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Thread: Olivia HOLT concepts

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    I LOL'd when I saw that Gif TPG!! Summed up LT's story perfectly!
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    Olivia Holt Yacht Party

    ...these definitely need some short stories.

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    I'm a little late to the party with this one, wrote it up this afternoon. Enjoy!


    "You like her huh?" Ariel says to you, noticing the way you were looking Olivia Holt up and down, ever since she arrived at the party.

    "Am I that obvious?"

    "Hey, can't say I blame you, she's gorgeous".

    "So can you put in a good word for me then?"

    "Ohhh, the things I do for you.." Ariel said sarcastically, but still made her way over to the leggy blonde, striking up a friendly conversation right away.

    You watch from a distance as the pair hit it off, no doubt both praising the other and mentioning how they're a fan of each other's work.
    Ariel as you know has a thing for older men, and can be quite persuasive when in conversation around other female celebs her age, especially when they've had a few drinks.

    After an hour or so of mingling with Olivia and introducing her to other guests, you notice Ariel finally point you out to her new friend, the blonde's eyes meeting yours for the very first time. Ariel whispers in her ear clearly something good about you, as her mouth drops open and all of a sudden the way she looks at you has dramatically changed. Olivia is now giving you this sultry sexy look, and you briefly wonder what the little minx Ariel has told her.

    The pair make their way over to you, Ariel introducing you to Olivia, shaking her silk like manicured hand, her fingers feeling incredibly smooth to touch. Once all the pleasantries had been exchanged, Ariel made a suggestion to you.

    "So I was just saying to Olivia that you'd be happy to show her around the house, as she hasn't seen the upstairs section as yet".

    Nervously, you offer to do just that, knowing what Ariel was alluding to. You walk the gorgeous Disney starlet up the staircase, getting a good look at her delicious slender pins from behind. Her skirt is just about short enough for you to see the bottom of her purple coloured panties, helped by the fact you are two steps below her on the stairs.

    You go through a couple of rooms and then the long balcony, giving you a great view of the city, before Olivia wanders off, going through to a room you both hadn't inspected yet.

    "Wow this bedroom is great!" the tipsy blonde says, unaware that she's discovered the master bedroom.

    She sits on the end of the bed, turning to give you this 'come hither' type look.

    "So Ariel told me something about you that I would like to know for sure".

    Closing the gap between you and Olivia, she moved up to kiss you deeply, the taste of white wine in her mouth and her tongue swirling around in it, a more than welcome surprise. She seemed to want to get your pants off as quickly as possible, like a kid frantically opening a present on Christmas Day. She soon has your pants and underwear down to your ankles, and gasps when she sees what you've been hiding underneath, ever since you first laid eyes on her.

    "Oh My God... Ariel wasn't lying! You're fucking huge!!"

    Olivia wastes no time taking you in her mouth, sitting on the bed so she is eye level with your waist. It seems she certainly gets off on sucking cock, the hot blonde slipping a hand under her skirt to rub her pussy through her underwear.

    Next you have her lying down on the bed, legs spread apart and your face buried in between her supple thighs as you eat out her freshly shaven cunt. She really is quite delicious, getting increasingly wet thanks to your hard tongue caressing her inner pink.

    Wanting to feel another part of your anatomy inside her, you suddenly are above Olivia, and effortlessly slide the first few inches into her heavenly pussy. She shrieks due to your thick girth penetrating her, like no cock she's had before.

    You don't go easy on her either, railing into her like an steam train out of control. Both of you have removed all your clothes by now, lying upon the naked teen, kissing her pert breasts and loving her smooth legs and thighs rubbing against you as you pound her sopping cunt.

    Olivia's attention is drawn toward the bathroom door opening, looking through her dazed eyes to see Ariel standing there, in a sexy black brassiere and tiny looking panties. Seeing Ariel dressed like this is nothing new to you, given the number of times you've fucked her over the past few months. But that doesn't stop your cock from throbbing at the sight of the buxom brunette, the feeling not going unnoticed by Olivia.

    Without a word, Ariel comes over to you to share a kiss, then does the same with Olivia. You let Olivia ride your cock for a bit, Ariel removing her bra to free her massive D sized jugs, and slip off her panties, so that she can sit her hairless dripping snatch on your face. The sight of you eating out a naked Ariel has obviously riled Olivia up, as she violently rides your huge dick that she's currently impaled on. Ariel makes out with her new best friend to help muffle her cries, making the older teen kiss and fondle her luscious jugs whilst you continue tongue fucking her from below.

    You can hear Ariel whisper to Olivia to hop off of you and lie down so she can eat her out, bending at the waist at the foot of the bed so her incredible round booty is raised and there for your viewing pleasure. Naturally you begin fucking Ariel from behind, slapping her firm round cheeks as she moans into Olivia's pussy. You fondle Ariel's incredible derriere, which has recently become your favourite feature of hers.

    Eventually it's your turn to be treated to attention from both of the teen starlet's, lying on your back on the bed as they both take turns either kissing you, or sucking your pulsing shaft. It really is quite a sight, the pair licking either side of your juicy pole and meeting at the tip to kiss each other, tasting a mixture of girl cum on the other's lips.

    Knowing you were close to climax, you sit up on the bed, and guide Olivia's lips back on the tip, intent on fucking her face until you shoot your load deep into her sucking mouth. To help you along, Ariel lathered your sensitive balls with her saliva, sucking on your testicles and french kissing your sack, which only the heightened the pleasurable orgasmic sensations you were feeling within.

    Sure enough, you spewed out an almighty load of creamy goodness down Olivia's throat, the blonde teen unable to swallow all of your spewing shaft. Ariel helped finish you off, taking Olivia's place by sucking on your softening dick, cleaning you up with her soft red lips.

    Once you all got re-dressed, Olivia thanked you both, kissing you each and saying that she couldn't hang around, as she was meant to meet her boyfriend at another party nearly an hour ago! She soon exited the bedroom, leaving you with Ariel once again.

    "Well I'm gonna head back downstairs, have people I need to see and all", the redressed brunette said.

    "What can I say Ariel. I can't thank you enough for setting that up".

    "It was my pleasure. You know I'd do anything for you Uncle Joe".

    You give the sexy, voluptuous TV star a passionate kiss, lightly smacking her on the ass as she headed toward the bedroom door, giggling like a schoolgirl on her way out.
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    Olivia Holt Chauffeur
    By LemonTalk

    It's while working during your first New York Fashion Week that you're tasked with driving a young, upcoming starlet to and from her hotel and events around the city.
    In truth you barely even give the young blonde a second look, too busy looking everywhere else at the influx of supermodels and A-listers.
    Everything went perfectly smoothly on day one but it was while picking Olivia up to take her back to her hotel on the second night that you had car troubles.

    To your dismay it was in the worst place, right outside the event where the stars expect to be able to walk straight out and into their waiting car.
    With Olivia waiting in the back seat as you panicked and flustered while impatient cars behind you repeatedly beep their horns.
    After what felt like hours but was more like ten minutes, your car finally starts up and you're quick to pull away, not daring to look back at the long line of traffic you'd caused.

    Back at the hotel, you apologise repeatedly to Olivia who, to your relief, seems to take pity on your plight and even suggests you come up and have a drink to calm down/relax a little.
    You're happy to take her up on her offer, parking the trouble car up and following her into the swanky hotel and up to one of the higher floors.
    It's during the awkward silence in the elevator that you glance sideways and properly notice the hot little stunner you'd been ignoring.
    When she catches you looking, she gives you a brief, sweet smile and you suddenly wonder (hope), this drink invitation may have ulterior motives.

    In her room, Olivia tells you to help yourself to a drink while she hobbles over to the bed and kicks her shoes off with a blissful sigh.
    "Aah, fuck they were killing me!" she groaned, rubbing her feet, slightly surprising you at hearing her swear.
    "I give pretty good foot massages," you blurt out.
    "Yeah? Well I think it's the least you could do since you made me wear them that little bit longer," she teased.
    You didn't actually expect her to take you up on the offer but it was certainly better than being called a creep and kicked out.
    So while Olivia sets herself up to lean back on a few pillows, you down your drink and join her, perching on the edge of the bed while she puts her feet in your lap.

    You suddenly find yourself feeling nervous as you take her delicate foot in your hands and start to rub away her aches and pains.
    You're doing something right though because almost immediately Olivia closes her eyes as she coos and gasps happily.
    With her eyes closed, you let your gaze wander. With her skirt hiked up a little, you're able to admire her smooth tanned legs all the way up to her thighs.
    Elsewhere, her top doesn't reveal much but displays the outline of her succulent young breasts and you briefly ponder if she was wearing a bra.

    Ultimately however you follow her wavy blonde hair up to her gorgeous face.
    Thankfully she still had her eyes closed, her pink lips slightly parted as you blatantly admire the angel you're treating to an impromptu foot massage.
    After working on both feet, you don't even think before moving your hand upwards and on to her legs causing Olivia's eyes to snap open.
    You quickly look away but there's no doubt she caught you looking at her but she brushes past that and instead asks what you're doing with your hands half way up her leg.
    "Trust me, it'll feel good," you respond quickly, caressing her calf muscles while she bites her lip nervously; unsure if she should let you proceed.

    "Maybe you should just do my shoulders?" she decides, landing on a compromise.
    You weren't exactly going to disagree so Olivia smiles and quickly repositions herself, sitting cross-legged on the bed while you move to sit behind her.
    While she pulls her hair over one shoulder, hitting you with the intoxicating scent of her perfume, you quickly note how close your crotch is to her lower back and you will yourself not to get hard and scare her off.
    Olivia doesn't help matters though when she starts moaning erotically to the massage, rolling her shoulders and stretching her neck to the side and before you know it, she tenses up suddenly when she feels your hard cock poke her in the back.

    "Hm, and I was starting to think you didn't like me," she remarked before shuffling backwards, pushing herself more directly against your stiff cock.
    You let your actions speak for you then, staying silent as you leaned down to kiss the side of her neck.
    You grin to yourself as this seems to have quite the effect on the young actress who practically melts in your arms, quietly asking you to continue before she looks back and lets you kiss her on the lips.
    It's while you slowly make out and slide your tongue into her mouth that you reach around to unsuccessfully tug at her clothing.
    Eventually she giggles at your plight and does the honours for you, stripping down until she's in nothing but a simple, matching set of black underwear.

    Your breath catches in your throat as you watch her reach back and unhook her bra, shyly letting it fall away to reveal her breasts, even better than you'd imagined them.
    Seeming unsure about going any further what with you fully dressed, you hasten to make her more comfortable by stripping down in a matter of seconds.
    Happy with what she sees, Olivia bites her lips and teasingly rolls her panties down her smooth legs, playfully flicking them up at you.
    "You can keep those," she giggled, blushing at her own comment.

    As you bring the warm material up to your face briefly, Olivia leans back on her pillows, opening her stance slightly and inviting you in.
    You gulp briefly, suddenly feeling nervous about how you're going to handle the young beauty without embarrassing yourself.
    With your eyes locking on to her precious peach, she no doubt expected you to take her then and there but instead you went in head first.
    "Oh fuckk!" she whimpers as you use your mouth to tease her mercilessly for a few minutes before finally driving your tongue deep inside her.

    While you probably could have spent all night in between her legs, it only took five minutes to gasp that she was about to cum.
    Olivia grabs your head, holding you down as she moans loudly and grinds herself into your face, finally flooding your mouth with her sweet cum.
    With your confidence boosted, you're quick to climb on top of her, pushing your tongue into her mouth, making her taste herself while effortlessly sliding your cock into her wet pussy.

    Her back arches sharply as you fill her impossibly tight cunt, gasping into each other's mouth as you drive into her again and again.
    Unsurprisingly it doesn't take long to sense that familiar feeling as you sit upright, hold her legs back and fuck her harder.
    With clenched teeth you somehow manage to hold out long enough to make her gasp out in shock and cum again, creaming all over your cock.
    As Olivia writhes on the bed, you grunt and quickly pull out only to shower her cunt and flat stomach in hot jism.
    As the two of you catch your breath, you realise you've still got the rest of the week with her and you can only hope this was simply the first of many 'massages' to come.

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    Re: Holt Chauffeur
    created by TPG

    It's while tasked with driving Olivia Holt home from an event that she gets a text message in the backseat.
    Seems her BF is trying to break up with her and the blonde teen is upset.
    She then asks you to drive her around town for a few minute as she doesn't want to go home.
    You then watch as she goes through several emotions from crying to being angry to feeling sorry for herself.

    Amusingly enough Ray is such a dick he refuses to speak to her on the phone and only communicates via text.
    "He's cheating on me. I know it!" Holt hisses at one point. "—he doesn't even have the guts to talk to me."
    It's while driving around that you stop for some drive-thru (fries and shake) hoping to make her feel better.
    Unfortunately Holt is too upset and confused and just wants you to continue driving her around town.

    She ultimately asks you to drive to the beach as its her favorite place to go where she can think.
    All the while her phone buzzes constantly with messages from her friends who receive the news.
    You finally find a place to park where Holt sobs and opens her heart to you.
    She claims to be lonely and frustrated as most guys are apparently intimidated by her success.

    You comfort the young star as she goes from feeling depressed to being downright furious.
    You're then shocked when she insists that you to drive to Ray's house in Malibu.
    Minutes later you arrive only to see that he's apparently got some friends over for a party.
    In fact Olivia immediately recognizes one car in particular which belongs to Bella Thorne (his ex)

    Holt flips out and debates if she should go over and confront them both but you talk her out of it.
    Instead you sit parked across the street as she climbs into the front seat to join you.
    The two of you watch as more friends arrive to the house and actually spot Ray and Bella together.
    Olivia finally snaps and runs across the busy street to confront them both.

    You rush to keep up as you watch her slap Bella across the face and then knee Ray in the balls.
    But just as she turns to leave some guy grabs her and you jump into action -- decking the jock.
    A brawl ensues with you taking out about 4-5 dudes and Holt smashing a glass over someones head.
    You finally drag Holt away as the cops are called and speed off.

    It's an incredibly intense sense with both of you panting loudly and pumped with adrenaline.
    With local cops now looking for you and your vehicle you look for a place to hide out.
    You speed through several red lights and up into the canyons to park in a deserted street.
    "Holy shit." Holt gasps catching her breath. "—that was intense."

    A moment later the teen star is all over you -- shoving her tongue down your throat.
    Caught up in the moment you kiss her back and grope her tits.
    Without realizing it your hand slips down between her legs and you rub her sex through her panties.
    Olivia literally melts in your arms as you proceed to fuck her with two fingers and drive her wild.

    Holt suddenly reaches down and urges you to take out your cock -- blowing you a moment later.
    You fuck her pretty mouth and watch as she takes your hot gooey load down her young throat.
    The two of you catch your breath before you finally take her home.
    It's there she smiles and asks you to come inside despite the fact her entire family are home (asleep)

    "You really think it's the first time I've snuck a boy into my bedroom?" she teases.
    "We probably shouldn't." you reply reluctantly. "Olivia. I'm almost twice your age."
    "Trust me." she grins. "I'm worth it. Besides. When was the last time you had some teen pussy?"
    You then shut the engine and sneak into her room to fuck.

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    Subject: Holt Yacht Party
    created by TPG

    It's while attending Bella Thorne's YACHT party that you met some of her friends including actress Olivia Holt.
    Right away Holt appears to be somewhat stuck up and almost goes out of her way to ignore you -- the only male at the party btw.
    Seems the starlet is having relationship troubles with her boyfriend and spends most of the party on her phone.
    At one point you see her standing outside by herself texting on her phone and you go over to make conversation.

    But to your chagrin the leggy blonde shoots you down even before you have a chance to say anything.
    "Do I look like I'm in the mood to talk to anyone right now?" she quips sarcastically.
    You hold out one of the drinks in your hand and offer it to her but she isn't interested.
    "Just thought you could do with one of these."

    But Holt isn't impressed and tells you that she doesn't drink and returns to her phone conversation.
    Fortunately for you Bella's other friends aren't nearly as stuck up and you party hard with them instead.
    Still you can't get Olivia out of your mind and you notice a few minutes later that she's still outside by herself -- in a pissy mood.
    In fact she also appears to be clutching a glass of champagne and looks a little wasted now.

    You decide to call her out on her bullshit but as you approach she rolls her eyes and immediately snaps.
    "Leave. Me. Alone."
    As pretty as she is Olivia kills you're buzz and you decide to let her know.
    "WTF is your problem!" you quip back. "I'm just trying to be friendly and cheer you up."

    "I don't need cheering up!" Holt replies. "You guys are all the same. You're all assholes."
    "Well in that case maybe I should call one of the girls out here and have them fuck you -- might put you in a better mood."
    "Yeah. Maybe you should." she snarls. "Stop wasting your time. It's not going to happen. I'm not interested."
    With that said you turn and leave but over the next few hours you can't help yourself.

    At one point you even ask Bella about Holt and her attitude who simply winks and tells you to go for it.
    "Don't worry." Bella tells you. "She only acts like a hard ass. But she's actually a sweetheart."
    With the yacht out in the middle of the ocean you wait till midnight to confront Holt once again.
    This time however the ice queen can't help but laugh at your stubborn determination.

    Amusingly enough your persistence seems to be work as she can't help but laugh and seems to be a flirt mood (no doubt drunk)
    "What the hell is wrong with you." Holt giggles. "Why do you keep coming back for more punishment."
    "It's those legs." you boldly remark. "They're captivating. Best set of stems I've seen all night."
    To your amusement Olivia clearly enjoys hearing compliments and flirts right back.

    "—well at least someone appreciates all the trouble I went to tonight."
    With you now filled with adrenaline and alcohol you figure you've got nothing to lose and double down.
    "Can I ask you a question -- what are you wearing underneath that dress?"
    Holt is clearly taken aback by your blunt words and grins smugly as she finishes her drink.

    "Yeah. I bet you'd love to find out wouldn't you."
    You lean in close and decide to throw caution to the wind.
    "Let me ask you another question -- when was the last time you had someone eat your pretty little ass."
    Holt blushes and claims she's never had anyone do that to her before and you're floored by the revelation.

    You then sidle up beside her and place your hands on either side of her as the two of you look up at the moon.
    It's in this position that she leans back and bumps her derriere against your cock.
    "You should probably know I've got a boyfriend." she whispers. "—but I'm really drunk."
    "Is that your excuse?" you whisper in her ear. "Is that why you're grinding this sweet ass against my hard cock."

    "—Mm. It is hard isn't it."
    You then let your hands travel across her body and under her dress to feel her silk panties.
    The two of you finally share a kiss before you direct her to open her stance.
    With Holt standing with her heels apart, you rub her cunt through her panties and make her melt in your arms.

    "I shouldn't be doing this..." she purrs as she's suddenly racked with guilt.
    "You're not doing anything." you assure her as you slip two fingers into her cunt and finger her from behind.
    Suddenly, you take her breath away and drop to your knees behind her and bury you face in her ass.
    Olivia can hardly believe what's happening as you eat her right there out on the deck of the yacht!

    You immediately lick her ass and proceed to fuck her back door with your tongue -- driving her crazy.
    In fact the starlet's moans are only drowned out by the music inside the yacht as she rubs her clit and spurs you on.
    suddenly, you stand up and rub the head of your cock against her slimy taco and enter her for the first time.
    The two of you fuck against the railing before you pump in deep and shoot your load!

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    Something from a while back based on these videos.

    Dinner Guest
    You're a new work friend of Mark (Olivia's father) and invite him and his wife around for dinner along with a few other friends.
    But as it turns out, at the last minute, his wife can't make it so he ends up bringing his daughter along instead with the two apparently needing/wanting to spend more time together.
    Naturally things quickly get awkward after greeting them at the door mainly due to how hot his 18-year old daughter Olivia is.
    You can tell she knows it too and isn't shy about using her good looks to get what she wants and during the evening you spot her being a total flirt with the other guys there, even right in front of their wives.

    Leaving them to it, you go into the kitchen to continue preparing the meal but jump when Olivia appears at your shoulder, apparently offering to help.
    You politely refuse, but she hangs around anyway, spotting your wives full glass of wine on the counter and suddenly helping herself.
    "Hey don't let your dad know I let you do that," you panic, quickly snatching the wine bottle away before she can pour another glass.
    "It's our little secret," she winks back, knowing exactly what she's doing.
    Claiming the others are just discussing boring work stuff, she seems intent on keeping you company and the way she's leaning over the counter and the subtle facial expressions, it was impossibly not to think inappropriate thoughts.

    Before long it becomes clear she's openly flirting with you and causes several awkward conversations when your unsuspecting wife comes in and out of the kitchen.
    The teen knows exactly how to push your buttons and rile you up to the point you just want to lift up her skirt and grudge fuck her over the kitchen sink.
    Thankfully dinner is ready before you do anything foolish but you're sorely mistaken if you think you'd escaped Olivia because she doesn't hesitate to slip into the seat next to you.
    With the other guests continuing their work conversation, Olivia's attention is all on you, teasing you relentlessly throughout the meal.
    She even starts messing around under the table, stroking her leg against yours, putting her hand in your lap and even bringing your hand onto her thigh, inviting her to touch her back.
    You seriously start to wonder how much more of this you can take, finally jumping to your feet when she boldly gives your hard cock an appreciative squeeze through your pants.
    Excusing yourself, you head to the bathroom to cool off a little and almost consider quickly jacking off.


    ...and that's pretty much as far as I got with it because I wasn't sure where to go next.
    Obvious thing would be to have Olivia join you in the bathroom for a quickie but thought that seemed a bit predictable. Could have nothing happen at all and it's left a couple of weeks until you're invited to Mark's house for a dinner party where you meet Olivia again? Maybe her boyfriend is there that time and you get your own back a little, somehow end up alone in her bedroom? I dunno.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LemonTalk View Post
    ...and that's pretty much as far as I got with it because I wasn't sure where to go next.
    Obvious thing would be to have Olivia join you in the bathroom for a quickie but thought that seemed a bit predictable. Could have nothing happen at all and it's left a couple of weeks until you're invited to Mark's house for a dinner party where you meet Olivia again? Maybe her boyfriend is there that time and you get your own back a little, somehow end up alone in her bedroom? I dunno.

    Yeah that could be a great idea I reckon (going the less predictable route)

    Let that be the extent of the flirting during dinner - and you're so worked up you end up taking it out on the wife - and she likes it! Maybe she even encourages some dirty talk about Olivia from that night on, knowing how worked up you get. lol

    Then a few weeks later attend a dinner party at the Holt house and meet Liv's boyfriend...but then turn the tables and corner HER in the kitchen while everyone is outside around the pool area enjoying drinks.

    Could be kind of hot if you ended up grinding your cock against her ass - against the counter top - and even though she wasn't as flirtatious as before she wasn't exactly resisting you either.

    Fark. Can you imagine the balls it would take - standing behind her - to reach around and just cup one of her tits through her top, much less shove your hand down inside her pants and attempt to finger her, with everyone sitting outside!!

    Would be even hotter if she didn't resist at all. Almost like she just put up with it cause she knew it was her own fault for teasing you to breaking point, so she just accepted it/took responsibility for making you so worked up - that you were willing to risk getting caught.

    That being said, how hot would it be if she simply turned around and bluntly just offered you a quick handjob or a blowjob in her bedroom to satisfy you. Her being like...

    "OK look. If I BLOW you will you back off! ...cause I can't have you fawning over me while Ray is here" etc


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    Yeah I like that idea, she'd probably have never expected you to actually have the balls to try anything, especially with your wife, her dad and boyfriend there. Fast forward to five minutes of privacy and you have her on her knees blowing you, literally begging you to hurry up and cum in her mouth so she can return to the BBQ before the others get suspicious.

    Actually had another idea while typing that, what if during the first night she'd teased the husband in the other couple almost as much as you? Then you both came to 'collect', so to speak? Just suddenly liked the image of Olivia getting tag-teamed and spitroasted by two of her dad's work colleagues, lol.

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