Had some half-dream/idea of how Olivia Holt's NYE could have gone down after her performance,

Starts off when she comes off stage super pumped up and horny, wanting to get fucked etc but stumbles across Ray (the BF) making out with some random girl/Lauren North/some dude doesn't matter.

Naturally Olivia storms off and then it could go a few ways if you just think about the kind of trouble a girl like her could get into alone, heartbroken, angry and dripping wet on NYE in an unfamiliar town.

Could end up getting into some nightclub and passed around the bathroom in a hot, drunken blow or gangbang...

Go the wincest route where she runs straight into her brother's or Daddy's arms who don't hesitate to take advantage...

Or she goes and grabs the first cute guy she sees and takes him back to her hotel room where Ray is waiting to apologise and starts grovelling.

Lucky for you, she has none of it though, says he can stay and watch if he wants as she starts to blow you right there. Would start off awkward but its Olivia Holt so you just go along with it.

After a sloppy BJ where she does her best to make Ray jealous, she ends up mounting you on the bed and saying all kinds of dirty stuff just to piss him off even more.

At this point you know you're just a cock to her, she's using you to get off so you feel happy to do the same back and start to use her as a hole to fuck. Maybe even flip her over and take that teenage ass and she just let's you have it because it was always off limits to Ray?

Etc etc...