. Grabbing her hips, this position seemed to agree with her even more because she quickly got her second wind and began fucking me right back, slamming her ass against me while whipping her long hair to one side to look back at me.

    With her lustful eyes boring into me I knew I wasn't going to last long so I grabbed her hair and gave it a sharp pull, burying my dick as deep as I could before erupting inside her.

    "Fuck—" she gasped when I was done. "No-one's ever done that to me before..."

    "Sorry, couldn't resist," I panted back, slumping beside her.

    "Don't be sorry, I liked it..."

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    So fucking hot!! I wonder how Michelle would feel about the two of them going at it in the very next room. hehe

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    Who'd have thought that she'd be such a dirty slut dressed like that. :D

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    Nice.. Wondering if the plot is going to be extended with Michelle finding out ... Definitely worth a sequel!

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