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Thread: Lia Marie JOHNSON concepts

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    Putting these here as well for future reference,

    LMJ Roommate's Girlfriend
    - Somehow, through Tinder/mutual friends your room mate has recently started hooking up with Lia Marie Johnson, much to you and your mate's envy given how hot and fun she is
    - In fact it only takes a couple of weeks for her to fall head over heels for the guy and she basically moves in given how much time she spends round the apartment
    - Unfortunately, before long your room mate begins seeing the crazy girlfriend side of Lia which leads to loud arguments most nights then followed by rough, noisy make up sex
    - Soon enough your room mate wants to break things off but is terrified of the fallout and ultimately pretends to flirt with a girl from work, assuming Lia would both find out and break up with him for it
    - What you didn't expect however was for her to come knocking at the apartment while he was out to speak to you about it
    - She comes bursting in while you and a mate are watching the game, demanding to know what's going on
    - The last thing you want is to get involved so you try and calm her down, telling her to leave and come back later or sit down and watch the game
    - To your surprise she stubbornly stays, dropping onto the sofa not at all offended by your friend openly checking her out
    - Before long the pair were sat far too close together and you're unsure if you should put a stop to it or not
    - It seems Lia was after a little revenge assuming her boyfriend was cheating on her and begins rubbing her hand up and down his leg
    - Your mate can hardly believe his luck as she beings squeezing his cock through his pants and before you know it she has it in her slutty mouth
    - He can only groan and comment on the amazing head she's giving and you can't help but get hard and want a piece yourself
    - Noticing your dilemma, Lia makes the decision for you, dragging you closer and practically begging you to take your cock out and fuck her mouth
    - Soon enough Lia is stripped down to her birthday suit, lying back on the sofa and inviting the pair of you to take turns on her and have your way with her incredible body

    LMJ Tinder Double Date
    - You tag along with a buddy who's managed to match up with Lia Marie Johnson on Tinder for their first date just in case it's too good to be true
    - To both of your surprise she's exactly who she said she was and is even prettier in person
    - Given she also brought a friend along, she insists you stick around and make it a double date
    - But before long it becomes apparent she's far more interested in you than your mate, not that he seems to notice
    - Just before leaving the restaurant you find yourself cornered in the bathroom by Lia who makes her intentions with you perfectly clear
    - In a flash she's suddenly on her knees, draining your cock, literally begging you to shoot your load in the back of her throat
    - Despite your reluctance you can't deny how good she is and it doesn't take her long to make you explode in her mouth
    - In the parking lot, Lia's friend has to leave while Lia is keen to hang out with you and your mate a little longer, going back to his for drinks etc
    - Once you're back at his, it only takes Lia a matter of minutes to strip down after she discovers the heated swimming pool, diving in for some skinny dipping
    - Just seeing her in her naked glory you can't help but want to fuck the shit out her in the worst possible way, even if she is your friend's date
    - Thankfully he comments that you're probably both in with a shot with her tonight which is all the permission you need
    - Finally the night ends with the three of you drunk and naked in the corner of the pool while you touch her body, take turns making out and she jacks you both off under the water
    - When you pull her out of the pool the three of you don't even make it inside and end up fucking and spit-roasting her on a sun lounger in the garden

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    Grrr shit yeah. Lia taking on 2 dudes. Happy new year. Lol

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