Naughty Neighbors
With Chloe Grace Moretz
CODES: Anal, atm, finger, MF, oral, rough.
DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.

A/N: My first story for a while, apologies! I hope to continue with the Journalist series soon but for now I had to ride the wave and write something as relevant as could be. Reading everything from the forum constantly gives me great ideas so hopefully I'll be able to capitalise on them more often. But for now, I give you...

The day had finally come. One pay rise later and I was moving in to one of the best apartment blocks in the middle of London. It had been a tough road but maybe things were starting to take a turn for the better, starting with this. There was still plenty of my 20s still left to go and I was ready for whatever life was going to throw at me; whether it be problems or prizes…

It was the middle of the afternoon of moving day and my mates were trying to set up my new TV stand as I went downstairs to the car park to check if there was anything left in the car. I locked up and took the elevator back up. As I reached my door, I heard another door closing and the sound of keys shaking and clinking about. However, it wasn't any of my friends so I decided to be confident in meeting my new neighbour.

"Hey, I'm your new neigh…"

My eyes were surely deceiving me. Chloe. Grace. Fucking. Moretz. The girl in every guys' minds (and girls too maybe). Beating all the odds, she was actually here. In my building, living next to me.

"Yeah hi, I'm Chloe" she said hastily.
"Hi," I blurted out, "I kinda recognise you actually," sounding like a star-struck kid for a moment.
"I get that" stated Chloe bluntly.
"What are you doing in England?" I inquired.
"Listen I have to rush but I guess just please don't disturb me with loads of noise and shit and I'm sure we'll get along just fine" Chloe ordered.
"Yeah sure no problem"

She dashed past me and down the stairs as she began to bellow something down the phone. My initial glee had turned into a mood of uncertainty, awkwardness and frankly a tad disappointed. But I was sure things would change as time went on. Life seemed to be only just beginning and that encounter with one of the hottest girls on the planet right now brought me down a few pegs. Maybe people were right: never meet your heroes. Or in this case, never meet the celebrities you dream of fucking.

A week had passed. Any exchanges I had hoped would go differently failed to materialise. Chloe had only run into me on the way in & out of the building and all that was said was a nonchalant 'Hi' with hardly any eye contact. I held the door for her most of the time and uttered the faintest of syllables, which indicated conversation, only to be completely ignored by her. Now, my mind was concentrating on more immediate matters: the house warming party.

It had been a success so far with people coming in and out of the party, saying their hellos and having a drink. Now, my inner circle were chilling in the flat, belting out hits on the karaoke machine someone insisted on bringing and playing various other games. But suddenly, the doorbell rang and when I got to the door, there was a note on the doorstep.

"KEEP IT DOWN ************!!"

I was getting a bit annoyed now. Yes, all I wanted was for her to let me in to her place and fuck the shit out of her but I was starting to think twice about that dream. It's not like I was throwing parties every night and, ironically, I even left a note at her door earlier so I really had no idea what more I could do to try to be a good neighbour at the very least. Anyhow, the party was nearly over and people were starting to take their leave.

The morning had arrived and the clean-up had begun. After trying my best to cure the hangover at breakfast, I had to find a way to ease my pains. So, I turned up the stereo and started to restore things to normal. Emptying out bin bags meant coming in and out of the flat numerous times. The floor was dirty so the vacuum cleaner was needed. Every song was hitting the right chord and I couldn't help belting out the tunes. All this added up to a lot of noise which I would obviously not notice being in the middle of it. However, someone else did as I heard someone pounding on the door.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?!" Chloe yelled.
"I'm just cleaning up, jesus, chill" I defended, now taking a more serious tone with her.
"Do you know how loud you are," said Chloe, "it's a Sunday dude and you're fucking ruining it!"
"Ohh you know what, fuck you!" I cried, finally losing it.
"Excuse me" said Chloe in disbelief.
"All I've done is try to be a good neighbour but all I've got is nothing but shit from you"
"You want shit, huh?" challenged Chloe

She marched in and barged past me into the living room. Chloe saw the stereo and before I knew it, she was literally smashing one of my most prized possessions to pieces on the floor.


She kept going before both everything was considerably damaged and beyond repair.

"This thing has been driving me fucking crazy and I can tell you're never gonna learn" said Chloe, trying to justify herself.
"I've only been here a week and you don't even know me!" I lamented, "You better fucking pay for that"
"Fuck that" Chloe said rudely.

I moved closer to her so we were standing meters apart, above the wreckage of my late great stereo.
"Fuck that? How can you not pay for this?!" I bellowed in utter disbelief.
"What are you gonna do, make me?"

A dirty thought crossed his mind. I cleared most of the damage swiftly to the side with my feet and stepped within touching distance of her.

"If I have to, yeah, I will" I stated calmly.

Chloe shuffled a few inches towards me too.

"How exactly? You don't have the balls to do anything," provoked Chloe, "I've seen the way you look at me. You wanna fuck me don't you"

I kept a straight poker face.

"Well that ain't gonna happen anyti…"

Past experience had taught me to be confident and certainly taught me to judge the mood correctly, which is exactly what I did. I suddenly grabbed her hair and tugged her head towards me.

"Ain't got the balls huh?" I ridiculed.

I finally did something I had dreamt of for ages. Kiss Chloe Grace Moretz. It was an extremely lustful kiss as I still hung onto her hair and had control over her head. I had to push her lips towards me but she still reciprocated my advances. Our tongues almost battled each other as we tasted each other for the first time. This initial exchange didn't last long as I forced her head away from mine so I could kick things off.

"Well, I still don't see your balls, pussy" taunted Chloe.

Her intent assured me that I was on the right path as I pushed the hot blonde starlet towards the space on the cabinet where my sound system used to be. I then slammed her down onto the cabinet so her body was bent over it in a position perfect for fucking. She cursed at my roughness but I could tell that she wouldn't want it any other way. I yanked down her creamy green short skirt and was so caught up in the moment that I didn't take the time to admire her gorgeously smooth legs. I wrenched her pants off her so her ass was bare in front of me.

"You're gonna get more than just balls after all the shit you've done bitch" I said, spitting as he did so.
"You're all talk; you've got nothing"

I pulled down my trousers. Chloe turned her head and could make out the clear bulge in my boxers and, admittedly, was impressed. But that didn't mean she was going to let off.
"You're gonna fuck me with that?!" she teased.

I simply laughed it off as I pulled down my boxers and stroked my rod at the sight of Chloe laid out in front of me. The spontaneity of our fuck meant that I couldn't get the chance to lube myself for entry properly so I had to make do. I yanked on her hair once more to bring her up.

"Spit on it bitch" I demanded as I held out my hand in front of her mouth.

Chloe happily complied and when she did, I jerked myself off and smothered her neck as I worked on my erection. She felt the warmth of my growing cock against her ass cheeks and was surprised to feel my prick tapping her rear which caused her to show some sign of vulnerability in their frenzied environment. I heard her take a sharp intake of breath and she tried to conceal it but I wasn't going to be fooled. I knew she was still going to be a fucking bitch about things but I was ready to deal with anything she threw at me. I placed my hand out again but this time, she didn't follow. Instead, she turned around and spat in my face, grinning as she did so.

"You fucking whore" I said, ready to fuck the bitchiness out of her.

I seized her neck, holding a tight grip on her, and slammed her back down onto the cabinet. I then rubbed my meat in between her cheeks for a moment before lining up entry into her pussy. In keeping with the rough nature of our relationship, I didn't mess around and as soon as my prick entered her vagina, I slammed myself deep into her.

"Ugh fuck!" Chloe cried.

I grabbed hold of her hips and had only one thought in my mind: rally Chloe, hard. Her cunt felt exquisitely tight and I couldn't even begin to think which famous people had the pleasure of gracing her walls, and not just those with dicks. My mind ran wild at the possibilities a young actress like Chloe would be getting up to at events like Coachella or ComicCon, which was ripe with unbelievably sexy women. This only made me more keen on fucking her fast and I stepped up the pace, my balls slapping against her body. I began to spank her fine ass which meant slowing down a tad but it was definitely worth it to hear her yelp and grunt in reaction as well as vent some of my frustration for his lost treasured possession.

I mixed things up by pulling out momentarily and teasing her asshole. I casually inserted my prick into her rear, opening it up just a bit. She moaned out in reaction and her hand tightly gripped the edge of the cabinet before I pulled out and went straight back to thudding her pussy.

"Had enough yet?" I scorned, clutching her hair once more and pulling it up enough to see her face, which also meant planting my meat deep inside of her as our bodies came closer.

"Enough of what?", sarcastically asked Chloe," I didn't know we started"

She gave me a devilish smile which made me smirk. I looked around quickly to see what I could do to retaliate and when I looked left, I knew exactly what to do.

"Let's start now then."

I pulled her up so that our bodies touched. I let go of her hair and moved my hands up her shirt. Her bra was still on but this didn't stop me feeling the breasts of the girl I may or may not have fapped to on more occasions than one. I may have had bigger in the past, but size didn't matter one bit as I squeezed and played with her soft, supple tits. I lifted the shirt over her head and swiftly untied her blue bra. I tossed it aside and then grabbed her hips. I then moved her over to the dining table with my grip on her hips forcing her to walk over and sometimes be pushed jaggedly along the floor. I then spun Chloe around and lifted her up by the arms and onto the table. I then pushed her legs up so both options were for the taking.

"Hmm… decisions decisions decisions" I said sarcastically with a dry tone.
"Don't worry, I've had bigger in bot…"

She was cut off by my lubed cock forcing its way into her tight little asshole. She groaned in reaction but to her credit, tried her best to accommodate my girth inside her shit pipe. I went further in as her asshole wrapped tightly around my foreskin which felt amazing. I managed to go balls deep into her ass before keeping up the rough mood by spanking her a few times. I withdrew briefly before starting to find my rhythm once more.

"Ahh fuuck you and your fucking noisy parties!" Chloe shouted
"Shut up you fucking spoiled bitch" I retaliated.

This encouraged me to go faster which felt even better. Watching her tits shake up and down was wonderful enough but the faces she was pulling when I fucked her good were priceless. I couldn't help lean over and run my hands across her body before fully bending down to smother my face into those breasts. Chloe rocked her head back onto the table and was simply enjoying the moment, albeit not revealing this to me to keep up the charade we were both playing, but perhaps this was starting to wear a bit thin. My mouth moved up her body and with the help of my hand, Chloe lifted her head so that we were closer and intimate than ever before as we felt each other's breath on our faces. I momentarily slowed down my hips before plunging my tongue into her mouth, to which she reciprocated kindly. I began to pound her harder again as we kissed before Chloe had to let out a muffled groan and I was forced to just the lips for now at intervals as my good work paid off on her.

"Fuck this feels so good" admitted Chloe.
"Wanna see if it tastes as good?" I asked confidently.

Chloe simply nodded as it looked like I was starting to win her over. I took hold of my cock and slowly exited her asshole, savouring every last bit of it. When I was free, I helped her get her feet on the ground before tugging and pushing her body towards the kitchen area. There was an island in the middle of his new fancy kitchen. But right now, I would certainly not be using it to cook, nor was Chloe. Instead, I brought her down to her knees and she readjusted so that she could sit on her behind as she knew what was coming. It also gave her a chance to relax her backside after the penetration it had just received. Her hair was dishevelled and her face sweaty as I jacked off at the sight of the young actor at my mercy.

"Stroke it" I demanded.

This gave me the chance to catch a breath as my face was probably red too. Fucking someone like her may have caught me out of my usual rhythm. Still, sheer determination to fuck this gorgeous girl was making up for any lost energy. Chloe began to pump my cock well and simple things like sliding her thumb around my prick were making me exhale in joy.

"Can I taste myself now?" Chloe asked, now dropping the attitude.
"Knock yourself out" I replied, knowing that both of us just wanted to fuck without the bullshit now.

She immediately launched herself onto my rod and she welcomed me into her mouth with ease. I rested a hand on the counter as Chloe Grace Moretz sucked me off superbly. She used her tongue well and her lips felt amazing around my dick. Chloe was one of the sloppy ones and they were arguably the best kind of blowjob. My dick got wetter and wetter from her spit as her head began to move quicker up and down my length. Her gorgeous eyes looked up at me and that moment in time was simply perfect. Her dishevelled blonde hair. My member inside her mouth. Her reddened cheeks. And those god damn eyes.

"Alright, you've had your fun, I'll take it from here"

With that, I gripped her head and pushed her back onto the wall. I planted myself deep down her throat at first, testing her face-fuck skill. Her hands gripped my backside and she dug her nails into my arse. Apart from that, there were no signs of inexperienced lurching but fuck did I feel her nails alright.

"Shit, you little bitch" I cried.

I reacted aggressively as I began to fuck the shit out of her face. My dick was in and out of her mouth as I pleased and it felt supreme. Her mouth felt so good and the slippery contact was marvellous. Her saliva coated my cock and the noises she made were glorious. At points, I would plant it so deep that her nose was stuffed right into my pubes, in fact, I couldn't even see my junk as she had managed to take it all in her mouth, which was a serious turn-on. She choked and shook but I held her there. It felt ridiculously good and I didn't want it to end. I finally relieved her and she gasped for breath before wiping her mouth for the next bout. I went in again and arched my back so I could really thrust into her throat.

"Let's hear you moaning now you slut" I taunted.

All she could really do was look up at my determined eyes which didn't want to let up for anything right now. I then went deep again and this time, whilst Chloe had a cock lodged in her throat, I decided to make those flustered cheeks even redder as I slapped her repeatedly. I could even feel my erection inside of her if I poked her cheek and squeezed them together. The domination felt amazing yet I knew I couldn't keep it up for long.

"Fuuck you're gonna make me cum soon" I admitted.
"The only thing I can make you do right now since you're such an ass to live next to".
"Bitch please I own that ass now" I said triumphantly, as Chloe got up to her feet now the face work was done.
"You fucking wish" Chloe scolded.

I grasped her cheeks with both hands to bring her close and we kissed passionately with the same intensity we had at the start of the havoc. For one moment we relaxed and calmed things down as we simply enjoyed making out with someone we were attracted to. My dick was still rock hard and as we kissed, Chloe touched and stroked it softly, keeping it alive.

"Let's finish this in the bedroom" I proposed.
"That's actually the first fucking thing you've said which I've liked" said Chloe sarcastically.
"Don't lie," I said before kissing her deeply momentarily and pulling away again, "you've loved every minute".

She responded by squeezing my cock and jacking it hard for a moment.

"This thing of yours has definitely been nice but," she stepped away for a second, "if you keep pissing me off then you ain't getting your hands on any of this" said Chloe tantalisingly as she squeezed her tits and stroked her clit whilst leaning against the wall behind her.

Her body glowed in front of me and the sight of her perfect posterior naked in my new apartment was breath-taking.

"Ohh you need my hands all over that so get over here, come to the bedroom and let's fuck until we're spent before the next time you come over bitching about something unimportant" I said assuredly.

I tugged her arm and she initially rejected my advances. But as soon as I placed both arms on her body, I managed to win her over and we moved to the bedroom whilst playing with each other on the way. We reached the bedroom and a new flat meant a new bedroom. Or in this case, another new room to fuck Chloe Grace Moretz in. I pushed her onto the bed and opened up her legs. I kissed her legs, working up towards her moist pussy. The inside of her thigh felt so smooth and all the while Chloe was finally melting into my hands as she cooed and shivered in a show of pleasure. I finally reached her sweet nectar and got to work. I rubbed her clit first before licking her labia. It started to swell and if that wasn't enough, Chloe was rubbing her hands through my hair and moaning very loudly now so she was certainly loving every moment. I upped the ante by stabbing two fingers into her tight little cunt.

"AHHH fuck yeesss" cried Chloe euphorically.

I managed to keep this up for a good amount of time and by the end of it, Chloe gave in completely.

"AHHHH SHIT I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum" burst out Chloe as she looked down towards me.

Her body convulsed in ecstasy as my work paid off. Her cum burst out of her and her pussy was dripping in her juice. I kept licking and tasted her honey. Chloe rested her head back on the bed and chuckled to herself in joy. She hated to admit how good we were together and was actually looking forward to staying in England for a while thanks to this.

"Ohhh fuuck," she cried, "you sly dog!"

Whilst her mind was elsewhere, I had craftily guided my schlong into her damp cunt and planted myself deep inside. She may have finished but I certainly wasn't done just yet. I crawled over the voluptuous figure and began to thrust into her missionary style. I started as I meant to go on and pounded her pussy hard and fast. Her flustered face was beautiful and the expressions she pulled egged me on even more. Her tits were perfect for her body and fucking her felt so good. Chloe placed her hands on the small of my back which made the position easier for both. I planted my lips to hers and I thought about everything we had just done. I was banging one of the sexiest, alluring and naughtiest girls in showbiz right now and she was loving it. And now we were on my bed kissing and fucking like there was no tomorrow. The moment I withdrew my mouth from hers, I took one look up and down her body and I was finally pushed over the edge. I groaned loudly as I shot my load deep inside her pussy. I began to pull out and we moved quickly so as I gave out the last my balls had, I was spraying cum into her mouth. She lapped it up like a pro and she cleaned it all up when she sucked me off slowly and smoothly. Her pussy was now covered in both of our cum and afterwards, we kissed intensely before we both let it all go and lay next to each other on the bed.

"Meh, I've had better" teased Chloe.
"Ha, of course" I replied.
"I guess I'll see you around then," she said getting up off the bed, "I've got an early shoot tomorrow so I need to get shit ready".
"Sure, just leave a cheque for the damage on your way out"
"What damage?!" she questioned to my annoyance.
"My fucking stereo!" I reminded.
"Ohhh that old thing, yeah sure, I'll give you your stupid money for that thing"
"Fucking hell you're a piece of work" I let out.
"You better watch that mouth of yours, that's no way to talk to your neighbor" Chloe said seductively.
"Just get out of here," I said with a smile, "I'll be here when you feel like round 2."
"Oh please, you'll be crawling over begging me for my cunt" she said, exaggerating her voice.
"We'll see who breaks first," I challenged, "until the next time, neighbor."