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Thread: Olivia HOLT concepts

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    first thing that popped into my head was I bet Ray and Cade share a room. while Liv, Cade's gf and that Alex chick probably shared another. U know they all snuck around to fuck later all while the parents think the kids are asleep

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    Similar to TPG's idea in the Alba thread but figured I'd post mine too.

    "Hollywood Blondes" with Olivia Holt and Margot Robbie

    - You're Margot Robbie's friendly date for the event and given her recently married status, she sees herself as a bit of a love expect and is determined to set you up with someone
    - It ends up turning into a bit of a game as the event goes on and the pair of you gradually get more and more wasted
    - As usual, Margot becomes cruder and more flirtatious the more drinks she has as you both continue to judge the various, stunning girls at the event
    - "See her? Bet those lips would feel fucking incredible around your cock!" she'd tease while pointing out Dove Cameron
    - You notice her seductively biting her lip as Dove passes by and you can't help but tease Margot about it, claiming she'd love to experience those lips herself
    - "Hey, can you blame me? A girl can't survive on just cock her whole life!"
    - You're briefly floored by the revelation that Margot likes to dabble with girls and then floored again when you spot young, teen beauty, Olivia Holt across the room
    - With Margot spotting her too, she insists you go introduce yourself and try your luck
    - With nothing to lose you head over with Margot watching from afar
    - Initially Olivia seems dismissive but the second you mention you're here with Margot she becomes a lot friendlier and is desperate to be introduced
    - Naturally you make her work for it before eventually conceding and taking her hand to lead her across the room to find Margot
    - The girls quickly get on with the teenager fawning over Robbie and you almost feel forgotten until Margot leans over to whisper in your ear
    - "I might have to steal this one off you and take her home myself, I bet she's got the sweetest little cunt..."
    - After that you definitely need a stiff drink, excusing yourself to visit the bar but when you return the pair are no where to be seen
    - Eventually you discover them in a secluded room backstage but you lurk in the doorway when you realise they're passionately making out
    - You watch for a good few minutes as Margot has her way with the impressionable teen, groping her young body, trying to get her out of her dress
    - It's just as you're about to leave them to it that Margot spots you and with a grin, tells you to get your ass in there and join them
    - ...cue hottest 3-way in Hollywood, lol

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    Came across this gif and immediately thought of Olivia and her brother Cade, (obviously)

    Thinking something simple like, you (Cade) and Liv end up staying up late one night watching movies etc and get to talking about relationships, with your sister being keen to know if you have a girlfriend and if not, why not?

    So after you admit you're single she begins comforting you, promising there's a perfect girl out there for you etc until you both drop the topic only for her to bring it up again a few minutes later.

    Maybe by this point in the night, neither of you are really thinking clearly having broken into the parent's drinks cabinet earlier on so you're both speaking pretty freely, sharing far more information than a brother and sister should -- all while huddled under a blanket.

    In fact, it doesn't take long for you to get a little hard when your hot sister begins giving you some insight into her sex life, ultimately having her admit she's not as active as she wishes she were before finally blushing after realising what she'd just said.

    When she tries to leave you quickly insist it's fine and get her to stay, pulling her back to the sofa where her hand inadvertently brushes against your hard cock. The contact is electric, your eyes meet and her hand actually lingers there for a second before you both come to your senses and quickly separate, barely able to look each other in the eye again.

    After a moment of silence, Olivia mutters something about going to bed and leaves you alone until you drag yourself upstairs and hop in the shower.

    You don't even hear the door open, nor the sound of her undressing and slipping through the shower curtain so you nearly jump out of your skin when you feel a soft hand stroke down your back and reach around your body.

    Liv immediately presses her naked body against your back while gripping your tool, whispering in your ear to not turn around, stay quiet and simply enjoy it...

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    Yes yes to all that. Lol

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    Hmm, well that certainly inspired me to do a little synopsis myself.
    Here's the image I got from that.

    One evening while enjoying a movie night with their folks, Olivia and Cade are on the couch under a blanket.
    This isn't anything new, something they've done a hundred times before only tonight's different.
    To Cade's surprise Olivia is scantily dressed in nothing more than a tank top and panties.
    Kim rolls her eyes and tells her to put something on, but Liv scoffs and claims she's going to bed soon anyway.

    Cade gulps as his half naked sister cuddles up to him, and inadvertently rubs her bare legs against his body.
    It's while they sit in the dark that he tries to get more comfortable and doesn't know where to put his hands.
    In the process of moving around, his fingers briefly brush against her bare naked thighs and Olivia gasps.
    He immediately apologizes but she smiles and tells him to caress her (innocently) telling him that it relaxes her.

    Against his better judgment he proceeds to caress her smooth legs as they watch the movie.
    Of course their folks have no idea this is going on as they're on the other couch, under a blanket themselves.
    At one point Cade's fingertips inadvertently drift a little higher than expected and he feels Liv tense up.
    He suddenly stops and panics but Liv assures him it's fine and encourages him to continue - guiding his hand back.

    With her permission Cade grows bolder with each passing minute, caressing her inner thighs, hips, abdomen.
    Olivia can't help but purr and literally melts to his touch, pushing herself harder against him.
    At one point Kim asks for the remote control, and Olivia briefly searches around for it.
    Cade then turns bright red when the palm of her hand comes in direct contact with his erection!

    The incident is brief, but causes them both to sit frozen in place for a few minutes.
    That is until Olivia ultimately breaks the ice by taking his hand and guiding it back to her legs.
    Cade is initially hesitant but she counters this by caressing his forearm with her nails (making him even harder)
    This time around tho, the innocent petting seems to be much more aggressive in nature.

    Olivia goes from brushing his arm to squeezing his leg and Cade notices it inching towards his cock.
    He responds in kind and ultimately makes contact with her panties.
    At this point the heat under their blanket is almost at boiling point, causing both of them to sweat profusely.
    This only makes it easier for him to smear her sweat all around and finally dip a single digit under her panties.

    Olivia almost moans out loud as she feels him deftly slip inside and glide a finger along her aching slit.
    She responds to this by grasping his hard cock through his pants and squeezing it – amazed at his girth.
    They both tense up as they quietly stroke and squeeze each other under the blanket, trying to act natural.
    Liv then takes it up a notch as she finally reaches in and grabs his cock directly.

    The action causes him to squirm and pre-cum to leak out, which she quickly smears around with her thumb.
    Cade finally plunges two fingers into her cunt, as she grips him firmly and strokes his fat cock.
    Both siblings are sweating profusely as this goes on over the next few minutes.. until the movie suddenly ends.
    To their disappointment their folks announce its time for bed and they go their separate ways.

    To Cade's amusement Olivia can barely look him in the eye and seems all befuddled.
    Back in his room, Cade tries to sleep but can't stop tossing and turning, while Olivia is restless and wracked with guilt.
    At one point she considers sneaking to his bedroom to talk about it, only to hear the shower running.
    Against her better judgment, Liv sneaks inside to scare him only to catch him beating off in the shower.

    As amusing as this is, she finds herself captivated by the size of his cock (a lot bigger than she expected)
    She then peels off her panties and top and sneaks up behind him, telling him to keep his eyes shut.
    "Liv, I.."
    "Just shut up," she whispers into his ear. "..let me do this. Let me take care of you."

    Olivia grabs his big cock with her hand and proceeds to jerk him off in the shower.
    Cade can barely resist as he feels her naked body rubbing against his back.
    "I can't believe I let you play with me like that on the sofa," she whispers while beating him off.
    To her delight it doesn't take long to make him pop, and he shoots all over the shower wall.

    They then clean up before she drags him back to her room by his cock and pushes him to her bed.
    Cade can barely form a sentence together as she takes his cock into her mouth.
    Olivia almost seems beside herself as his cock almost appears to be as big as her forearm.
    "I can't believe you've been hiding this thing from me all this time," she says while deep-throating it.

    Cade can't stop moaning as his sister spreads his legs and licks his balls, taint, and gobbles him up again.
    Olivia tries to shut him up but he can't help it, until she swings around and places them in a 69.
    He then proceeds to eat her box as she deep-throats him.
    She loses her mind the moment he licks her ass, and she slides down his body and impales herself.

    Cade can only lay there startled as his hot naked sister now rides him reverse cowgirl style.
    In fact she leans forward to rub her chest against the mattress while bouncing her ass rapidly.
    With her urging, he slaps her ass which sets her off and she cums all over his cock.
    Suddenly she swings around and takes him back in her mouth and he pops in the back of her throat!


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    So this gave me an idea...

    What if Olivia was having a bad few days, on the verge of breaking up with Ray.
    Ends up home alone pigging out on snacks in front of the TV, feeling sorry for herself.
    Cade arrives home to find Olivia alone and in this current state, and tries to cheer her up.
    He tells her that its National Popcorn day (which makes her giggle) and suggests they go to the movies - his treat.

    Despite the late hour (midnight) Olivia reluctantly agrees and they set off in her truck (she lets him drive)
    It's during the trip that she breaks down and Cade pulls over and comforts her on the side of the highway.
    He's then taken aback when he wipes away her tears and she thanks him with a (innocent) peck on the lips.
    Minutes later they arrive to the theater - with the kiss still lingering on his mind - as she holds his hand.

    In fact Olivia refuses to let go and is particularly clingy, making him feel like they're on a date.
    They end up debating what snacks to get and she talks him into buying her a huge bag of popcorn.
    He's then shocked again when Liv thanks him with another friendly peck on the lips.
    It's while taking a seat outside the theater that he brings it up, "Is this what we're doing now?"

    "You don't like it?" she mopes, as he realizes he doesn't want to hurt her feelings.
    "There's nothing sexual about it," she explains. " know I love you right? ..more than anything."
    Cade assure her that the feelings are mutual, and that he'd do anything for her.
    In fact as they sit there conversing they can't stop canoodling and holding each other – like a young couple.

    "I mean, if you don't want me to show you how much I care, I understand..." she fake pouts.
    He responds by pulling her close and kissing her face, their fingers interlocking together.
    Even as people pass by they continue to smooch and cuddle, acting like they're lover not siblings.
    They finally head into the theater and grab the middle row.

    Olivia remarks at one point how Ray always likes the back row so they can mess around.
    As the previews get underway, Liv pulls out a big blanket that covers them both.
    She then snuggles up to him and puts her arms around his waist, her head resting on his shoulder.
    Despite himself, Cade can't help but get hard as Olivia drapes herself all over him – her breasts rubbing against his ribs.

    It's while chomping on popcorn that she inadvertently spills the bag all over them.
    She then spends the rest of the movie picking the corn from his lap, and ultimately touches his cock!
    The action causes Cade to jumps but he tries to act natural, as Olivia lets her fingers glide around the tent in his pants.
    They continue to watch the movie but suddenly an evil thought crosses her mind.

    Olivia snakes her hand inside his shirt, telling him that she likes the direct contact.
    Cade goes along with it only to gasp a minute later as her fingers glide into his pants to grip his hard wood.
    "What are you doing?" he whispers in the dark, as their eyes lock.
    "Do you trust me?" she replies, before asking him to keep his eyes on the screen.

    Olivia then kisses the side of his neck, giving him a love-bite as she jacks him off.
    She then moans under her breath as she feels precum leak from his cock and she smears it around.
    Holt proceeds to jack him off under the blanket, kissing his neck, before their lips finally meet.
    They make out hungrily in the theater as her hand continues to jack him off and she finally makes him pop!

    A minute later he's mortified as she takes her hand out of his pants and its covered in spunk.
    To his surprise she winks at him and grins, " dare me?"
    Before he even has time to respond Olivia licks her fingers clean and groans her approval.
    "..that's always my favorite part." she boasts before helping herself to a mouthful of pepsi max.

    The entire ordeal has him hard as steel despite having just shot a huge load.
    For the rest of the movie they simply sit there watching the film with her hand gently caressing his body.
    Afterwards they head back to the car where it starts to rain heavily, causing the windows to fog up.
    It's there Olivia initiates another tight hug as they listen to the radio, and her hand is soon back on his cock.

    "Had I known you were hiding this the entire time, I would have done this sooner."
    Cade is naturally reluctant about screwing around, much less in a public place, but she doesn't care.
    "Please, just kiss me." she urges, shoving her tongue into his mouth as she jacks him off.
    The two spend the next twenty minutes just sucking face, learning what they both like.

    Olivia ultimately moans as he sucks her bottom lip into his mouth, while she jacks him off faster.
    A moment later, she breaks the contact and flips her hair to one side and takes his cock into her mouth!
    Cade can only lay there as she sucks his dick, massages his balls with her fingers.
    "..cum in my mouth!" she begs him, and he shoots into the back of her throat. least, that's the thought I had from that tweet. hehe

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